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  1. I don't get any ads, after doing this a few months ago. "To block ads on your phone, navigate to the Settings app on the device. Enter the Network and Internet section and scroll all the way down to find a Private DNS option. Tap on the option, and you will be prompted to enter a private DNS address. Here, add ‘’ without the inverted commas in the private DNS provider hostname field (the last option) and tap on ‘Save’. That’s it! Give your phone a restart and you should no longer see ads in apps and in browsers."
  2. RIP Benny, thanks for the glorious memories.
  3. 2 subs were allowed in Scotland from season 1966/67, Dundee United won the league in 1982/83.
  4. The outcome will have a big influence on the rest of our season as far as Imrie's budget is concerned. 1st round group stage - 5 worst runners-up: £32,000 2nd round losers - £55,000, with a further £27,000 if chosen for live tv.
  5. He was with us from day one of preseason so Dougie had plenty of time to assess him.
  6. The most sickening example of that, for me, was when it came to light that he had met Falkirk officials and signed a contract with them in the flat in Glasgow that Morton provided him rent free. Contemptible human being.
  7. Any regular forum user over the years will have seen Toby become one of the most informed and interesting posters in here. You, on the other hand, are the same fucking idiot version of yourself that we all feel sorry and embarrassed for.
  8. I really don't think we were ever in the firing line.
  9. You can pay an extra fiver and get a physical card for your wallet.
  10. It's on the app now, in the schedule tab.
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