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  1. Indeed. The longer this drags on the concern that the cause(s) of the delays are more serious than they're making out is increasing.
  2. I think the part-time, full-time hybrid system could work if we focused just on the very best if the part-timers. I'm sure quite a few of them could get full-time professional contracts at Championship level if they so wished, but have good careers outside the game. Anyone with such a career that is well paid and/or rewarding would be mad to give that up for a one year full-time contract at Cappielow, or anywhere else at Championship level for that matter, And assuming that most of the part-timers live and work in the central belt, I think we'd be a more attractive and convenient option t
  3. If we'd held on against Killie. or if we'd beaten Stranraer in the cancelled game, we'd have topped the group. Big hairy baws.
  4. Crawford said at the time it was a better offer financially than the MCT deal, but I take that with a pinch of salt. If that was genuinely the case I can't imagine the GC shareholders would be too chuffed about him knocking it back, if it meant getting at least some of 'their' money back.
  5. Time will tell of course, but I've went from cautiously optimistic a couple of months ago, to seriously concerned today. To say they haven't got off to a good start is an understatement. Of course I still wish them well and hope it works out, but alarm bells are ringing, that's for sure. I'd love to know more about the offer Crawford claimed he knocked back last summer. Crawford was obviously desperate to get out, but perhaps naively, I think he was still concerned about the long term wellbeing of the club. So I hope and assume he knocked it back for the best interests of the club, but st
  6. No idea, you'd have to ask MCT or the gentlemen themselves for that assurance. Not having lived in Inverclyde for 36 years and Scotland for 25 years, I don't know very much at all about the gentlemen that you mention, other than they already own huge tracts of land and property in the area. So if they did want to build a new bus garage they already have multiple other options. So I think your theory that they want Cappielow purely for the land for a new bus garage is a bit far fetched.
  7. It's possible voice legitimate complaints and concerns about MCT without being a tedious dick about it. Give it a try some time.
  8. Better late than never, but fair play, that's a decent and comprehensive update.
  9. Surely the big knobs in MCT must realise by now that expecting folk in their spare time to perform basic but essential tasks is resulting in a clusterfuck that's causing in the loss of much needed revenue, and costing perhaps irreparable damage to their credibility, with some of the MCT members and the larger fanbase. They went into this with a huge reservoir of goodwill and support, but through sheer incompetence, and maybe also some contempt and complacency, that's all but evaporated away. It could and should have been easily avoided, and that for me is the biggest shame. They've embar
  10. I'd welcome their involvement in a heartbeat. They have the proven business acumen and financial clout to turn this shitefest around.
  11. He was built like the proverbial brick shithouse, and didn't take any shite from anyone. Like you say, he was no Messi, but he had the heart of a lion.
  12. One for the fellow old-timers, just read there that Roddie Hutchison was taken to hospital in the weekend with a possible stroke. Get well soon big man!
  13. Nail on the head. With what they're currently offering, I'll be astonished if they manage to attract anyone even close to the caliber required to properly run a professional football club. It's what you would expect from say a golf club employing a handful of people, not a football club employing somewhere around 25 people (I'm guessing, taking into account the players, coaches and backroom staff).
  14. If anything it's got even worse, which in itself is a remarkable achievement.
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