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  1. Sole with the ball over the top for Lamar to race on and finish in the clip shared above.
  2. He works part time as a bus driver so saves a few quid for away games as well.
  3. Lamar Reynolds. Jamaican flags at the ready. Nope, me neither. https://x.com/Morton_FC/status/1795123048317600209 (No idea why embedding tweets has stopped working).
  4. Most definitely. Even worse when they do it in the League Cup with richer rewards - was it Cowden that got a free entry last year?
  5. Not Championship but SPFL Trust Trophy - our dreams of an away game in Wales or Ireland quashed as the competition reverts back to Scotland only. More Highland/Lowland league hovels to potentially visit but B teams remain. https://x.com/spfl/status/1795017127730041159 £100k for the winner now makes it something we can't really ignore.
  6. In a shock to absolutely nobody, brown envelopes = Queens Park remaining at Hampden next season. https://x.com/queensparkfc/status/1794669865581916492
  7. While it has been widely reported that this is not in fact the reason for him refusing call ups, the very subject of said insult was Ben White's lack of intetest in football.
  8. I think some of his fanboys hold out some hope because he has spoke in the past about never ruling it out but also because when he left for Sweden he packed a Greenock burd with him - now a Greenock wife. Aye, purely meant after the downing - most saw a cracking player when he was up for it.
  9. Aye, cracking player deservedly held in disdain for disrespecting the club regardless of his reasons. It's rare but it happens - good at it but don't really like it, see it as a job. Fans don't understand it because they see a career in football as a dream and what's not to love? Ben White of Arsenal getting a lot of flack for that at the moment because he told England he can't be arsed with a call up. Just wants to do his job, go home, not do overtime.
  10. Been expecting that name to drop into the debate. The only 2 players I have known to refuse to play - either to engineer a move or through feigning injury because they couldn't be arsed - are him and Bachirou, both of whom were amongst the most talented players we have had and both held with complete disdain by many as a result. Unlike the other wild allegations thrown into the mix.
  11. Morton will be delighted at the savings on petrol money as it confirms that Raith will be thr furthest we have to travel in the league next season.
  12. He left on the eve of our first league match.
  13. We probably should have then. But just as likely to proceed with what we have.
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