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  1. Don't think it's just the time the have an issue with. Sure when Diana died there was an issue with Scotland playing on the same day, even though it was later in the day?
  2. Game(s) in some doubt for next Saturday after Prince Philip's funeral was scheduled for the same day.
  3. Exactly where I thought we would be at the end of today but expected losses all round than draws. Disappointing with how it panned out though.
  4. Ah, shoehorned every centre half you can find into the team. Welcome back Jim Duffy.
  5. Not on TV, but still on iPlayer and online.
  6. Great point, well made. Now, a commemoration and celebration at the first post-Rae era game, now that I will happily throw money at.
  7. https://www.gmfc.net/team-up-with-the-ton-for-the-hearts-game/ Bit late in the day to by trying things now but importantly: 'every single penny raised will go to the club budget for the 2021/22 season.'
  8. Panic intensifying amongst Ayr fans with strong rumours that their goalkeeper Sinisalo is away.
  9. Ayr have a tougher run in, and lost a couple of players last night (McCowan and Todd) to injuries that are likely to keep them out for at least a few weeks. Think the next movement between us, Ayr and Arbroath will be in 2 weeks time when I think Arbroath will beat them.
  10. Time for the tough decisions. We need to find our fourth manager of the season.
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