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  1. Derek Collins is a cowboy builder https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/greenock-morton-legend-infuriates-future-23578683?fbclid=IwAR0iFA78sn1m6i7xoEXZ3-aWnnFmFl1iO_B5PP90CK8kJGf-UzS167oxVkc
  2. Ayr being dragged into the dogfight now at least Which is actually hilarious given they expanded their wage budget significantly and try to get a promoted.
  3. Actually, you were trying to paint people who pointed out his record as being reactionary and negative. It was in fact you and everyone else who was trying to downplay the legitimacy of the only factual and objective measure of his ability that exists, in favour of some pie in the sky assumption of his ability based on the reputation of the club he's contracted to, that were guilty of being reactionary.
  4. I didn't expect Neymar. But that's clearly what a lot of your fellow simpletons will think when they see "Morton sign Tottenham player".
  5. We're signing a player who wasn't good enough for a side in England that's marooned at the bottom of a league that contains sides such as "Barrow" and "Harrogate Town".
  6. 10 appearances for the hapless English League Two outfit "Southend United" before being dumped back to Tottenham in January. Shan't be holding my breathe on this one.
  7. A lot of Celtic fans suggesting it's Anthony Ralston.
  8. Imagine it's actually Kenny Miller 🙃 Malmo haven't played in the Champions League proper since 2015
  9. Greenock Morton @Morton_FC Greenock Morton are delighted to announce the signing of former Scottish International Kenny Miller on a deal until the end of the season. #WelcomeKenny 7:19 PM · Feb 1, 2021·Twitter Web App
  10. It's quite obvious the 500k is being used to limit any Golden Casket expenditure on GMFC until the summer, when they can swan off not needing to care what division we end up in. Nothing illegal about that, but you'd have to be blinkered at this stage not to see that the grant is being used primarily as self-preservation for the Raes/GC, rather than for the overall benefit of Morton.
  11. Yep. Feel like all the noise about improving post-Hopkin and looking towards the play-off was extremely premature. That's 5 games without a win now, and Queens spell of form has us firmly back looking over our shoulder. Any run of results from Alloa and Arbroath, and we're deep in the relegation battle.
  12. Convinced that Billy Dodds doesn't have the intelligence to concentrate for 90 minutes and simply just selects his MOTM by picking he most high profile name he recognises on the team sheets.
  13. Lovely flying elbow to the throat of McAdam at that corner there.
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