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  1. Such an important 3 points to keep the good run going. Thought they looked honking but scored with the first clear chance they had. Our second goal was superb great cross from strapp and excellent finish from blues. For all the stick he gets I actually think he is one of the best finishers at the club. Ambrose strolled it yet again my MOTM was actually Crawford the amount of work he does and the amount he runs is tremendous he has been a really smart signing by Dougie. The turnaround Dougie has made in just under a year has been nothing short of sensational but he always keeps the team so grounded which in this league is so important. Had years of utter pish at Morton and things I think are starting to really look good.
  2. Efe has strolled this game. Thistle look pish but 1-0 is always dodgy. Most obvious penalty I have ever seen when Crawford goes down in the box and not given. Referee utterly clueless
  3. Really looking forward to this one. Missed a good few games this season due to work but buzzing for this. Also the chance to see one of the finest defenders in world football in Efe Ambrose. Hope we put them firmly to the sword such a pish team in many aspects.
  4. A bit out of the blue this signing I only hope that O'Connor hasn't got a long term injury as apart from a few shaky moments he has been really solid. Like other people are signing I presume lithgow is done as he hasn't featured at all this season. I think ambrose is a decent enough signing he has tons of experience and should help a relatively inexperienced defence. I'm not sure how much he has played over the last year or his fitness which is a slight concern but Grimshaw was the same and he has came good.
  5. Wtf 3-0 and the one day I'm working at the weekend of all the times Mon the ton. Let's put them firmly to sword and stop this arsing about we have been doing all season.
  6. We are a complete joke right now. Didn't have a good feeling about today but that was a shambles. Back to front we are woeful no energy no creativity and hee haw upfront. Our bench is laughable with nothing to change it and far too many passengers. Unless something changes and quickly we are going to be struggling at the bottom yet again.
  7. Joke of a bench looking at the Partick bench compared to ours is laughable. Not optimistic going into this one at all.
  8. Yeah our striking options are utterly rank and have been for months. Imrie obviously has been trying for a while but it's quite poor we still have no credible out and out forward. Time is running out and I genuinely have the fear we are going to be stuck with what we have until at least January. A striker is the difference between us genuinely being in the playoffs or scratching around at the bottom once again.
  9. Thinking about the team next week and what changes I think should be made this is what I would go with. Schwake Pignatiello Baird Lithgow Strapp Crawford Gillespie McGrattan McGregor Muirhead King Pignatiello has to come back in for me no idea why Imrie thought Grimshaw who has played no football and barely trained was good enough to start, I think Grimshaw will be a good player but needs more time to gel. Strapp another who is a must start I know King has a lot of potential but for me I don't think he is a natural left back he has made a few errors recently and should be moved further forward. Wonder boy Blues probably will start knowing Imrie but McGrattan made an impact when he came on and deserves a chance to show what he can do. Kabia is an imposter and has done nothing since he has came here he may have potential but we can't carry passangers anymore. Muirhead starts as we have no one else simple as that unless we get a striker in before next week but I won't hold my breathe.
  10. That was horrific from back to front that was toothless no fight no desire they were first to every ball major wake up call for the whole team who just assumed they would turn up and win. We huffed and puffed in the second half but created hardly anything and our midfield was posting missing, I thought the ref was pretty shite but then again they always are. Really stupid penalty to give away from Gillespie even if the boy goes down like he has been shot and again Quitongo diving in and getting sent off for 2 needless fouls mind you at least he actually put in some effort unlike some other imposters but that's twice he has been sent off already and it's hard enough as it let alone with 10 men. Muirhead needs benched he offers absolutely nothing looks severely unfit and doesn't even try, when he wants to he can be a player but to often he is posting missing, Kabia thinks he is a world beater but puts in 0% effort compared to his ability again get him benched and give the young ones like McGrattan and McGregor a go. Grimshaw looked a mile off the pace he has only been here a few days and barely trained and you put him in ahead of Carlo who I think he has been excellent so far wrong decision for me. King is going to be a good player but he just lets the ball come in for the first goal and is nowhere near him centre halfs also sleeping, Strapp should be re called for me and King pushed further forward. Not been impressed by any team I have seen so far but that today was nowhere good enough something needs to change and fast.
  11. Abysmal first half this is a major wake up call thinking we can just turn up and win. Midfield is missing, Muirhead is a oxygen theif, Crawford and Quitongo only 2 that look interested. Absolutely shite
  12. Seems a solid enough signing he is a right back but could play defensive midfield if needed. Played almost 100 games for motherwell so clearly has a bit of quality happy with that. It shows we still have a budget left which is promising but please god let the next one be a striker.
  13. Yeah O'Connor has made a few mistakes and I think he may be the culprit imrie is talking about. I think he is a decent centre half he is strong and good in the air but he is prone to the odd mistake I think lithgow will probably be playing next week. The only issues Lithgow is painfully slow and feel we will be really exposed at the back with him there.
  14. I felt we were the better team and had more chances but again the difference is they have a striker who takes the chances while we have absolutely nothing up top we are creating chances which is encouraging but seem to freeze as soon as the ball is anywhere near the penalty box. Few things to note from yesterday Blues was woeful he was at fault for the goal and his general play was pretty mince but again we have no other options really who can come in and do something since both Lyons and Garrity are away squad is bare thin with no one to change it. I do like King and feel he is going to be some player but felt he made a few mistakes yesterday and not sure why he is playing ahead of Strapp who was our best player by a mile last season get Kig further forward and get the imposter Kabia benched. Jai is a threat and never gives defenders a minute but he isn't going to score tons of goals. A few good players in the next week or so and I think we have a good chance of doing something this season making the playoffs if not then it will another season of struggling I feel the longer we leave it to get someone up top the more points we are going to throw away.
  15. Looking forward to this first game I've been to this season due to work commitments. Saw Ayr against Dundee and they looked pretty handy with that big guy up front. Still fancy us to maybe nick it going for 2-1.
  16. Not surprised by Garrity as I think he needs more game time and clearly isn't going to get much here. The Lyons one surprises me I'm not his biggest fan but I think he is clearly better than league two so shocked he has dropped that far down. He clearly has an attitude problem and Imrie doesn't fancy him which is fine by me because I don't think he has really shown anything in the past year or so to justify him staying. It surely must mean singings incoming today I hope and please god one of them a striker.
  17. So what's the latest are the cameras at Cappielow have we seen anyone at the airport who has flown in to join us?
  18. Nicky low next week and a striker would be all we need to have a serious go at making the playoffs this season. Considering where we were about a month ago it's totally changed new contract for Dougie, new investment in the club and hopefully some more quality signings.
  19. In two minds about Gozie I did like him last season and feel he would give us another option up front however I can't see him scoring 10-15 goals in a season but in all honesty who can we attract who would. I think we are a better team than last season and think he may be a better signing than people would give him credit for.
  20. Great performance felt we had more than enough chances to win but couldn't finish our dinner even though our build up play was excellent. Crawford and Gillespie brilliant in midfield and Quitongo never gave them a minute all day. Feel like Kabia can't be arsed half the time and thinks he is better than he is. Encouraging performance but we must bring in a goalscorer ASAP.
  21. As much as I hate Partick thistle Billy Dodds can get if right fucking round him. Keep complaining about the facilities ya wee rodent
  22. Great move for the club and everyone involved. Hopefully this can help the club breathe financially for the next good while. Adding a bit to the stadium name as well is no big deal either a lot of clubs do this and it's pretty common when you have a serious investor behind you. Now Morton about that striker?
  23. Decent signing someone with good experience who has played in this league before and should fit in well. On the striker front I'm actually trying to think of who would be available that would be a realistic option for us.
  24. Best of luck to him he was nowhere good enough for a career in professional football and really no idea why he was kept as long as he was. I can only hope this now means we can get something in before the window closes heard absolutely nothing about new players while everyone else is adding to the squad.
  25. Scott Allan would walk this league but think he would be way out of our budget. No talk of anyone signing which is really worrying we need a striker or else we will struggle the rest of the team is okay but we can't rely on the odd goal from Quitongo, Muirhead etc and so far Kabia has really not impressed. Still early and I've not really been impressed with anyone else in the league I've seen but if we pass the transfer window without singing someone up top I have no idea where the goals are coming from.
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