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  1. A very cynical assessment would be that the Rae’s don’t expect MCT to be a success (not exactly unreasonable) and are holding on to the ground to sell it when the club goes tits-up.
  2. Kinda reminds me of Lionel Hutz' business card: "New Website? No, problems!" It looks rotten, the "shop" is particularly farcical having as it does two different versions of a strip to advertise a "crowdie" (whatever the fuck that is) without, as far as I can see, even containing a link anywhere on the entire site to where you can buy an actual strip. The less said about those t-shirts the better.
  3. His patter is fuckin brutal. Went to hospitality for the Partick game in December and was subjected to his insufferable drivel non-stop, I’ll never go near it again for as long as he’s involved.
  4. I see the Smiths website (which takes about 8 clicks to get to from the gmfc.net homepage) now has a significantly different version (the mystery texturing) of the home strip advertised to the one that's actually available. https://www.smithsofgreenock.co.uk/Morton-Home-Top-Short-Sleeve-2020-22-p192799473
  5. Aye, struggling to really see the point other than MacKinnon having some weird obsession with a navy strip. If there’s going to be a third strip out the blue, at least go for something quite unusual rather just a bland offering that will barely be seen. That he thinks he’s produced some big mystery campaign is mental though, it’s been getting discussed for being a shambles, not because everyone was on tenterhooks awaiting their grand reveal.
  6. That statement on the website is nearly as shite as the socks. There’s no excuses for this kind of utterly unprofessional, incompetent rubbish.
  7. Is it just me or is the sponsor a hoop to high on all of these strips...?
  8. Fair enough, didn’t realise it was a recent development. It does seem a bit of a pointless thing for MacKinnon to be getting involved in especially when he’s bringing budgets etc into it, but at the same time, if it inconveniences Hearts and has their fans chucking even more toys out their prams then that’s a nice bonus. On another note, is there regular testing being carried out for the lower league clubs at this stage?
  9. According to the Daily Record report, clubs outwith the top flight shouldn’t be back in training until 24th August. Seeing as Hearts are outwith the top flight despite all their whinging and wailing about it, MacKinnon is entirely correct.
  10. Incidentally, MacKinnon was the Commercial Director at Clyde and the Media and Communications one at Hamilton before coming to Morton, so he's hardly a novice on that front. Admittedly this is hardly a revelatory thought, but when the same issues keep happening over time, it's fair to assume that things like maximising incomes don't feature too highly on the remit given to employees from the owners.
  11. If you're that worried about that then hold it back, but it's not really much of an excuse. If it was a one-off then it'd maybe be fair enough, but Morton have been consistently rotten at anything that approaches marketing for years. You'd have thought the Social Media Co-ordinator could have put something together, given that he clearly has a penchant for touting his wares all over the shop.
  12. Nothing wrong with the 1874 thing as a concept, but the branding on strips etc has always just looked dodgy so far. The new logo looks like something from a weans toy, to be honest. I’d like to hope that the training range can improve and that we can get some custom stuff on that front via the current manufacturers though. The 1874 branding could work really with that if it was done properly.
  13. Wonder if the toilets will have hot water at the sinks.
  14. Haven’t bought a strip in years (haven’t liked any of them enough) but will probably get this one although it’ll depend on the material etc. Not too keen on the 1874 thing though, looks a bit tacky.
  15. Aye, me too. Wouldn’t have been inclined to listen to anything after that anyway, even if I didn’t know anything else about it.
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