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  1. That Ugwu flick for the 2nd gets better with every watch. The fact it's over the head of McGinty too 😂
  2. What a difference a competent manager makes. We were so comfortable and I thought the game management with about 25 minutes to go was superb. Just taking the sting out of the game at every opportunity. Both goals were fantastic. Strapp's ball for the 1st was incredible. Then Ugwu for the 2nd, oooft. MOTM for me was Reece Lyon. He looks a different player just sitting in front of the defence.
  3. Yes, from what I remember both our goals the last time we played Ayr came from crosses into the box. Baird and McGinty couldn't cope. More of the same please.
  4. Express saying we've signed Jamie Brandon from Hearts on loan. Full back apparently.
  5. Still smiling 6 hours on. Didn't want it to end. First half we started well but Dunfermline started growing into the game and we seemed to give them far too much space in the middle of the park. However, they are really really really really shite so didn't capitalise. Soon as the first goal went in, there was only one winner. First goal was a superb strike and the second was another great strike after some great play from Reilly. My personal favourite though was the 3rd. Delightful delivery from Hynes and a fantastic header from Reilly. Real togetherness from the squad and I see Imrie making sure they applauded the fans that were in attendance - first time that's happened for a very long time. People might say we're a hard bunch to please and bad old Morton fans are the worst to play in front of in Scotland but if you work hard and fight for every ball, while supplying a bit of quality then that's all we ask and we'll back you. Great start under Imrie. Gutted there'll be no away fans next week at Ayr as I'd imagine there would have been a big crowd going through after today. Hopefully not too long before everyone can get back in.
  6. This is sensational. As soon as we press them they absolutely crumble. Three outstanding goals. Blues best player on the pitch. Reilly outstanding too. Surely we can't lose it from here?!
  7. Don't think it's far stretched at all. People who know me, know that I've never rated Jacobs. He's okay enough at nipping in at opponent's feet but apart from that he offers nothing. Maybe being a threat at the odd corner too. His short and long passing is terrible, his shooting is even worse. Special mention tonight though for Reece Lyon. Superb performance.
  8. 2 minutes to go. Just scored from our last corner. Killie down to 10 men with one of their big mutants off the pitch. Then subsequently giving a free kick away while keeping the ball in the corner which then allowed Killie to attack our end. Just get it in the box.
  9. Loser mentality on show again at the end there keeping it in the corner. A terrible performance until Jacobs went off. He really is a terrible footballer and brings heehaw to us. The subs of Blues and Muirhead and reverting to a back 4 made us a threat going forward. Should have probably won it in the end.
  10. Disappointed if Millen is indeed staying. He has been part of the problem this season and his bizarre running across the pitch looking for square go's in a few games this year won't have helped with his reputation amongst the fans. I'm not sure how much influence he has on day to day things but a clean slate was needed imo.
  11. Just seen the Twitter conversation - how embarrassing. Why is it taking the results of a fan survey for them to decide if we should be doing more to raise our commercial income? Baffling.
  12. Massive gamble but imo quite an exciting appointment. He's a big character so I'd expect he won't take any nonsense from anybody and should rid the it's the supporters' fault mentality coming from some of the players. Interested to see who he brings in as #2.
  13. Was going to the say the same thing. I've spoken on this thread a few times about social media output - that post match video is an embarrassment. Now been nearly two months since Graham Barr said social media output has to improve on the MCT Q&A. Still no improvements. I'm sure I've heard on here before that Jonathan Mitchell had to buy equipment out of his own pocket - I'm assuming the club are hanging the current social media guy out to dry as well. What do these guys do? Simple stuff that these keeps on being neglected.
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