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  1. Nice tribute to Bryan on the front page of the Tele
  2. It may be purely coincidental, but one of the other guys arrested is 35, which also happens to be Paul's age.
  3. I'm absolutely sure he will be, he was liked and respected by everyone at the club
  4. Was saddened to read there on Facebook that Bryan passed away on Monday evening. I'm sure many on this board knew him well. RIP.
  5. No problem for me for you to continue your self-proclaimed role as the board's champion virtue signaler.
  6. What's the relevance to the cup game?
  7. Wouldn't be my choice, but if Dougie were to think he's worth a punt, that's good enough for me. Like Toby mentioned though, it's probably shite anyway.
  8. Ball-park estimate of £10 per spectator and 25,000 attendance.
  9. As much as I'd love a long cup run, with our very thin squad it could actually be to the determent of our promotion challenge, if we were to pick up knocks and injuries along the way. This should net us around a quarter of a million quid which could then be used to strengthen he squad in January for the push for promotion. So not the worst draw, IMO.
  10. My positive spin on it is we'll bank a decent amount of cash that we can use to strengthen the squad in January, then focus on winning the league.
  11. It's because it was a midweek evening game, they're outside the restricted broadcast time so can be PPV.
  12. Gareth confirmed that the international access code is valid for all home games, including the cup.
  13. Got this reply from Gareth, which I take to mean that you can view with your subscription code, but asked for confirmation..... 'Tomorrow's match will fall under current subscriptions for live viewers based outside of the UK. Unfortunately, there won't be a PPV option'
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