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  1. Give us more money (fine by itself as its clearly needed) but in return we won't bother our arse to do anything tangible to try and get results on the park or make the football more attractive, thus potentially encouraging folk to sign up. Some strategy.
  2. Sack Gus, now! I'll increase my monthly subscription if so.
  3. Amateur hour, yet again. Who actually proof reads this shite, or looks at it with another set of eyes, ie are we about to score another own goal? Seriously!
  4. Believe 9strathblane was in the running for the new role. Or at least he touted the idea to see what support was there for him. Anyway, back to Gus. 3 wins in 11 months (i think) and he still hasn't be emptied. That really is deplorable leadership.
  5. Perhaps we simply can't afford a DoF, but that's probably a result of getting so many other things wrong. Seems we're living on the bread line. The Q&A suggested we basically can't afford to sack Gus so i highly doubt we've got the cash spare for a DoF of any credibility. Even shunting Gus into that position leaves funding required for a new manager.
  6. Don't we have a goalkeeper coach? I thought we got one in a while back.
  7. OR does this signing actually suit you given you've been critical of MCT from the beginning. Perfect opportunity to make justification for your doubts at the beginning
  8. Shite patter that. There's an entire stand behind the goal....
  9. Don't disagree with most of what you say other than i'm of the belief that for some this isn't just about addressing the issue by way ofa a token statement as you say. This is about folk not being able to see beyond the fact he has a record and are subsequently using it as a means to beat the club, and by nature, Lithgow himself with a stick. Perhaps due to the distaste towards Gordon Richie; this is the vehicle being used to drive and point score. Elements of our support when they get the bit between their teeth refuse to let it go, even after explanation. I believe this would be no different here.
  10. Responsibility for hygiene, especially in todays world, vs cost to implement being expensive. Christ almighty. Who releases this shit?
  11. Fair point, I didn't bother to fact check. Point remains, grabbing on to this in mid November as a point scoring exercise (let's be honest that's what this is) is fucking tragic. Almost as tragic as releasing statements about legal repercussions of a podcast­čśé Pure Rangers da behaviour. It should have been addressed in some form, it wasn't and quite clearly isn't going to be. There a lot more important matters at the club and surrounding the running of the club for me than hanging on for dear life to the signing of someone who made a terrible mistakes years ago and has since never re-offended and has to live with his actions. ^^ clutching at straws.
  12. Maybe they didn't for the players sake? People change with age and maturity; maybe he just wants to get on with his life having to live with actions but having rehabilitated and Morton opted not to drag it out once again? We all know what he did and it's pretty obvious why we signed him. It would be a token gesture statement when everyone knows exactly why he was signed. Interestingly, i don't recall mass outrage when we signed a convicted stalker with a 2 year stint at climbing drain pipes to spy on his victims. Ok, its not a sex offence as such, but it's up there with creepy and abhorrent behaviour. He was afforded a second chance. Maybe because he was a good (or better) player? What if the person he was spying on was naked? That's could be considered a sex crime of sorts. Maybe harassment.
  13. Institutional child grooming and sex offending over decades (with no apology or acceptance that it was anything to do with the club) vs a one off incident over a decade ago, hasn't re-offended, apology issued, paid the price getting on with his life, multiple employments since etc etc. They're two completely different things. He done wrong we all know that, but has seemingly rehabilitated himself since being the then 19 year old. This is hanging onto something for the sake of it and for the sake of folk point scoring. It should have been dealt with better however, but for some that's not the reasoning behind all this drain circling.
  14. I've said countless times on this thread or another that it could and should have been handled better but we're now in November and folk are still gripping onto it for dear life.
  15. You're comparing apples with organges here and I suspect you know that but would rather continue the tail wagging. The celtic stuff is hardly comparable.
  16. His actions over a decade ago aren't really for us to worry about though. The endless tail wagging over this is OTT
  17. Agree entirely. It really is cringe now the amount of drain circling that's going on. Releasing statements is heavy rangers behaviour. It's sad how consuming this is for some. Get over it, girls
  18. This. I find the whole releasing statements etc really cringeworthy, tbh. They fucked up not addressing it earlier but there's an element of folk making a song and dance about not much. It happened over a decade ago, he's been employed since and is presumably remorseful and has had to live with his actions since.
  19. Another MCT director steps down. Family and personal reasons.
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