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  1. Agreed. Just goes to show that there's definitely interest and a market to tap into. I wonder how much profit the club make from these. I know there'll be material and manufacturing costs and assume Smith's will take a cut too.
  2. Picked up my hat today and also a new scarf while I was in. The hat is a cracker. Really good quality.
  3. Noticed that too. I've been impressed with his workrate and attitude recently.
  4. It was lovely passing football by us and a great ball in by strapp. Promising start.
  5. Looking for a supporters bus that goes to away games. Bought tickets for me and my boy to go upto Motherwell next week. Any suggestions please?
  6. And what he did anytime he found himself in front of goal with the ball.
  7. Highlights really do show that we should have had 8/9. Where we that good or were Dunfermline shite? I didn't see the game.
  8. Swap Boyd's commentary for My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and that's Oscar winning material.
  9. What happened at Raith? Was that the incident with Millen?
  10. Another one of Hopkins duds. Wonder what he saw in him to bring him to cappielow. I thought he was awful.
  11. That was excellent. Well done to the club.
  12. We were up against it for long spells and Hamilton kept us in the game. I know he's had a few bloopers recently but overall he's been fantastic and was again last night. I really liked how imrie wasn't afraid to change things and also his comments after the game. Positive start from the new manager. Great header by Lithgow for the goal. A couple of additions to that squad and we will have a chance of pushing on. Could he doing with a winger and a striker at the very least and also a centre mid to give us options. Oliver is not a midfielder.
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