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  1. That’s got to be 433 with Strapp and Ledger as full backs, hasn’t it? Correct decision if so. Still not exactly what you’d call confident but a team selection with players in their strongest positions is welcome.
  2. Weren’t actually looking too terrible up until the first goal. Ugwu’s hold up play was good and Muirhead was even playing okay. Can’t see us getting back in to it now, though. Knowles looked in significant pain when he went down. Hopefully not a serious injury and fingers crossed it won’t be a long lay-off.
  3. Had hoped one of Russell or Strapp would have been at RB with Ledger partnering Lithgow, but would seem it’s Strapp at CB. At least Killie don’t have a giant striker to contend with.
  4. Decent in number and volume: yes Decent in other respects: ?
  5. McEntee has a fair bit of sports tape around his left knee. If he’s carrying an injury makes the decision to leave Ledger out again even more odd.
  6. Did somebody dig out the old line-up tombola for today?
  7. The Strapp at LCB experiment surely has to be ended sooner rather than later
  8. 6’3” centre back. Used to play Gaelic sports so presumably not afraid to get stuck in.
  9. Looks switched on at least. Could partner well with Ugwu given a few games together.
  10. Strapp noising up their forward throughout. Managing fairly well against him despite giving away a good bit in height. Was their penalty soft or fair enough? My view was a bit obscured. Any update on McLean? He’s not been involved since the head knock, has he?
  11. Is that a 433 then? Or are we deploying Strapp and Russell as a double LB/LWB in a Tierney/Robertson style?
  12. It looks to me as though it’s both - the hoops aren’t consistently aligned as you point out, but the placement of the badge relative to the collar placket is also different.
  13. MCT tweeting he has mainly played left midfield at Finn Harps. Paired on the left with Strapp or competition for LB/LWB?
  14. That is a salient point that renders my original post bin worthy. You’re right and all, I’m really just trying to avoid more my more natural position of miserable pessimism in all walks of life for a wee change. I find myself defeated, however. Which is a wee shame.
  15. Thought he had some pretty decent games (admittedly against a low benchmark among his teammates) prior to New Year, then he had a spell out of the team again. I absolutely agree it’s a bad idea to get too hung up on his contribution right at the very end of the season, but it shouldn’t be ignored that he stepped up when it mattered and he was finally played in his preferred position. It helped that Oliver had an upturn in his performances that coincided. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a proven 10+ goal scorer to be signed rather than have Muirhead our sole centre forward, I’m just trying to be a bit ‘glass half full’ about things whenever I can.
  16. When Hopkin signed Muirhead he said words to the effect of ‘It’s about t8me he got the chance to play in his best/preferred position as a No.9 rather than being shifted out wide’ then proceeded to play him at LWB or LM almost exclusively. He looked much improved when played through the middle and has shown he’s at least capable of a good finish (a great one, even) and can get on the end of a decent cross. If he can find some consistent form (and I know it’s risky to bank on that happening) he should be able to at least contribute the sort of goal scoring output of McHugh a couple of years back. What could be the real difference maker is replacing the likes of Nesbitt and McGuffie with wide players who can regularly deliver decent balls in to the box. It’s telling that the best cross we saw all season was from one of our Centre Backs in injury time at Airdrie.
  17. Inter are the latest to make a real arse of it. Their badge was excellent and managed to look modern despite the fact the central part was the same as it had been in 1908. They’ve swapped it for something not a million miles away, but absolutely worse.
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