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  1. Can hopefully pick up a free agent until January as back up. Not sure how loans would work as the loan window is closed, although there is an exception in place for goalkeepers. Best of luck for the future Chris.
  2. Brian McLean being out today should hopefully see us returning to a back 4 and not giving away possession every single time the defence as the ball, but you honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Ledger coming into the back 3, given how Gus has set us up all season so far. I don't think there's been even close to an entertaining game against Arbroath over the last couple of seasons, so hoping for at least something watchable today.
  3. See, I am in full agreement with that. The stream shouldn't cost less hn actually going to the game at our level. It just gives people an easy excuse not to go, and will absolutely be losing clubs money so far this season. I know people have their reasons for not going (distance etc) but in general I think that's the right way to go
  4. Was reading on twitter that Erik Paartalu is now a free agent after leaving Bengaluru in India. Given his family ties to the local area, how long before he gets linked with a move back to Morton?
  5. Even with the obvious injuries/covid issues we have right now, that's a rotten looking lineup.
  6. He's also on the Morton board, and is a new father. I dare say he wanted to be able to have some free time for his family.
  7. Ugwu and Jacobs were both doubts, the former only making the bench. Muirhead still getting in the team.
  8. Pretty impossible to work out how we'll line up tomorrow. Will all 4 of the new boys come right into the team? Given McEntee has only been with us for 2 days, is he more likely to start on the bench? Was reading that Jacobs and Ugwu are both doubtful. 2 weeks ago that would have been a disaster but we at least have some options to come into the team now.
  9. Oisin McEntee plays the 90 minutes at number 5 for Ireland Under 21s as they win 2-0 away in Bosnia.
  10. I'm sure there's a machine at the shops on Sinclair Street. It's definitely going to catch people out though as you say. I very rarely carry anything over a tenner these days.
  11. Gus has been quoted on the daily record website as still working hard to get 3 or 4 in, and that those players will be in defence and attack. Says he's comfortable with midfield. I'm not so sure that I am, personally. Jacobs is not being used in his best, most effective position as we're short in there IMO.
  12. Was there ever any actual confirmed sources to back up the rumour that he was signing for us, or was it just forum/Facebook talk?
  13. If true about Hastie, that would be an ideal signing. I would be very, very surprised mind you. Former Hibs striker you say?
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