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  1. Delighted with that news. Duplicitous arsehole of a man.
  2. That's tremendous. Thank FUCK they can't relegate us now. Nothing would have been worse.
  3. "562 members cast their vote in this historic ballot, with 561 supporting community ownership proceeding under the terms outlined." @Nornirontonswas the single against.
  4. League One could well be a stinker of a league next season with the worst case scenario of Morton +Falkirk with Queen's Park and Cove splashing the cash around. It's not unfeasible for us to spend a couple of years down there.
  5. He's a 32 year old, who has played about 200 games in the top flight in Scotland, and 40 odd in the English Championship. He should be ashamed at how badly out of his depth he's looked playing here. 32yo years old should mean nothing for a player who's played at that level, yet he looks ready for turning out for the local junior side every Saturday after 13 pints down the local.
  6. Yes. He's costing us our place in the Championship the legless cunt
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