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Match Thread - Dunfermline vs Morton (Championship 12th December)

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Won 3, drawn 1, lost 11. I did not realise it was as abysmal as that. 😂

Good technique from McAlister for the first goal as well. Hopefully after putting out all the fires a new regime will be able to organise a testimonial before his retirement. Consider all the circus s

Once again, a really likeable squad with bags of character. Couldn't be happier with them.

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Stream is 12 quid from DAFC.

I know that in light of this week's shambles the game itself almost takes a back seat, but this is a generally likeable squad at Cappielow and I want them to do well, not just to keep us in the division (obviously) but also because it'd be great to see them succeed against the odds.

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The stadium was just resting in my account

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45 minutes ago, Jamie_M said:

Not expecting any tactical revolutions from a fitness coach turned manager.

The team Hopkin would have picked is the team that will be picked.

When Hopkin was in the stand for one of his tantrums last season against Dundee we did more pressing than in the previous five games so I wouldn't be 100% sure of that. Keeping Muirhead in the side should be an automatic disqualifier for employment.

If we concede an early goal then it could get ugly very quickly though.

The site is supposed to be a place for the extended 'family' of Morton supporters - having an affinity with people that you don't know, because you share a love of your local football club. It's not supposed to be about point scoring and showing how 'clever' or 'funny' you are, or just being downright rude and offensive to people you don't know, because you can get away with it. Unfortunately, it seems the classic case of people who have little standing/presence in real life, use this forum as a way of making themselves feel as if they are something. It's sad, and I've said that before..


So, having been on Morton forums for about 15 years I guess, I've had enough... well done t*ssers, another Morton supporter driven away. You can all feel happy at how 'clever' you are

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I'm sure dropping fan favourites will work well trying to restore our interest in Morton after another humiliating week. 

Good people will do good things, bad people will do bad things, but only with religion do good people do bad things!



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Hoppy really did do such a weird and bewildering job in constructing this squad, on a shoe-string budget, with such a pronounced imbalance. 

It just gets weirder with the team selections. I mean, as fans we often don't fully understand the players and what they are capable of (and get things wrong with reactions to team selections on a fairly regular basis) but it really feels like we could be doing with getting rid of some of the superfluous players and, just as important, a new manager with a fresh outlook on what we need.

We've put ourselves in such a dangerous position at this point in the season.

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Is Colville injured? Wtf is Muirhead blackmailing someonecwith to get a start. My eyes are bleeding at that line up and we haven’t even started yet. Fjortoft on the bench? Ffs.

"Any nation given the opportunity to regain its national sovereignty and which then rejects it is so far beneath contempt that it is hard to put words to it."

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4-2-3-1 with Jacobs at right back, Lyon & McAlister sitting, Orsi up front? Still three centre backs with McAlister back there and Salkeld on the right, with Jacobs and Lyon in the middle and a front three of Muirhead, McPake and Orsi? Something else no one could guess?

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Oh Lord, Brian Wake


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