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  2. Heard he's off to Peterhead who he played for couple of years ago
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  5. On McAdams, absolutely still had areas he had to work on but for his age and first ever season at this level he really couldn’t have done much better. As others have said, we’re unlikely to replace him with a keeper of similar quality - particularly one who’s peak years are still a long way away. It’d have been great to tie him down to the same contract as Jacobs imo.
  6. the fixtures for Season 2021/22 will be published on Tuesday June 15 at 9.00am. All four divisions are scheduled to begin on the weekend of Saturday July 31.
  7. Poland as ever challenging Scotland's crown as Europe's clown.
  8. For a youngster when I compare his contribution over 2 games against us he had far more impact than we saw from our 'forwards' over the entire season. I would be happy if he signed with us although I doubt it's likely.
  9. Can see him going to Arbroath or Alloa.
  10. Jonatan Johansson quite possibly saves his job as TPS pick up only their second win over the season away to RoPS. They jump to 7th in the Finnish second tier, six points behind leaders Jaro. Given that they're one of Finland's more successful clubs, to be LANGUISHING mid-table in the reindeer league isn't exactly great.
  11. Lyndon Dykes. We'd be better off with Annie Lennox up front. Discuss. ETA: He just gave that Czech a dull yin, so not completely shite.
  12. That goal. What a fucking embarrassment. Discuss.
  13. I see the striker from Motrose we enquired about has just announced he is leaving them. If not us who?
  14. Yeah, you only have to look around the rest of the division at some of the goalkeepers who washed up here last summer with half the division needing one. Raith did well to get Jamie MacDonald but that involved handing a two year deal to a 34 year old. Ayr got Sinisalo who was fine but nowhere near as good as McAdams, Queen of the South got Rohan Ferguson who was very error prone. Dunfermline made Owain Fon Williams loan permanent despite him being a dreadful goalkeeper with chocolate wrists, yet he was only the second worst in the division with Jack Hamilton, a goalkeeper with no positive
  15. Piecemeal and reactive rather than part of a planned schedule of maintenance and investment is how it looks to me. I agree MCT has more to do but it is still early days and they have not yet taken ownership. Compare your impatience and criticism to your stance on GMST. If MCT can avoid the self-interest and incompetence of GMST they at least have a chance of making it work.
  16. I think McAdams was very good for his age. Considering he only turned 22 in March, I think his season was very impressive. If he improves in the areas that he's a bit weak at the moment, then he could be a regular in the Scottish Premiership through the best years of his career. I'm not sure what that really would have meant for us, though, apart from having a decent goalkeeper for this level while he looked to improve. As it stands, there's are plenty of goalkeepers who are just as good, or better, around this level. I'm with you that it would have been better to keep him because there's
  17. I think this will be crucial to how we compete this season. We saw the impact that loan players had on a number of sides last season and I felt we largely missed out by having an already bloated squad. Hope Gus's contact book is getting well thumbed at the moment and we avoid some of the woeful ringers that we've ended up with recently.
  18. When the past few years of signings have yielded nothing other than complete dross of Scottish football like Gregor Buchanan, Kalvin Orsi, Cameron Blues and the likes, generic 'pen-in-hand' pictures are far more than that shower of shite even merit.
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  20. I wouldn't be adverse to seeing Rogers back. He is somewhat similar to McAdams if I remember correctly? I'm rather intrigued to see how we utilise the loan system this season, particularly with a smaller squad. They're generally more financially beneficial to the club too. I think if we managed to keep McPake after Christmas we would've created and possibly scored a lot more chances.
  21. I think most morton fans would agree with that Mcadams was a good keeper but far from perfect. Kicking and commanding his area needs to improve for him to kick onto the next level. Can see him going to a bigger club, but as a number 2.
  22. I'm not saying it's perfect but the hospitality area, gym, etc could have just been patched up so wasn't so much reactive. I think to will be interesting though although would be good to know a bit more about who's running things and if they have some experienced tradesman leading projects, etc rather then just giving whoever shows up a brush and paint. In fact, it would be good to know who's running anything just now - it's all a bit faceless.
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