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  1. We were superb tonight tbh. Thoroughly deserved to go through, despite Serbia having us under the cosh in ET. The system Clarke has built over the past few games is impressive considering how awful it looked when we first tried it out against Israel in the nations league. Lets us get our best players out on the pitch and in roles suited to them, even if they're out of position like McTominay and to a lesser extent Tierney. Also getting performances out of the likes of Gallagher who absolutely bodied Mitrovic for the full hour and a half, and Ryan Jack who has gone from a "why is he in the squad" to nailed on starter in the space of a few games.
  2. Our centre-forward dropping back into the box there in that last St Mirren move. 😪
  3. ^^^verge of tears etc etc
  4. Look at this organized left-wing civil unrest. No doubt Antifa had something to do with this. Disgrace!!!
  5. 🏆🏆🏆👏👏 Hopefully see wee Donald in jail by the end of January.
  6. Incredible the amount of mental gymnastics some Trump supporters will go through in order to - for lack of a better phrase - toe the party line.
  7. Hetherington should have been off for that first tackle alone. Filthy animal of a player.
  8. That Hetherington has been a proper dirty cunt every time I've ever seen him for Alloa.
  9. Hej

    Ton Tv

    £14 is a joke of a price for this.
  10. It's the wee turns and flicks he's been doing just as it looks like he's about to get dispossessed for me that's been particularly impressive. He's had the Czech midfield on strings. Very intelligent player. I used to slate him in his early Scotland days too. He's come a long way.
  11. John McGinn has looked genuinely world class tonight. The Czechs can't get anywhere near him when he's had the ball.
  12. I think Israel are pretty underrated tbh. Don't think they're anywhere near as bad as people in Scotland have been making out. People looking way too much into the world rankings. 4 or 5 of their players would comfortably make our first XI.
  13. 2nd half we played really well. 5 atb looked an omnishambles for the first Israel game, but we're definitely growing into it. McTominay also really growing into that RCB role, thought he was outstanding on Thursday and last night O'Donnell is a strange player. He looks absolutely fucking guff and a total bombscare anytime the ball is near him, but I'm still struggling to think of a single terrible mistake he's made in any of his 15 caps. Makes the most of his extremely limited ability to put in solid performances most matches. A poor man's Branislav Ivanovic circa 2015.
  14. Hej

    Ton Tv

    Picture quality is pretty high tbh.
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