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  1. 4 adrift, have played a game more than the two above us. Next league game is vs Dundee Utd then massive game vs Arbroath. If we come away with 0 points from those two then we could be well adrift.
  2. Dougie's loyalty to his mates and determination to prove himself right is sending us to the seaside. Cannot believe what has happened to us after the heights of last season. Wouldn't be upset to see Dougie walk now.
  3. Raith are a more capable side this year. Wouldn't be doomsaying yet. However, 3 points on Friday will be important. Lose that then into a couple of difficult games and we could be a bit cut off by the time we travel to Arbroath - not somewhere I would fancy a result for us atm.
  4. No O'Connor in the squad today. Also, what does McGratten need to do to get a start?
  5. Few of us had a bad experience with him at the end of his time in the youth academy but, prior to that, he had been quite supportive of myself and a few other local boys who played in the old youth team. Have my reservations due to that personal experience but could do well considering he has made a success of himself.
  6. If O'Connor and French are now out for a while then there is every chance this is going to get ugly. Can't believe the change in our season since that opening day win or the great performance at Ibrox. I would back Imrie to get us going but if our defence is waters, baird, broadfoot and wilson/blues then even he'll struggle to organise them.
  7. Really gets on my nerves when people call us Greenock, especially when its people being paid on Sportsound for example. If I'm talking to someone who knows Scottish football I say Morton. If I am talking to someone not that interested in football, someone abroad or a young person who only knows Celtic/Rangers then I'll say Greenock Morton.
  8. Not able to watch this one, is it as bad as the score suggests?
  9. Cheers for clearing up, rings a bell now.
  10. I didn't think McPake had a bad time here? We also helped McCrorrie on his way in recent seasons. I would be shocked if we managed to get Devine given that he actually played a bit for Rangers last season but would absolutely bite your hand off for him. Especially given that he can play left-back as well as on his more natural right. Sadly though, I believe that any rumour started from the Spfl transfers account tweeting that Morton 'should' be looking at him, rather than 'are'.
  11. After all the excitement coming into this season, the good showing and money from the rangers game - these past 2 games and lack of activity have really sucked the life out of us. Willing to hold off any doomsaying till we see what September brings but that defence is chronic.
  12. Imrie has had the opportunity to leave, or apply for jobs and is still here. Including when some of us (myself included) were worried he was off to Accies and he came out at a fan Q+A to say he's staying. He is definitely still learning but is clearly the best coach we've had for an incredibly long time.
  13. If we don't bring anyone in, we are going forward with 4 defenders. That would be embarrassing as well as incompetent.
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