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  1. Absolute patter when we wear it on the first away game of the new season without so much as an explanation
  2. Sinclair Street hill. Hound the Judas. See ya'll there (masks on ofc)
  3. We're so tinpot its unreal. What goes through folks minds??
  4. Another random prototype thrown into the mix....
  5. Neither was O'Ware when partnering Gunning. Lamie a little more so. His footballing brain more than makes up for pace. Announce it.
  6. Gunning and a RB essential. Can't see us signing another 2 CB's when we already have McLean and McGinty, but i'd be content if we got Gunning in with either of the other two alongside. Not sure about going with Orsi up top as the main striker, although maybe a second season at FT football may improve him. That said, i cant see anobvious 15-20 + goalscorer in the market so in all likelihood it'll be a complete shot in the dark and hope we get lucky.
  7. Not like Dundee to act in the most immoral fashion...
  8. At least he's composed and consistent in his interviews and actually comes across as someone capable of interviewing.
  9. RE. the kit; i actually said to my mates in a group chat imagine we put it on Oliver but never actually released it.... Outstanding patter.
  10. https://twitter.com/ElginCityFC/status/1259935117033836548?s=19
  11. Announce Gunning. No excuses. Get it done!
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