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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56998512 Montrose will play Cove/Airdrie on Tuesday 18th and Friday 21st May.
  2. https://vimeo.com/541695603/ac5f41e94e That's a live stream of the game.
  3. Having a favourite royal is like having a favourite genital wart.
  4. Aye, I was expecting to see some movement on that front.
  5. The Colt teams can fuck off. If the sole purpose is to expose their youngsters to senior football, what's to stop them forming a sporting partnership with League One/Two clubs? Hibs have recently formed a partnership with Stenhousemuir which involves players going on loan, as well as sharing scouting reports and other footballing operational benefits. It seems to be a partnership with a list of mutual benefits. Although I highly doubt youth development is the sole motivation for the Old Firm. That said, given the current state of play and the financial difficulties the lower leagues coul
  6. Apparently Hopkin has already been in contact with McAdams, Jacobs and Orsi talking about next season. We should automatically be offering McAdams a deal anyway because of his age, ensuring we are entitled to compensation should he leave. We absolutely should be making every effort we can to keep Jacobs. I'll drive Orsi down there myself.
  7. Let's take a moment to reflect on David Hopkin deciding that five defenders was more than enough for this season, leaving us to have this fucking ridiculous discussion.
  8. That would be a valid point if Inverness hadn't created anything last night, but at least three times Inverness created chances from attacking our left hand side, taking advantage of McGinty's lack of mobility. Inverness failing to taking advantage of the chances they created is absolutely not justification for starting McGinty in lieu of a better player.
  9. If Strapp isn't fit to play then it's either that of Muirhead at left back, thanks to Hopkin deciding to make an absolute arse of building a squad.
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