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  1. I'd love a striker but cant see us realistically signing one. Ue has Ugwu, Muirhead and Oliver - i'd be surprised if he adds another one. Pleasently surprised right enough.
  2. I'd ideally like - Centre-Mid who gets forward, preferably a creative one. Either a rb or cb (with ledger then moving back to rb) Centre-mid to play next to Jacobs, ideally an energetic player. Right-Winger, preferably someone who will chip in with a few goals. ....in that order.
  3. Unfortunate not to pick up 3 points after the first half we had but thats a surprising performance and a decent point.
  4. With Oliver and Muirhead as wingers... Unless its 4312 with Oliver behind Muirhead and Ugwu
  5. Unsure whether 4 will be enough, 3 cerainly wouldn't be.
  6. Really is a huge disappointment. The most exciting season in years, getting to return to Cappielow and finally having control of the club. A chance to finally act like a competent football club. Instead, we are somehow more incompetent than before and, of the very few signings we have made, one of them is a sex offender. Way to fritter away good will eh.
  7. Aberdeen are being told to crack down on fans celebrating, officials are taking the piss. Imo masks should be worn when entering through the turnstile and when in the stadium concorse. There is no risk that is being mitigated by wearing a mask whilst in the terrace or seated if distance is being maintained
  8. I don't want to celebrate because I have a sinking feeling he is ending up at Cappielow.
  9. There's one in Paisley with about 30
  10. Probably the first Morton goal that I can remember vividly. What a goal, what a game.
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