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  1. Fouad Bachirou wins the Cypriot Cup, under the leadership to Neil Lennon, with Omonia Nicosia.
  2. I see that Ricki Lamie has told Dundee where to poke their pre-contract and signed another 2 year deal with Motherwell.
  3. Surely the EGM is just about approval changes to the currently terms to allow the possibility of shares being sold to investors? It can't possibly be that and then they sell to whoever they want. It has to be that any future sale of shares would also have to be approved my members in a separate vote, otherwise how would proxy votes work, when you're being asked to vote for something that you know nothing about. I won't be in the country at the time of the vote, so I'm curious to see what comes out later this week.
  4. They've already released 10, Charlie Telfer amongst them, with others ending their loans. Seems to be a suggestion that McGlynn will be taking a few with him from Raith.
  5. Not an ex player, but Michael Garrity has scored the opening goal for Annan in their play-off semi final 1st leg against Forfar.
  6. Arbroath have made 9 changes too, so I wouldn't expect much of a game. Be nice to see Easdale look like anything other than a competition winner.
  7. Seen someone post a screenshot from today's tele confirming that it was indeed us that voted no, with a quote from the club explaining the reasons.
  8. We look so lost in the final third here. Set piece looks like our best bet for a goal. Strapp just got flattened when he was on a brilliant run. Players were rightly upset at the tackle, looked a poor one.
  9. We've been the better team here but should be behind after Raith missed an absolute sitter from about 3 yards out.
  10. Illness according to the Tele guy on twitter. The lack of subs killed us. We were starting to get a foothold on the half again around the hour mark, which is when the subs should have been made to ensure we stay on top. Instead of proactively trying to sustain our position, we wait until we lose the goal to react to the situation, by which time they're on top. Imrie was very quick to get on Lyon's back after the goal conceded last week (which I know he has now retracted) but he has to accept that the slow reaction to making changes has probably cost us the 3 points today.
  11. Apparently something to do with mobile data showing you as being in England where you're not allowed to stream 3pm games. Try using WiFi, seemingly fixes things.
  12. Not sure I agree with this personally, don't see why they can't just leave it at 3 subs, but the clubs seemed to vote for it so fair enough.
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