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  1. I believe that Hopkin thought they were better than they actually are. We'll never know of course, but I think if McPake and Oliver had started that game we'd have won it. He has the first touch of an elephant
  2. Definite tactical error from Hopkin to line up so defensively in the 1st half. They're shite, and we gave them too much respect. If we'd had a go in the 1st half like we did in the 2nd, we'd have won that game.
  3. If you have IPTV you can access the St Mirren game on Arena Sport (Slovenia), Sport 1+ (Germany) and Viaplay (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland).
  4. On a lighter note https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2020/11/06/why-cnn-had-to-cut-the-live-feed-is-a-fabulously-funny-watch-and-the-perfect-way-to-remember-donald-trump/?fbclid=IwAR3b8-SIohbChM3HkvqqO4J1Y8JjkzK0wbCEoJ1XXjuklsBM4WIARf3_GNY
  5. The part about his American domestic policy is spot on, I have next to zero interest in that. The part about his global influence however I think you've either recalled incorrectly or misinterpreted (straw man alert!). I don't think I ever predicted Trump would bring about Armageddon. My concerns were specifically about the effect his environmental policies would have on the planet, and his denial of the human influence on global warming and the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change would seem to have borne out these concerns.
  6. I totally understand and accept TRVMP's point about one's perception of Trump being largely governed by the media outlets they read and watch, and I openly admitted that of course includes me in previous posts. But, what is unfiltered are his own tweets. Surely sane, educated Republicans like TRVMP can't do anything but cringe with embarrassment when they read some of them?
  7. Fair play to big Sam getting in the Team of the Week at his age
  8. I honesty can't think of 14 quid better spent, clatty Bella excepted
  9. Nah, I'm going to keep paying for the streaming. Apart from the 1st half against Queens Park which was admittedly dreadful, I've quite enjoyed it. Even though the footballing quality isn't great, it's still been reasonably entertaining, enhanced also by Gerry and Andy's commentaries.
  10. Whether or not t4 quid is value for money isn't really the issue for me, to be honest. It's the main revenue stream for the club at the moment so I'm happy to pay it, even if the quality of the football isn't scintillating.
  11. I think 14 quid for the quality of the streaming product is very fair. In fact, I'd still be happy paying a bit more, given that this is probably by far the biggest cash stream coming into the club at the moment
  12. Agreed, I actually quite like Gerry's commentaries (Wee Dub reference excepted, obviously), and he works well with Andy Ritchie who's surprisingly entertaining and insightful. I'm actually very impressed, credit where it's due.
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