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  1. Doubt it, he’s made of chocolate. I thought he chucked it to join the police.
  2. Denny Johnstone signs for Dumbarton
  3. Belter. Not purchased a top in years, but think I’ll get this. Love the collar
  4. Not an ex player, but Andy Bryan is now at Dundee Utd.
  5. Frank Ross released by Aberdeen as well, would anyone have him back?
  6. We definitely have better options, but if injuries come up again - which they will - then stranger things have happened. The big mans came on leaps and bounds from being out his depth at left back.
  7. Zanatta caused us problems when he was with Alloa. Decent enough player
  8. I’d take Fox. Prone to a blunder, but who isn’t.
  9. Can’t wait to see big Gav Gunning modelling it.
  10. They extended the players contracts by another month this morning.
  11. And also perched his arse over a bridge and shat.
  12. Decent team tbf, that midfield albeit not the most mobile, would be great to watch.
  13. By the sound of it the deals not dead in the water, we’re still trying to find ways around it as Gunning is chomping at the bit to come back.
  14. Indeed, they’ve well and truly made a arse of that situation. Pleasing.
  15. Buttons to what he was apparently on at Falkirk..
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