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  1. As long as there are Colt teams in it, I don't give a shit about the Challenge Cup.
  2. Missed the vital penalty in their shoot-out at Ayr. Could have won them the group. And I mean really missed it - by quite a bit.
  3. Partick make a sub - one of the four they've got available.
  4. Five of the groups look set to have their 2nd place team on 9 points, or 8 with a better goal difference than we currently have. Unless we completely destroy Partick and get a couple of snookers elsewhere (or Queen's Park beat St. Mirren), we're out.
  5. Jai Quitongo puts the snake's Queens 1-0 up against the other Queens.
  6. Automatic 2 match ban, regardless of competition so he'll miss the two cup games. Doubt Hopkin has any chance of overturning it.
  7. Scored a free-kick at Love Street for us and ran straight to the home fans to celebrate it - makes him okay in my books. Genuinely surprised to see the poster above you talk about "him being a tim" - which is not the sort of patter I'd expect to see on a Morton forum.
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