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  1. Some people being extremely over dramatic about a good point in the end. Didn't play well at all and as others have said 2nd half we were nowhere near it albeit had a goal ruled out for offside and what looked like a blatant penalty for handball blocked on the line. Defence and Schwake were all over the place at the end but we done well to hang on. Another point, a bit of ground gained on everyone below us, 10 unbeaten is a fine day considering how bad we were. Nice to see a full squad on the bench again. 9 subs I think? Although does feel we're still in need of another forward and midfielder.
  2. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/leigh-griffiths-wanted-greenock-morton-25601966 Griffiths incoming.....
  3. I don't mind this at all unless it's 11:30 on a Sunday. Much rather this than a championship/mid table premiership team. No reason why we can't get a result.
  4. Silly question probably but are season tickets valid today? I assume not but not seen anything online.
  5. Loved that today. 300 mile round trip and freezing cold all worth it with the late winner. Conditions were terrible and didn't make a good game at all but who cares. Schwake's save at 0-0 was world class. What a fucking team
  6. Still buzzing after that. Real character to come back after losing a pretty shit goal. Defence just seemed to go missing. I thought Dougie made a mistake bringing off McGrattan. We were comfortable up until he came off and as soon as Kabia came on, we seemed to lose the control we had. But we dug in and what a great 2nd goal. Grimshaw's best game for us, Ambrose again looking like a great bit of business, Gillespie was great, Crawford's pressing is a joke guy just never stops. Thought Quitongo was fantastic but Strapp was colossal. What a player he is. Got to enjoy him while we can as he'll be off in the summer to earn the big money. I fucking love Dougie Imrie. The turnaround since that 5-1 pumping v ICT under Gus is incredible. With him in charge and the addition of another centre forward in January then we've got a right good chance of going up.
  7. Amazing. That 2nd goal was a thing of beauty. Strapp best player on the park
  8. Good point in the end. We lacked composure in getting the ball down in the second half but we battled well and deserved a point. Ambrose strolled it again.
  9. What a turnaround since that Partick game. Like a new team. We're brilliant and we're going up.
  10. I think it's a good and sensible signing. Should be more than fine for this division. Dunfermline fans didn't have much good to say about him when he was there last year but he was partnered next to Coll fucking Donaldson and in a team attempting to play John Hughes Liquid Football (which worked out well for them) so it is going to be a totally different approach this year under Imrie. A defend your box and clear your lines approach will be fine for Ambrose and his experience and football intelligence should be beneficial.
  11. Clear penalty. Clips his leg and pushed him in the back. No idea what Ian Murray is on about but I wouldn't expect anything less from that odious prick.
  12. Definition of scenes. That 80 yard run from Blues to stop a certain Raith goal in the last five minutes was incredible. Whole Cowshed applauding and cheering as he ran back - not seen that for a tackle before. Quitongo was superb when he came on. Bullied their left back but MOTM was McGrattan or Baird for me. Actually think that was our best performance of the season. We dominated the game after the first 20 minutes. I hope Gordon Brown is having a shite night. And Ian Murray GIRFUY
  13. That third goal was a goal of the season contender. Fantastic football.
  14. Much better. O'connor chucking his head at the shot in the last second of the match was brilliant. Saved it going in the top corner. Thought him and Baird were superb tonight. Grimshaw as well very much improved. Big game on Saturday to put a bit of breathing space between us and the bottom.
  15. I think it's safe to say that Pignatiello is not a centre back.
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