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  1. You have to assume he's thinking of using Jacobs and McAllister full-time in defence?
  2. Can tell he was going to be another rank rotten shitter like Livingstone by the way St Johnstone fans were going on about him.
  3. Little Ayr sign Joe Chalmers from Ross County on a 2 year deal. Looks like they've paid a fee too. Pushing the boat out a wee bit this season. Dangerous game they're playing.
  4. Yeah, its very well done here. Looks great, and every thing easily identifiable. Rumours are that if you zoom in close enough from this view here, you can see a hand-crafted model of Zhivago, with a Peroni in hand.
  5. Not quite on topic, but here's what Cappielow looks like in the new Flight Simulator game.
  6. Jamie McDonagh and Lamie playing against each other in the Europa League.
  7. Hej

    Ton Tv

    Anyone got any idea who the trialists mentioned by Millar are?
  8. Are we keeping the yellow as the away kit then if that's being called the 3rd kit?
  9. Levein in being a gobshite shocker.
  10. According to a quick scan of his LinkedIn, he worked for 2 years as a producer/presenter for Celtic TV, as well as doing Ads for ESPN/STV and making corporate training videos for Barr's. He's been the director of a media production company for 10 years. What sort of experience are you looking for?
  11. Pep's a complete failure at European level and, needless to say, a bald fraud. I suspect this summer will see him signing another £60M dud fullback to sit on the bench, and convert Gundogan to centre-back for next seasons failed assault on the CL.
  12. Well that was quite incredible. I don't think I've ever seen a group of players care so little about getting battered like that in a major game.
  13. Having the occasional fag with a pint is one of life's greatest pleasures.
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