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  1. Was it the nurses themselves who unilaterally decided to stop folk from seeing their dying relatives, or were they instructed to do so by their hospital management and/or health authorities? If it's the latter, should they not be the target of your hatred? And I would suspect the incident where a nurse allegedly called the cops when an unconscious person's mask fell off was specific to that nurse, and not the whole profession?
  2. I watched the Ipswich game live as I lived in Maidstone for a couple of years in the 80s and still have a wee soft spot for 'The Stones'. I remember thinking at the time that the first touch and finish for that goal was superb, looks like he could be a really exciting signing. Welcome to the Ton Lamar!
  3. Yeah, meanwhile I'm still waiting on you listing all the other 'officials within club' that publicly announced to the world we have the lowest budget in the league. Just whenever you're ready.
  4. I can't remember Shimmin being held in distain, at least on here, before he downed tools. I thought he was pretty much universally liked, as a player. Not so Fred who had a significant number of detractors on here throughout him time with us. That always perplexed me a bit as any time I saw him, which admittedly was only a few times, he was comfortably the best player in the team. For some reason he never seemed to be fully accepted or appreciated by some. That's of course no excuse for what he eventually did to engineer a transfer.
  5. Being an annoying twat is one of the last pleasures I have in life
  6. I think you're getting mixed up, I'm not claiming anything as fact without evidence. I'm doing exactly the opposite. Dougie made a statement that we had the lowest budget in the league, without any evidence to support it. Unless you believe all managers in the league disclose to each other in the summer what their budget is, there's no way Dougie could know that for sure. I can understand why Dougie might have claimed it because for several obvious reasons that narrative suits him, but it still doesn't necessarily mean it's true.
  7. Yeah, coming from a guy who claims speculation as fact, that opinion can safely be disregarded. I'm still waiting on you listing all the other 'officials within club' that publicly announced to the world we have the lowest budget in the league. Just whenever you're ready.
  8. Straw man argument alert! You've not done that for a while, nice to see the old Nacho back. Of course that's not what I said, but I'm sure you know that and you're just being cheeky. The fact that Ayr offered Oakley more than we did is not proof in itself that they have a bigger budget. It could also be that Brown simply valued him more than Dougie did, and was willing to spend a larger proportion of his budget on him. I'd guess Ayr's income from season tickets, gate money, and other revenue streams, is broadly similar to ours. Someone mentioned they also have a wealthy benefactor bankrolling them, but we also have Dalrada chucking in a few bob and had additional income from the trip to Ibrox and a decent Scottish cup run. So I've got absolutely no idea how Ayr's overall budget compares to ours, and how much of it has gone on Oakley. But nobody else has either, that's my whole point. I'm not the one claiming speculation as fact.
  9. FWIW, I don't think it's outwith the bounds of possibility we actually do have the lowest budget in the league this season. For that dubious honour, I think it will be a four way battle between us, Livingston, Airdrie and Hamilton (and perhaps also Ayr if they've already spunked away a large proportion of their budget on Oakley).
  10. The mere fact that you've conceded that information is private has blown out the water your statement of fact that we had/have the lowest budget in the league.
  11. I cannot recall any 'official within the club' other than Dougie claim we had the lowest budget in the league. However, if I'm wrong and there were others, please enlighten me. But if it was only Dougie who claimed that, then I understand why he did for the reasons already given. But I'd be surprised if he had knowledge of every other club's budget to be able to make that as a statement of fact.
  12. It's all relative. Compared to Real Madrid, aye, it's undoubtedly pish. But compared to Hamilton Accies for example, which is obviously far more relevant, I'm not so sure. But I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise if someone can produce factual evidence of our comparative budgets.
  13. Do yourself a wee favour and research the difference between an an opinion and a fact. If science was based on opinion we'd all be fucked. Yeah Einstein, but none of that proves we have the lowest budget in the league, which is what we're discussing. Try to keep up, eh.
  14. Hearsay and conjecture is not reality. Facts and evidence are reality.
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