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  1. Very sad to hear this. Whilst I didn't know him personally I knew him well through Twitter etc. Thoughts are with the family.
  2. The game ended 0-0, only two weeks after St. Mirren had gubbed Bankies 8-0 at Love Street.
  3. Will we have to endure the abomination that is VAR in this tie?
  4. Likely a Sunday lunchtime kick-off in front of a rotten crowd. Underwhelmed at this draw.
  5. The Ayr game was a three way dog fight for survival, play-offs and relegation (Ayr, us and Airdrie United). We were briefly one goal away from going bottom, but it was very satisfying to score two late goals and relegate that lot. The "fight" was one Ton fan going over to the WDE to gloat and an Ayr fan chasing after him on the pitch (which took a "he's behind you" from the Cowshed to make him realise).
  6. Did you leave early and miss a goal? Can't say I'd have blamed you. Also Gus was away by that time, but it was essentially his team.
  7. Seeing that celebration from Robbie - it's a million years away from the Robbie we had just before Dougie took over (the humping from ICT in particular). Can't understate the impact that the manager has had on the team. I thought we were made to work harder for that than for the point at Ayr last week. Referee was brutal and we should have had at least one penalty - you actually wonder if fouls on Jai in the box are ignored on purpose. The celebrations from the players on hearing full-time made that even more special for me.
  8. Draw was fair. We had the better of the first half and they looked more like scoring in the last quarter than we did. I hate Somerset Park at the best of times, but selling cold pies from a fucking tent is tinpot stuff.
  9. All the club needs to do is have Dougie wear the jumper for a post match interview (ideally after a win) and watch the sales rise.
  10. Need a 3-0 win to go top next week.
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