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  1. Dunfermline are the only team I can think of since Accies picked up 3 points against the league leaders on Saturday.
  2. Yassss where has this been before now. Also, lol is Cammy Blues our best player now?
  3. They wanted to literally sign the same offender as MCT have but they never followed as you say. By the time they takeover we will be all but relegated at this rate. Unless, of course, Pars and Accies conspire to somehow continue being worse than us
  4. Was very disappointed about that. Having a Sex Offender captain the club is a disgrace. Pretty much ran out of patience now, MCT and Gus are somehow managing to out-Rae the Raes.
  5. Good on him, saw Telfer scored a late consolation goal for Falkirk who sit 7th...
  6. On a positive from today, Oksanen looks a player. If we could get ourselves playing football then he could be a good asset. With McEntree and Lithgow/Mclean, we should really be able to go to a 4 at the back. This shape isn't working
  7. Oksanen has been good. Lithgow and Mhirhead have been woeful. The rest fall somewhere in between. We've actually got a decent midfield yet Gus has us missing them out totally.
  8. Salkeld and Tiffoney scoring for Ayr and Thistle.
  9. I have to say, Gozie, Reilly and potentially Knowles are a clear upgrade in our striking options. Excited to see what these loanees are all about and actually came away from yesterday in a positive mood.
  10. He looks less of a gamble than the big Irish lad. One more and I'd be pretty happy to get myself excited for our next (real not celtic b) game
  11. I worry that our first two results let them think 'we can wait to sign anyone else and save some money'. Now we have been badly exposed by Partick (one of the worst performances of the last couple years amongst many contenders) and have run out of time.
  12. The problem is it cant end now because people are booing it. If the clubs stopped doing it then it looks like the racists have won. The moment to stop it on good terms and do something useful has passed now. I don't understand who anyone can actively boo anti-racist action who isn't racist. Its not shouting the n-word - something which I heard at tannadice when Wato Kuate scored vs us (from, thankfully, 2 guys I've never seen since) - but it just feels yuk. I'm not saying the guys are actively out with the edl but probably the sort that share racist 'jokes' into the whatsapp and tell anyone who moans that it's just a joke.
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