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  1. Seems utterly bizarre to me that were the only league going with 3 subs. Even more bizarre that only 3 of the 10 clubs bothered to even respond.
  2. So, as I understand things, we're still in training every day, just doing single sessions, with the players expected to do fitness stuff on the side. I can't see how that's 'part-time' in any sense of the word for a professional football team, personally. We're working to the same level we always did it seems.
  3. Only 24 days remain in this transer window, which closes one day before our first league cup game. It's getting to the stage now where signings need to be made sooner rather than later, particularly goalkeeper and defence. A keper in particular needs to build up some level of understanding with his defence. Any mention of friendlies being played in the next few weeks?
  4. Daily Record suggesting that we are going to offer a deal to ex Rangers keeper Aidan McAdams. 21 years old, has been on loan with Edinburgh City and Portadown over the last year or so, and has been in training with us.
  5. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Club_Update&ID=12543 Germany based investment group purchases a large stage in Dunfermline. I'd be pretty cautious about that if I were a Pars fan. Given the nature of the background of those involved, surely it's all about making money? Pretty impossible in football in this country normally.
  6. We're apparently being linked to the loan signing of Livingston striker Jack Hamilton. He's been on loan with Alloa and Queen of the South in the last 2 seasons, scoring against us for both teams.
  7. They've also signed Michael Miller, formerly of us, after his release by Raith Rovers.
  8. It's frustrating that it takes complaints from supporters on twitter to get anything out of anyone. I also don't think it should be down to MCT to be the ones having to give this, they don't run the club yet, we should be hearing directly from the club.
  9. I see the ticketing website still has Interstadia on it but has been updated. Fills me with dread already.
  10. So it's definitely something that we will need to think about going forward, and all clubs will need to factor into budgeting a contingency plan for emergency testing, should an outbreak at the club arise. I would be surprised if this is an isolated incident over the next couple of months.
  11. So, the players are now into the last week of their contract under furlough, and not a peep from the club. I'm hoping that with some people returning to week at the club it means that we'll see some movement shortly. It feels like we haven't heard a thing in weeks from anyone, not even once of those weekly update videos.
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