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  1. Someone asked on Twitter yesterday if there will be a weekly update this week. MCT replied to say some content will be out today. Gerry's last one or insight into what their plan is?
  2. Gus genuinely hung around hoping for Stevie Mallan didn't he...
  3. Or the MCT team think they can handle it from here...
  4. Or turned away at the gate on a temperature check?
  5. NB - the SLO using the word Gunning was accidental rather than a hint.
  6. #ashamed. Yeah, can only imagine how bad things would be without the work Brendan does. Would just love to see some strategy to support him.
  7. Just a card flung in an envelope when you do get it, nothing else. Way to make it seem special, not like people have dropped a few hundred quid on it or anything. Not sure many clubs would just chuck a card in an envelope, no thank you for your purchase/support letter, no fixture list, noyhing - not to mention a missed opportunity to try to market other products to your most loyal customers.
  8. I see Raith are moving the other way for this season, ditching the hybrid model for completely full time. Not advocating one over the other, just noting.
  9. To have best chance of entry to your desired area while restrictions are still in place? Absolutely.
  10. Did they not say season ticket holders only for that area in the update?
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