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  2. Hearts skudding Alloa, 3 up before half time.
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  4. Episode 13 is now live! Dean, Cammy and Craig do everything possible to avoid talking about the game...what's your favourite Greenock train station?
  5. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    There's now an option to buy 50/50 tickets built into the TV order form. Nice little upsell idea.
  6. If it doesn't focus on 'it's Dundee' for about 90% of the content then he's missing the mark entirely. Just liquidate it.
  7. GiGi

    Ton Tv

    Hearts supporters' heads still absolutely gone I see.
  8. Actually a pretty fair meltdown from McGowan, citing specific problems around the club.
  9. Complete meltdown from Paul McGowan post-match on Saturday here: https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/paul-mcgowan-blasts-dundee-squad-in-astonishing-five-minute-rant-horrible-pathetic-ridiculous-passengers-letting-the-club-down/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Having no attacking threat at all against this mob is looking worse with every game they play.
  10. I agree. If hypothetically all of these cases were being filed by the same person in the same jurisdiction, they wouldn't be far off vexatious litigant status. Some people are saying that these lawsuits, being mainly filed by unconnected groups without standing and not by the administration or the campaign itself, are merely a tactic to buy time before the Double Secret Probation lawsuits are launched. This strikes me as absurdly optimistic. I also note that 99% (no exaggeration) of people who are losing their shit over this were either cheering on the worst excesses of the Russiagate "investigation" or thought it was a perfectly normal course of enquiry. This is how it works from now on. I applaud any and all attempts from the Trump campaign to fight dirty (within the law, naturally), since they were given absolutely no quarter when the tables were turned.
  11. Or we stop getting papped out at the first attempt by actually putting a team that could win the game on the park instead of treating it as a friendly.
  12. When do Morton ever get these zany ties against Connah's Quay Nomads or the like? Never. We always get papped out early doors against gubbins outfits that we should be pummelling. So since that doesn't happen EVER then those dewy eyed fantasies should be filed in the appropriate bin where they belong.
  13. These legal challenges are...interesting. About as close to an abuse of process as you can get, which was Trump’s MO in Scotland. And the lawyers!
  14. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    Yeah that's not a bad deal. I'll be all over that on Monday.
  15. https://www.gmfc.net/morton-v-hearts-live-stream-early-bird-special/ Not a bad idea
  16. Should we ever be drawn with a colt team I won't attend, even if that game is the final, but I'm not writing the whole competition off because they're there. Knowing some other poor bastards are being landed with a glorified friendly against Ross County's youth team wouldn’t even slightly diminish the enjoyment of a cup run while llaying against proper clubs, with a trip to Aberystwyth or something thrown in for good measure.
  17. Having a look at the home/away tables, 24 games in the league so far. 15 home wins 3 away wins 6 draws. Wouldn't have thought home advantage would be that high especially with no fans and really surprised to see just 3 away wins.
  18. I beg to differ, the Scottish League Challenge Cup should be what it originally was, a knockout Cup competition for all SPFL teams outwith the top tier of Scottish football. No crap non-league sides from England, no Welsh sides, no Irish dung or Lowland no-mark outfits. Get that competition back to what it was and regain its respectability. ETA: no 'colt' teams either.
  19. Gherry the Helmet mentioned "the proliferation of pillars" There is the same amount of pillars as there was this time last year, or this time ten years ago. What a fucking dullard.
  20. The bad thing is we didn't cling on at all. We sat back and were comfortable. Weren't under pressure to clear our lines quickly but still did so resulted in defending a pretty unthreatning attack again.
  21. Turgid stuff today. We clung on the whole 90 mins and barely threw a punch. Against Hearts fair enough, but Arbroath?
  22. Aye, it genuinely looked like we were happy just to get the ball into into the other half and practise defending.
  23. Putting one up top in an away game isn't a problem in and of itself. It's that that one up top may as well have been at a different ground for 90% of the game. He was so completely isolated. edit: to be clear, that's not his fault.
  24. Was like a training game today where we sat in and tried to protect the goal without worrying about anything in the other half. Arbroath didn't trouble us and I suppose picking up points like that and the odd win will keep us up but would have liked us to be a bit more attack minded when it was clear we weren't likely to concede if we too a few more risks higher up the park.
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