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  1. It's really weird that Hearts' fans seem to be so enraged by Morton when we don't give a fuck about them. I mean, Morton fans have a quite admirable ability to concoct a grudge against just about anybody in Scottish football - down to and often including our own players (and each other) - over very little at all and even then Hearts are still an irrelevance, yet there they are seething away.
  2. Fed up reading the absolute drivel spouted by Hopkin and his players. Millar was shouting about how it’s been a “great start” to the season the other day, ffs.
  3. St Mirren are rotten and we've made it easy for them. Sitting deep only works if you're playing a really top team, otherwise you're just passively letting players that aren't very good take their time and eventually conjure something up. Pathetic team selection, approach and performance.
  4. Last season we got through our League Cup group off the back of beating teams in leagues below us before conceding 5 goals in the first knock-out game; we got put out the Challenge Cup at the first hurdle; we had to go to an *away* replay against Brora Rangers in the Scottish Cup before a by-all-accounts dismal 3-0 defeat to a not-great St Johnstone side; on top of that, we finished a pretty uninspiring 7th in the league having conceded a whopping 52 goals in only 27 games with only 4 wins in all competitions post-Christmas. Along the way, actual cash was paid for Henk Van Shaik, Cameron Blues being signed twice, a stream of utterly pointless attacking players who barely kicked a ball whilst having no right-back, all the whilst listening to the manager making dubious claims about how poorly off he is. The point there being that if you strip away all the rhetoric of how the manager wants to play a certain way and the rest, the simple fact is that there’s been absolutely fuck all to shout about under Hopkin that didn’t come in the form of Nicky Cadden. He’s awful good at talking himself up, but it’s about time it started being backed up on the pitch.
  5. Hahaha, oh well. So much for that.
  6. Not that we were on top before the red card, but for the game to swing so significantly towards Ayr after it reflects extremely poorly on Hopkin. There were some decent moments of build-up play in the first half but it always fizzled out fairly quickly. We’re pretty much toothless as a unit which is only to be expected when you don’t bother your arse to sign a forward. There’s no midfield either (why is Jacobs not on?!) and the defence is extremely ragged; it might do well from an aerial bombardment but it’s all over the place when the balls on the ground and there’s players moving around them. All of that, and the fact that Ayr are much faster, stronger and fitter across the board.
  7. £25 and they don’t even bother their arse to try to cut round the shape of the picture. The rest is best ignored and pretending it doesn’t exist.
  8. I think some of what's been said about him has been a bit overblown, but he's made his own bed for the most part and people are entitled to be a bit irked about some guy who, by his own admission, isn't a fan, and who has made himself unpopular being able to access games for reasons unknown (and also for his own blog) when nobody else is. Perhaps if we all just start a wee football blog we'll be allowed to go along?
  9. "None of the board have any expertise in the technologies required to stream matches and have employed professionals to advise and set this up for us" is not a million miles from "we're not technical gurus." Perhaps it was our esteemed and laudable Chairman mouthing off to the Tele yesterday?
  10. He actively provokes all of this shite as well. As well as the rank incompetence on show, there’s just so much unnecessary drivel going on too, the “technical guru” line being a prime example; at the very least, an interested chairman would be telling him to just shut the fuck up. Constantly pumping money into the club at this stage just isn’t helping anybody who isn’t called Rae. Everybody should be demanding refunds and not coughing up another solitary penny until they get a grip of the streaming situation, even if it isn’t the sole big issue at play.
  11. Wouldn’t put it past them to have the nerve or to ask people not to take one/defer it to the next game if they do offer refunds. MacKinnon’s coat has to be on a shoogly peg, everything he’s touched has been a mess but this particular issue is a catastrophe and could cost the club a huge amount of money. It was clear as day what was going to happen, and even if the site hadn’t predictably crashed, the quality on offer is absolutely appalling. It’s so far beyond acceptable.
  12. Not usually a fan of McDade but his commentary is pretty decent, can’t knock him for that. The less said about everything else, the better.
  13. Everything about this is pure shite. Nobody’s ever going to pay for this.
  14. There’s no point of that “custom branded” strips if we can’t get a decent training range along with it. Shouldn’t be that hard to get some good trackies made with the colours blue, white and yellow, just knock off a few old Boca designs.
  15. Found it curious that the club Twitter was suggesting that they don’t actually know what what devices can be used. I’d have thought that’d be something clearly established by whatever software is used for the service, rather than an unknown factor that has to be tested?
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