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  1. That's why I watched (and posted) the whole interview because of course I realised that the clips I'd seen on the European media outlets I mainly frequent were probably selected to make him look as incompetent and gormless as possible. I genuinely tried to watch the interview as dispassionately as possible (although I can't deny I don't like the guy), and I thought it was toe-curling embarrassing for him and by extension the GOP (and by further extension, the whole country).. He obviously doesn't have a clue about how to analyse and interpret basic statistics, which is forgivable, but surely he should have people around him to sit him down and explain these things in simple terms before allowing him to go on TV? But, having said that. even though I tried as best as I could to watch it without bias, I openly admit I could be unconsciously biased based on my own political leanings and opinions of him. That's the reason I asked for the opinion of someone like you who could critique it from a completely opposite perspective. I was genuinely curious, but if you can't bring yourself watch to watch the whole interview, fair enough.
  2. Haha, fair dos, but would be genuinely interested to see what a Trump supporter though of it as we don't tend to get balanced reporting in Europe when it comes to Trump.
  3. What did you think of his performance in the HBO interview yesterday?
  4. Yup, sure is! My first season ticket since season 94-95.
  5. For those who say the Scotland and England's infection and death rates are similar... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-scotland-england-cases-charts-latest-lockdown-strategy-a9622016.html At their peak, both nations recorded a similar amount of new cases per day, with England recording around 73 new cases per million people compared to Scotland’s 63 infections per million people. But while Scotland’s rate of new Covid-19 cases has fallen consistently below two per million since late June, England’s is yet to drop below seven per million. The disparity between England and Scotland's infection rates was highlighted in a recent report by the Independent Sage group, which attributed it to the differing containment strategies of each nation. "In Scotland we've seen such a clear strategy, clearly articulated, elimination is the aim and all objectives are geared towards driving things as low as possible," Professor Stephen Reicher told a briefing last week. "In England, the UK government hasn't been clear about the strategy, we don't see any particular strategy, some people talk about herd immunity by default, but nothing has been articulated at all.
  6. While it's of course a noble aspiration to want play at the highest level possible and win trophies and whatnot, the reality for the vast majority of players at our level is that the best they can reasonably expect is to earn a half decent living until their early to mid 30s. Some at our level do of course make it to the 'big time', but the reality is that the majority don't. That being the case, if an offer comes along that pays the bills, especially in the current uncertain climate, then I would't blame anyone for taking it rather than holding off in the hope that something better might come along over the summer. This is literally the arse end of the professional football pyramid, so it''s by no means certain that he would have got a better offer if he'd knocked it back. The fact he's going to work for The Snake, at least until he gets the inevitable sacking, does leave a very bitter taste though.
  7. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/james-obriens-powerful-boris/?fbclid=IwAR3jA7nz9iehDrCfvoVf1SOXjbbIVZJaGXn2D0Y0UiePdhZbfDc8YT-iaHA
  8. Rather impressively David replied with 2 hours, as follows... Thanks for your email and I hope you're keeping safe and well wherever you are. Its anticipated that live streaming within the UK will be for the season, as there will still be restrictions in place for vulnerable people so will not be lifted. The games will also be streamed live outwith the UK and the good news for overseas supporters is once we get the system running, overseas viewers will be able to watch live irrespective of any blocking in the UK. Once we finalise we will publish.
  9. Hey TT, regarding season tickets for next season, I emailed the club asking the following,.. Would the streaming of these matches be available outside the UK? In his statement, Crawford specifically mentioned streaming of ‘closed door and partially supported’ matches. Does this mean that if Covid-19 restrictions on attending matches were to be lifted during the season, all subsequent matches during the season would no longer be streamed? I'll let you know what they reply.
  10. Anyone know if the live streaming offered to season ticket holders will be accessible outside the UK? If so, I'll be on it like a tramp eating chips.
  11. Food for thought as always! 1) Fair point 2) Increased cost isn't in itself an unqualified evil, I agree. But increased cost would require protectionist polices to insulate them from cheaper imports, which I assume you would also advocate. But of course protectionist policies will block exports as well as imports. And then demand for the product would inevitably be reduced because of cost, which would then stifle the economy in other ways. Bear in mind that imports also create wealth and jobs..I have no idea how many people in the US are employed in Toyota/Honda/Nissan/Hyundai dealerships, but I'd be prepared to bet it's more than those employed in Detroit car factories. I think your argument about the poor quality of Chinse televisions and other consumer electronics was probably valid 10 years ago, but the quality gap is closing by the day, and today it would say it's already negligible. Didn't Americans used to use the same quality argument against Japanese cars 50 years ago? Same thing will happen here, it won't be long before Chinese quality matches and then surpasses Western consumer electronic goods. So I think that argument is null and void, I'm afraid. I totally agree with your comments about unneeded consumption. 3) Again you're of course right, the pollution has to go somewhere and I'm pleasantly surprised by your globalist approach on this, but it does seem to contradict your erstwhile 'I'm alright Jack', America-First approach. 4) I bow to your far greater knowledge of NAFTA and manufacturing jobs being exported to Mexico. But trying to undo that and import them back to the States, where salaries and overheads will be much higher (I assume that's why they went there in the first place), would again rely of course on protectionist polices to make them viable. The problem there is that all Presidents who succeeded the one who implemented such protectionist policies would have to continue supporting them ad infinitum, and that just ain't going to happen. That approach may work in a dictatorship like China, but not in a democracy where leaderships and ideologies are fluid. You're pissing against the wind I'm afraid on that, best to invest in new diverse and innovative ways of wealth generation rather ran waste money on trying to turn the clock back 50 years. I have some really great examples of this that I bore you with another day.
  12. True when comparing country to country, but when comparing Scotland with the rest of the rest of the UK, I think it's fair to say that we're comparing like-for-like. Does Scotland count its deaths differently from rUK?
  13. Belgium was indeed badly affected and has on the face of it, a shockingly high death toll. However, there is a large caveat in those statistics. In the early stages of the pandemic, when testing capacity was still very limited and deaths were at their highest, Belgium also included all deaths from those who had covid symptoms in their statistics, even if they hadn't been tested. Most (maybe all?) other countries only included those who has tested positive in their statistics, meaning that a lot of covid deaths in the early stages at home and in care homes were not counted in their statistics. I'm not minimising the impact the virus had here, but while the Belgian statistics are more representative of the actual death rate, in countries that only included those who tested positive in their statistics, it will be a significant under-estimation.
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