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  1. Don't rate Oliver much either, other than the first 6 months of his first spell with us. Don't rate Orsi either, so what are the other alternatives? Muirhead up front?
  2. I will be honest, I expected Wylie to be doing that already, just as the likes of Easdale and McGrattan have done in recent games. Perhaps he's injured? We'd never know since the club never releases information on injuries and likes.
  3. So, almost 2/3 of the way through the January window and we still run with only 1 goalkeeper. 2 loan players off the books so far, surely there's a few quid there to get a loan keeper in as cover?
  4. There's zero guarantee that we'd be entitled to prize money if the season is canned early, and we've just been handed, or are about to be handed once they get their shit together, half a million quid of tax payers money to see us through the pandemic. It's not going to be a great look to shut it down now, and still expect to be given grant money/prize money anyway. I don't see many clubs in the division being up for it, personally.
  5. Well I had certainly forgotten about it. Guess the club have too.
  6. https://www.gmfc.net/robbie-signs-contract-extension/ Had no idea he was only on a 6 month contract tbh. I have no opinion. He's been ok the last few games, as opposed to the nonsense performances he's put in up till then in his time as a Morton player.
  7. Still no word on who the 2 self isolating players are? Makes it difficult to predict how we might line up today, but I wouldn't anticipate too many changes. Another game we should be looking to win to put more distance between us and the teams at the bottom.
  8. The pitch has gone from one of the best in the country to one of the worst in the last 2 years. Strange for that to happen when it's being trained on every day...
  9. They are but only in exceptional circumstances. The SPFL/SFA could easily tell us to bugger off, it's our own fault for not putting together a squad properly.
  10. Our pitch is diabolical. The effects of it being trained on consistently over the last season and a half are really showing.
  11. We're more inclined to pump them in Dumfries, to be fair. As much as I am annoyed at Muirhead's continued inclusion in the starting 11, it's nice to see a little continuity in the starting team after Hopkin's standard chopping and changing every week.
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