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  1. It’s happened. There are not many positive replies so far!
  2. What are the scrap metal prices like these days?
  3. Good to hear we were generally good in that department. I let much of the game go by in the background today.
  4. A welcome surprise of a point. Would certainly have Fjørtoft in the starting line-up more often than not. Strange that he seems out of favour.
  5. Missed the goal, got distracted doing some wiring. how are we looking anyway?
  6. Fell asleep before kick off, woke up around 35 mins in. Guess I didn’t miss much. Been chronic since I logged on.
  7. I’ll ask about the Spurs forum to see if anyone knows what his youth record was like. He’s only had something like 28 senior appearances (including the 2 minute cameo against APOEL Nicosia, replacing Deli Alli). Blurb from Spurs’ website, FWIW: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/teams/under-23/players/kazaiah-sterling/
  8. I’ve spent a fair bit of this half looking at pillar drills, been that exciting.
  9. Millar was fairly effective in calming things down in the midfield when he came on against Inverness and allowed us to retain possession for more than 10 seconds at a time. Lyon also made a difference when he came on, and generally offers more drive forward than Millar. I’d have thought he’d start alongside Blues. There’s less incentive to give Jim a run out with no crowd there to applaud him on or off the park. Hopefully a testimonial can be arranged for him post lockdown.
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