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  1. Reilly had plenty of chances yesterday and he was fucking useless as well. We went through about 8 different forwards yesterday and none of them had a shot on target. Disgrace.
  2. That's a 'run oot for the boys' team if ever I saw one. Clearly Gus not bothered about making it through although we still should probably win.
  3. Reilly and Ugwu will be passable mid table strikers but while the service to them is so sub standard this wont actually solve any of our scoring issues.
  4. What was the point in signing Lithgow, pissing off the support, only to be a complete clown fiesta at the back anyway? Another fucking corner.
  5. Good to see the team turned up for the 2nd half. Game over already.
  6. They should maybe change to promo material for the home top so it actually looks like the home top. That picture is not what the team are wearing.
  7. The season ticket holders and such probably did stay but that was a full house and as such full of hingers on who aren't interested if they're not winning.
  8. It doesn't matter since we've more than we'll need any time soon but Morton shouldn't have to get permission from the council to sell tickets for their own stadium. Shit state of affairs.
  9. Sounds like pre ordering is not the way to go and if you still want one you'd be better going in to the shop and picking up one that looks decent enough.
  10. Aye that's a mess. Sleeves different as well. The only top I've bought in the last couple of seasons is last years home top which I got recently, and the stitching is shite on that as well.
  11. Got to think they're not the final product given the nick of the top in the tweet a few posts back compared to the one the team were wearing afainst Dunfermline last week. Hugely inconsistent though so it's hard to have much faith in this supplier.
  12. Are there 3 or 4 decent players still to sign for a team? We're left with hoping for some impactful loans at this point.
  13. I stayed until full time to deliver the hounding.
  14. Still not getting a game ahead of McGinty.
  15. Some of us spoke about this on Saturday as well. If the point is to reduce transmission in enclosed spaces, keeping more people in the stadium for longer seems like a poor way to go about it. Similarly on the way out we were stopped a couple of times by stewards to stagger the fans exiting but again all this did was bunch more people up in a small space. So the whole process is just completely pointless and being done for the sake of doing something rather than mitigating any risk. Be as well just doing away with the lot and if people are not comfortable with that then they can watch a stream.
  16. Fair few people not wearing them once inside the ground and I didn't see anyone being pulled up for it. I took mine off eventually as it was just not comfortable after a while. No issues.
  17. Cant agree. Crawford Rae was piledriving the club into the dirt. MCT may or may not be a disaster but the alternative was lowland league doom or liquidation anyway so something had to change.
  18. Shoutout to the guy who got himself chucked out of the Westburn for losing the plot at me being in with a Morton top on. Funniest shit I've seen in a while.
  19. One-man-engine-room of the football club has sharply come back to tell me I can indeed pick up my season card tomorrow. I can only imagine he'll be scunnered with this.
  20. Same thing here again. Phoned them earlier and was just the voicemail so I've emailed them. I'm planning on going to the game, just want to know there's a season ticket there for me to pick up tomorrow. I bought the ticket at the end of May, 2 months later to not have a season ticket on the day of the game is a complete joke. If I have any problems getting in tomorrow the MCT subscription will be getting canned, I'm very fed up chasing them for something I'm paying £240 quid for.
  21. Same here. I phoned on Tuesday to ask where my season ticket is and was told I'd be called back. I'll be phoning again tomorrow to ask how I'll be getting into the ground when I show up on Saturday since I obviously won't have my season card or a call back by then. I get they're understaffed in the office but this is a massive issue.
  22. I called up yesterday to ask where my season ticket was, said not sure need to check with Brendan we'll give you a call back. No call today and no season ticket yet either so I'm guessing mine wasn't posted first class on Monday. It sounds like I'll be picking my season ticket/substitute paper ticket on Saturday because I'm not going up to the ground before then. Morton need jobs that people not called Brendan can do. No harm to him either we know he does some job but they need other people who can help with this.
  23. Playing devils advocate maybe the guy didn't expect a steward to ruin his afternoon by babysitting him over some absolute non issue.
  24. Just going to say it. O'Ware's a fud but he'd be a decent signing.
  25. Also if the Killie players intend to spend the season just sitting down on the park and expecting free kicks they'll be greetin like this every game.
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