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  1. Ah well. Just saw it on Twitter but wasn't aware it was a done deal.
  2. “Spilled over” Very apt choice of words given that he spilled endless tame shots straight to the incoming forwards.
  3. Daniel Armstrong leaves Raith. Killie fan from work is certain he's going to them.
  4. Derek Ferguson, when doing Open all Mics, sounds like he’s struggling to read what’s in front of him. I don’t rate him as a pundit or a reporter. Puts me in mind of Derek “wooden” Johnstone presenting Football First on the TV.
  5. Killie are so bad that they've broken P&B. Edit - back up now.
  6. Not long after my dad and I took our seats (we live in different houses but nobody asked us about it) a guy along from us in the row behind asked if he could sit with his colleague (who was in our row). Steward gave a short sharp answer saying that he had to remain put. Yet when anyone wanted to go to the toilet they had to squeeze past any number of folk in their row.
  7. I did wonder why masks were needed for fans sitting in an open end of the ground. Anyway - did not see that coming after the defeat at Montrose. Airdrie were poor and clearly knackered. Great to be back at Scapa. The behind the scenes stuff needs to happen ASAP before we're left hoovering up the players that the other full time teams don't want.
  8. Ramsbottom caught ball watching for that Edinburgh City goal.
  9. If they still give us a whole floor of their social club in the stand, I'd take that too.
  10. On the basis that we may (or probably will) meet the winners of this play off next season, I’d prefer Stair Park.
  11. Back up now. Edit - back down again.
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