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  1. Definitely a winnable game however knowing Hopkin we'll be very conservative and end up with a point. Mcadams Ledger fjortoft mclean strapp Lyon. Jacobs. Colville Nesbitt. Mciver. McPake
  2. Dunfermline 2-0 up and looking very tidy against Hearts.
  3. Now that the cup is out of the way do we think we'll start to see a settled side?
  4. Glad I decided not to give those cunts any money at all for today. Sounds like the stream has been a shambles so far.
  5. More happier with that starting than I was against the skunks
  6. Mcadams Strapp fjortoft. McLean. Ledger Lyon Jacobs Colville Mcpake mciver nesbitt Do it Hopkin.
  7. First half pish. Second half much better. Play your fucking strongest 11 Hopkin.
  8. How close was that from mcpake🙈
  9. Fuck right off Hopkin. If 'giving their all' ends up losing every week and capitusliting like we did yesterday then they csn get to fuck as well.
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