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  1. Keir and I were told that we wouldn't get new cards, our old season cards would just be reactivated. So, fingers crossed for tomorrow then.
  2. Phoned Cappielow about 11am and got 2 renewals in under 5 mins.
  3. Went to see The Rezillos in Falkirk last Saturday and they were awesome, first saw them at Grangemouth Town Hall in 1977. So... been listening to Can't Stand The Rezillos. Also saw Feeder at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh last Saturday night, sixth or seventh time me and Mrs cT have seen them live and never been disappointed. Got Idlewild at the Old Leith Theatre in May.
  4. Currently listening to White Lies - To Lose My Life. Really like all 3 of they're albums, heard there's a 4th coming out next year.
  5. Jaime xx feat Romy - Loud Places, Love Romy's voice.
  6. Listening to Kraftwerk - Computer World. Taking me back to when I had to have a haircut...happy days.
  7. Alex Williams is currently playing for Falkirk amateur team Pennies and has apparently been running riot. A pal told me he scored 5 goals in a game a few weeks ago.
  8. Possibly Davie, I'm sure I read that he's been playing guitar since primary school. Saw him playing guitar for Edwyn Collins at Oran Mor, absolute two-fer for Loraine and me, we love both of them.
  9. Been listening to Aztec Camera - High Land High Rain album...had forgotten how good it was. Roddy Frame doesn't get the credit he deserves.
  10. No mate, I'll be in Gdansk or else I'd have gone to Edinburgh.
  11. I know what you mean about Marr v Tobias. Like you, I've been to a couple of Johnny Marr gigs and hearing him play songs like This Charming Man, How Soon Is Now, Bigmouth Strikes Again and Still Ill were much better that hearing them at a Moz gig. Pleased to hear that you thought he was "probably good". Johnny Marr in Edinburgh Oct 14/Kilmarnock Oct 15 ???
  12. Magazine - Shot by Both Sides, The Light Pours Out Of Me, Aztec Camera - Oblivious, Icehouse - Hey Little Girl, Buzzcocks - Harmony In My head, Promises, What do I get?, Boredom, The Damned - New Rose, The Clash - White Riot, Janie Jones, Garageland, London Calling, Train in Vain. I know Deego went down to Hull to see Morrissey, I'd like to know how the gig was? If I'd only heard 2 Smiths songs and they were Meat Is Murder and What She Said (great song) I'd be fuckin' raging, thoughts Deego? Have returned to my punk/indie roots tonight and it feels goooood!!!!
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