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  1. He said the squad have been together 5 years, not in the championship 5 years.
  2. If only a Morton fans forum existed, I'm sure if there was they would have discussed this extensively in preseason and then in almost every match and team related thread all through the season. If only...you had a fuckin brain.
  3. Part of the community trust, this is from their Facebook page.
  4. Imagine the type of mutated low life vermin that would follow those teams, get this proposal to fuck.
  5. He talked about his Christian faith while with us, was Gourley one too?
  6. They had the ball in the net (arses collapsed), the ref raised his hand, blew his whistle (sphincters snapped shut) and disallowed it.
  7. Trump and the rest of us know the meaning of methinks. The problem isn't the word itself, it's more about the type of twat that uses it in a football forum.
  8. ICT sell their streams via the SPFL. https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/subscribe
  9. No idea but you started it here first.
  10. Tommy the clown marathon runner, he collects for charity outside Smiths.
  11. So the 'top flight in 3 years' plan was scuppered by covid. Our club proclamations have a habit of meandering around the truth. Overall though it's a welcome statemen t.
  12. St Mirren players were "lying on the floor" of the dressing room in tears after their agonising Scottish League Cup semi-final defeat by Livingston, says manager Jim Goodwin. BBC. Awww diddums.
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