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  1. Went down today at 4, got my ticket with no issues. Brendan said that only about 220-250 had been sold so far. He expected there to be a good 100, maybe more, available for sale on Wednesday. Get there early folks.
  2. Has anyone been down for their ticket yet? Wondering how it went, as I'd need to pop away from working from home to head over to the ground so can't spend ages in a queue.
  3. Aye, he struggled to lift himself off the pitch at the end of the 1st half of extra time there. Has McGuffie had a touch since he came on?
  4. I thought he was fucking diabolical, personally. Has zero positional sense whatsoever, and no amount of "putting a decent shift in" will compensate for that. He's rotten.
  5. Hynes on for Orsi with 6 minutes left in a must win game? What the fuck are you playing at McPherson?
  6. Orsi up top on his own, so a good hour of the ball just constantly being given back to Hearts then before he gets hooked for being as inneffective as we know he is. Sigh.
  7. Keziah Sterling has terminated his loan early and headed back down the road to Spurs. What a waste of time. The guy looked so uninterested in being a footballer. That last transfer window under Anton really was a shambles.
  8. You have to commend Gus, he's got it spot on tonight tactically. Fell away a bit in the 2nd half but our defence still gave them very little change.
  9. We'll not get a better chance to smash this Fir Park hoodoo. Been poor this second half, really have struggled to get a foot on the ball.
  10. This has been a very decent opening 22 minutes or so. McGinn and Jacobs are absolutely bossing the midfield. Lyon has to score that! Huge chance.
  11. £750 fine, suspended till the end of the season. I'm sure we're all absolutely stunned at the Record sensationalising an utter non story.
  12. The guy is an imposter. A perfect example of the amount of shite hanging around youth academies down south.
  13. Typical. As soon as I saw Arbroath had equalised, this just looked inevitable.
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