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  2. We were supposed to be playing Lancaster there in a hastily arranged pre-season friendly in 2007, which got called off shortly before kick-off as there was a torrential downpour.
  3. You get what you pay for I guess. Or rather, Morton get what they pay for. Morton supporters then pay £45 for shite.
  4. They probably did - or would have been sent pictures of samples at least - but I'd guess the entire batch of retail shirts went straight to Smiths. If they've received hundreds of shirts in boxes then they aren't going to be able to check each one, especially as they are all wrapped in plastic. Finding the odd shirt with a mark as a result of the manufacturing process isn't that unusual in my experience, and on this occasion not really something Morton can be blamed for. It's just typical/unfortunate that it has happened along with all the other usual 'Morton-ness'...
  5. An extra £20k per year from the new members over the last week alone - decent sum.
  6. He joins Eddie Malone (Morton appearances: 1, including 0 as a substitute) at the Shire. edit: as well as Lowland League stand-out Nicky Low.
  7. Jason is from Barrow originally, and while he hasn't played for them since 2016, he'll presumably be pleased that they've won the National League this season. That puts Barrow back in league football for the first time since 1972. Apparently he is at Lancaster City. You can see their ground - the superbly named Giant Axe - from the train from London to Glasgow, the West Coast Main Line. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.
  8. Jeezo, 2010. Would’ve thought it was a lot more recently than that, nearer 2016.
  9. Yeah, you're right. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FA_Trophy_Final
  10. Pretty sure he also scored the winner for Barrow at Wembley once? Possibly an FA Trophy Final?
  11. Did Jason Walker not play at Wembley for some play-off game? edit: just looked it up. He played in this game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Conference_Premier_play-off_Final Not sure if that's what you meant by 'one of these'. Still, almost 40,000 in attendance!
  12. They want £45 for that? Give over!
  13. Hopkin - his promotion to the EPL was around 1997/8. George Graham signed him for Leeds shortly afterwards. McAllister - I thought he came on as a sub in that game?
  14. Hopkin when he scored the winner for Palace against Sheffield United? Jim McAlister missed out on Blackpool’s appearance through injury.
  15. I’m hoping he’s off to Darvel or something.
  16. Didn't Wylde come in and train with us in January and not get a deal? Or was he just rumoured to be signing? Either way, not really the level of player I'd be hoping that we'd be linked with.
  17. I reckon he's another heading for a Kelty, East Kilbride or Darvel type club that are launching money around below the SPFL. I mean, we're talking about a 29 year old who has literally only had one good season in his career (in England's League Two), has a reputation built entirely on the fact he came through at Rangers as a youngster, has done nothing of note since and is now a Clyde reject. That's got marquee signing for a non-league club written all over it.
  18. I've not ordered one so will be waiting to see if Vision get a better batch of tops because differences like that shouldn't happen.
  19. Robert Earnshaw for Cardiff? The then-Division Two playoff final of 2002-03. That was at the Millennium, not Wembley, but it was the final. edit: Wycombe are 1-0 up. Samuel could be Championship-bound.
  20. Alex Samuel starts at Wembley in the playoff final. Who’s the last ex-Morton player involved in one of these?
  21. People only make and follow plans for things they care about. Nobody at Morton gives the slightest fuck about any of this, so there's no plan, much less any execution. This will only change when the keys are handed over.
  22. Not difficult at all. Consistency in plan and guidelines as you say is half the battle. There's no systematic approach. Same with pre/post match videos, albeit we've made strides in the Morton weekly update; it's not hard to dedicate a room to it. One of the advertising screens behind and make the videos consistent rather than pitch side, often in the howling wind and rain, with all sorts of folk wandering by. Or worse still, in the concourse between the changing rooms with doors slamming, folk shouting and balling etc. Consistency is key to anything and we lack it. Big time. Broken record stuff and, to a lot, probably not important. But there's standards to set and uphold. It all adds up
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