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  1. 6’3” centre back. Used to play Gaelic sports so presumably not afraid to get stuck in.
  2. Looks switched on at least. Could partner well with Ugwu given a few games together.
  3. Strapp noising up their forward throughout. Managing fairly well against him despite giving away a good bit in height. Was their penalty soft or fair enough? My view was a bit obscured. Any update on McLean? He’s not been involved since the head knock, has he?
  4. Is that a 433 then? Or are we deploying Strapp and Russell as a double LB/LWB in a Tierney/Robertson style?
  5. It looks to me as though it’s both - the hoops aren’t consistently aligned as you point out, but the placement of the badge relative to the collar placket is also different.
  6. Presumably the full complement of new kits hasn’t been delivered to the club yet, seeing as we’ve been wearing the away kit that’s not being retained for this term in all of our games so far.
  7. I had a chuckle at that
  8. This one for Kenyan side AFC Leopards is pretty great. Has a plain back, but if the hoops could be made to go all the way round it would be 👍
  9. Airdrie have had bespoke kits from Under Armour, Joma and now Umbro. Deals negotiated via Football Nation who act like an intermediary between manufacturers and a whole host of teams. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/airdrie-say-kit-deal-iconic-22162886
  10. MCT tweeting he has mainly played left midfield at Finn Harps. Paired on the left with Strapp or competition for LB/LWB?
  11. That is a salient point that renders my original post bin worthy. You’re right and all, I’m really just trying to avoid more my more natural position of miserable pessimism in all walks of life for a wee change. I find myself defeated, however. Which is a wee shame.
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