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  1. But I believe they actually only take over the reins on 1 June, no? So expecting them to fix the ticketing mess of the current administration now, in the midst of the transfer of ownership and before they've even had the chance to put their own people and systems in place, is a bit unfair, IMO. They're taking over a shit show, give then some time.
  2. Totally agree, but right now, I can understand that it might not be the top of their priority list. Of course if they don't sort it out in the fullness of time they will fully deserve any criticism they may receive.
  3. I think we have to cut them a wee bit of slack here. They're in the middle of the transition of ownership and I'm sure having to deal with a million and one other things on a voluntary basis. Happy to give them the benefit of doubt, for now.
  4. As we saw again last night, I don't think anyone can fault the current squad for their effort and commitment, but the overall quality is undoubtedly poor. Irrespective of the outcome of the final play-off, the vast majority of the currently squad should be genuinely thanked for their efforts in this shit-show of a season on and off the park, and given our sincere best wishes on their way out of the door. Unlike other squads we've had in the past, I think they're a genuine, honest, hard-working bunch of lads, and I bear none of them any ill will, even if they do relegate us.
  5. When I had a season ticket for NEC Nijmegen it included free public transport to and from the stadium. Maybe something similar could be negotiated with McGill's.
  6. Of course it's perfectly legitimate to ask about the car park, to suggest otherwise is petty and churlish. Not at all sure about this... but was the car park actually ever 'owned' by the club? I could be wrong, but didn't Dougie put it under some holding company? If that's the case, I'm not overly bothered about 'losing' it, if it strictly speaking was never a club asset as such. To be honest I thought MCT had very little chance if getting the deal they did, so fair fucks to them - although as others have stated, that could well have been a very smart bit of negotiating management by
  7. Fair fucks to MCT, that's about as good a deal as we could have reasonably expected.
  8. These are really interesting statistics but I'm left wondering, what leagues do they apply to? The EPL for sure, but also the Bundesliga, for example? There they seem, on the surface anyway, to be far more 'legacy fan' orientated, as demonstrated by the fact that no German clubs gormlessly jumped on board the ESL bandwagon. Presumably that's because they're more sympathetic and understanding of the 'legacy fan', and the reaction they would have generated had they done so. The big Bundesliga clubs and PSG are the only clubs to have come out of the ESL fiasco with at least some degree of integri
  9. The very fact they call themselves 'Minor League' is begging for failure, as it's like an open admission they're shite. It's would be like our leagues outside the Premiership rebranding themselves as Diddy League 1, 2 & 3.
  10. I didn't see Sterling's lack interest as a particular issue, he did seem to try when he got his limited chances. His main problem was he just wasn't very good and was way too lightweight, meaning even jobber central defenders at our level could easily brush him aside. His one and only tangible attribute I could see was his ability to pick up free kicks around the edge of the box. This could have been a very useful asset if we had an attacking threat to take advantage of them, but of course we don't, so we didn't.
  11. I wasn't meaning to single out Nelville, it was directed at all Sky Sports pundits, and perhaps to call it hypocrisy was too strong. But let's just say I think Sky Sports pundits have a bit of a brass neck taking the high moral ground on this one, since their employer played a huge part in creating the current culture of greed and division. And as therefore they've contributed to Sky Sports becoming so powerful and influential, they're in fact bumping their gums about a problem they helped to create.
  12. This. I'd go further though and call it hypocrisy. Same goes for the Premier League, crocodile tears from them as well given that they're the ones who kickstarted the whole power shift towards the top handful of clubs, and in turn created the culture of greed and entitlement that's led us to where we are now.
  13. In the early-to-mid noughties I used to travel regularly to Tualatin just outside Portland for work, and I have to say I never really liked Portland. That may have been due to the fact it was always in the winter months I visited and the weather make Greenock seem like a place with not as much rain as it has. I was going to say the Sahara desert but that would have been over-egging the pudding somewhat.
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