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  2. Apologies. Yes, you'd be correct. Hes a scapegoat. Person abuse on twitter. Unjustified
  3. They only managed a 1-1 draw with Bolton today but they're second in the league. Had a look and Andrew bloody Dallas plays for Cambridge as well. He has the number 9 shirt but he's only played 11 minutes in the league this season.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Should be pointed out too that Hopkin should be keeping an eye on discipline, which hasn’t really been a problem in recent times. As far as I can recall, Jacobs’ red card against Dundee last season was our first (for a player) in God knows how long, yet we’ve started this season with two red cards and not a tackle committed to contribute to them. Not a good example to them to see the manager also taking a booking for dissent to the referee either, something he was sent to the stand for at Hibs last season. If, as we’re constantly told, there’s a tight ship being run and little room for manoeuvre with the squad then I expect Hopkin to be addressing these issues to give us a far better chance in this league than if we’re to carry on the way we’re going.
  6. Brainless sending off imo. Feared the worst when they scored so early in the game, but thought we were decent enough when we decided to have a go in the second half.
  7. Dissent, followed by sarcastically clapping the ref for booking him.
  8. Never got to see the game as working what was Muirhead's bookings for?
  9. Seems Jack Purdue has broken his leg. I was disappointed we let him go and he seemed to have got off to an absolute flyer with Annan this season. I don't know him but I'm gutted for him, an absolute pisser. Hopefully he makes a good recovery and can kick on again.
  10. Who is Eric M? I’m assuming one of Ernie or Gordon’s stooges?
  11. Mark Russell has scored a double for Finn Harps, who lead 2-0 at Bohemians with about 20 minutes left.
  12. They were never going to push Hearts but they might stop being as much of a gang once they realise their manager is a dud and bin him.
  13. Second is there for anyone that wants it this season. Anyone that thought that Dundee side would push Hearts needs help.
  14. Going to assume that this post cut off so abruptly as the phone was aware it was about to be used to make a comment along the lines of 'Muirhead was fine' and decided to explode rather than being party to such a heinous act.
  15. Thought we deserved something second half. Bit of a none event Dundee are crap. Oh, and, sending off aside; mu
  16. Set up to defensively but at least he made the subs early second half. I won’t even get started on muirhead as I hope that’s the last we see of Him strapp and mcpake back next week a big plus. Also thought Salked had a decent game as did the subs.
  17. Nice to see you actually engage rather than grassing to the mods. How’s the photography going?
  18. Not having a go at a team who shipped 6 goals last week until we are down to 10men with 15mins to go...
  19. And a cheery hello to you too.😀
  20. Three points and one goal conceded is about as much as you can reasonably ask for from the first two games, given that the deficiency up front has been glaringly obvious and isn't going anywhere. Being resilient and not taking our usual doing after an early goal today is a small positive. Shitfesting to safety above Alloa and Queen of the South seems to be the plan and that's looking more realistic by the week. I can see the enthusiasm for paying to watch streams of the games wearing off very quickly though as there isn't going to be much more quality or ambition than that on display.
  21. Ledger and Fjortoft both look very good. Blues has very little ability and didn't see what he offered that Oliver or Nesbitt couldn't have done better if we'd went with one of them instead. Muirhead shouldn't see another game with all the options we have.
  22. Thought we played pretty decent and looked more of an attacking threat once Muirhead went off. Been really impressed with the defence and goalkeeper so far and you'd hope with Mcpake and nesbitt we will be able to do pretty well this season.
  23. That’s super frustrating. They were there for the taking but we didn’t properly get at them until it was too late, and Muirhead obviously didn’t help either. Amazing how much better we look when we aren’t launching balls over the heads of attackers.
  24. First 20 mins I thought we were pretty much out of things. Came in to the game well on the last ten, twelve minutes of the first half and a much better second half. McPake would have made a difference up front. Muirhead should be shot with a ball of his own shite.
  25. Nesbitt should have fucking cut it back though. You're not drilling it into the net from that angle with the box that crowded. "David Hopkins." "Antics."
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