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  1. Absolutely dog shit. No need to play 5 at the back. We need width in the team and strapp and hynes just don't bring that to the table. Lithgow was really poor today and the goal summed his performance up. Muirhead really needs to go. Felt sorry for oksanen and Lyon as they spent most of the game showing for the ball as watching it go over their heads. Totally toothless up front too. Gus got his team and the tactics wrong today and needs to hold his hands up and accept that. 4-4-2 next week please. If everyone is fit we have to go for: Hamilton Ledger mcentee Lithgow strapp Allan oksanen Lyon Russell Reilly Ugwu Lithgow or McLean could partner mcentee. Also can't see Jacobs not starting if available but that's what I'd like to see. We need more urgency and players taking responsibility all over the pitch. Especially in attack.
  2. If everyone is fit then I'd like to see this sort of lineup and squad: Hamilton Ledger. Lithgow. Mcentee. Strapp Blues. Jacobs. Oksanen Allan. Ugwu. Reilly. Subs: Wylie, McLean, Lyon, Russell, McGregor, Oliver, Knowles. That could also goto 352 with strapp and Allan as wingbacks or a flat 442 with Allan and Russell on each side. I could go on. First time in a long time we have what looks like viable options in personnel and formation.
  3. Lovely to see Hopkin struggling and wee Ayr fans in meltdown mode😂.
  4. Wait.... You don't live in croftfoot and are in the croft bar are you?
  5. Yeah it's pretty embarrassing that it's so obviously a fucked up design.
  6. You'd like to think that team pretty much picks itself but Gus will probably find a way to play muirhead.
  7. Good to get another defender in. Centre mid and a winger next please
  8. Yeah Reilly will be a good addition and gives another option. I'd still like to see another cb/rb, cm and a winger come in at the very least. Its good to see the youth getting a chance but there's the danger that we could crush some of these young guys confidence if we continue to rely on them. Hynes and McGregor being the two that spring to mind. We do have the core of a decent outfit: Hamilton Ledger Lithgow McLean strapp Jacobs Blues/Lyon/Russell New Reilly. Ugwu. New Potential Subs: Wylie, Hynes, 2 of blues, Lyon, Russell, McGregor, mcgrattan, Oliver, Knowles, muirhead. I'm not even sure blues, Lyon or Russell are good enough to play week in/week out in there. It's evident that we are painfully short in midfield. I really like Oliver but he isn't consistent enough. Muirhead is a waste of a wage. We're also short at the back if we have another injury like mcleans.
  9. A pretty toothless display from us. Put a lot of good balls in to the box and just didn't take advantage. I thought the Oliver foul was a pen at the time and still think the same.
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