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  1. They chose to go with joma as vision were absolutely hopeless at fulfilling orders. MitC were getting a lot of complaints from coaches, kids and the parents about it. The joma gear isn't the best in terms of designs but they are much more reliable.
  2. The joma gear is for the morton community teams.
  3. Just watched the hopkin interview. He isn't really saying anything that we haven't heard before - everyone is in this together, young team, relying in experience etc. Really just trying to lower expectations which I'm fine with. To a degree we need to be realistic and mindful of the current climate but it is frustrating to see us lose players to the likes of Ayr, Raith etc. Id be shocked if we didn't bring in any other players other than loans.
  4. Another prototype of the home strip?
  5. Can't believe some people are actually saying mckee was decent for us. I thought he was awful. Heart the size of a pea and offered very little to the team. One of these players who came with a good reputation but was piss poor.
  6. First time for everything. Well done.
  7. Does this guy ever have anything positive to say about Morton?
  8. Big lamie strolling it at left back against hibs. He's been good going forward too. Playing some really good passes.
  9. Smart. Hopefully a sign of more to come.
  10. Interesting to hear from hopkin, mackinnon etc. All saying pretty much the same things. In terms of the squad it's the every least to expect players, to fight for the jersey but is that enough? Hopkin saying we can add 2/3 more players to have a good squad. There has to be a goalkeeper, right back and a centre back coming in which means we won't be bringing in any other players. Think it's clear to see that we need someone who is going to at least replace the goals that mchugh scored but ideally do better. Can't see a 10/15 a season goalscorer in that squad. I like the idea of the crowdies and it sounds like mackinnon has been working behind the scenes to get the new website up and running and also looking at the commercial side and how bring in income. All of these prototype tops are just bizarre though. Surely something has to come of these although I wouldn't be surprised if they are auctioned off.
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