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  1. Two cracking goals. Some excellent colourful language from our dugout clearly audible in the video too.
  2. Is this Gary Oliver’s best goal scoring season for us? 6 in the league so far.
  3. Welsh too while on loan from Celtic was more often than not played out of position at RB.
  4. The role he’s playing seems to suit Reece Lyon. Seems to be the deepest lying of the three in midfield. Looks well balanced.
  5. Reilly chasing everything, Blues having a great half too. Good value for this lead.
  6. 8th was also the target when Gus was hired. That was missed. After surviving the play-offs he should have been thanked for his efforts in his short time with the club then allowed to mosey on out.
  7. McEntee had his thigh strapped up the other week and had to be subbed in the first half. Presume there’s a muscle injury keeping him sidelined.
  8. A half hearted few boos from the Cowshed could be heard from the stand side.
  9. 5-2-3? Strapp left of 3 CBs, Hynes and Russell wingbacks with Muirhead and Reilly either side of Ugwu?
  10. That’s got to be 433 with Strapp and Ledger as full backs, hasn’t it? Correct decision if so. Still not exactly what you’d call confident but a team selection with players in their strongest positions is welcome.
  11. Weren’t actually looking too terrible up until the first goal. Ugwu’s hold up play was good and Muirhead was even playing okay. Can’t see us getting back in to it now, though. Knowles looked in significant pain when he went down. Hopefully not a serious injury and fingers crossed it won’t be a long lay-off.
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