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  1. Not for me but happy to be proved wrong. Haven't kept up to date with his career since he left but seems he's hardly played any games, and hardly scored any goals. If he can stay fit......I'm sure he'll be a nuisance to defenders but he's not going to get us 10/15/20 goals a season. Big meh for me.
  2. Oliver's contract withdrawn apparently.
  3. Not bothered at all with Wilson going, more the fact that QoS seems a more attractive option with him and Reilly heading there. I thought our performances dipped and midfield control was lost when he came into the team for Lyon. Definitely better out there. Fingers crossed Queens want Jacobs back too.
  4. Again I'm concerned about handing out a 2 year deal to a guy who's only really turned up since January. I'd have kept him as I think he's a decent option to have and he's scored some big goals for us in the last few years, but only on a 1 year deal. It's risky stuff signings these guys on 2 year deals who have, 90% of the time, been absolute duds. I really hope they continue to kick on.
  5. 2 year deal is madness. 2 year deal for Baird too if I'm not mistaken. Imrie has built up some trust after last season but I'm a bit concerned so far.
  6. Bit of a meh signing. Solid enough but was hoping for better. Cannot imagine we'll be playing a 4 at the back if that's now Baird and Lithgow signed up, and then possibly McLean.
  7. Not overly bothered about Russell and Ledger but really concerned that we've decided to offer the likes of Oliver and McLean new deals. Oliver in particular - baffling. If they all accept then that's us sorted in CM. Jacobs, Lyon, Blues, Wilson and McGrattan all there - it's an area we really needed to improve and it's just more of the same old. Hmmmm.
  8. One of the worst things Gus did was sign the likes of Hynes on a 2 year deal after one decent game he had against QoS last season. Jacobs on a 2 (or was it 3??!!) year deal was another peculiar decision. He's left us with some utter shite for the foreseeable.
  9. Bit of a shambles end to the season. Disappointed we didn't at least try go for 6th spot - not sure what the difference in prize money is but it's probably a players wage. Youth players clearly not good enough. King is OK but should go out on loan. McGregor too. Easdale should be released immediately. He wouldn't get a game for an under 10's team. Big summer ahead.
  10. Still stand by my opinion of Easdale being the worst Morton player there's ever been in my lifetime.
  11. Assuming we're going for the 4-3-3 formation, I'd have Lyon in as the holding midfielder in that. Maybe keep Wilson as cover for him but I wouldn't be bothered if he leaves. I reckon Imrie will offer him a new deal though as he seems to like him. Try and get rid of Jacobs as he's just not very good. I'm sure Queens will take him back. Wish him all the best but we can get better. Blues I'm really undecided on and keep changing my opinion on it. Probably in thanks for your efforts but release camp at the moment. Just a thing on Easdale. I think he could be one of the worst ever Morton players, in my lifetime anyway. I really hope he's on peanuts because what a waste of money it is having him on the books. Feel a bit sorry watching him in all honesty, just seems to lack any sort of footballing intelligence and ability.
  12. I agree with all of this bar the Ugwu part. He was pretty poor today despite being assaulted every time he went up for a ball but overall in the season I think he's earned a new contract. What we need is another option when it's not working with him. Oliver's not good enough and Easdale shouldn't be near a professional outfit. Blues is a tough one. He pops up in the box every so often and it's good to have a midfielder that can do that but he just doesn't contribute enough in the midfield play for me. Excluding loan players I'd Keep: Hamilton, Strapp, Russell, probably Wilson, Muirhead, Ugwu Get rid: Ledger, McLean, Hynes (if we can agree to terminate the contract), Jacobs (the same), Blues, Oliver Loan out the likes of King, McGregor, Easdale who aren't ready yet or in Easdale's case will never be ready. Anyway it will take a clusterfuck of results to see us finish 9th. Only really need a point because of goal difference but still a worrying situation .
  13. I want to see Lyon back in the CDM position that he was bossing before being unfairly dropped for Wilson. Not sure what's going on there but we are in much more control of the midfield and more effective in attack when he plays.
  14. The Willie Column show in the first half with a genuinely baffling decision. Second half was just flat, aimless balls to Ugwu who was ineffective, midfield was posted missing all game. Looking over our shoulders again when we really should be safe by now. Think the first 6 or 7 games of Imrie's time masked the lack of quality we have. Too many players who are just not good enough and who we should be looking to move on.
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