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  1. Today
  2. The way their fans were lording over us it is beautiful to see.
  3. Hopefully the cunts go right down the toilet.
  4. No wonder they were so desperate for promotion! They sacked McCall because they were worried they’re challenge was faltering, Looks like they actually needed promotion for stability! What a mess they’re in now!
  5. Pre season friendly at Annan, Tue 4th July, 7:45 kick off.
  6. Was talking to a Partick fan the other day, apparently they only have half a dozen players signed for next season
  7. They haven't even started selling season tickets yet, presumably because they didn't what division they'd be playing in, so that will probably tide them over the summer
  8. Having previously reported that their cash reserves were almost depleted, that the old board had bet it all on red by budgeting for promotion and that they needed directors loans to see out the season, a £280k loss is going to sting (although could have been worse without bonus cup income). Reduced budget for next season likely and the vultures circling to strip their squad. "If it had not been for a penalty shoot-out victory and a fortunate Scottish Cup draw, the February wages would not have been able to be paid." They also needed donations to pay May's wages.
  9. It may well have been true. But Brian Graham is a fkn cunt who plays for that horrible fkn cunt of a club so his opinion on whether the big bad cowshed got on his presious little nerves is fkn irrelevant.
  10. It see they've just announced a 280k loss for the season just ended, blaming it on the previous board underestimating some costs and budgeting for promotion, and 'an anticipated investment into the club not materialising' Ach well.
  11. Looks as if they are up to their eyeballs in debt and were lucky to pay May's wages.
  12. Not been a good few days for Partick fans. Terrible wee shame that.
  13. Yesterday
  14. With all of the elation and hilarity at Partick Thistle being shite and staying down I almost forgot my annual laugh at Hamburg fucking things up in the Bundesliga play-offs. Again. So here goes...
  15. He's lucky he's played the amount of games he has considering he's quite suspect to throwing elbows at opposition defenders. After the 2-1 loss at Firhill in January he shat himself when Grimmy got a hold of him. Let's hope Dougie brings in a proper shithouse player next season who will give him a few whacks over the course of the season.
  16. "If I made one mistake they were on my back and they were horrible in that Cowshed" Brings a tear of pride to the eye that does. Never stop booing the shitters and frauds that sometimes play for us
  17. Last week
  18. I can't remember the words Graham said about the Morton fans when he left but it left a bitter taste. So to see the hurt in his face yesterday made their loss even sweeter.
  19. It was some afternoon right enough, all 3 teams in the running were 'champions' at some point
  20. Dougie was spotted leaving the stadium at the end of the match
  21. Aye, it was some strike. Just missed the goal live as I had turned it over to watch the penalty shoot-out at Dingwall. Guy I work with is a Genk fan, and to say he was gutted this morning is an understatement.
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