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  2. IIRC when Wilson was here the first time he looked a carthorse but once he got up to match fitness he was far better.
  3. I would personally like to see Wilson signed up permanently. His loan deal is up in Jan I think? And his actual contract wihh QOS expires in May. He is versitile able to play a number of positions and has been one of if not the best players for us the past couple of weeks for me it's a no brainer, okay he took a while to get up to fitness but now we are seeing what he can do.
  4. We used the man advantage well after the second goal, but until that point (even against ten men) our use of the ball was too slow and they were still getting a few good set-piece opportunities too.
  5. McPake talk all a load of shite apparently. From Chris Dodds on twitter...... Understand there’s no truth in the rumour of ex-Rangers starlet Josh McPake trialling at Morton. Wherever his next move takes him though, it needs to be the one where everything comes together for him
  6. He had already introduced Davidson and Keay to the squad and given them game time before your nonsensical boycott, grow up.
  7. Not sure in the end that was the case as in the last half an hour we could and maybe should have scored a couple more. Turning point was clearly the sending off, which I thought was quite harsh, as up till then they were still very much in it (they squandered an excellent opportunity to equalise just a few minutes earlier). Without that sending off, I'm not at all sure we would have seen out the game as comfortably as we did.
  8. In our position I can see the temptation to just look for any player possible who might be an upgrade. Any improvement in any area of the park could be the difference between 8th & 10th, but I'd agree with being wary about adding another winger/number 10 type when it's the area we least need bodies and the potential signing has major question marks about ever having been good enough for this level. If you're getting someone with the pedigree to be an upgrade that's a different matter, but even at that look how well a player with a bigger reputation in Ali Crawford worked out last season. We'll definitely need to be adding more to the defence, with French almost certain to go back to Dundee. One of the big concerns is holding onto Wilson as well, we can't afford to lose him so we should probably hope for an upturn in Queen of the South's results so Bartley keeps his job, rather than risking a new manager there wanting him back.
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  10. Don’t believe these are specific to his time at Morton. The article links to another one that says he was fined due to an unspecified off-field issue while at QP. Not a particularly exciting prospect bringing him in, but a trial is a ‘free hit’ I suppose. If it pans out and he helps us off the foot of the table it would be fine, but doesn’t seem like a squad priority given Quitongo is back and Bearne may be showing a bit more of himself. A left back is probably the most pressing position to address.
  11. Dean and Alan discuss the win over Bo'ness, the draw for the Fourth Round and the visit of Dundee United on Saturday.
  12. Dean and Alan discuss the win over Bo'ness, the draw for the Fourth Round draw and the visit of Dundee United on Saturday.
  13. Bring the boy in and have a look. IF he is better than what we have then its a no brainer but I wouldn't want him brought in at the expense of mcgrattan, jai or the emerging Bearne. I know boyd isn't everyone's cup of tea but I think he adds something to the squad as well. Dougie was very active in the January window and I'd very surprised of we didn't do some business again. McPake may be the start of this.
  14. He's not a player I'd be overly keen on. For all mitigation can be offered given the manager and the general state of the club at the time, McPake couldn't get out of here quick enough during his first spell. Looking at the options within the squad, we already have Quitongo, McGrattan, Boyd, Bearne and Muirhead capable of playing wide. The idea of adding a 6th option to that list, who has yet to show they can have a meaningful and consistent impact at Chamionship level, doesn't strike me as a good use of a limited budget. One goal every nine games for an attack-minded Queens Park side isn't exactly an inspiring track record.
  15. If I remember rightly there was a suggestion the boy thought he was playing below his level. He has been of interest to other clubs, including Hamilton, since being released but I think wages have been the issue.
  16. I don't honestly remember much when he played for us, anytime I have seen him which is rarely he has looked okay. Happy enough to give someone like that a trial to see if he can prove himself he is still young and it would be another option for us.
  17. He’s clearly a talented player but seems another of those who are weighed down with the tag of being expected to score goals. If Dougie can somehow persuade him that his excellent link-up play is a valuable asset to the team, then he could bring others into positions to score off his lay-offs. As a bonus he might just start scoring goals as a consequence of that expectation being taken off him.
  18. What disciplinary issues were there last time he was with us? All I can remember about him is that he was expected to be decent and turned out below average.
  19. Actually I’m delighted to be proved wrong if Dougie’s going to give youngsters an opportunity. I said I wasn’t going back until I saw evidence of this, so I’ll be back on Saturday!
  21. Aye, I hate it when clubs slightly higher up the food chain expect to roll us over. We’ll rightly be going in as favourites, but a team at the arse end of the Championship has no right to expect to bludgeon their way past one of League One’s better teams.
  22. I'm still expecting us to get through the tie, but the idea that we will be cantering past a solid mid-table League One side in our current predicament is fanciful.
  23. Last week
  24. Progression to Round 5 would mean just under an extra £30k in the bank, plus the outside chance of that game being on the TV. There’ll be a good few teams in the next round at our level or below, so a great chance to really progress this year.
  25. Aye because we have so much quality to spare as shown by our league position.
  26. Nonsense. We should be expecting to win this tie with something to spare. At home against a team from the lower league.
  27. A good chance to progress to the next round, but certainly not an easy tie.
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