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  1. Yeah we need a win. Far too many losses and draws recently. Id like to see Johnson and Sterling involved at some point. Think we'll go with Mcadams Ledger. McGinty. Mclean. Strapp Jacobs, Lyon, Colville Nesbitt. Oliver. McGuffie
  2. Another no for me. No point in going back the way.
  3. Tam Ofucking WareπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Aye to your right mate. To be honest I was more thinking of the Chelsea connection with jody Morris but forgot he'd been punted with lampard.
  5. 2 nopes from me. Kerr made an arse of it with Scotland and millen can get to fuck. Heard a few folk mention its millars job if he wants it. Not entirely sure what he's done to merit it although if be interested to see how he uses his contacts in the game if he did get it.
  6. Mcadams Ledger. Mclean. Fjortoft. Strapp Salkeld. Lyon. Jacobs. Millar. Newbie Sterling Thats hoping that everyone is fit and available. Genuinely struggled to pick that team as we have been so poor. Mcginty needs dropped but can't see it. Pack the midfield - if there was a better option than Millar then put him in. I'd start Johnson and sterling in the hope that they have the same impact that the new signings at Queens have had. Pace, power and workrate and a great outlet. In saying that I'd be shocked if the team looks anything like that.
  7. Sterling deserves a chance to settle. He's been here for 5 mins for fuck sake. That was rotten today. We have absolutely no creativity at all. Something needs to change or we will be relegated.
  8. Well that was one we didn't see coming. But gutted to be honest as he still has a lot to offer but all the best to him.
  9. Please please please let omar only have a one year dealπŸ™ˆ
  10. After the dunfermline game last week I said the very same. We are crying out for 2 players. One being a consistent threat and making chances and the other being a goalscorer. A couple of signings in the mold of Nicky Cadden and Peaso would be welcome additions but realistically its not going to happen.
  11. Omar is a terrible footballer. I have'nt seen a single thing from him to show that he should be anywhere near our first team. lol. Im about 5 mins behind real time.
  12. Switched over after the second goal. We are fucking rank so far.
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