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  1. Maybe a new blog on the horizon. Need a creative name. #thefrogblog Imagine siding with an absolute creeper.
  2. The latter, as per. The same page that gave us a good chance of signing a *wait for it* out of contract player upon expiry of contract.
  3. My suggestion would be for collectibles (albeit a bit late now) would be to get Chris McNulty on board with his strip badges (or other ideas he has). We let a fan design strips, let an absolute fanatic design some collectible items. Stars of '22 would be a great start #bucketandspade
  4. Cllr Chris has model calmac boats for sale, I hear
  5. Hopefully a lesson learned. Content is much improved. Hopefully we don't revert to the old reactive measures as a result of fan backlash and start making genuine effort to increase revenue.
  6. Here's the link of video that was posted on a fans page. Sublime content https://m.facebook.com/groups/257952300887006/permalink/2566117410070472/
  7. I'll have a look for it. I'm sure I took a few videos.
  8. His finest work (that i witnessed) was throwing darts at the "Judas" poster pinned to a dart board in the Norseman. RIP.
  9. Gourock running two buses. 1st is full, some spaces left on second. Leaves Motheiths at 1pm. £10. Pick ups en route.
  10. Still same scran etc just from a takeaway shop. Get the roll, head to willow, buy a pint and wait for it all to blow over.
  11. It's a shame we've got motherwell next week. We never do well there and it could disrupt the momentum we're building. Would be great if at next home game a big crowd turned out
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