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  1. Latest interview with Dougie. Says he can't see anything else materialising signings wise and again goes on about budget limitations in not so many words.
  2. The ghost of Kenny Deucher will probably still haunt us
  3. Can donate via a gofundme. A nice initiative IMO.
  4. https://www.gmfc.net/morton-in-the-community-season-tickets/
  5. Not much pleases you, does it?😂
  6. I wonder could we rent the gym to fans? I know it's small and is used by first team, but outwith those hours maybe could have a limited number of passes for folk interested.
  7. Grant secured. Wonder what that means
  8. He stepped down, VT, so presumably wouldn't have been in attendance.
  9. Being in the Sunday Times rich list with a wealth of billions, I'd guess.
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