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  2. Far nicer than it looked in the mock up for the vote. Still think it would be better with yellow sleeves rather than blue and glad it's yellow shorts, but it's a nice kit.
  3. Listed as 24-26 away kit. Maybe going back to alternating years for new home/away kits. Would probably prefer navy shorts with it, but still like the shirt.
  4. Ridiculous to demonise an entire profession on the basis of a few perceived situations that were almost certainly done on instructions from above. These people were risking their lives dealing with a virus that, at least in the early days, was an unknown quantity with no known cure - all they could do was try to treat the symptoms and the effects of the virus. I was told by the doctor in the ICU ward that I was in that they had no information to inform them of what to do, so it was really trial and error. At the time, PPE was in short supply and staff were taking huge risks to help their patients, and isolation was one of the ways of trying to reduce the spead. maybe your experience is based on the uSA which seems to be a fairly vicious society where life is cheap if you're not hugely wealthy, but certainly in Scotland, the nursing profession worked like trojans to help their patients, with some of the staff dying themselves from infections caught in the course of their work. Your take on this is frankly ludicrous. Maybe aim your ire at your eponymous presidential pal Donald who didn't exactly cover himself in glory with his rantings during the pandemic.
  5. I like the look of it more on Baird than I did in the vote. Another nice kit.
  6. Hmmm, not a fan of that in the flesh. Should be blue shorts.
  7. Was it the nurses themselves who unilaterally decided to stop folk from seeing their dying relatives, or were they instructed to do so by their hospital management and/or health authorities? If it's the latter, should they not be the target of your hatred? And I would suspect the incident where a nurse allegedly called the cops when an unconscious person's mask fell off was specific to that one nurse, and not the whole profession?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Welcome to the club Lamar. Hopefully a positive move for all concerned.
  10. Welcome to Greenock Morton Lamar let's go and smash it mate.
  11. Sole with the ball over the top for Lamar to race on and finish in the clip shared above.
  12. Quitongo didn't score much but added a lot when fit. Hopefully a similar player to him that causes problems and has a bit of power and pace.
  13. Yeah fine with that. Dougie mentioned wanting more pace and end product from his wide players and that's a bit of a commodity up here, anyone he signed in that position was going to be a gamble anyway. Not been prolific but he's scored more league goals this season than Oakley did in the 3 seasons before joining us, worth a chance.
  14. Primarily a winger by the looks of it, but can play anywhere across the front three. Purely speculation here, but with Imrie talking about his pace, I wonder if we're going to see another bash at a more conventional 4-3-3 with two out and out wingers now there's no question mark over how to accommodate Muirhead.
  15. Let's hope he's the next Akinyemi. Welcome aboard!
  16. Happy to see us scouting for players at this level - there are good players to be found and hopefully we unearth a gem. If we are going to put together a competitive team on a shoestring budget then guys like this who are looking to prove themselves at a higher level should definitely be part of our recruitment strategy.
  17. I watched the Ipswich game live as I lived in Maidstone for a couple of years in the 80s and still have a wee soft spot for 'The Stones'. I remember thinking at the time that the first touch and finish for that goal was superb, looks like he could be a really exciting signing. Welcome to the Ton Lamar!
  18. That's an odd one, in a good way. It's normally not easy to coax players away from the Southeast. Livingston also signed a player from Maidstone this month, a midfielder named Liam Sole. Good luck to him, interested to see how this works out.
  19. Take it he's a midfielder then? Maybe the replacement for Crawford?
  20. 15 goals in the past 6 seasons at National League South level doesn't inspire much confidence. For reference Gozie Ugwu had 13 in 24 games the season before he joined Raith in the league ABOVE.
  21. Can safely say from the goalscoring record that we're looking at someone who's primarily about creating chances rather than scoring, we're in need of both so no problem with that at all. It is a gamble to have two 28 year olds who've never played in Scotland coming in in attacking positions, but we know gambles are what we're depending on in every window and if casting the net wider is what gets us the quality other clubs can spend their way to with known quantities then great.
  22. That really looks like a left field signing. Looks like we're trying to improve the attack. George? George Who?
  23. He works part time as a bus driver so saves a few quid for away games as well.
  24. Never seen him play or heard of him, but already decided he’s a baller. Welcome.
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