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  1. They just posted it was a 1-0 win for us, a trialist with the goal
  2. Lads, gather round for a quick ‘wah wah’. Having reached consensus last week that a quantifiable portion of the Morton support possess an inflated sense of superiority over [unspecified], during the course of today’s match we must now attribute this to one of the following: A] the transference of an inferiority complex B] they believed their mammys who always told them they were special C] the bovril was laced with high purity cocaine, often said to imbue the user with an increased level of confidence and self-worth D] we require a highly contentious stick, any stick in fact, to fight back against the entirely fictional band of hoodlums we [for which you may read ‘I’] have invented.
  3. These are not inspiring signings. Just going to hope against hope they turn out to be enormously surprising successes for us.
  4. Having the sponsor’s logo sublimated in a jersey’s fabric is pretty rare. If you had a look around Smith’s selection of English or European club’s shirts I’d expect all of them to have the sponsor printed on.
  5. Wilson had a pretty wretched first couple of games, looking way, way off the pace. He did show some improvement, mainly in terms of fitness and effort, but I don’t think he was anywhere near ‘excellent’ at any point.
  6. That’s interesting, the TFG home jersey sported 3 of the more contentious features that are debated on here - an appliqué monochrome club crest, the red ‘half pounders’ sponsor and a polo style collar. The size of the hoops and the shade of blue did look great, though.
  7. I do really like it from the front but the back is a bit grim. Will look better with a name and number in there. Presumably we’ll go with white numbers and lettering. Was a real shame they didn’t get the gold sets for the Cup Centenary jersey.
  8. So good to have someone who’s not afraid to make changes to the shape, personnel and tactics. Big win.
  9. Chick Young on the radio commenting on our lush park that will appear very alien to Thistle
  10. I wouldn’t recommend the Accies Vaults, tbh. Bar West is alright.
  11. Before the decision to move on from Vision myself and Gavin were asked to come up with away kit concepts. I posted these on Twitter a while ago but here they are for those that want to see them/slag them 😄
  12. 8th was also the target when Gus was hired. That was missed. After surviving the play-offs he should have been thanked for his efforts in his short time with the club then allowed to mosey on out.
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