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  1. Are you guys perhaps thinking about the 1982 world cup squad? That would be far more plausible as by then he'd played 4 seasons in the Premier League to much acclaim, and around that time there were indeed many people touting him for an international cap.
  2. As I said, Ritchie only really made national prominence from season 78-79 when we were in the Premier League. He was maybe grabbing a few headlines and raising a few eyebrows in our promotion year, but nowhere near enough to be even remotely considered for inclusion in a world cup squad. That's just revisionist nonsense. Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Are you seriously comparing the English Championship to the old Scottish First Division? Belter!
  4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And there was me thinking Ally McLeod was the Scotland manager at the time
  5. We were in the old 1st division in season 77-78, there was never a chance in hell he'd get anywhere near the 1978 world cup squad. That's just ridiculous.
  6. Wow tiger, 1978 was the year we got promoted. He really only made a name for himself at a national level from season 78-79, so there was no chance he would have got anywhere near the Scotland world cup squad at that stage of his career.
  7. Most naturally gifted player I've seen in a Morton top, by quite some distance. If his work ethic and dedication had matched his talent, only the sky would have been his limit. I'm still utterly convinced he could have played at the highest level, if he'd put in the effort. Utter travesty that he left the game when he should have been at his peak.
  8. Diagnosed with vascular dementia at just 68. Sad news.
  9. I shout a lot too, can I get the gig?
  10. Here's hoping they see sense and call GC's bluff by ditching both options, otherwise we'll have the sword of Damocles hanging over us until the inevitable day that.... GC sell Cappielow (option 1). This would probably see us moving to Ravenscraig and becoming a Lowland League perma-diddy club. or GC charge a commercial rent on expiry of the initial one-pound-per-week lease (option 1). This would maybe allow us to stumble along in the lower leagues (ref Clyde and Airdrie), until they exercise the first outcome above. or GC call in their outstanding debt (opti
  11. Why must you have another option? If MCT tell Crawford, sorry, after consulting the fanbase neither option is acceptable, the ball is then firmly in GC's court. They're the ones desperate to get out remember. It's like when you buy a car and you know the seller is desperate to get rid of it, you're going to use that to your advantage when negotiating. Same here. MCT are in a far stronger negotiating position than GC, but I'm not sure they realise that. And why do you assume nothing better will come along? We were informed a financially better offer was rejected last summer.
  12. To be fair to Antwerp, they were missing a few regular first team players due to injury, but they were absolutely typical of a Jupiler League side, good going forward, but terrible in defence. I predicted 2-3 before the game. It actually makes for a very entertaining league, it must have one have the highest goals-per-game ratio among the top leagues in Europe (haven't checked, just a gut feeling). Only one team in a league of 18 (Mouscron) has scored an average of less than one goal per game, and only one team (Club Brugge) has conceded an average of less than one goal per game. The emp
  13. The only way that option 1 would be acceptable was if there were watertight legal guarantees that... 1. Cappielow will never, under any circumstances, be sold. The only allowable transfer of ownership will be to GMFC, for no charge. 2. The 1 pound per week lease is fixed in perpetuity. The chances of GC signing up to these conditions are about the same as you being voted themortonforum.com's poster of the year.
  14. Do you really think GC will enter into a 1 pound a week lease in perpetuity, without some kind of get-out clause? That's naΓ―ve in the extreme.
  15. Let's just assume for a minute that Crawford is genuine in trying to protect the long-term interest of GMFC by keeping ownership of Cappielow with GC, to prevent it from being a creditor asset if we go into administration at some point in the future. There are two big red flags in that argument that should concern us all. Firstly, Crawford himself won't be around forever and will not always have a controlling interest in GC (does he even have now?). This 'promise' is only valid while this is still the case. Secondly, it assumes GC themselves will never get into financial difficulties in t
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