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  1. That's the worst party line ive ever heard tbh. We've missed the boat on good players and are scraping the barrel big time
  2. Good post! I really do feel sorry for the lad. Much like Jonathan Mitchel; its yer club you love and it's a fucking nightmare. Enough to put anyone off.
  3. Yeah, that's called having a job and little to no time to sift through your pish and downvote you. Should try it out! That said, i'll get back onto it. Have another!
  4. Dear members, We’re looking to create an MCT member volunteer bank. As the club season ticket tagline said this season, we’re nothing without you. We’re so close to bringing community ownership to the club and we’d love you to assist us in volunteering some of your time and skills if you can, to help us move Morton forward this season and beyond. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, can you answer the following questions in an email to business@mortonclubtogether.co.uk What is your general background? Can you assist us on a regular basis, for example weekly,
  5. You're normally not far off the mark with your criticism, but this is tragic. Lets concentrate on getting the basics right before going out their way to get the small novelties sorted. Right now, we couldn't organise a shag in a brothel let alone a token gesture in an envelope.
  6. I'd say this is completely beyond belief that we dont have some sort of modern day system in place for this sort of this, but but it's not. What a fucking mess!
  7. 1500 tickets. Not that we'll sell that out with no away fans, but its still fucking garbage. These protocols and rules are fucking laughable. It's an outdoor event and i'm sure that in itself is allowed 2k people in attendance. There's plenty room to accommodate away fans. Hibs getting 2k for Motherwell in a seated environment. Stick the Fifers in the WDE and let's get a show on the go that remotely resembles a football match.
  8. The money we'll be offering will be shit. These are the facts sadly. Thistle/Dunfermline etc can all offer substantially better deals that us. They consistently sell double our season tickets as well. We're circling the drain of players. Yes, there might be money there, but probably not enough to attract anyone decent outwith the loan system.
  9. Money talks. We're simply not in a position to attract decent players with the money we're likely offering.
  10. Its getting beyond a fucking joke now all of this shite. Outside is Outside regardless if sat down or not. If you can go to a bar with a mask on, you can go to watch a game of fucking football. Get this whole idea in the bin
  11. Seems Brendan goes down, the whole show goes down. Good reflection on him for sure, and he has done/is doing a fantastic job, but fuck it looks horrendous on the club that we can't get basics like ermmmm, our biggest income source, correct.
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