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  1. I don't have an issue with it to be honest. This is the sort of kit that usually would end up either being put in box and stuck in a cupboard, given away to friends/family of the players or kit man or re-used by the players (we've moaned on here before about the players using different kit issues at the same time and it not looking professional). Is there a whiff of the tinpot about this? Aye, without doubt. But given the lack of commercial imputus we've shown for the best part of a year, we're very much in the territory of something being better than nothing. It's money for old rope. Th
  2. Neither Shelley Kerr or Andy Millen should be anywhere near this job. Kerr was mediocre at Stirling Uni and wasn't overly impressive with the SWNT. Andy Millen has absolutely no tangible experience in the dugout of a senior squad and next season is definitely not the time to let a rookie cut his teeth and hope that it works out well. I've been saying for a while now that we do need someone more experienced to help the club navigate what will be a turbulent tranistional period. It's worth remembering that, regardless of whether we are in the second or third tier, the footballing operation
  3. According to Chris Dodds at the Tele, we're tracking former Liverpool and Barnet goalkeeper Jamie Stephens.
  4. According to the Inverness Courier he missed a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury but has returned to training.
  5. I'd be lining up; McAdams Ledger Fjortoft McGinty Strapp McAlister Lyon McGuffie Nesbitt Colville Oliver Just after the Inverness game I was advocating Salkeld to replace McGuffie, but I'm starting to favour McGuffie starting and getting his chance. The ball stuck a lot better in the forward areas on Wednesday, so Oliver should definitely be starting. It's just a case of altering the supply we're giving him and trying to get the ball into his feet more, so he can turn defenders and draw fouls. Blues might feel aggrieved to be dropped, but one (albe
  6. I don't want to spoil the fun, but weren't a couple of Morton players warming up next to that goal as Blues scored? I'd be surprised if Blues was actually the one shouting. That been said, using laughing manically as your goal celebration is outstanding.
  7. I wouldn't have resigned Oliver either, but there's no point crying over spilled milk. Muirhead is another option, he was playing himself into form before he had to miss a few games.
  8. I forgot about Fjortoft. Aye I'd have him starting alongside McGinty.
  9. I've been pushing for Oliver to get more game time, and for all he didn't do anything of note when he came on last week, I'd be starting him tomorrow. Orsi isn't a lone striker and it's time to see if Oliver can contribute more than he has. I'd also like to see either McAlister or Jacobs replace Omar in midfield. McAdams Ledger McLean McGinty Strapp McAlister Lyon Salkeld Nesbitt Colville Oliver
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