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  1. Being in the Sunday Times rich list with a wealth of billions, I'd guess.
  2. The problem with letting fans vote is we've a fair share of absolute moon units now with a say.
  3. Clearly the easdales and clearly we need investment otherwise the begging bowl wouldn't be out. If it is the Easdales, and I suspect it is, IMO them owning Morton eventually is inevitable.
  4. Only 150 season tickets punted. Really shit numbers. 2 weeks to secure. Hopefully come pay week we shift a few more.
  5. https://twitter.com/Record_Sport/status/1526252101596332032?t=U6oXwUWQR1Wjo3QZM-KAWQ&s=19
  6. It's probably not that strange when we'll be hovering the drains for an alternative.
  7. Or, he realised what a shambles the club is and is getting out rapid. Never thought he'd last long tbh. Probably paid pennies for a position that would otherwise command a respectable wage.
  8. No issue with the pricing. Everything else in life is on the up cost wise and morton will be feeling that too.
  9. Iredale signs 3 year deal with Bolton.
  10. Cmon then, Dunning. Give us your synopsis of the evening. Side note, but the sportsman's dinner last week, whilst raising good money for the youth set up, was fucking crap. Not worth 40 quid at all. It was flat, empty tables galore and 2 of the top table didn't bother their arse to show.
  11. Partick - the HUGEEEEE club - Thistle stay down LOOOOOOOL
  12. No, probably not. He'll continue to hang out the arse of the easdales for no apparent reason. Weird flex.
  13. All those high flying dinners with the big wigs really paid off. Delighted.
  14. It's not a great look every year to be begging for money to go directly into a playing budget. They have to do more to interest wealthy individuals to make one off, or recurring, large donations That statement basically reads we've got a shite budget but you could make it less by increasing payments etc. There has to be other sources of income.
  15. Glaston sings a new 2 year deal at arbroath
  16. Latest MCT email has the begging bowl out. Not great reading and hints at piss poor budget next season. Dougie has one massive job to do on a nothing budget it would seem.
  17. Maybe not, but I'd bet their budget is far superior.
  18. Just seen these rumours on the usual social media etc. Fuck knows what substance is behind it. If he goes for reasons to do with a snide budget etc, MCT and Morton can consider my funding stopped. Unforgivable
  19. Heard on live stream yesterday Gerry saying they're not sure if there'll be a streaming service next season. Out of their hands. Would like to think we'll continue to offer this service. Especially for folk overseas
  20. Various rumours doing the rounds that Imrie has had a falling out with the board and is for the off.... That would be vintage Morton.
  21. The political landscape has changed massively since then, mate. Tobys post covers it. This was about one guys own agenda. As usual.
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