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  1. Could it be that the offer for him to return for the x amount of months he did was significant and the revised offer is a reduction of an over inflated offer given where we were at the time?
  2. Especially when we're winning the euros
  3. I believe being able to convince folk there's some sort of resurgence/revolution at a football club goes a long way as well. Mostly now via social media. Raith have played an absolute blinder in that respect; got folk talking, been a bit controversial and largely had a bit of luck with a team pushing the boundaries. Folk buy into hype and good content and before you know it, it can carry you somewhere. We severely lack in that front.
  4. Send them spiraling back to whatever country bumpkin hovel they came from. They could of course cut costs and get an all singing, all dancing portakabin as changing facilities. Fit for vermin i believe.
  5. No wonder we're dwarfed budget wise season on season, when the fife teams are selling over 3.5k season tickets already.
  6. Agreed. Really hope this isn't a cost cutting exercise.
  7. Davie done a fantastic job btw, that absolutely must not be understated. I sincerely hope we're not cost cutting there. Mullen improved drastically.
  8. See they've sold over 3k season tickets
  9. Not really relevant to Championship anymore since relegation, but i wasn't passing up the opportunity to remind folk of that, Kelty apparently dont even own the pitch earmarked for ICT to train on and now Fife council want to weigh up their options since they own it. Not only have they managed to alienate the local bumpkin natives, their plans aren't even water tight. Wonderful.
  10. Given we can't rely on a big cup draw as a certainty each season, we really ought to make this a priority to cash in as much as possible.
  11. Always is a meh draw from memory.
  12. And everyone's entitled to have their say.
  13. Bit of a generalisation, though. Most nurses do this world some good.
  14. This really is a disgrace. Why should they be allowed to benefit from a larger capacity stadium, when they just built a new one for themselves. This after getting a substantial payout from the sale of Hampden.
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