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  1. fee's from their local social pubs
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 Bollocks! No-one seeing the phrase 'one in a million' on a 'ton shirt is going to equate it with a song title from that awful American pantomime metal band.
  3. Your shares are in GMFC Ltd and will be unchanged. Cappielow is owned by GMFC (Property) Ltd.
  4. That statement begging for solidarity among league cubs is typical of Thistles self serving conceit and hypocrisy.We expect that but then they also have a dig at the same clubs they hope to elicit help from. “Don’t use your vote to settle old scores. Don’t reinforce rivalries between clubs just to keep fans happy. Don’t turn a blind eye because it doesn’t impact on you – this time." Great watching this all unfold, can't wait for Meltdown Monday.
  5. Maybe a tad harsh, time will tell but you could well be right, something about him doesn't ring true with me.
  6. Ernie canny post photos in his own forum. He must've forgot to use the copper sealing rings, he'll probably sue the server host company.
  7. Going by the terribly unfunny comebacks to VT, I'd say it's definitely him.
  8. At the first goal - "Morton score...the thing we were not wanting"
  9. Hope his Ferrari gets it, then he loses his pub. The pub's a fuckin disgrace, ran for mutants by a mutant.
  10. I enjoy the podcasts,I don't give a shit about anything else in the background.
  11. That Harry had bird flu, he recovered but was left permanently incontinent.
  12. I got the feeling that toward the end of their time in here the three of them imagined themselves as part of some kind of anti-clique alliance. Thank fuck they're gone though, their patter was mind numbing.
  13. Weren't they always aligned in here? Sure seemed like it.
  14. How would you describe Timmins? Because, after listening to him, I still don't know what his role actually is. The bit about utilising his contacts in England to bring players to Morton was tragic; eh I've got players names and contacts and stuff on my laptop, a few memory sticks and even an old fashioned book. I eh just need a system to bring it all together but I've not got one. I know nothing about the guy but to me he comes across as a verbal sand dancer.
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