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  1. A month gap between two games against QoS yet a four month gap between two Dundee games.
  2. Hearts at home on 5th December. We get them at home twice.
  3. Going to be strange not seeing him at half time, running about the pitch like an extra from the 1914 Christmas truce kickabout.
  4. Was talking to someone high up in the Glasgow police the other day (wife's pal) and asked if she knew when fans would be back to the game. She mentioned that the notion of "season ticket holders only" initially was being mooted. After asking how places like Ibrox would cope (a row each maybe, given the likes of the subway loyal) I then said that her home team, Stranraer, could easily have their normal crowds in, even with social distancing. Her reply was "only if none of them need to use the toilet".
  5. I didn't know the name until about a year ago when I started collecting my data. 100+ is all the more impressive when you consider that we weren't exactly short of regular goal-scorers back then. Scored in a win at Douglas Park, which is hall-of-fame material really. Thoughts are with the family.
  6. I took mine on the 2003 Highland tour. There's a shot in the Thistle Bar in Buckie with a bunch of us sitting at the bar all wearing different Morton tops.
  7. The kit this one is based on - I am probably alone in liking it. Granted, it would be more fondly remembered had we not been relegated during the only season that we wore it.
  8. McManus leaves F*lk*rk. And, no thanks.
  9. Yep. Was part of the squad that won the 2nd division (and put Killie out of the Scottish Cup).
  10. Hearts threatening court action for compensation of £6 million if reconstruction fails. Other than the two arse cheeks, I didn’t think I could dislike a club more than Falkirk. These bastards are running it close right now.
  11. Much talk of twitter about the proposal being "in tatters" and "dooming Hearts to relegation" thanks to Championship clubs. Well done those clubs. https://twitter.com/Record_Sport/status/1271196761227505668 Apologies for the link being a Daily Record one.
  12. Sounds better than waiting for them to reconstruct the leagues to get colt teams in.
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