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  1. I hate their stadium. I hate that they are called Partick despite not being in Partick. Mostly though I hate that they have this following of BBC pundits and newspaper journos who sicken us to death about how much of a lovely club Partick are. All these people are just hiding which side of the Old Firm they support and, as a result, pretend Partick is some sort of moral good. The only thing I like about Partick is that when I worked close to Firhill last year, at least some of the local weans supported them rather than the OF.
  2. Having doubts over someone and sharing them on an online forum is a long way away from what you've described there. Calm yourself right down
  3. Agreed. Thought he came across like an arrogant prick in both his answers and his body language. I don't mind if a player thinks they're amazing and then goes on to absolutely rip up a league. However, his ego certainly seems to have been an issue in the past and it didn't appear to have lessened. My only hope for him being good was a Shankland at Ayr level realisation and turnaround. Can't see that being the case.
  4. Aye fair enough. I'll still pay the £22 at the gate because I can't make every game and my drop off pint is probably closer to £30. My worry is that it won't actually make us more money but I'm not wholly committed to that position so if the increase in prices results in an increase in revenue then I'm very happy to support that.
  5. I understand your argument and we will never know what the balance of £20 vs £22 would.have been next season as thats obviously impossible. There are other ways however of making more money from the customers - increasing food prices (although I'm unsure how our catering deal works out), increase hpspitality cost, increasing cost of renting space, increasing cost of advertising etc. all of which will probably happen or have happened as well. The issue with the >£20 for me is psychological. Even just the act of having to take out more than £20 from a bank for people who don't pay by card is a barrier. I think theres a reason that £20 has been the maximum charged in our league by the majority of clubs. I'd like to be confident that they have made projections etc for loss of footfall vs rise in cost. I fear though that we are preventing ourselves from growing our fanbase - something that we could really be doing with.
  6. My point was about trying to attract more fans or to retain the fairweather fans that we do have. I have a group of mates who probably attend Cappielow about 5/6 times a season with me because they play football most saturdays, I could easily see them not bothering now for the games where it raining etc. even though its only extra £2. Now thats only 3 guys probably missing 3 games but I can't imagine there won't be others in a similar boat. There is only so far you can increase prices to increase revenue before you actually see a fall in customer that is larger than your increase In price. For this to generate extra revenue there has to be less than a 10% drop-off in fans who pay at the gate. Thats without considering that it may increase season ticket sales which means potentially less PATG but more secure revenue. I just think that there are more ways of raising revenue than making Cappielow one of the most expensive grounds to visit in the league.
  7. Inflation will of course hit Morton but its hitting the pockets of Greenock's residents just as hard, if not harder. It might only be £2 but psychologically breaking £20 is a real hit for some folk. I know I'd struggle to convince my fairweather pals to come to a home game at that price. Of course there is a core Morton support who would pay regardless but I can't see how we grow the support with ticket prices set at Premiership levels.
  8. Gillespie has been kicking about our level for ages. Played his most successful spell at Accies when Dougie was there and has been with Ayr and Raith too. Combatitive midfielder similar to Jacobs who was at Queens Park last season and has played for Derry as well. Not going to pull up any trees.
  9. The first few signings were good. I'm excited to see how Schwake and Pignatello do plus Baird and O'Connor seem decent. Quitongo and Gillespie just seem the polar opposite from that signing profile. We still have quite a while to go and plenty space for a few quality signings and some strong loan deals. But my confidence has taken a dunt with these two signings.
  10. Wish there was a laugh react
  11. I don't think Quitongo and Muirhead is a strikeforce that any other full-time team in the country would start with so I really hope there is some quality to come.
  12. They ruled not proven. There is an incredible amount of extenuating circumstances as to why he got Not Proven. The evidence is pretty damning but his partner went back to him and changed her story. No worse than what we have in our team though which is an argument that could be made. Can't write players off forever you are absolutely correct. As you say though, not good enough onthe park regardless of anything else.
  13. Quitongo has his problems on and off the field. One to be hard avoided.
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