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  1. Even their own board members are showing them utter contempt. Fucking marvellous. Thistle fans are fucking odious, man. A genuine weird set of people. I'd love them to go bust forever.
  2. Sign him up purely to see capitanus reaction
  3. Is he the best manager we've had since forever. Yes! Destined for bigger things, but imagine he lead us to prem. Won't happen (bookmark) but imagine
  5. With any luck they continue to fester in the lower leagues
  6. Grimshaw next pls. Beyond that, offer Crawford a good length deal. Bring a few in Jan and wrap league up early.
  7. The fans were fucking class yesterday if I do say so Horrible little place
  8. Disappointed that we didn't make any effort to market the new Shipyard Gin/Morton collaboration. The bottle might be the best looking bottle of alcohol I've ever seen.
  9. I see celtic were granted an alcohol licence in one of their concourses for a few hours prior to kick off. Hopefully that's a sign of better things to come instead of football fans being treated differently to any other sport in this country.
  10. Given proximity to bus stops/train station, I'd be much more inclined to stay there for a few hours post match than head back into town, giving money back to club whilst enjoying a pint. I'm sure many more would do the same
  11. Could maybe get hold of the norseman next and encompas that into any plans. Hard to imagine the Norseman survives if we do something along similar lines for pre-match. Ideally, itd be a multi functional facility that can be used every day.
  12. The plot of land behind the Norseman?
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