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  1. Aye, seen several media outlets saying a few Championship clubs are looking at Robertson, but only seen that loonball spewing names.
  2. According to anyone credible or just some no-mark on twitter?
  3. Watching Pixie Lotte on the dodgys. Think the camera is confusing Brandon's boots for the ball.
  4. Not buying that they would follow that in the slightest.
  5. They have a rule that says they can't bet at all and that doesn't stop them. What makes you think they will follow a rule like that?
  6. Aye, expected more from Allan. Newcastle fans seemed to rate him as a prospect but I guess their judgement has never been that sound. Did wonder about Hastie once it was announced he was going back to Rangers seeing as we were apparently in for him in the summer.
  7. Yeah, that part has been quite common with this process. Brian Rice etc it was a long list of years they were cited for, closer to home Andy Bryan.
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