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  1. 😂 10/10 for effort but fuck me the execution is poor.
  2. Cracking ideas and ones that will not only make the club some money but be pleasing on the eye too.
  3. Quitongo interview up on YouTube. Interesting that he was supposed to come to us on loan in January and its didn't happen. Indicates Dougie had had his eye on him for a while.
  4. There's no way we would even consider paying that sort of fee for a player.
  5. Willing to give him a chance and support the boy. I did like his confidence and aggression when he played with us but overall really surprised he's signed.
  6. Agreed. He didn't exactly set league 1 on fire and his injury record is pretty poor.
  7. If we start with a 433 the line up could be looking like: New Pignatello baird oconnor strapp Lyon/ blues new new Muirhead new new Subs- mcgrattan, mcgregor, easedale, lithgow, Jacobs, king Have I missed anyone? Still a bit of work to be done on that squad.
  8. I thought that was maybe because it's the 1st signing of today to be announced.
  9. It'll be interesting to see how these new signings that were mentioned last week will pan out. Been pretty quiet since Dougie went on holiday.
  10. Disappointed that gozie is away however not a disaster. I trust Dougie's ability to bring in a suitable replacement.
  11. Thanks for the update port ton. Couldn't make this one but hoping to make the next one.
  12. Ah ok. Just being an arsehole then? Carry on.
  13. Aye he'd be am upgrade on Darren Hynes. Get it done Dougie.
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