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  1. Bring the boy in and have a look. IF he is better than what we have then its a no brainer but I wouldn't want him brought in at the expense of mcgrattan, jai or the emerging Bearne. I know boyd isn't everyone's cup of tea but I think he adds something to the squad as well. Dougie was very active in the January window and I'd very surprised of we didn't do some business again. McPake may be the start of this.
  2. Agreed. Worth an email to the club. That kind of conduct is unacceptable
  3. She's a thundercunt and a total jobsworth. Should be hounded by the club
  4. Much more like it today. Not a bad player in our side with plenty of effort, dig and chances made. Positives - a clean sheet, made lots of chances, played some very good football, darragh and jai back, Mullen looked assured. Negatives- the referee is a fanny and we didn't score a goal. More of the same next week and let's get back to what we do best in the league.
  5. Can totally understand why some want Dougie sacked as the results haven't been good enough and the football has been poor. What I don't agree with is the personal abuse and over the top comments that are right out of order. It's easy to be a keyboard warrior and shout the odds. Personally I don't think he should be sacked. We've had terrible luck with injuries going backwards to the alloa game when doyle was stretchered off and its continued to get worse. Given we've made some questionable signings but if we had a fully fit and available squad I don't think we'd be in this position. He's worked wonders during his time with us and deserves the time and patience of the fans to have the chance to get to improve our position. Get to January with the hope that we have improved our league position or still in touch with the other teams above us and give him a transfer window to get us up the table. My one criticism is that we are far too reliant on the long ball up to Oakley or Muirhead. Other teams know this and its not effective either. That needs to change.
  6. This. King is becoming a better player in people's eyes the less he plays. I could be wrong but I haven't heard any rave reviews about his time at Clyde apart from 1/2 goals. He's a good player and a potential starter but let's not kid ourselves that he's the answer to all of our problems.
  7. DreamOakTree having a nightmare here. Never understand that 'won't be back until x,y and z are gone' patter.' Rather than attention seeking just make the decision, keep it to yourself and stick to it
  8. Watched some of the game back and our failings are clear to see. Far too many passengers and players not taking responsibility. Defenders backing off and not making it difficult for them to pass/ score. Midfield missing - too flat footed and lacked energy. We can't continue to lump balls up to Oakley and just expect to pick up scraps. We need to get back to basics. Be hard to beat with high energy, high press. Currently the laughing stock of the championship and deservedly so. It's easy to blame broadfoot, Power and blues but not one player deserves pass marks from that last night. Time for imrie to swallow his pride, be ruthless and make the changes that are needed.
  9. Hate to say this as I love the guy but Imrie is under real pressure now. He can't continue to speak about getting his best players back, the boys worked hard etc. We need to get back to winning games of football. When he first came in we were an energetic, high pressing football team. That changed last season as we played better football and everything seemed to go for us. This season its the exact opposite. Mostly Lethargic, no creativity, relying on lumping balls up the pitch. Imrie has stated that he has to take it on the chin when things don't work out. Just wonder if and when there will be discussions between him and the board about his job.
  10. Hopefully a straightforward win amd into the next round. We are due a decent cup run after drawing the ugly sisters in the last 2.
  11. Excellent result. One that was desperately needed. Take the momentum onto Tues night now.
  12. Trying to work out the formation. Is it a 352?Wilson looks to be playing right mid or wb
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