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  1. I generally do too but not in the open air where science backs up that transmission is almost non-existent.
  2. I've no intention of returning to Cappielow it the mask nonsense is still being enforced in an open air environment. It's an absolute farce of a situation which caused me to opt to leave at HT during the play off final. They can fuck right off with it. Agreed.
  3. Wish I was. Morton have sucked every ounce of enthusiasm out me.
  4. I'd welcome anyone, just get this fan ownership fiasco in the bin where it belongs.
  5. That crossed my mind too. It's been such a pathetic start its almost laughable.
  6. Rae turned down an offer prior to accepting that of MCT. We've never been told the details of that offer. Why? I've always been curious who or whom was behind it, as I'm sure many were. Now we're left with this shitshow.
  7. MCT make Basil Fawlty look like Alan Sugar. A fucking embarassment and confirming my fears that this will lead to our permanent demise. Get the club on the market for proper football men to run it before it's too late FFS. This is the pits.
  8. As someone who still hasn't converted his pledge i must admit I'm unlikely to do so with the way things are progressing. Who is Gordon Ritchie? I really want to get on board with MCT and I mean that sincerely but fuck me if they want my money they have to do 100% more to get it than they're doing now. An appalling start to their tenure, I'm struggling to find a plus point. Does Mr Ritchie have something to hide? It certainly appears that way.
  9. Why does the guy Gordon Ritchie have no photo up? These people aren't in a position to have anonymity.
  10. Exactly what I meant, thank you. I'm dead against fan ownership at a club our size and events are unfolding exactly as I feared. A confusing clusterfuck of a situation. I, like others, have literally no idea what the fuck is going on.
  11. Sadly it's as I expected. Fan ownership is the end for us.
  12. Peden was just a front for Scott wasn't he?
  13. That seems the only outcome which is why I've been against fan ownership from day one at a club our size. It'd have been great if MCT had been around years ago to be used as a vehicle to boost the playing budget but I suppose we are where are now and for me the future looks as bleak as ever.
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