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  1. There's zero identify to our style of play other than hump the ball long and play off scraps. It's painful to watch and more often that not we'll lose. Garbage and gutless.
  2. The only saving grace is their squad is laced with absolute duds. Hopefully they continue their form.
  3. At the risk of "bitching and moaning" that is a fucking riddy. I really wonder what the thought process is behind A. Thinking thats acceptable and B. Actually posting it online opening ourselves up to a roasting. Absolutely nick. Tin pot as fuck.
  4. Possibly but then he should reference both the Fins. Confirmed a load from down south.
  5. Cryptic tweets from the boy Dodds. Suggests we may bring someone in whos been here before. Arise SIR GAVIN
  6. Defender according to some transfer page on twitter. Itd be the most morton thing ever to attempt to tease and then not actually sign anyone. I cant wait for it
  7. Doesnt stack up then that our budget is the same or improved as suggested.
  8. Of all the times Gus has talked about strengthening, has he ever mentioned his desire to sign a creative midfiled player? I genuinely can't recall the positions hes talked about adding to
  9. Expecting the club to come out with a statement when they sanctioned the signing in the first place is like pissing into the wind.
  10. So, PortTON talking shite then. He clearly says in that interview 2 or 3 pieces to be added. As he has done from the start.
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