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  1. If Morton's goals per game got anywhere close to your riddies per post rate we'd win the championship at a canter.
  2. It should be flanked by pictures of yew trees.
  3. I wonder if the camera will actually move anytime soon.
  4. I registered and then paid for the Queen's match, it was all very straightforward and painless. Let's hope Tuesday's a success.
  5. Got signed up, here's what's on screen.
  6. Thanks for that. So before Tuesday evening we're going to have to get registered and make our £10 payments to a standalone streaming service which doesn't as yet exist. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. You get ppv concerts on YouTube and you can pay for films etc. Why not Morton games? Genuine question, I'm not at the madam.
  8. "Tuesday night’s Betfred Cup game against Queen of the South will be streamed live across our media platform" I take that to mean the games will be streamed to TonTV on YouTube.
  9. Yes it is but that's not what he said. "Stand back and stand by" were his words to the proud boys right wing militia. It is very obviously a call for readiness to act.
  10. Are they testing crowd noises in the background? Another shambles.
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