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  1. Pie & Bovril bad gateway? Have we found Div's other team?
  2. That was the sort of game they used to say was best watched on ceefax. Anyway job done, sort of.
  3. Out and about trying to access this with my phone, couldn't even access the right part of the site to get to this for most of the night, I'll look on it as a donation.
  4. After that I bought a signed Weatherston testimonial shirt, Lamie was a daft young boy that day.
  5. As an ex broadsheet reader {with the decline of the dead tree press}, who outside of Ayrshire prints Ayrshire lower non·league results- isn't there a specialty website for that sort of interest'?
  6. I left that one with 5 minutes to go to catch an earlier Glasgow train and found out we hadn't won as the train was sitting in the Port, couldn't believe it.
  7. I should add I'm not an Irons fan after that rant.
  8. Utter bollocks, he used the money they gave him very effectively to buy success but the day to day team managememt and coaching was Irons. As far as where it went wrong for him we've all heard stories, some of which are more than credible. The guy believed his own hype, remember him in the kilt at Hampden talking to the media as the game was going to extra time leaving preparations to Irons. Sone of the arrogant untruthful statements to the media around that time also got my back up.
  9. Took me a while to realise when Lamie joined us that he was the Fanny Weatherson got sent off at Airdrie after he was blootering the ball into the away support (us).
  10. From my three I'd tend to agree. I missed the Stenhousmuir game & the only time I've seen the midfield look decent was at Firhill once thistle went two up & sat back. Against Forfar and Ayr we showed very little.
  11. Not just pace, also awareness/game intelligence. At his age I don't think he's where he should have been gamewise with his early potential. Possibly thought he'd made it too early.
  12. Paul McGowan arrested for fighting in a Dundee nightclub.
  13. A lot of other clubs, generally larger ones, issue renewal messages etc,generally quite early. We get the old 'on sale in a week message put out in the middle of summer, for two to three weeks' after which a price hike kicks in approach. Sometimes with the added complication of no credit card payments for this at Smiths.
  14. I agree regarding Murdoch but I don't believe the player mentioned at this stage in his development is good enough for a Morton 1st team start which I'd take as a minimum requirement for a loan player, you generally get players on loan you either can't sign or possibly afford to augment those you can.
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