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  1. Feels like a gut punch because of Arbroaths fightback but, in reality, thats a vital point because we couldnt afford to lose any ground on ayr or arbroath
  2. Probably our strongest midfield 3 but puts a lot of responsibility on Colville, Nesbitt and Muirhead to create.
  3. Yeah thats totally understandable. I wouldn't be upset if Nesbit or McGuffie left.
  4. Not to cover old ground but, of the first team, I'd want us to retain - McAdams, Strapp, Ledger, Lyon, Jacobs, Colville, McGuffie and Nesbitt. Hynes is already staying. Wouldn't be upset if Fjortoft stayed on. If we go down then there are a couple more that could probably do a job but we could do better. If we are still handing out minimum wage contracts though then I think it will be a real struggle next season regardless of which division we are in.
  5. Get in. Now to avenge that East Fife shambles from the JJ era.
  6. Airdrie and Hamilton are the two they are apparently hoping to use from the start of the season till completion.
  7. If he does well, and its a big if, then an experienced coach keeping us steady in the Championship, whilst a new era of ownership spends time fixing the omnishambles off the park, is probably quite sensible. If he keeps us in the league and performances improve then I'd be happy enough. He obviously has decent contacts and a point to prove. There will be a lot of turbulence this coming year in my opinion, would be good to limit the impact on the team as much as possible.
  8. Stephen McGinn is the first new player we've signed this season that has left me pleased.* He should be (should be) a good acquisition at this level. ETA - At the point at which they've signed. Been pleased with McAdams overall.
  9. QotS have really came back from the dead this season. Was reading they have 4 Rangers players on loan, no far off a feeder club at this point
  10. Thats why I've never seen it as anything but Morton then
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