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  1. Not difficult at all. Consistency in plan and guidelines as you say is half the battle. There's no systematic approach. Same with pre/post match videos, albeit we've made strides in the Morton weekly update; it's not hard to dedicate a room to it. One of the advertising screens behind and make the videos consistent rather than pitch side, often in the howling wind and rain, with all sorts of folk wandering by. Or worse still, in the concourse between the changing rooms with doors slamming, folk shouting and balling etc. Consistency is key to anything and we lack it. Big time. Broken record stuff and, to a lot, probably not important. But there's standards to set and uphold. It all adds up
  2. Correct. Total red face stuff. It only adds to the local perception that we're a total dummy outfit as well IMO
  3. Not rattled at all, mate. Is it really too much to demand (since we can't expect) a bit of thought process when it comes to this kind of thing? It lacks class and screams half arsed which is pretty much the general mantra of the club. The finer details all add up!
  4. My mate just picked his up. Opened the packet and theres stains all over the white hoops. Laughable.
  5. Not so long ago we brought in Tall Tale Films to help kick start the new Morton Weekly update. Smart, professional and a massive upgrade on what we were used to. We seem to have been able to keep that up via the guy Gerry (McDade for clarity)....😂 Why not pay these guys to do a strip launch video. Drone footage etc of things Morton, compilations of old strips etc. Bit of background. Anything to make a song and dance about the new strip in an attempt to try sell more. Instead, we got the classic Morton. SAD!
  6. Would tend to agree with you, Toby, in that it is a minor complaint and one of personal taste, but it just looks naff. Above anything, there are details of the strip which are very different from the computer generated effort used to promote the thing in the first place (as you say, the term being used in the loosest sense). It's just fucking amateur. There's no other way of putting it. Of course, i don't have to buy it but i WANT to buy something that contributes to the club. They should at least make a proper, professional effort in return for my money. Firing the thing on any old mannequin from Smiths with zero thought for how the strip looks in the light, how well the photography is, how it actually fits a shitey old, armless mannequin....i despair.
  7. Yellow border on each chevron and you can have my money.
  8. The white extending into the blue is annoying to say the least.
  9. My point was about the marketing overall, but as GIGI says even the mannequin effort itself is shoddy at best. It looks tacky, lazy and all a bit of an after thought. I spoke before about training kits not matching etc - and was criticised on twitter for it and probably on here (i can't really remember), but for me it's these small details that really let us down. It just doesn't look all that professional IMO. Lower league teams (see Falkirk) and even Junior teams are capable of producing better quality images for things like kit launches than we seem capable of COVID or no COVID. I suspect that comes down to not really giving much of a fuck on the whole, rather than this isolated incident.
  10. Oh, you know, continuous promotion of the strip itself? This is the first we've heard of it since its launch. Better quality images that dont make the real thing looks so different from the initial picture. Perhaps a bit of thought into this. It's all just a bit naff
  11. Said for as long as i can remember that we should be binning smiths. They're utter shite.
  12. The top above looks different from the one the Morton twitter posted earlier. Lazy marketing. An oversized top thrown onto a manikin.
  13. Mistake not tying him down for longer when he initially signed.
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