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  1. How many blatant handball penalties is that we have been denied now? Seems like it's every other week.
  2. Understandable to be a little disappointed. Started the day hoping to be top by the end of it, left sitting 4th with what feels like the first real setback result in ages. Shows how far we have come though. Some of the reactions definitely over the top. Keeping the unbeaten run going is decent and there's always going to be some setbacks. Disappointing after getting a goal so late in the 1st to lose one so early in the 2nd. Poor from Jack but we didn't play well enough in that 2nd half so m Arbroath deserved at least what they got. Dougie will likely fire a few rockets after that. Shame it's another break from the league next week.
  3. Let's hope this is thoroughly unsettling for Dundee, just as they were getting their shit together. Points deduction please!
  4. Actually looked at the stats last night to see if Imrie was due it again. 3 wins from 3 for Dundee, 2 wins and a draw for us largely made this inevitable.
  5. And any concept that he might have screwed the nut are wide of the mark. He only played a couple of games in Australia and still made the headlines for trying to fight a fan.
  6. The rules use the terminology 'admission charges' and 'gate receipts' interchangeable - both potentially open to such manipulation. Should really be changed to tickets sales. We will be due 37.5% of the 'admission charges/gate receipts' that Celtic choose to declare.
  7. Certainly will put our unbeaten run to the test.
  8. Dougie and Efe taking us to Celtic Park. Bring it on.
  9. Article 48 of the UEFA Statutes allows any association to decide on 2.5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday, during which any transmission of football may be prohibited within the territory. England (and Scotland) applies this as 2.45pm to 5.15pm on a Saturday.
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