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  1. Second half better, but cant be giving teams a 2 goal start. Bring back McLean
  2. Lenny having an extreme tantrum. You love to see it. Bellend!
  3. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/interview/morton-head-coach-anton-mcelhone-calls-for-championship-football-to-continue-after-ian-maxwell-letter/
  4. Not disputing your *award winning fact based analysis whatsoever. Merely pointing out the crying shame it is to see such a regression of a once proud bowling green surface. *self proclaimed
  5. Would be happy with a point tbh. 4pts off these webbed feet losers is a decent return
  6. Pitch looks like a tottie field. Sad to see how much it has regressed of late.
  7. Looks like they're spending that way too.
  8. Snow should provide a layer of protection, assuming the pitch isn't still solid underneath. Years gone by we'd have made every effort to make sure games were on. Covers down etc. No one seems arsed now. F
  9. Deserved it has to be said. Often the scapegoat
  10. Heard weve got more covid worries. Fun times
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