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  1. Manager next season? Not even thought about it tbh. Largely irrelevant til we get the Rae's to fuck away from the club and the stadium safeguarded from GC. Personally I think we're about to sink without trace.
  2. So what will be MCTs next move? Inform GC what the views of the fans are and that the two deals aren't in any way acceptable or plough on irrespective?
  3. Agreed. I'll be honest, I'd rather kiss goodbye to the club I love than watch it being raped by the Rae family and suffering either a pitiful existence or a slow agonising death.
  4. A new signing and an SLO announcement following hard on the heels of the fans poll and a notable increase in the pressure on Rae amid questions regarding the 500K and calculations of the £2m figure. I'm shocked.
  5. Makes me think his promise of reducing the debt by 500K for every 100K raised by MCT was merely a ruse to get the club thru the season without any financial input from GC. Or to be more blunt; a lie.
  6. Agreed. MCT really aren't looking too clever just now and I've little faith in them tbh.
  7. The bottom line here is Crawford Rae can't be trusted and that's what MCT should remember when hopefully getting back around the negotiating table. If either option 1 or 2 is accepted it's going against its members wishes and also those of the wider fanbase. It will be the end of Morton.
  8. Agreed. Their debt is not the fans responsibility. We've already absolved them of their responsibilities this season. They've a fucking cheek. I would confidently predict that MCT would go from strength to strength with the severing of all ties as hundreds more would be willing to stump up, myself included.
  9. The Rae's aren't keeping the club going, the fans are.
  10. I'm certain they did. It wasn't a fans rumour.
  11. I'm in the same boat. In an ideal world we'd sever all ties with the Rae's, welcome a new, competent board of directors who'd run the club to its maximum efficiency and MCT money would be there solely to help us progress on the pitch.
  12. I keep thinking back to the consortium Rae shunned. Who were they and why were they not entertained?
  13. I've not really kept up to speed with everything so apologies but I really think MCT should be withholding all payments until Crawford Rae clarifies his position. This is precisely why I've never been been committed to donating to MCT, I don't trust the man one bit and I feel he's conning the supporters. Hand the stadium back over and get out the club Rae, let the fans deal with the shit storm YOU'VE created.
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