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  1. Aye, absolutely brutal. Seems to be leading to a score of direct debit cancellations.
  2. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=DAFC_Board_Statement&ID=13369
  3. Aye, expect that was the 3 he meant. Wild to state all 3 should have bigger concerns than us. Hamilton and Ayr have started the find a few wins while only us and Dunfermline still aren't doing that. Both of us still have the managerial change to play but I expect they will be in a far better position to do that than us. Happy to see Grant clinging on for a bit yet. Did like QOS firing shots at him after their win on Sat.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58710748
  5. There's yer Dave McKinnon's Killie pie making mates binned.
  6. Thankfully, Dunfermline and Hamilton play each other next week so it's unlikely Ayr will send us bottom (watch Dunfermline win 1-0 and Ayr stick 5 past us now to do just that).
  7. Let's not try to pretend that said new regime aren't culpable - for handing him a new contract at all never mind a 2 year one. They aren't stuck with anything, they chose it. But there's most certainly going to be no accountability for that.
  8. Really not quite sure how denying them an away allocation would lower the numbers infesting the home end rather than increase it.
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