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  1. Well that was quite incredible. I don't think I've ever seen a group of players care so little about getting battered like that in a major game.
  2. Having the occasional fag with a pint is one of life's greatest pleasures.
  3. What the fuck is this shite btw? Group D: Ross County, Arbroath, Elgin City, Stirling Albion, Montrose How is that even allowed? We've got 4 (and a half) full-time sides in our group and County get that shite? Outrageous.
  4. We always get the shanner groups. Good from a patter perspective though.
  5. Surely he's not going to be their number 1 this season?
  6. The loan market is going to be stretched especially thin this season, with A) clubs being able to sign more loan players and B ) 5 subs being allowed in the top flight. I think B in particular makes it more unlikely that you'll see clubs loan out players such as Baird or Kiltie who were on the fringes of their first team.
  7. What position does Omar play?
  8. From one set of horrible bigots to another. SAD!
  9. If Sutton is involved as a player in any more of a capacity than as emmergency backup, I'd be pretty concerned.
  10. ??? Doyle was absolutely abysmal going forward. By far the poorest part of his game
  11. Jonatan "JJ" Johansson appointed manager of "FC TPS" in the Finnish top flight.
  12. In what way? My reading of it is that MCT will have to demonstrate they have the financial means to be able to run the club before it is handed over.
  13. Surprised to read this morning that St Gallen are top of the Swiss league with 6 games to go. Can't say that I follow the league, but that seems like it would be a massive shock if they can hold on. They finished 45 points behind Young Boys last season and haven't finished in the top 4 since 2013. Would also be the first non YB/Basel winner since 2008-09.
  14. Nothing wrong with that. As much as I hope they win the case, they've got a brass neck making that request. Should be given short shrift from all clubs.
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