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  2. Delighted with that. Excellent first half but faded slightly in the second when they got back into it. Also well done to Muirhead that goal was top class. Nice wee away day at Motherwell now who needs a manager eh? One point to note thought it was strange the players didn't come over to the cowshed after winning on penalties.
  3. Cadden pops in another for FGR in routine win over Harrogate.
  4. I thought we were worth our halftime lead, poor goal to lose again though. Was amazed that Gozie didn't pass to either Reilly or Oliver as he drove towards goal late in the second half. Though if nothing else it maybe shows he has the confidence on himself to take things on.
  5. If the club don't want unaccompanied under 16's in the stadium then why are they selling them tickets and then not allowing them unaccompanied access? Surely there should be some system where a juvenile ticket(s) can only be sold with the purchase of an adult ticket.
  6. Delighted with that. Still improvement to be made but Inverness in decent form and we competed with them for large parts of the match. Still scarred from the Motherwell game at Fir Park years ago but hopefully see a decent enough away crowd heading there.
  7. I enjoyed Lyon's performance, driving us forward, and Oksanen, who has great skill, no where near as good as Billy Gilmour but with similar abilities at a lower level. He can take the ball anywhere on the pitch and always does something with it.
  8. Not make a bundle against Motherwell but I suppose what we do make will help with MacPherson's payoff.
  9. That was a much-improved performance from Saturday, even if we faded in the second half. Good stuff. Glamour tie at Fir Park awaits.
  10. Shootouts would be better if you were allowed to stand on the edge of the 18 yard box and make yer maw jokes to the guy about to take the shot.
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  12. Presumably we're not making any subs tonight because the computer picked the team and our caretakers are in the blind guys' toaster room waiting to see how things pan out.
  13. Unfortunately our decision not to play actual midfielders in two of our four midfield positions is coming back to bite us in this second half. I'd have Jacobs on to shore things up and put Oliver behind the two forwards, we're getting nothing from this shape.
  14. 11 hi-vis jobsworths currently guarding against the perilous threat to public order of, err, a bunch of wee guys giving the Inverness keeper pelters behind the goal. The club's provision for hiring these absolute charlatans should be fucking slashed, now.
  15. The difference between Lyons tonight and against QOS is night and day
  16. Mark Kelly. Producer/director of the stream. Did the commentary a few weeks ago when Gerry was away.
  17. Lyon running forward, Oksanen playing a forward pass during open play for the first time in weeks, bodies piling forward. Still been pretty rubbish but this is the sort of percentage football that works rather than 90 mins of hopeless hoofball up the channels. Hopefully more of the same in the second half.
  18. Players’ goal celebrations have been interesting of late.
  19. This has pretty much been a bog standard caretaker manager approach of set up in a flat 4-4-2 and hope for the best. We've done very little with it but neither have ICT; they had two chances in a minute shortly before we scored but haven't created anything else themselves. Some goal, which came from Lyon being let off the leash and allowed to break forward for the first time in years.
  20. Lyon being given freedom to get forward has made such a massive difference.
  21. We're not playing great but are simply much more threatening by playing the ball direct and having midfielders running forward in support, as opposed to the glacial, sideways, utterly pointless Gusball we were doing last midweek. Only an excellent stop from the goalkeeper stopped us from going 2-0 up, which would have been flattering on the balance of play tbh.
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