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  1. Common theme here with Dougie and Younger players. Whilst it's going well, it's much ado about nothing, but patterns are starting to emerge over the treatment of some younger players...
  2. Its a myth that we still have the amazing pitch we once had, mainly from 2003 onwards, under Marks tenure. It's been crap for a few years, probably down to lack of funding made avaliable to him to get it to the standard it once was. When was the last time it was relayed? Getting a 4/5 gold standard probably isn't all that difficult, no disrespect, but it's just not what it once was. Nearly every opposition manager complains about it and lately even our own manager complains about it being dry and too long.
  3. More importantly, for it to work, being effective without the ball and solid in defense is equally as important. Neither of which we've nailed as yet.
  4. Really sorry to heat this, Frank. Wishing you nothing but good health mate.
  5. Its called Cappie Corner now. A room for kids with Autism etc. Safe space
  6. Ayr sign Mikey Devlin. Fair throwing the cash around
  7. Similarly, last season i took my son who, at the time, would have been 1 and a half. There's nowhere in cowshed or sinclair st to change him as was required. I went to the gate far end of Sinclair Street at main stand end to get through to main stand and was told no i couldnt get over. Told them i need to change him but was met with "should be bringing a 1 year old to the football"
  8. Some of the stuff shouted on Saturday was toe curling stuff. Knives out already it felt like.
  9. I agree. I'll wait to see how it pans out. We've never had the most patient of supports and that again was evident by very auidible booing. Strange IMO
  10. Let's not be complete panic merchants as yet. St. Mirren lost to us then went on to lose to montrose in this very cup but had a great season.
  11. Not really comparable though. This is a complete style change, if we stick with it. Quite why folk think its just gonna click is beyond me.
  12. Hard to even really consider that job done. Terribly disjointed all over the park. Far too many times Brechin had plenty space in midfield having given the ball away cheaply. We can't afford to be so careless and ineffective out of possession or better attacking teams will crucify us, especially with that defence.
  13. Was late to get the stream, did the injury look bad. Last thing we need!
  14. Can totally see what we're trying to do this season (or pre-season) but its so disjointed it's unbelievable. I said on another thread, or earlier on in this one, this will take quite some time to bed in properly and even then for it to be effective, we need to equally as good without the ball and in defence. We look shaky in that respect atm.
  15. That was pitiful. Some of our support didn't cover themselves in glory and neither did Imrie telling someone to fuck up
  16. I think some folk are in for a bit of a shock. We're implementing a new system it seems and that's going to take time.
  17. Bit far. Booing the team in a pre-season friendly, which btw i don't agree we should be entertaining, is a bit cringe. Sets the tone and could potentially drive a wedge between the players and fans from the outset. It's just a bit weird behaviour.
  18. Have to hope we're not going into this season with the intention of him being a mainstay.
  19. Personally zero interest in going. I don't want to play them again until it's a meaningful game. This friendly pish just further dilutes and already diluted fixture
  20. Have they actively tried to find funding for it? Long term, it could be a cash cow for the club.
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