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  1. Pitiful. Thought we actually looked ok til they scored. Had a text written out to my mate and saying as much and held of sending; low and behold they score. Second half was abysmal though - we lack any creative threat
  2. Thought we looked ok til we went behind. Need to be taking at least a point here. Terrible stream, btw.
  3. Correct. Complete rebuild going to be required for next season.
  4. "Daviid Naginnarb we are committed to making community ownership a success, however, the final deal must be acceptable to our membership." Fair
  5. Tell you what, if Rae comes out trying to "white-knight" himself he can still fuck right off. Gormless bastard
  6. Well, quite clearly we've shown some commercial savy and got some amazing* merch in for the Morton Ma's. *fucking pathetic tat
  7. Granted, but as far as i've seen its the first use of this type of language.
  8. Interesting to note from the MCT update the following: "whether community ownership goes ahead..." Uh Oh.
  9. In the last 3 seasons, we've had something like 6 managers. Only one person remains consistent throughout and its that cunt Rae. Get him so far to fuck out our club. Pronto. Charlatan of the highest order.
  10. I fucking love Morton. What a buzz. Might get onnit now
  11. Anton will leave to join Hoppy who is due to become Ayr manager.
  12. I've been crying out for Colville, Jacobs and Lyon all to start together. Add to that Fjortof, it's no real surprise we looked much better. Stick with it, please.
  13. Go down and we're done. Id struggle to build any sort of enthusiasm for next year
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