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  1. One Time Morton player Nicky Jamieson is signing for Alloa following a solid season at Queen's Park which saw him named in the League 2 Team of the Year. Has came on leaps and bounds since playing for us and should be a solid addition for Alloa.
  2. Did the tory manifesto not basically advocate for the destruction of the traveller community?
  3. Thought they were just going fully Part-Time, no? Dumbarton makes a lot of sense.
  4. Might head to Queens Park if thats the case
  5. Agreed, the proposal will fail unless there's enough people who the OF can buy off.
  6. Thats what the 'strategic partnerships' proposal is. Change the rules to allow 6 loans. Then the OF want to send their coaches to the loan team to monitor and assist in their development.
  7. 6 loans and the other teams coaches whilst they get all the good youth players? Wouldn't care if it isn't Morton but would rather play their 18yr olds than be Greenock Rangers/Celtic
  8. Talk from Tom English is that, if (when) this is rejected - the ugly sisters are going to pursue 'strategic partnerships'. Sounds like their back-up is to have lower league teams filled with loan players whilst taking talent from those clubs and training them in their academies. Not sure which is worse, certainly wouldn't like to be in a 'strategic partnership' with either of them.
  9. Nicky Cadden modelling it with a new contract please
  10. Yeah Willie Haughey is chucking a substantial amount into QP
  11. PFA Spokesperson on Sportsound at the weekend said around 2/3rds of clubs have extended under furlough. We weren't one of the clubs mentioned to have done otherwise so think we can assume so.
  12. The new Home Kit for next season has been launched, check it out here - https://twitter.com/Morton_FC/status/1267412081541877760?s=19 Available for pre-order too.
  13. Ayr chairman (who is normally a rocket) confirms that Ayr Utd are trying to extend all players' and staffs' contracts.
  14. Very measured response and can only agree. Clubs will to act this way until they have clarity, which is understandable. I know the PFA have said they want contracts to be extended under Furlough but - as you identified - clubs cant extend indefinitely without knowing that registration windows will be extended (players may also be hesitant of signing until October then being on the shelf till January).
  15. With the Government saying that existing contracts can be extended whilst continuing to be paid under the Furlough Scheme, I think its a poor decision from Clubs to punt all these players. Understand fully that football is a cut-throat business but it would cost very little for clubs to extend contracts under the Furlough Scheme and would create a lot of good will.
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