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  1. His life is in the hands of the people his scumbag party refused a pay rise. The irony. Hope he pulls through but if not we'll just have to take it on the chin.
  2. So you have to unbag it all again to be scanned? People are mental. Just keep washing your hands, keep a distance and don't touch your face. The rest is in the lap of the Gods.
  3. Thanks mate. Same to yourself.
  4. Several folk I know with all the symptoms.
  5. 1 dead in Largs and 1 on a ventilator. That we know of.
  6. It's on a Largs Facebook page that the town centre is packed already although thankfully the fairground rides are closed.
  7. I was working in the van so I'm not sure but from what I gather it was mainly day trippers as the coast road down was mobbed. Inexplicably Quillys fairground was open and families were all huddled together eating ice creams and fish suppers. Not nice when kids murder their grandparents through adult irresponsibility. We already have four posties off with coronavirus.
  8. I know. I admit I didn't take it seriously until a week ago.
  9. It was like a bank holiday in Largs today. The penny won't drop with some folk til the bodies start piling up. I despair.
  10. Posties in my office dropping like flies now.
  11. Look on the bright side. Should guarantee a Yes vote next time.
  12. How the fuck did we lose £575K? I know this wasnt the end figure but fuck me.
  13. Let it go mate. Nobody cares anymore.
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