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  1. It was always his plan to revert from the formation he adapted when he initially came in. He's said as much several times.
  2. Not really sure which thread is applicable, but club and other championship clubs looking at possibility of moving games to noon kick offs throughout winter to save on energy costs. In todays telegraph
  3. Kelty apparently. Dick won't let him go championship for obvious reasons, nor high level league 1 presumably to protect their interests in event that they meet said team in playoffs.
  4. Can't see them letting him go to another championship rival unless agreed he doesn't play against them.
  6. Tells me there may be an attitude problem. Signs new deals, short spell in team then warms the bench for months on end. It's not harsh at all, it's a recurring theme.
  7. Nor did the other 4 or 5 managers he's played under and failed to impress..
  8. PortTon will be spewing. Plans for another French day dead on its arse.
  9. Interesting that this comes after the announcement of new partnership. Hope there's funds for a player or two and we might do ok this year. Dundee game a prime example. Competent goalscorer on the pitch we win that game
  10. Actually thoroughly enjoyed that considering there was no goals.
  11. The tweeter and the tweet. Sickening
  12. Quitongo is a menace he hasn't lost that. He's now missed a few of the easier chances over the weeks since signing. If he could just bury them and build some serious confidence
  13. Shiels joined in December inherting a shan squad and trying to make them play when they clearly weren't capable. Si has had a Full close season and picked his own squad. I genuinely believe folk will be surprised.
  15. Opposition really poor but tbh I thought at times we played some good football. Aside, the amount of wee guys outside asking for adults to help them get in was embarrassing. We really need to do better on that front. Whatever the fuck is going on with this stewarding company needs sorted. Fast. Treated like animals.
  16. You had the perfect chance to implement change, Stuart, but opted to throw toys out the pram and leave in a huff didn't you
  17. It very much was the case.. This unsavoury patter gets thrown about quite a lot when it comes to them. What's so unsavoury about them? Genuine question
  18. The Easdales tried to buy the club before MCT but Crawford wouldn't sell. Its only a matter of time, let's be honest.
  19. That has something to do with family issues. His child or something not being well
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