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  1. I honestly couldn't give a shit about this and I'm guessing most of us feel the same way about it. A non-issue.
  2. MCT are running the show. We've therefore got no money. Do keep up. We'll be getting the absolute dregs.
  3. I started at 4 and and reached 5 a few months ago.
  4. I'm currently isolating too after 2 jabs but I agree that further restrictions are the last thing we need at this stage of the game. It has to be allowed to run its course now.
  5. I'm actually very optimistic about this appointment to the point I'm planning on heading up to the match on boxing Day when my current isolation period ends but anyone who thinks Dougie isn't going to be severely hamstrung by the muppets running the show from above is kidding themselves on.
  6. Shocked how the season is unfolding under MCT. Pure shocked. Just think too, this is probably as good as it will get.
  7. You seem like a right fanny. The type of fan who'll clap the club I love into its grave.
  8. I couldn't give a fuck about Lithgow in all honesty. I don't understand how anyone can get so worked up about it after so much time.
  9. In amongst my bitterness it does seem that there appears to be one bad apple upsetting things. Gordon Ritchie is the name I keep hearing popping up.
  10. Get fan ownership and MCT to fuck asap. An absolute disaster from day one.
  11. Why? At the moment your contribution to MCT is money down the drain. At least if we had competent owners running the club you'd almost certainly see your money produce a far more successful team on the park if it went solely towards the playing budget. I'd be on board with that and maybe I'm off the mark but I'd suggest many more would be in the same boat. The reason Arbroath are waltzing past us is because we have absolute Muppets trying to run the show on the back of 800 subscribers to this disastrous model. We also have no wriggle room to enforce change as we'll be perched on a continual financial precipice under MCT. I know this was also the case under Rae but it doesn't have to be the case going forward. We'll revisit this chat in a year when we're treading water in league one for now I'm out.
  12. I was told what that offer was recently and we've dodged a bullet. Morton would suddenly become a far more attractive proposition to buyers if MCT was there as a vehicle to boost the playing budget and supplement wages every season going forward. I'd be all for that but outright ownership at our level? It's madness as we're currently realising as the days and weeks go by.
  13. All you're doing is reinforcing what I'm saying about large swathes of our fanbase simply accepting our fate. There won't be any gradual improvement under MCT, only managed decline. Raging is stretching it a bit, I'm too apathetic to be raging. I rarely even visit this forum anymore, I was only compelled to post when I listened to that pitiful Q&A. I've been to one game all season and I've no idea when I'll return, that's a position I never thought I'd find myself in as a hardcore supporter who up until recent seasons rarely missed a game home or away. Tbh it saddens me to feel this way but I'm not prepared to endorse the current farce by contributing financially where the club can't even be arsed getting the basics right. I'd rather spend time with my daughter on a Saturday than show blind faith based on the promise of jam tomorrow. Some other mug can take the baton off me in that respect. You shriek about ultra-competent owners? I'm not asking for that at all but just for once in 34 years id like us simply to be run with a basic degree of competence and take it from there.
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