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  1. Wee Fred played 90minutes as Comoros dumped Ghana out of AFCON and potentially take themselves through to the knockout rounds.
  2. £15 to me feels like £100 this month but they are getting that from me. Not felt this good about Morton in ages.
  3. Getting Reilly firing and keeping Gozie fit will give us a huge platform to build on. Dougie fucking Imrie!
  4. Feels like that wouldn't stand up against GDPR unless its in the fineprint - which it probably is.
  5. Surely most of these guys are betting online so you have to wonder exactly who is grassing them in. Teammates? Bookmakers? Club staff? The League hasn't a leg to stand on morally with this considering how cosy they are with betting companies. Players should be able to bet on football that isn't in Scotland.
  6. 19k is not a salary for a commercial manager/exec, would get a fresh faced graduate working as an assistant for that but nobody with experience is taking that wage. Even if they love Morton, that wouldn't support someone who has a lifestyle based on the average commercial manager/exec wage. Even just a quick google shows the average commercial exec wage is around £30k and a manager is £50k.
  7. It'll be 1000 people at Cappielow for most games as it's 50% or 1000 whichever is higher (sorry for being a pedant). My assumption is that this is one of those things that the appearance of an effort being made will satisfy the powers that be.
  8. Good bit of business by the looks of it.
  9. What a day for them, their goalkeeper was brilliant. Well done to big Jack and the Us
  10. Beaming from ear to ear . What a platform to build on. Delighted for Cammy Blues, desperately want him to prove us all wrong. There will be ups and downs to come but fuck me, its been a long time since an up like this. In Dougie We Trust.
  11. I think its probably Robbie Crawford who went to Thistle rather than Gardyne, if it is Gardyne though fully understand your concerns
  12. Wouldn't have wanted him after what he's done.
  13. Thats a wildly bad statement, why would the club - A - Put that negative message into fans' minds. B - Seek to make decisions that actively piss fans off.
  14. Quite sad to see Oksanen leave. Clearly a very talented footballer and I was hoping we would get to see him used properly by Imrie. Need to get another midfielder in who can actually pass the ball and like you said, someone direct who can play the role that Allan was expected to
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