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  1. Didn't Wylde come in and train with us in January and not get a deal? Or was he just rumoured to be signing? Either way, not really the level of player I'd be hoping that we'd be linked with.
  2. Just picked up my new shirt and I have to say I am very impressed, the collar going into the blue being the only downside, but even that is only a small one. I did notice the window down the side of Smith's on Nicholson Street which still has last season's home top in it, and a sign saying new away kit out now. That will be the new away kit that came out a year ago then.
  3. Graeme McLennan on the bbc sportsound podcast. Skip to just before the 14 minute mark. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08k8srj
  4. Aye without actually naming any names, they more or less confirmed that it was not the Easdales.
  5. On further thought, I had concerns about how MCT bridges the gap in funding, but when they came on board, Golden Casket had already cut their contributions are were not going to put any more of their own money into the club, or so they said at that meeting at the Gamble Halls. To me, and I know it's simplistic in the extreme to say, that would mean that any increase in the current contributions to MCT would only put us in a stronger position than we are currently.
  6. Pretty much my thoughts. Just off the call and while I'm excited at the news and lots of talk about how the club can be more efficient, and identifying income generation, it's still of course with sole doubts. Stadium development for me is the big issue. Stadium improvements need to be high on the list for me. How does community ownership even think about funding something like that?
  7. This is far and away the best of any of the concept kits which Gavin made. I'd love to see his full kit idea for this. The original was yellow shorts and (I think) black and white hooped socks.
  8. But Warren Hawke told us Dylan Dykes was the future. How has he ended up at that level? Oh yeah, he's fucking garbage.
  9. Steven Whittaker too as a player/coach. Experienced couple of signings
  10. Absolutely would have taken Watson. Surprised to see Dunfermline making a signing after releasing their entire squad.
  11. They've been conducting a feasibility study into fan ownership, so I reckon it will be connected to that.
  12. That is unusual, looked decent enough any time I saw him the last couple of seasons with Alloa.
  13. Peter MacDonald has announced his retirement from football at the age of 39.
  14. I was of course jesting, Lamie is comfortably Premiership level. Funny comparing his career to a certain Thomas O'Ware. Lamie has worked his arse off to get to that level, with nothing but thanks to Morton for his time here. O'Ware, on the other hand, is about to piss about in League 1 after leaving for a 'new challenge' and crowing to anyone who would listen about how he had wanted to leave us sooner. What a shame.
  15. The Lamie-Gunning dream team is looking like a goer.
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