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  1. Another gutless performance. Really is so grim watching us long ball pish which is mind numbing and the likes of Muirhead still getting a game it really is bottom of the barrel.
  2. Few things to take from today's game. Robbie Muirhead is a waste of a Jersey no idea why he gets a start totally useless. Brian McLean can't hit a simple 2 yard pass instead he launches it 100% of the time straight to the opposition. Gus made changes far to late we were blowing out our arse towards the end and he should have made them a lot sooner, also killie were pretty woeful and so are there pies.
  3. Really surprised with the 4 signings I thought we might have got nobody in bar Reilly and that would have even a disaster. Interested to see how they all get on. Reilly is a proven goal scorer at this level and the other young boys have played at a decent level so it looks like all good bits of business.
  4. Happy with the Gavin Reilly signing gives us a bit more ammo up front. We are still very short in midfield and at the back surely another 2 signings at least. Wonder if Celtic would give us a loan of Luca Connell got a mate who is a Queens Park fan who raved about him. .
  5. We were miles off it today and made Partick look like world beaters. No fight or energy and the midfield was no existent. We can complain about needing more bodies in the door which we desperately need but when the 11 on the pitch don't put in any effort you are losing an uphill battle.
  6. Just a wee update on tickets for anyone. Not sure how the extra 200 will be available though nice to see them selling out and people backing the team.
  7. I was going to nip down to smiths as I have half day tomorrow and wanted to check if they had any left. Sure they won't sell out that quick?
  8. Are we going to sign anyone else or us that us for the season? Would be really worried if we don't get anyone else in squad is looking very bare at the moment.
  9. I think Mark Russell signing for us is the first decent bit of news we have had for a while IMO. He had 3 seasons playing in Ireland obviously has matured as a player. He was very raw with us but I think he could be a really good player at this level. Good pace doesn't mind taking people on and very forward thinking.
  10. Let's just hope the next signing is someone half decent. So far we have signed an ex sex offender who was injured for most of last season and a few re-signings who are mostly duds, excluding Kyle Jacobs. Good old Morton never fail to dissapoint.
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