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  1. That big Bulgarian diddy was a NAP to score against us. He always does. That was the 7th time he's done it. Only scored 36 career goals, a fifty of them against Morton. The new James Craigen.
  2. So let me get this straight; Thomas "Tam" O'Ware's self-proclaimed step-up in his career resulted in him getting crocked in his first game and spending the season out injured, relegation from the Championship in his 2nd, a season in League One, and then dumped on the scrapheap as soon as they got back up?
  3. I prefer to believe that the club is just simply trolling the Bitter Little Tele instead.
  4. The Tele is a bitter rag that's still seething avout it's medis privileges getting cancelled. Best ignored
  5. It's absolutely 100% true with kids, and probably a decent portion of adults too. You're speaking like someone who never took an absolute roasting when he turned up to school in Lonsdale trainers.
  6. Who's playing in goal for the McGill's open day then?
  7. They aren't though. Feel free to try find another Umbro kit from last season with diamond insignia.
  8. I still think that whatever we put out, the lack of a manufacturer will always make them look shite. I still don't get how diddy teams like Airdrie and Stenhousemuir can get bespoke kits from big name manufacturers and we get in house tat.
  9. I feel we were somewhat unlucky over the piece. Ryan Jack being ruled out leaving us no ball-winning midfielders; Tierney ruled out the first game forcing us to alter the set-up of the team, then only coming in half-fit (at best) for the next 2 games. Completely blunted our biggest offensive weapon; Gilmour ruled out the crunch game; best CB going off early in the crunch game; a couple of screamers going in against us at crucial times in games(if you're not full yer da about analytics, check the combined xG of all the goals we conceded this tournament. Some laugh). Disappointing overall,
  10. You just know we'll be out on goal difference again. I can feel it.
  11. We were better than the English all game. Not even Tartan tainted spectacles. We were in control of the game, and apart from the corner in the first 5 minutes never properly threatened. Our worst player was our MOTM. O'Donnell absolutely POCKETTED Sterling and Grealish. He's some boy. Absolutely shite, but an absolute unprenatable rock at the same time.
  12. I for one welcome Grant Hanley becoming a world class centre-bsck out of thin air
  13. Eric Paartalu must be back living in Inverclyde, just seen him interviewed on BBC news about the new Celtic manager standing at the bottom of Castle Levan hill
  14. I like Oliver. He'll never be prolific but at least has a semblance of technical ability unlike most of the full-time duffers stealing a wage at this level.
  15. That's going to be somewhat controversial... I don't mind personally.I'd take Goodwillie up front in a heartbeat too. If it takes a team full of wrong 'uns to move us on, so be it. 2 year deal for a 33 year old is a worry though for me.
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