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  1. Dundee dick Ayr 3-1 in the game in hand. While draws might still be worth courting, it's probably for the best. Ayr and Partick our most likely targets now.
  2. Not sure that is accurate. Lee Johnson at Hibs is now serving a 1 match touchline ban for accumulating 4 bookings this season. Still would rather not stifle Dougie's passion.
  3. Not saying I agree with the interview - but he probably has done it in private, several times. He even did before the interview. Maybe he hasn't had the reaction he hoped for so tried upping the ante.
  4. Do we have to? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/64979053
  5. O'connor back in training, Jai a couple of weeks away.
  6. Ayr hand Sean McGinty a new 2 year deal.
  7. Looking at the match threads for both games, nothing to suggest a half time hounding of the team or the officials (which would surely have been more likely). The 3-2 game slightly more likely as Michael Miller came on for the injured Kilday and stank the place out as we also reverted to hoofball. Right in the ballpark of when O'Ware had his petted lip and fell out with the fans though so likely just him being precious rather than any actual significant event.
  8. There was a 3-2 at Cappielow the previous season when we were 3 up at half time.
  9. Jimmy Gourlay blocked it on the line.
  10. Have you checked your watch isn't running fast? Seems more than likely that you are mistaken about it being 7.25.
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