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  2. I've no time for either Muirhead or Kabia but would be churlish not to give them credit for finding the net. Three points were a must to break the spiral of draws and defeats and give us a bit of breathing space. so well done to Dougie and the team. Hopefully this will be the spur we needed to get some positive thoughts and a bit of confidence growing.
  3. I said it before the season started - but with so many (mostly skint) teams so evenly matched, and with strikers seemingly in such short supply across the whole division, every result is going to be ground out, hard-fought and slogged. Well done lads. I also took a a little comfort from Kabia's goal. Whilst he's been a passenger in every game so far, the subsequent explosion of confidence he displayed afterwards was great to watch. Maybe it's just what the boy needed - only time will tell. Elsewhere - much more positive and a significantly increased workrate from many players. It would have been interesting to speculate what tonight's result would have been if Jai hadn't been batshit enough to get himself suspended. A little light at the end of the tunnel for me.
  4. Much better. O'connor chucking his head at the shot in the last second of the match was brilliant. Saved it going in the top corner. Thought him and Baird were superb tonight. Grimshaw as well very much improved. Big game on Saturday to put a bit of breathing space between us and the bottom.
  5. Thank fuck for that. That is a massive, massive win. I'd have happily taken a draw before kick off tonight just to stop the rot of the losing run, but that's a terrific result.
  6. If we fuck this up you better be mailing your severed head to Sinclair street.
  7. Me of little faith. I'll temper my excitement for the final whistle though, as Schwake is called into action.
  8. If both results stay the same we and Cove both move onto 11 points, 4 clear of the dropzone (although Hamilton and Arbroath both have a game in hand, as do Raith on 9.) I must admit I feared the worst tonight, away from home to an on-form, big-spending team after the drubbing on Saturday, but well done to Imrie and the players for pulling it out of the bag. (Assuming we continue to play well and win.)
  9. So far its been very similar to how we played when imrie took over. As you said both Kabia and Muirhead working hard and looking dangerous. System and tactics working so far.
  10. This has genuinely been good. Firstly the players are clearly out to prove a point, Kabia and Muirhead are running themselves into the ground, but more importantly than the workrate or mentality they're actually playing well. Kabia has taken confidence from the goal and looks threatening, the pressing is working with Crawford covering a ridiculous amount of ground, that press unsettling their midfield is allowing ours to dictate the game. There've been a couple of hairy moments defending crosses but we're well worth the lead and it could be more.
  11. Morton seemingly on top going by the updates. Still mindful that we can fall apart at any given moment.
  12. Could be 2 or 3 up here. Queens fans are a greetin faced bunch of cunts.
  13. Should have been 2-0, tremendous ball in from McGrattan and Strapp had to bury that.
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