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  1. Piss poor. Good to see new sponsorships though
  2. Podcast featuring Sir Douglas
  3. All about what we done from here forward. We've built some solid foundations, and we now know that Imrie can get a tune out of just about anyone. It'll be extremely harsh on Imrie if we go back to a bare bones budget. Hopefully we can continue with the Dalrada partnership to boost funds and give it a proper go next season from the outset. Big summer ahead
  4. Shop/boozer/office space would be the best use of the recently purchased land.
  5. Sooner we redevelop the land recently purchased the better for the club IMO. Keep costs in house.
  6. Or, as Buckleys, now have the restaurant it's probably came at no cost.
  8. Matchwinner's statement suggests leisurewear also. Scenes.
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