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    Johansson’s new charges lost 3-1 at home to FC Lahti in his first game. That’ll be Jean started blocking those Finnish Twitter accounts already, then.
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    Gerry McDade’s patter is absolutely chronic.
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    I can only presume him dropping three bottles of Bud on the floor was the giveaway.
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    Andy Murdoch has signed a new two year deal at Ayr. After releasing him to make room for the number of midfielders coming in two summers ago we've seen McAlister improving over his time at the club, but we got one good season out of Millar before he went off a cliff last season and about one good game out of Telfer, who is now languishing at his level in League One. Over those two seasons we've ended up with Dylan Dykes and Cameron Blues getting games. Releasing Murdoch was possibly the worst thing Raymond did in his time here.
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    There must be more to this kits stuff. Although if it was never explained it'd be brilliant. On the subject of 'tinpot' and shoddy marketing etc., does it bother anyone else how many variations of the Morton badge are floating around these days? I saw that Rangers went through a bit of a brand refresh a few weeks ago and it really emphasise how shoddy ours is (although their Photoshop of the crest onto the Finnieston Crane etc. was pretty weird). Morton quietly launched an updated crest a few years ago but I'm not even sure those currently at the club are aware or if they've just completely forgotten about it. Aside from the mismatch between that and the older version, we've got all sorts of variations that go on to club marketing materials. I'm no branding expert but with all the chat in the last few years about getting the Morton brand out into the community via the Community Trust's work etc., should we not be focussing on putting one version of the club crest out there (at the very least, having the main one and properly defined variations for particular use)? Here's some examples (with the first having three versions in the one picture, FFS): This last one is just outrageous: Maybe it's not a big deal but it does my nut in anyway.
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    Bewildering that Gary Oliver doesn't know how many games are in a normal league season and how many there will be this coming season.
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    He's only recently appointed as a director, as far as I know Graham has been on board with MCT pretty much since it's inception. Until the announcement, any press coverage revolved around Graham McLennan, which raised legitimate concerns that MCT was nothing more than a one-man-band or a vehicle to boost a single ego. All five directors facing the media and facing tough questions highlights the strength of the team that has been assembled. Why on earth would you want to shield the media and communications director away from the media? Did Graham say anything in his interview that contradicts anything said by any other MCT director since the takeover announcement?
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    Interstadia are still advertising the 2019-2020 season ticket, and still haven't upgraded their registration system to be https. One of MCT's first orders of business needs to be getting out of whatever disastrous deal we have with Interstadia and starting again.
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    The only part of the US that is worth shipping to, or indeed caring about, is Wake Island.
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    Awaiting Zhivago’s reaction to Oliver returning, he’ll be crying into his Peroni in the wanderers tonight.
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    Two of us in Toronto, Canada have bought season tickets for the first time ever, as the above streaming services will now be available. No doubt there will be technical issues but even having the option is a very big deal from an overseas supporter perspective. Happy to support the club and MCT.
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    First order of business for MCT when they take over has to be getting this shitshow of a business in the bin. Interstadia can do absolutely nothing right, every other club which has used them have the exact same issues and it's an embarrassment.
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    Good to see that DimOakTree has found a more suitable forum for his nonsense.
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    Kilday was decent for us until he got injured. Was never the same player after that. He needs to earn a living & AFAIK never did anything to merit the booing he got last season when he played for QoS.
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    Rather impressively David replied with 2 hours, as follows... Thanks for your email and I hope you're keeping safe and well wherever you are. Its anticipated that live streaming within the UK will be for the season, as there will still be restrictions in place for vulnerable people so will not be lifted. The games will also be streamed live outwith the UK and the good news for overseas supporters is once we get the system running, overseas viewers will be able to watch live irrespective of any blocking in the UK. Once we finalise we will publish.
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    Waves of contradictory pish about whether MCT should or should not meddle in the first team signing policy, a point that is made irrelevant anyway by the fact that the contributions to MCT stand to actually make Morton a fan-owned club in the very near future. Your 'ahm no' gien munny just to pay shite players' hot take is therefore completely out of date - find another shite excuse for not getting on board with the program or better yet don't bother.
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    I once bid £100 for his Locomotiv Moscow top at the Sportsmans dinner c.2005. I never won it. Bullet dodged.
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    Why would you want to buy a phone case with some random jobber outfit in Spain on it? Do you think GMFC are similarly relying on a flood of interest from the critical Murcia market to make the numbers work for them? Yet another case of Morton fans wetting their frilly knickers about a total fucking non issue.
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    God loves a trier. 🥁
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    I've really enjoyed watching Lamie's progress since leaving Morton. When he first arrived he struggled at left back and got a lot of stick. He worked hard, improved his game quickly and became a popular member of the squad. He earned his chance to play at a higher level with Livi and left with the best wishes of the whole support. A Scotland call up would be incredible.
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    Would love to see him have a solid season and eventually be considered for a Scotland call up. Model professional and not a complete and utter cunt about leaving. See Thomas O'Ware for example.
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    Well no, let's not forget that the SG were perfectly happy to let an Old Firm game go ahead on March 15 with event restrictions only kicking in the following day until the SFA stepped in and cancelled all that weekend's events. They also had the power to close down schools at any point they liked but instead hummed and hawed until fully March 20 to do so. A mistake that they're now doubling down on by insisting on having schools return at 100% capacity from next week again on the spurious grounds that weans don't need to follow their beloved social distancing guidelines because when has a respiratory virus ever successfully spread in a school setting. Except for all the other ones every single year of course. The lack of full autonomy in decision-making explains failures in handling the pandemic only to a certain degree. The willingness of the SG even now to just pander to moron parents who want their state childcare system back regardless of the direct risk to employees and of further community outbreaks in society is 100% down to political calculations made in Bute House.
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    Bang on. A good, solid, proven full back at this level being allowed to just fuck off to one of our immediate rivals when he’s on our doorstep and would likely have signed a new deal if we hadn’t fannied about is criminal. And worst of all, I doubt he’ll be the last.
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    This season is going to be an absolute disaster, isn't it? We should be doing our best to avoid losing players to teams in the same league.
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    The irony of Kevin McKenna citing middle class mediocrity as an issue without any sort of self-reflection on his own career is so breathtaking that I couldn't actually read the article for repeated bouts of dizziness and visual auras.
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    I was going to say that it's beyond belief that by August 1 we've still heard absolutely nothing from the club about offering deals/releasing players from last fucking season and are relying on a drip feed of 'scoops' from the Poundland Pulitzer at the Tele for this information instead but it's actually such a classic Morton communications strategy that we could probably slap a trademark on it by now.
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    I think that it is entirely unreasonable for MCT to state that they can waltz in and slash £100k no bother from the club's annual costs following years of austerity-lite policy in the late Rae era and with the current chief executive having already been tasked with achieving a break-even position over the past twelve months. They're not taking over the 2008 version of the club here. Somebody with access to the basic accounts can work out the precise figure but that must be easily more than 5% of the club's budget that they think is fat just waiting to be trimmed. If it were that easy to do then why are the other full time, second tier Scottish football clubs up to their eyeballs in crushing year on year losses though? All of the focus should be on revenue-raising where the previous regime has clearly left room for improvement on the commercial front as well as the need for a stack of fresh ideas. This whole 'it'll be fine cos we'll just cut costs and raise income at the same time!' shtick though is like something you'd hear from an undergraduate business student rather than responsible adults preparing to navigate the financial black hole that is a professional provincial football club.
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    It’s a sore one that. By all accounts really kind and warm to fans and supportive to up and coming bands around the Manchester scene. What a talent too.
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    Arbitration is finished, Hearts and Thistle lose their case which finally cements their relegations with no £10million either
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    Hopefully this season we will be using a slightly more robust scouting process than "he looked no bad when I coached him as third choice at Tranmere a few years ago..."
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    ??? Doyle was absolutely abysmal going forward. By far the poorest part of his game
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    No, he's actually marooned in the vast, bleak wilderness known as 'scrambling for relevance', ever since his beloved Trust was punted with absolutely zero fanfare into the dustbin of history.
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    There are five-a-side teams in Mauritius that can stream games reliably online. I'm not exaggerating. You can literally turn on your phone and watch in 1080p ten guys having a kick about at a sports center in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I agree, Morton are going to fuck it up.
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    Except that this is a false comparison point for two crucial reasons: 1) The MCT scheme did not exist two years ago and so buying the season ticket represented the overwhelming bulk of a fan's outlay on the club over twelve months to come: that's not (or at least shouldn't) be the case now. Throw in a minimum MCT subscription and the total outlay for season 20/21 is in fact £340 for an adult which is much higher than our peers and a lot to account for in the current economic shitstorm. There shouldn't be a discount offered to MCT members because they're such great people: there should be one because it is now clearly in the club's best interests to incentivise uptake of that scheme as well as getting a ST. Just like twelve months ago, the club wants to just have its cake and eat it though. 2) (Which applies equally to all Championship clubs right now) Iron Man's season ticket also came with a clear expectation of what you would get in return - access to all eighteen home league matches in person - which does not even remotely apply to the current one. GMFC doesn't know how many home matches it will actually have this season. It also doesn't know how many will be open to the public and how many will have to be stream-only: both at the start of the season and in the event of further government restrictions down the line. Even the best bells and whistles live-streaming service is not of equivalent value to being at the game yourself, yet the ST price doesn't seem to account for this. All these clubs are banking on an 'och won't you just pay anyway' guilt-trip principle right now as opposed to providing their customers with a reasonable exchange of money for the service. As of right now, I see little reason to pay the equivalent of £14 per game up front when it's quite possible that fully half of those games will be some streaming-service only nonsense. On the other hand, if buying a ST will grant priority access to games that are being held with limited capacity - at Cappielow and away - then there's an obvious incentive to buy one. But GMFC haven't actually made that pitch yet and so here we are.
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    He's the Communications Director of MCT.
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    Agreed. Releasing Murdoch is one of the worst decisions In recent years at cappielow and everyone except from from that fucking snake and the club knew it.
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    I think it's slightly more likely that we'll finally bring El Dorado home as a shirt sponsor instead of them promoting some 7th grade ex-junior non-entities right now.
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    Couldn't disagree more. The only thing holding us back from worldwide racial harmony is a lack of acknowledgement of BLM on Morton's shirt collar.
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    Rather a Dougie Rae tribute on the shirt than some other shan attempt at virtue-signalling. I'm fully supportive of LGBT and BLM but we don't need to follow the crowd here. Edit to add that's a pretty tenuous link and doubt more than 1 in a million will even know about it.
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    On the MCT webinar they said that yes, non-UK residents would be able to access the live streaming. And that MCT were going to look into the potential to do this for non-residents on an ongoing basis. Looking forward to that!
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    Hearts and Patrick charged by the SFA for being little bitches. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53405293 SFA stacking the deck well. Hearts and Thistle lose arbitration, they stay relegated and get a slap on the wrist fine from the charge. Or, Hearts and Thistle win arbitration and get reinstated to the level above, only to be relegated as punishment for the charge. The scenes.
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    That's twice I've tried to buy tickets and twice there have been technical issues. I won't be trying again either. Morton's half-arsed (which in itself is an incredibly generous description) approach to revenue generating during the lockdown/off season has really irked me.
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    Joe 'good wee player' McKee and Jai Quitongo both leave Dumbarton. Anyone advocating their return to Cappielow will face death by firing squad.
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    Yeah, I think people forget that the whole reason we started using a bespoke supplier in the first place was that we were consistently getting poor quality from established manufacturers, with badges and sponsors peeling off after a couple of washes. Clearly Vision have made an arse with the buttons on this one which is unfortunate but there's been no quality issue with any of the previous kits, and the club did say they saw a big upturn in sales when they first went bespoke as well.
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    If it were as easy as simply cutting costs and raising income then privately-owned Scottish football clubs would have serious investors falling over themselves to get in, rather than relying on rich fans with more money than sense, outright Walter Mitty characters like Brooks Mileson, Calum Melville etc. or as a last and only recent resort fan-ownership models like MCT to run the shop instead. There will need to be both a much more specific set of measures identified to improve the business as well as some consideration of what will happen if either revenue or investment fails even temporarily: even a bog-standard cold snap calling off two or three home games presents a cashflow problem in the short term. The ground was at least nominally the only thing propping up GMFC as a going concern in recent years: while the debt may be taken away in full on the other side of the balance sheet, you still need to run either an extremely tight ship or have a bank somehow willing to offer a credit facility worth the name when there are essentially zero assets underwriting the club. Over the long term - we're talking 20 years or more here - it would make sense for MCT to try and build up a capital reserve to either secure the business against when needed or ideally to use to get ownership of the ground back. I'm not convinced that even with 600 people buying into the process right now that it will be able to do that and keep the business going at the same time though, unless we sneak into the top flight and just pocket the parachute payments after a Brechin-esque dinghying of that league.
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    Hahahaha! Scotland's infection and death rates are significantly lower than England's. That's not an 'anti-British agenda' that's a cold hard fact that you Brit Nats are absolutely seething about. Good

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