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  1. Apologies. Yes, you'd be correct. Hes a scapegoat. Person abuse on twitter. Unjustified
  2. Thought we deserved something second half. Bit of a none event Dundee are crap. Oh, and, sending off aside; mu
  3. Looks very much like "we're worrying about the opposition"
  4. Tbh, i don't have an issue with that. I'd probably be paying close to that to get into the game.
  5. Excellent highlights btw. Really like the commentary duo!
  6. Add to it another red dot (dh) for a resounding loss at Cappielow. Excellent stuff!
  7. Credit where it'd due. Last night's coverage was good. Suspect the few teething problems with camera and audio will be ironed out in time. More good commentary by both. When you compare it to the likes of Brora/Thistle, whos commentators have had stick for being less than enthusiastic, we do have something decent. Full of enthusiasm and big Andy is class. Calls it as he sees it. Good to see some highlights at HT being pulled together as well. Worth a tenner.
  8. Capitalism. Maybe a bit of sense at last?
  9. Muirhead hasnt been as bad as folk make out either. Perspective
  10. Good goal. Blue hadn't been as bad as some folk are making out.
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