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  1. That's exactly where i see us headed I'm afraid. Many see MCT as the saviours but I see it as the beginning of the end of Morton as a club with any serious aspirations to be a top flight club ever again. I can see us dropping again next season. The whole mood around the club is the worst I can ever recall.
  2. I'll be honest. I've no interest in watching us on a regular basis in League 1 again. Maybe the odd game but I've had my fill of it. Cheers, Crawford.
  3. I'm admittedly bitter towards the Rae's so all I think they should be walking away with is what they bought the club for. £425K or whatever it was. That was DR's initial statement and it should be honoured.
  4. Likewise. If that.
  5. I'm not getting too excited just yet but fingers crossed.
  6. Most encouraging thing I've read in months. Maybe there's hope after all.
  7. As always with our clusterfuck of a club nothing ever stacks up. Still the silence from MCT is deafening. Not really encouraging folk like myself to get on board with their apparent lack of any action.
  8. The players dug deep and I hope they understand the support is 100% behind them. They're stuck in the middle of a shitstorm and their reaction at full time spoke volumes. No issue with them at all this season, they've been let down by those higher up.
  9. If MCT don't have a substantial change of tact as a matter of urgency I'd urge everyone to force their hand by cancelling their donations.
  10. Not a chance under current circumstances. I'd rather MCT withdrew funding immediately as it stands.
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