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  1. Actually, I'd never thought about it that way until now, and you're right. Once the issues with joining from abroad are sorted I'll sign up.
  2. Fair enough, we can agree to differ, but I simply don't feel ready to risk my hard-earned cash on a venture that until now has done little to justify it. You obviously do, which is of course your choice, but I'm not there yet.
  3. I lost a fair bit of confidence in the competency of MCT over the summer, and until that confidence is regained, I'm holding off. Fair fucks to you and anyone else who are happy to hop onboard now, but it's too soon for me.
  4. That's a fair point, but it's also reasonable to hold off from parting with hard-earned cash until the competency of the MCT leadership has been established. So far they've failed to do so, IMO.
  5. Agree that some of the early signs are worrying, but it's still very early days. So although I share your concerns that we could end up on a downward spiral to Airdriesque perma-diddydom, or perhaps even worse, I'm not writing them off completely just yet. I think in around 18-24 months it will become clear in which direction we're heading, but I'd by lying if I said I was super confident it will be the upwards.
  6. Congratulations to all involved, but having witnessed so many false dawns over the years my optimism is firmly in the 'cautious' category. While I'm glad it's finally done and dusted, I still have my concerns about the long term viability of fan ownership, especially as many of those heavily involved are doing it only on a free-time basis, and with a part-time general manager. It goes without saying that I hope these concerns prove to be unfounded and we go from strength-to-strength, but at this minute I'm far from 100% convinced. More than happy to give the guys the benefit of the doubt for the meantime though, and of course I wish them all the best.
  7. Is Reece your lovechild from an illicit affair by any chance?
  8. Must say I never expected four signings in the last 2 days of the transfer window, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Gavin Reilly is proven at this level and I think it's a safe bet he'll be a very solid addition to the squad. The other three guys from down south are less known to us obviously, but looking at their backgrounds there's every reason to be optimistic that they too should be capable at Championship level. Hopefully if the Finish boy is as good we all hope, we'll be able to extend his loan to the end of the season. So all in all a very good couple of days in the office for Gus, he has left the doubters that he'd be capable of getting in some quality before the transfer window closed, myself included, with egg on our faces. Gus' patient approach seems to have paid off, so credit where it's due to him and by extension also to MCT.
  9. With the exception of Gormless Gordon and perhaps one or two others, I think overall it's pretty balanced on here. MCT have been praised for the good stuff they've done, and criticised when they've fallen short. So not really sure what the point of your post is. But of course if you just want to read vapid pish you can always start your own message board for like-minded happy-clappers.
  10. No idea what you're on about but it was a thumping good read nevertheless
  11. https://www.gmfc.net/new-strips-to-launch-saturday-at-9am/
  12. That's kinda the same with me and OH Leuven, I'll go to a handful of games this season, though I'll watch the others live on telly. But even though I'm very much an occasional attender, a week or so before before every home game I'll get an email reminding me of the upcoming fixture with the date and KO time, the covid restrictions, and with links to the ticket website. And because this weekend is the first that there's no covid restrictions, they're sending out videos like this to publicise it... https://www.ohleuven.com/tv/2223198/mobiliteitsplan-king-power-at-den-dreef-stadion So even casual fans like me are fully informed on when the games are, what the resections are, if any, and how to get tickets. This is all very basic stuff and isn't hard to do.
  13. While I didn't think he was anywhere near as bad last season as many fans on here did, Cameron wouldn't have been on my resign list at the end of last season. But I think so far at least both player and manager have been fully vindicated. His perfectly weighted though ball to Gozie for the goal was sublime, especially when viewed from behind the goal. Credit to the both Gus and Cameron, if he continues to play like he's done so far this season he'll prove to be a real asset.
  14. Think you're being very harsh in your assessment of the team in the 1st half, apart from the first 10 or 15 minutes, I thought we were far from terrible. Thereafter I thought it was pretty even and we more than held our own. And I thought our game management after we scored was excellent. I fully expected us to be under siege in the 2nd half, but apart from when they hit the crossbar, we limited them to half-chances and saw out the game reasonably comfortably. That's us now unbeaten against three of the bookie's favourites for top four finishes. If we can sign another 3 or 4 decent players there's every reason to be cautiously optimistic for the season ahead.
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