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  1. He’s fuckin rotten. It doesn’t say much for the rest of the squad’s mentality when a player who refuses to take the slightest bit of responsibility at any point ends up with the captaincy.
  2. Indeed. I don’t really care if he’s a fitness coach or anything else, the issues here should be obvious to anybody with even the most cursory knowledge of football. There’s no excuses for this shite, just pick your best players and stop playing rubbish ones. McGinty is fuckin brutal.
  3. Signing a keeper who told us himself on day one that he wasn’t ready to play is utterly farcical.
  4. Mostly because every other one has been absolutely fuckin terrible.
  5. Good result. All hail our glorious Golden Casket overlords.
  6. Butler has said repeatedly that he’s not ready to play, which is just farcical really. Also, Johnson has been in on trial for a while, so if his signing was so necessary that it could happen without moving players on, which we were told only days ago was the case, you’d have thought he’d be right in to the team; ditto Sterling. We shouldn’t be paying for players who aren’t going right into the team (or who aren’t fit enough to play, as is the case with Butler by his own admission).
  7. Well, yes. If we're to seriously consider the options, we'd need a lot more information; if we don't or can't get it for whatever reason, then they should be dismissed out of hand. The fact that we've reached this stage with such little clarity - as you say, the picture is now murkier than it was months ago - doesn't reflect well on either party and adds valid grounds for scepticism over what MCT are capable of into mix. If we're going to be told these two options are what's on the table, it's really not a sign of devotion to the Raes to say we should be looking to find out what they real
  8. I’m personally inclined to reject the entire premise of both options, but I also think the core point cmdc makes is an entirely reasonable one: for either of them to be credible even as propositions, we’d need a helluva lot more detail than we’ve been given. The thing that concerns me most is that MCT are just rolling over and taking whatever rubbish GC peddle without any kind of questioning or scepticism, which is a staggering level of naivety given the Rae’s conduct at every previous turn. If we’re for a minute to countenance the prospect of them walking away with the stadium or leav
  9. Likely something more tasteful than Crawford’s boots.
  10. Isn't Crawford on record explicitly stating that the debt would be written off if a viable new owner came along? Correct, and they know it fine well. MCT really need to toughen up.
  11. I don't particularly blame him either, he's entitled to make that choice, but in doing so he should also be walking away from any idea of testimonials or fond farewells...or getting brought on for no good reason at all in a game we had to win to give him a send-off. That's the choice you make if you piss off half-way through your contract, it'd be different if he'd been forced to retire with injuries.
  12. Might just be me, but I neither think McAlister's contribution on the pitch over his two spells has really been all that remarkable and nor do I think a club captain who's also part of the management team walking out half-way through such a crucial season to go and wash strips elsewhere is somebody who really deserves the big, fawning send-off as a "great servant".
  13. “The...right-sided midfielder would provide competition for the likes of Craig McGuffie, Cameron Salkeld, Luca Colville on the wings”, according to the Tele. That’s really quite a mental sentence, given that there is still not a credible striker in the squad. Once again, there’s little point in anyone at Morton gurning about budgets if this bizarre obsession with stockpiling wingers is going to continue even at this stage.
  14. The rampaging hoards of Genghis Khan could claim the moral high-ground over English football fans.
  15. English football fans are wankers. Anyway, this is Butler’s career path so far. I have no qualms whatsoever with dismissing luminaries such as Concord Rangers and Hemel Hempstead as no-marks or any other phrase you care to use, because that’s what they are. The point stands that it shouldn’t have taken more than half the season to sign a guy who’s spent the last decade mostly failing to get a game with the likes of the Met Police: there’s surely any number of goalkeepers that could have been signed rather than taking a huge risk in the majority of our league games.
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