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  1. After the last two games I think we could do a lot worse than taking the Montrose number 10 who was a threat and knows where the goal is and the boy milne who seemed quite handy. Certainly upgrades on some of the shite we have.
  2. This. Barring the 4 players you have mentioned and the players under contract I wouldn't bat an eyelid if every other player was shown the door. There absolutely are better players out there and it's upto the club to have the infrastructure on place to be able to identify these players. There's no reason why at the very least we shouldn't be looking to pick the better players from the likes of Alloa, Arbroath and Queens and the better performing teams in league 1. I imagine there'll be questions asked about this but that's really our level at the moment. As for some of our current squad
  3. We might be talking about the whole team if we can't keep a hold of any of them. And minus a few I wouldn't be that bothered.
  4. LolkirkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. I've accepted relegation to be honest. Anything else is a bonus.
  6. Cheers. He played for him at Raith didn't he?
  7. Forgot he existed and I can't really remember much about his time with us. Which manager brought him in?
  8. I get that but at the end of the day we can't stop following the team and allow those cunts the Rae's to leave another lasting legacy.
  9. Ditch the sitting midfielders and put 2 up front. Fuck knows who it will be though. McAdams Hynes fjortoft ledger strapp Nesbitt Lyon Jacobs or mcginn colville Muirhead Oliver Nesbitt doesn't deserve a start but I have no idea who else to put in the right .
  10. Slept on it after last night and still absolutely fuming. Sack McPherson and let Chris Millar take the team for the playoffs. He can't do any worse and we might actually put a shot in target.
  11. Beginning to wonder if Hopkin built that squad on purpose knowing that we would struggle and end up relegated. Then his mates could take over the club on the cheap.
  12. I'd rather try and rebuild in the lower leagues than do it in the championship . I really hope MCT wasn't counting on championship money next season.
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