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  1. Would make sense as they need a centre back or 2.
  2. Callum Fordyce leaves Airdrie. Would like to think we'll be interested
  3. Wondering with the playoffs now finished and coming into June we'll see some incoming signings. Davies must be due to join us soon too?
  4. That's a fair amount of allegations being thrown about.
  5. I think we need to be realistic. We do have one of the lowest budgets in the league. Dougie has worked wonders in his time here with the resources at his disposal and I trust that he will do so again. Of the players that's left I wouldn't be surprised if Muirhead knew for a while that he was leaving. Largely down to his relationship with sections of the fanbase. Oakley and Crawford are the 2 I'd have loved to have kept but have chosen to move on for more money which is fair enough. The only other one I'm really keen to keep is strapp but looks like he's off as well. We need to remember what Dougie has done in previous transfer windows and how he's brought players in who were out of form, struggling etc and got a tune out of them. We are still in May and we have plenty of time to get players in. No doubt there will be decisions that raa few eyebrows which happens at every club but I'm happy to wait and see how it all pans out. disclaimer....If we are in a similar position come the start of the league Cup then I'll delete this post and ignore all knowledge of it lol
  6. No one is saying all 3 should be in the starting 11.
  7. Happy with that if true. Blues is a good player at this level and Gillespie if fit is a cool head and experienced. Broadfoot was fine for the majority of last season - would only be concerned if we don't sign anyone else and he is first choice.
  8. Unlikely but id take Bruce Anderson and Morgan Boyes. Carson and Bradley worth a look too but I imagine all 4 will have a few offers.
  9. Hate is a very strong word. Not strong enough for that horrible cunt.
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