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  1. That tit is the epitome of the smug, self-righteous Partick wank, even before getting to his attempts at condescending, patronising pish about Morton. Speaking of their fans though, remember this doolally meltdown? "Robbie Muirhead undermined my teachings". Good grief. Whatever else Robbie does in his career, there should be a mural of that picture of him celebrating with that quote somewhere in Cappielow.
  2. All of the above are valid, but it's really just their general existence that does it for me. Every time we play them I just find myself really fuckin annoyed and irritated by them even being there - everything about them is just fuckin inherently annoying.
  3. I see you can add the fixture list to your phone calendar via a link in the latest newsletter. Cool wee feature, it’s quite encouraging seeing relatively wee things like that being introduced - aside from being useful, it reinforces the impression there’s people there that actually know what they’re doing when even the smaller details are being attended to. It’s night and day compared to what we’ve been used to, even compared to 6 months or so ago.
  4. If professional footballers are so delicate that they can't cope with being criticised for not being very good, they simply shouldn't read online forums. Tough shite. As far as things that happen at games goes, there's definitely been situations with some players over the years were things do go tooo far and it's never particularly pleasant, but nonetheless I doubt that's restricted to Morton fans only. It's a thing that happens at games, but it's just flat-out nonsense to suggest any of those players left the club for any reason other than they weren't wanted or got a better deal elsewhere. Very few of them were missed either. James McPake was on fuckin loan, for a start. Did Sean McGinty ever even play in front of fans for us? Are we meant to be sad such a colossally bad player left? How is it the fans fault that Gary Oliver is not a Championship footballer? It's just an absurd claim all round, but some of the "examples" given are just preposterous.
  5. Haha, sorry. That wasn't meant to be a dig 😂
  6. I'm already preparing a Portuguese theme day in Jai's honour, don't worry.
  7. I found that pretty remarkable tbh. Whilst striking options aren't particularly easy to come by in January, wanting a guy who was yet to make an appearance for a middling third tier side on loan seems a pretty fuckin weird choice in any circumstances. It's true we could have done with another forward, but still...that seems a Kezia Sterling-esque signing. Imrie says in the paper today that Quitongo has back-to-back league championships (I'd assume that's a misquote given Queen's Park finished a very distant 4th place) and that he "took them up the leagues which shows he's a winner". I find that pretty odd too, in all honesty. Quitongo started one single game last season, and only a minority of games for QP in the bottom tier before, before being released in the summer. With all due respect to Dougie, that doesn't really scream "winner" or "key player" to me, but I guess we shall see.
  8. The early-bird season ticket price wasn't exactly cheap as it was (although obviously it's also just the price football is these days, whether you like it or not), and there's any number of reasons that somebody might not have been in a position to buy one at that point. That's not to knock the offer, but it's not a justification for higher prices afterwards and framing the MCT price as some kind of discount is absurd when you're having to pay £120 a year to access the price. £120 to get nothing more than a vote on 4 shite away strips and £25 off a season ticket to watch a struggling team does not seem like a great deal nor something people are likely to see as essential if they're having to tighten their belts. Again, MCT has to be looking at a socio-type structure to ensure there's something other than blind loyalty keeping the money coming in. There needs to be something in return for the money Morton want, and it isn't what we're getting. Expecting such high amounts of expenditure from fans (£295 for a season ticket, £120 in MCT money, two new strips, a load of new merch) only to yet again offer up a team that looks certain to be embroiled in a bottom-half struggle is a situation in which something is surely going to have give at some point in the current climate. Nobody's expecting a Gretna-esque spending splurge, but it is entirely reasonable to be asking why Cameron Blues, Jai Quitongo, Grant Gillespie and a handful Livingston loanees seems to be the peak of our ambitions when it's costing fans so much, and "increasing costs" doesn't begin to answer that question in full. If this is the entire extent of the club's ambitions, it could surely be managed at a much lower cost than punters are being expected to pay. Tl;dr: Morton are wanting an awful lot of money for a club that's putting Alec fuckin Easdale and Lewis McGrattan on its promo material.
  9. Just casually dropping that news in that format too. It might only be an extra £2, but they're taking the piss with that. We're signing a fuckin third tier side as it stands, we've been offering guys like Blues and Oliver 2 year contracts and even wanted to keep Brian McLean, and still the prices keep going up?! To repeat myself once again, the football climate is so much more favourable than it has been for years and there should surely be a significant increase in the money coming in from hospitality etc compared to the last few seasons, there's MCT money which alone should be significant, there's an increase in commercial activity, the prices on the gate are going up and yet we're still ultimately getting hit with the "we're skint" routine even though nobody is actually saying it this time round. Why is this the case? Obviously we might all be surprised by a few really good signings in the next couple of weeks, but with each player that comes in that looks less likely, and it's really hard to see how you can justify asking for so much money for nothing resembling significant improvements in return.
  10. Urgh. The club have done an awful lot of things right on the communications front over the last while, but completely avoidable things like this are so frustrating and seem to keep happening (although admittedly nowhere near as frequently as they used to). It's widely known that fans have been desperate for a decent away trip for a pre-season friendly for ages, we've not had one for years, so to be having one touted (apparently, I wasn't there) at the MCT meeting and then these two announcements that have followed is just frustrating given how avoidable and unnecessary it is.
  11. It would probably be quite good if we signed a couple of Championship level players, I reckon.
  12. There's a player in there somewhere, maybe Dougie is the manager to make it happen.
  13. We should bring Jamie McCluskey back, there was a player in there somewhere. It’s very debatable whether we’re better off than last season. Schwake and Pignatellio are unknown quantities at this level, Baird isn’t really a huge upgrade on McEntee and Quitongo is a significant downgrade on Ugwu (who wasn’t exactly the greatest in the first place) and we’ve lost Wilson who was the only genuinely useful midfielder we had. Its one thing having faith in Imrie as a manager, but as it stands this is not a squad remotely equipped to compete for promotion and there’s going to need to be a bit of quality added before the season starts. Once again, the club are asking people for an awful lot of money and aren’t doing anything that’s justifying it in the slightest as it stands.
  14. Aye, suppose so when it’s the last day of the window but still, it wasn’t an offer that was likely to come around again. The idea that there’s a manager who can “get the best out of” Quitongo is wishful thinking in the extreme. Extraordinary turnarounds can sometimes happen in careers, but there’s absolutely nothing in this case to suggest it’s likely to happen. We’re not talking somebody who’s offering a passable return whilst just been going through the motions and who might be revitalised in the right circumstances, we’re talking somebody who scored a few good goals about 6 years ago and who has done absolutely fuck all since. It’s nowhere near the kind of player a club that asks for a minimum of £400-odd quid a year from fans should be signing, frankly, nor any club that wants to play in the Championship again next season. Nobody at all would be giving this the time of day if he hadn’t been here before.
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