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  1. I never campaigned to get rid of him. I just thought he was rubbish. Only my opinion of course. I do agree that his replacements have also been rank. That doesn’t mean he was good in any way.
  2. A brilliant player for Morton. RIP.
  3. I meant for us of course. I wish him all the best.
  4. It's a shame he left us Bryan. I thought he was a prospect.
  5. Paul Harkins is Gary's brother and Blair Docherty is in the Development squad. Lives in Largs.
  6. Sorry mate. I red dotted you by mistake.
  7. Don't need him to come back. We have better in the squad already.
  8. He was ok. He made his choice and good luck to him. Like Samuel, I wouldn't want to see him back.
  9. How do you know who he is signing for?
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