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  1. I don't understand how no one is being penalised or even hurried along for timewasting here. Every stoppage is an opportunity for Raith to stand about for 30-40 seconds or boot the ball away with no repercussions. King misses a sitter, and that will be that. Disappointing.
  2. That statement reads like someone else has taken up matters here. The person who wrote that has put it in such a way that they agree the club's output has been pish and they're just as pissed off about it. Pretty frank assessment. They've committed to be better, and that's what we should expect starting from now.
  3. O'Connor looks like a solid centre back who knows his limits. Doesn't overplay, just wins the ball and clears. I'm not that worried about him so far. Baird though, we know is not that good. He does try to play beyond his ability with some of the worst distribution I've ever seen. Can't even punt it properly.
  4. I thought Muirhead had a very good 2nd half today. Did exactly what was asked of him by winning or bringing down long balls, using his body well and bringing us up the park. I'd be happy if he was that involved every week.
  5. Don't really think it's pleasing given we'll be competing with Ayr at the arse end this season.
  6. If 'faimly man' Brian Graham didn't want relegated and his wages cut he could have tried scoring more goals and not being bottom of the league. Boo fucking hoo.
  7. King looks good when going forward. Could see him being an oft-used sub for Quitongo and Kabia this year. He and McGregor look to me like they could grow into quality players like Strapp, it's just a shame that our squad is so thin right now that we can't loan them out to get that game time at a lower level like Strapp had.
  8. Had to turn the sound off. Whiny fucking gimps. Winner to really get it up them now.
  9. If we finish below Hamilton I'd suggest we're fucked.
  10. Signed for Montrose on Thursday.
  11. I'm not sure I could write 1000 words about Kyle Jacobs in English.
  12. Cheap credit as opposed to genuine investment, by the sounds of it.
  13. I watched Bonnyrigg play a lowland league game last season and I thought they looked terrible, was surprised that Cowdenbeath could actually be worse. If asked that day I'd have said a decent championship team would pulverise them near double figures.
  14. Enforcing this nonsense decision would be some laugh as well. Crowd packing up at the exits being told what exactly, you can't leave? People will just open the gates themselves. What are the stewards going to do, chuck you out?
  15. This stewarding company needs to be launched into the Clyde. Absolute bag of shite.
  16. Reilly was set on moving to be near family. We were never keeping him.
  17. Only saw the first half but looked like we easily dealt with a shite Hibs team at the back, Strapp swanning about like Maldini in his pomp and a ghost jersey rustling about like an empty carrier bag up front. I'm not surprised something happened in the Hibs box when we brought someone on to try and run into it.
  18. All I'm seeing here is Lewis Strapp with some 20 gubbins footballers on the park.
  19. How much are our lower earners likely to be on these days? We're reaching the point where a £300pw contract is not a liveable full time wage.
  20. This season is going to be a disaster and given most people's priorities with money will be changing, I can see me saving myself a few quid this year by not bothering with this garbage.
  21. On the other hand, it's Linfield.
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