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  1. Imrie will be picking on him soon enough, if you listen to that dweeb DOT on here. Go on, wee fella
  2. Professional job. It's all about winning atm given our league situation. Winning hopefully breeds confidence.
  3. Imrie has been the one to get the best out of McGrattan. If he's not doing it in training, it's the managers prerogative to teach him a lesson that how you conduct yourself day to day as a professional goes a lot further than just turning up on a Saturday. There's obviously more to the McGrattan story than meets the eye. I see it as standards being set; not bullying.
  4. Shock, when we pass the ball, we can get up the pitch effectively. More so than humping it long every time.
  5. Imrie's stubbornness is a problem right now. Never like to see or hear the bad treatment towards our own players, but its as a result of the managers stubbornness. Btw, if we go down, we dont come back up for a very, very long time IMO.
  6. Queens Park are the love child of Scottish football and have the SFA eating out the pam of their hands. Rancid wee club
  7. Fucking sun splitting the sky. Perfect day for fitba
  8. Won't be going but, it's not because of the floods; I'm not giving them money because they're Gretna 2.0 and quite frankly a despicable organisation. I'm also so upset about the missing full stop in the latest 150th merch.
  9. We've a good history with Portakabins as well
  10. Aye, that's what i'm saying would be a good short-term fix. Was a really good set-up.
  11. Let's hope not for the sole sake of self promotion and a few free tickets.... Something like what cove have would be ideal in the short term. IIRC it was a portakabin style set-up.
  12. Journalist reporting that Morton haven't been approached to speak with Imrie. Good news.
  13. Quite the climb down from your original post. Christ almighty. Sad
  14. Let's hope you never have a say in any important decisions made at the club. Tragic
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