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  2. SPFL should tell the BBC to have the funeral moved to 11am. If they move our game to the Sunday, we should insist on the game v Hearts being moved to the Wednesday.
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  4. I've been trying to find the Viz Prince Philip cartoon strip for the past few days now. Easily my favourite ever Prince Philip moment. ETA: Not this one but just seen this http://viz.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Screen-Shot-2016-02-04-at-21.58.21.png
  5. Somebody having a family (especially a paedophile son) really isn’t a reason to not think they’re a cunt.
  6. Not going to lie, some of the memes that have been doing the rounds in my group chats have been fucking hilarious.
  7. I'm not particularly for or against the Royal Family. What had to be remembered that not only was Prince Philip a very senior Royal, but also someone's husband, father, grandfather etc etc. So to celebrate his death is completely wrong. However, I do think the media , TV in particular, went completely ott. Was there any need for the three main terrestrial channels to devote their entire programming schedule to telling us the same thing over and over again. Yes, his passing required to be reported, but an hour or hour and a half long programme would have been more than enough.
  8. I don't mind commemorating it at all, it just seems odd to have to bring the country to a standstill without actually declaring it a holiday. It should be one or the other.
  9. Neither here nor there about the Royals. If the game gets moved or delayed so be it, not too fussed either way. The celebrations people are having over the guy dying is also pretty embarrassing; Old Firm level of behaviour.
  10. It is the husband of the reigning monarch, it's only right that the country shows him respect. Also, supporters aren't even allowed into the games just now anyway, so it is causing minimal inconvenience. Those who are being inconvenienced really are those directly involved in the games, which considering they've had a bit of a free ride this season by getting paid for a season of closed door games, they should have little to moan about.
  11. the Scottish Grand National has been shifted from Saturday to Sunday as racing has decided there will be a 90minute period of no sport other governing bodies lie the EFL and premiership rugby have come out and said they will move games that are due to occur in the 3pm to 4pm window - so sounds like plenty will be continuing with games on the saturday, just with adjusted times to avoid the actual funeral period. so SFA should be just fine keeping games on the saturday - but to follow the trend just avoid the 1hr like others
  12. So Hearts fans want other clubs to admire their team more than they do?
  13. You are correct, Raith and Dundee both beat that ratio by 0.06%.
  14. Well, given our otherwise timely and superlative social media output, it's a mystifying omission.
  15. Their fans are asking why he haven’t bothered to offer a social media reacharound like Caley have. An odd, odd bunch.
  16. I'm about to flip a coin. I hope it turns up Heads. But that requires a 100% success rate, which is practically impossible.
  17. I hope you’re right, though 5 points from 3 games would require a transformation from averaging one point per match to a points ratio bettered only by Hearts.
  18. Yep, this is nothing to how it was when Diana died. People openly grieving for a woman they'd never met in their lives. When London Bridge drops, the cry-wankers will be out in force, fuelled by the BBC while Nicholas Witchell masturbates furiously.
  19. I've always worried about this. Hearts who have been pretty chronic for weeks now have no pressure on them while Alloa and Arbroath have proved to be able to make life very difficult for our lacklustre forward line. Whatever happens we really need to be competing for every ball and avoiding our trademark defensive lapses.
  20. There’s been nothing like the hysteria here as there was at the time of Diana’s death, though. There’s a bit of public grief, and the media are of course all over it, but if anyone thinks this comes close to that, they’re in for a rude awakening when Liz pops her clogs.
  21. It's objectively a good result and I went into yesterday just hoping we wouldn't lose ground on Ayr or Arbroath, but the way the day played out it's hard not to feel that we should be sitting 7th now. You just have to hope that Hearts are going to completely down tools now the league's won. They've only won three in nine and we have to look at it as an opportunity to take something.
  22. Aye, while it's seen as the tipping point which unleashed hysteria around high profile deaths generally I was thinking there might be a relatively less over the top reaction to a royal death now compared with other high profile deaths, particularly as this is someone dying of natural causes at 99, although it was obviously always going to be worse than the average celebrity. You've had the growth of social media in the intervening years making it clear how many people just don't give a fuck either way, but if anything that's made the BBC and other mainstream media double down on being qua
  23. Our next 2 games should be against teams with nothing to play for whereas both Ayr and Arbroath don't have that luxury. Hoping that gives us some sort of advantage. Arbroath v Ayr next week should be interesting.
  24. Quite the opposite, I’d suggest Diana’s death was the watershed moment that grief culture became such a massive thing outwith it’s spiritual home of Merseyside. I’d never really seen anything like it until that point in my life, and while there’s not really been anything like it since (including Phil’s death the other day) I’d argue that in the UK folk have been progressively more hysterical about high profile passings.
  25. I'd have hoped the intervening 24 years would have made such a hysterical overreaction less likely now, but typing that out after the nonsense of the last few days I realise how silly a statement it is. Entirely normal and not remotely deranged events in an entirely normal and not remotely deranged island.
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