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  1. Gutted by that draw. Was really hoping for an exciting cup run with a couple new grounds. Money in the bank though and fuck it, we've done it before.
  2. Thought Grimshaw was solid today. Crawford got through a power of work and hats off to Gillespie, he has really led this team. Efe great again, Blues with the finish when it was important and Strapp does as strapp does. Team look tired but Dougie clearly has them ready to sacrifice for each other. Could have actually been comfortable has their keeper not made 2 brilliant saves. Loving this team.
  3. Hate Clyde but really like Duffy, maybe they can turn a new leaf now that Lennon is gone but I won't hold my breath. A very qualified good luck to him.
  4. Why? He's been terrible for years, has a lot of baggage and his choice of who to message is... questionable
  5. It felt like Efe was always due to end up here at some point in his career. If he signs then I think it probably confirms the reason we didn't sign a striker is cause there wasn't any good ones available to us.
  6. Sunday league teams with bigger squads than us. Laughable at this point
  7. Surprised the boy Robbie Ure from Rangers isn't out on loan. Wouldn't mind him.
  8. Liam Grimshaw joins until January following release from Motherwell.
  9. If we don't get a striker in then the optimism of a few days ago is eroded for me. As fickle as that is.
  10. Didn't need him, we had Dykes, Dylan.
  11. Aye wasn't trying to be abrasive. Would rather Low than Lithgow thats for sure.
  12. I was of the understanding that Nicky wanted to come to Morton but Morton didn't want him. Even played in that game vs Man Utd youngsters. He would improve our team, thats reason enough.
  13. You never want to get carried away with Morton but if Dougie's new deal is followed by Low and a striker then it really would be a sensational couple of weeks.
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