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  1. Dundee being held away at Arbroath. Dick Campbell was saying in the build up that he once signed Charlie Adam's Dad.
  2. Yeah pretty much bang on. Lennon has totally lost it, needs to go for his own health by the looks of it. Celtic banning Sky is pretty much the full circle from Rangers vs BBC. Just can't understand how their fans don't seem to care about winning 9iar and all the cups. Morton have been to Hampden once in my lifetime and won a few lower league titles but only following relegations etc. "Privilleges" indeed.
  3. Banning Sky Sports until Andy Walker apologises to them, absolute gold. That's a total heads gone interview. Even had a go at Raith Rovers. Owell, if nothing else, at least we aren't the biggest riddy this year.
  4. Ross MacIver on vs Rangers for Well Now joined by big handsome Rickie who looks like he's missing the hairdressers
  5. Do the lower leagues really need to stop before the Euros? Could we not just suspend the season till end of Feb and see how things are?
  6. Its alright, Dave will be out with his shovel for the pitch then jump into Mr Plow for the surrounding area.
  7. I mean its free but thats not for tests which return results the same day. Elite sportspeople can get the test that takes 15minutes but I'm sure they said the cost of that would be a couple thousand to do the whole matchday staff.
  8. At least if the football is cancelled then there will be plenty of entertainment on offer from the meltdowns across Maryhill, Grangemouth, Gorgie and Govan. Plus the ongoing omnishambles at Parkhead and then whatever we decide to throw up next.
  9. I just can't see them doing that with the pressure Rangers will put them under. They only care about 2 teams really. I don't think we should be paying for testing as a result of this either. We should be suspended till feb too or the money should be coming centrally like the PFA paying for testing in England (of course understand our pfa has less money).
  10. As much as I would like to see Falkirk fucked over, there's no way they can null and void the season after what they did last year. However, Partick will be staying down regardless.
  11. The statement mentions the £30mil grant, I assume that will be the only money given to us to help.
  12. That is glorious. Absolutely nailed Ewan Murray to a tee btw.
  13. Well hopefully low since we dont have any gk staff or a 2nd gk.
  14. Aye its a blip in comparison to ours but they're more likely to be playing seasides next season at least.
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