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  1. I thought some of McAlister’s better performances were when he played at CB. Would actually quite like to see him get a run of games there.
  2. Transfermarkt has him down as a centre forward, but other articles about him moving to Sittingbourne say midfielder. Another "can do a job" signing?
  3. Are they not installed hanging from the roof?
  4. That would be ideal but, as you say, unlikely. Sadly i don’t think these camera set-ups will provide the sort of image quality or the number of angles the BBC use for live football. So, we’ll be lumbered with a gantry any time we have a game on Alba for the foreseeable. Edit: Maybe it could be set in a way that it can take over for the halfway line camera alone, and the BBC could use their other cameras for behind the goals/pitch side/etc?
  5. Provide everybody an empty bottle on entry to the ground
  6. Millions was printed on the back of the replica kits last season, with the Arc and Blairs logos added to the players shirts and shorts. Could be the same deal for the coming season.
  7. I think/hope the problem with that was it being one or two sizes too big for him and having just been taken out of the packet. I quite like the monochrome versions of club crests on Away kits that tie in to the overall colour scheme.
  8. The digital mock up on Twitter looks like it was made on a template from Yellow Images (same things Gavin and I use). The textures are part of the file layers rather than the design itself. I’d be surprised if any released kit is at all different from the one seen previously on Oliver. The yellow kit was intended to have a textured jacquard material with horizontal lines in it and a separate sewn in blue chest panel, but the final piece instead had the two shades of yellow and blue band sublimated, which was a shame. Less expensive to make, though.
  9. I can imagine having a solid offer as early as possible and a guaranteed date for the first wage coming in would be enough to clinch it for a few. Others will be in a better situation money wise and can weigh up the risk of waiting longer for a better or more desirable offer to come on.
  10. Brendan is back off of furlough, so would guess getting ready to take renewals will be one of his first tasks.
  11. The Newcastle 95/96 kits had the most well executed grandad collar shirts imo. Shorts were made of pretty odd material, but great kits nonetheless.
  12. That was a surprise to me and Gavin too. I guess the reasoning is that the hoops on the arms and body are aligned straight when your arms are at your sides. As a comparison, this Celtic shirt has the sleeve hoops parallel with the cuffs, with effect that they sit at around 45 degrees to the hoops on the body.
  13. Good on you helping your mate’s wife, credit to the players for sending in their videos and 100% agree Re: Brendan - he’s a great young lad, all the time in the day for him.
  14. I’m sure it will suit many teams to go that route. If they can expect a higher volume of sales their outlay on stock will be larger and the unit price reduced (e.g. Aberdeen and Hearts purchasing Adidas kits). Joma and Macron have expanded their client base in Scotland offering standard template kits for the most part, as well as a handful given an element of customisation (Motherwell, Hibs and Ross County spring to mind). Morton’s current approach came about after a Nike catalogue number (and a poor choice of sponsor from the Golden Casket group) was resoundingly turned on by the support. The four subsequent kits have sold in greater numbers than any of the previous offerings for over 15 years (I have to say this is anecdotal, I can’t give any detailed sales figures). I’m thick skinned enough to hear criticism of the designs I’ve been involved with. I’m not the manufacturer so any complaints over the relative quality, finish, etc. aren’t for me to answer or comment on. If anybody believes that fans shouldn’t be involved in the design process (or me as an individual for that matter) then I would encourage them to forward their issues to the club. From my perspective, I’m both a fan of the club and what you could describe as a keen graphic design hobbyist with (very) occasional paid commissions in the field, though not from Morton. I’ve enjoyed contributing and seeing the team and supporters wearing the designs I’ve worked on. The latest away kit didn’t turn out quite how I had hoped, with changes made to simplify and reduce manufacturing cost, though I do like the fit and feel of it, particularly with the introduction of the ribbed collar and cuffs. I really like how this kit looks in the renders and am absolutely behind Gavin’s contributions (plus he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet). TLDR? No worries.
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