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  1. Well he has looked off the pace, it’s not at all an unreasonable comment.
  2. The camera angles are brutal, you can’t really get any sense of depth or position on the pitch.
  3. Lithgow doing his best to give away as many goals as possible already.
  4. Ahh, ok, fair enough! Hopefully if it turns out he's guilty of whatever it is then whatever the punishment is won't affect Morton too much. Bringing the charges 2/3 years after the most recent incident and a decade after the first though...at least the process is a quick one 🙄
  5. From what I've read about this, it was first raised a good while back and relates to a load of bets being placed on Imrie getting booked for Hamilton at Parkhead, which duly happened when he cleaned out Scott Brown late in the game. I think anybody that knows anything at all about Scottish football could have quite confidently predicted that that would probably happen, we all know what he was/is like and it really wouldn't be unexpected for him to end up booting somebody when his team is getting scudded. If you were going to go to the trouble of fixing matches in any way, I highly doubt that's an outcome that would be worth the hassle. If memory serves, one of the things I read about it mentioned that Dougie received somewhere around 110 bookings across his career, which comes out (very roughly) around 1 every 4 games, so if that's the only charge I wouldn't be overly convinced by it.
  6. Without knowing what the salary is, I don't see why not. There's so many glaringly obvious failures on show at every other turn, I doubt we're going to need Saatchi & Saatchi's best minds to remedy them and start to put together something approaching a coherent strategy that includes reminding people that the (really quite shite) club shop exists more than a day before Christmas.
  7. What exactly are the major successes of the club's commercial strategy (if there even is one) over the last few years? What great initiatives have been introduced that aren't outweighed by the huge list of failures? Barely a day goes by on here without complaints about the club's commercial failings, it's well overdue that someone who can deliver tangible results was brought in. There's no real room for sentiment in this, we need staff that are capable of turning the club round and it's not going to happen with the same people who've been responsible for the myriad failures that are routinely bemoaned on here. I'm sure people will point to the overall structure of the club etc as mitigation, but the fact of the matter is if you hold the position and take the wage, you take the responsibility and Morton's commercial work has been absolutely woeful. If we seriously want this club to be a success on and off the pitch, backroom staff who've been in place for a long time without results are not a significant loss no matter how much people might like them personally. It's a business, not a social club. The short version, it is not a loss to the club to be hiring a skilled, experienced commercial/sales manager who can (in theory) finally deliver a competent, credible strategy that maximises the club's income in place of someone who demonstrably did not do those things.
  8. Perhaps I'm being unduly critical, but there's very little in the way of "we've done this" in here once again. "We are aware we might need to consider improving the merchandise" for a start, which is alarmingly non-committal given that it took the club getting pelters before they bothered their arse to make a cursory mention of their shop on...erm...Christmas Eve, and yet again we're getting the griping about how they need to facilitate games. It's a fuckin football club mate, it's not an unexpected thing to have to do even if there are COVID issues. Anyway, on the plus side, at least these wee clips are being made one way or another, so fair play for that, but at the same time the club website still tells us our next game is away to Queen of the South on 1st December under the matches tab. A wee video is all well and good, but it means nothing if really, really basic things aren't being addressed. Also, a genuine question: Chris Ross was appointed via a process to recruit a 30 hours per week General Manager, which was widely regarded as being a fairly unappealing prospect. If the role then became that of a CEO on full-time hours and a presumably wider remit and wage increase, perhaps it might have been worth advertising it again? Again, this is not at all meant to be a slight on Chris, but there could have been other, better candidates that would have applied on that basis but wouldn't have seen the initial role as a viable one.
  9. It's a recurring theme from this rabble, but it's galling (leaving everything else aside for a moment...) seeing Lithgow in the paper talking about "bad luck" and how "dodgy clearances" at Arbroath cost us goals. No, Alan, you did. It's not bad luck when every single game you and yer pals are utter shite, and it's not bad luck that there's not many goals being scored at the other end: it's exactly what you deserve. We've been hearing varying shades of this shite for a years now, it's been a constant theme since Hopkin came in (which isn't to say it wasn't there before) to pick up the Tele every day and read some fuckin diddy bleating about how how hard done by they are and how they actually played well in whatever recent shite result had just been. It's bad enough from anybody, but it's especially grating coming from a guy who's meant to be an experienced head at the back and who wears the captain's armband on occasion. Take a bit of fuckin responsibility for yourself and your team, ffs. I really hope this is something Imrie gets to grips with, it's really draining reading that kind of stuff every other day. It epitomises everything wrong with the club and it needs to stop.
  10. This might be a tad harsh (in isolation, at least, except it’s a recurring theme), but it’s pretty galling how they’ve followed it up by apologising for the quality and saying it won’t happen again. The problem is it has happened before and it has happened again and there’s no real excuses for it even once. It’s not really on to constantly serve up shite then offer up a weak apology only after getting pelters for it.
  11. Let's hope Billy Dodds isn't involved with any of them.
  12. I’m inclined to wonder just what Jacobs brings to proceedings at all tbh. He’s just kinda…there, he never really seems to have any major influence on proceedings. As for Russell, he can have no complaints. Awful, half-arsed performance, huge credit to Imrie for not putting up with it.
  13. It would certainly be terrible if some poor wee soul had to put in an hour or so at most’s work to offer people a choice and to have the best chance of filling all the spaces rather than just washing their hands of it and telling people when they can and can’t go, it has to be said. It’s a lazy, half-arsed solution when there’s easy enough ways to ensure a fair split/chance over the two games and also the ability to move any extra spaces on and possibly be able to sell a few leftover spaces. It’s worth remembering here that it’s nobody else’s fault that the club doesn’t have a proper online ticketing system to handle situations like this.
  14. No you wouldn’t, because you could then remove those names after this game, and you’d have plenty of time to organise the allocation via your own channels as the Dunfermline game is a few weeks away.
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