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  1. The guy is an imposter. A perfect example of the amount of shite hanging around youth academies down south.
  2. Typical. As soon as I saw Arbroath had equalised, this just looked inevitable.
  3. Imagine we could somehow scrape the 3 points here, would be absolutely massive.
  4. I find the decision to take off the guy who just scored mental. Surely confidence is up, especially as a striker. Give him 5, see how it goes. Crazy.
  5. Andy Ritchie is a moron. Honestly about to throw my remote control through the telly listening to him greeting about this passback.
  6. Stunned at how quickly that half turned on such a crazy rush of blood moment from McGinn, followed by a mental decision from McAdams to pick up the ball. We just absolutely collapsed after a very even opening 30-35 minutes. I see no way back into this one now. Hoping for a Dundee win over Ayr to at least keep things as they were before the game.
  7. What an absolute shambles that is. Who played that wild pass back? Hardly gives McAdams a chance. Beggars belief.
  8. I can see Jacobs and McGinn both starting to give us a more solid base against a form team, which will likely mean one of either Lyon or Colville starting on the bench. Gary Oliver has many faults, but he's the only forward player we have that has any hope of holding the ball up for us in the final third, so he has to be starting matches, with Nesbitt in behind him. Absolutely huge game. Cannot emphasize how big a win would be tonight.
  9. Who could seriously say that they saw that coming even 2/3 weeks ago? What a turnaround for the boy. Edit - getting him tied up to a new deal makes me wonder who is calling the shots? Or if maybe another club was sniffing around him so we didn't want to lose him for free?
  10. Last Saturday, Gerry mentioned the train to Wemyss Bay, and I had to use every ounce of self control I have not to tweet him to let him know that the Wemyss Bay train wouldn't pass Cartsdyke.
  11. Yep he's played the last 2 games as if he's always been in there. Bizarre stuff.
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