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  1. Their shite mascot, crap pitch, West end wanker accent awful strips and Brian Graham all but to name a few.
  2. Happy to give him a chance but for me far to many unknowns to justify him getting a deal. His career has went down the pan since leaving us and his record of games played and goals is worrying. Dougie must have seen enough in the short time he has been training and at least its only a one year deal but it doesn't fill me with much confidence.
  3. Hopefully he is just training to get fit and that's it. He clearly had talent when he was with us but he clearly has a problem with injuries and the amount of games he has played in his career means its just to much of a risk for us to sign him. However if there is a manger who can turn players around then it's Dougie and if we did sign him I'm confident baring injuries he could maybe do us a turn.
  4. That guy David Vize who talks shite most of the time just posted a photo of Quitongo training with the squad so looks like it.
  5. Don't know anything about him but happy to give a young guy a chance interesting to see if he can make the step up, seems to be a standout albeit in league 2. Gutted if Hamilton is indeed away thought he was our best player last season and although he was prone to the odd mistake he won us points on his own. Interesting to see who we get in next.
  6. Delighted with that was resigned to losing him as felt a few teams would be sniffing about. Hamilton next would be brilliant and then keep building.
  7. Hope they enjoy the ball going sideways or backwards I would say good luck Oliver but signing for that midden he can get in the bin.
  8. Sad to see Gozie go as I really liked him as a player and think he will be missed but his goal return wasn't brilliant so not the end of the world. The rest I'm not fused about McLean was solid enough but past it, Ledger, Russell and Oliver were all okay squad players but that's it. I really hope we keep Hamilton and Strapp but as time goes on it seems more and more unlikely which is a shame as they were our 2 best players last season and would be sorely missed. Heard we might be in for Josh Rae ex QOTS if Hamilton does leave.
  9. Losing Wilson is a blow I felt he was excellent since joining and really surprised he dropped down a level. Hopefully we have some rabbits to pull out of the hat.
  10. McEntee would have been a great signing if we hadn't already signed up 2 new centre backs. You would imagine Baird and O'Connor to be the first choice pair and then you have lithgow and possible McLean as back up depending if he signs a new deal. Still waiting to hear about Hamilton and Strapp in terms of left back and goalkeeper and then you would imagine that's the defence sorted.
  11. Quite surprised Reilly has dropped down to league 1 think he is championship level at least always puts in a shift and think given better service he could score a lot more given the chances. Not overly bothered about not getting him though if we were in for him, think he will score a good amount in league 1.
  12. In two minds about the game tonight I hate Billy Dodds he is such a miserable torn faced rat but hate going up to Inverness and would much prefer St Johnstone in the league as its a cracking away day.
  13. Interesting to see what we can get out of this guy and if he can make the step up to the championship. Imrie obviously knows him well and the fact he can be good cover at multiple positions gives us a bit of depth you need. Interested to see who the next one will be also nice to see us do business early. Clearly imrie knows who he wants.
  14. Always thought Baird was decent when he played for us and has good experience at this level nice to see us also doing some business early.
  15. Seems strange that the club would be signing players on 2 year deals if we thought Dougie was leaving. The record can get swiftly to fuck.
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