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  2. Photo - Craig Doyle Sports Media Morton exited the SWF Championship Cup after falling 7-0 to Edinburgh City in the Second Round yesterday. On Sunday, Morton travel to Clyde in the SWF Championship South. Full details will be released in due course.
  3. That's optimistic. I was fully expecting a relegation battle this season and thought we were clear favourites for 10th, but at this rate there isn't going to be a battle. We'll just be meekly disappearing with any prospect of staying up realistically gone with months left of the season. We aren't 13/14 bad to the extent that we'll be completely outclassed in the majority of our games and take several pumpings, but rarely losing by more than one isn't going to be much consolation if we never turn staying competitive in games into points. A classic Alloa style relegation where you just aren't quite good enough to grind out points rather than a typical Morton or Raith style clusterfuck where you capitulate in a humiliating fashion is what everything's pointing towards at the moment, and when you ask what can be done to get out of that the number of answers which involve MacPherson being in charge is diminishing weekly. If this becomes five, six, seven defeats or even winless games in a row, his position is going to be untenable very soon. This is his squad, he staked the season on holding out for signings towards the end of the window and now the players he wanted are here. If he can't start getting results with them now the obvious way out of this will be to find a manager who can.
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  5. They wanted to literally sign the same offender as MCT have but they never followed as you say. By the time they takeover we will be all but relegated at this rate. Unless, of course, Pars and Accies conspire to somehow continue being worse than us
  6. The big question will be whether our soon to be new owners reject this utter nonsense or adopt it as the club motto.
  7. If Gus really thinks that level of performance is acceptable all the fans can expect this season is another relegation battle - talk about managing expectation. Why is it all Morton seem capable of appointing is delusional and defeatist managers? As for Gus walking out the door there is of course no chance. After every game he has the comfort of returning home to cuddle the two-year contract on his mantlepiece.
  8. Gus’ post-match interview, “can’t really ask for much more” If that’s the case you’re as well leaving mate.
  9. In fairness to the Rae family, they never signed any Sex Offenders.
  10. Reilly had plenty of chances yesterday and he was fucking useless as well. We went through about 8 different forwards yesterday and none of them had a shot on target. Disgrace.
  11. Was very disappointed about that. Having a Sex Offender captain the club is a disgrace. Pretty much ran out of patience now, MCT and Gus are somehow managing to out-Rae the Raes.
  12. Thankfully, Dunfermline and Hamilton play each other next week so it's unlikely Ayr will send us bottom (watch Dunfermline win 1-0 and Ayr stick 5 past us now to do just that).
  13. This Ayr game somehow turning into a shame game for us - box office Morton.
  14. The far more pressing issue for MCT right now is whether they've inserted a break clause or two into the utterly ridiculous, two year deal they doled out to a 'manager', off the back of a worse league record last season than a fitness coach.
  15. It should also be added that we should perhaps be careful what we wish for when it comes to travelling supports from less desirable clubs. So far, Rangers and Celtic have been able to use COVID restrictions and the need for red zones as an excuse not to allow away fans into their own grounds- there will of course be a point that there’s no need for these red zones, but I can’t help but think we’re on a slippery slope towards 100% home crowds at these two clubs becoming the norm. Celtic aren’t even allocating Raith Rovers any tickets for their midweek League Cup game on Thursday, and we, more than most in recent years know how well Celtic Park sells out for cup ties against unattractive Championship opposition. Some may think that not getting tickets when their clubs visit Ibrox and Celtic Park is a hit hit worth taking if the fans of those clubs don’t descend on their clubs’ grounds for the corresponding fixtures, but be under no illusions that the only clubs who will benefit from this sort of ban/arrangement/embargo would be Rangers or Celtic, just like they were the major benefactors of the abolition of split gates receipts for league games and TV deals which show 90% of their away games on TV anyway, cutting home crowds for these games and ensuring the only way to see their home games are by attending. Remember it was only a few years ago they were trying to charge clubs commission for selling tickets to their away supports- we don’t need the gulf between that pair and the rest stretched any further than it already has been.
  16. With, in my opinion, an inferior squad and marginally tougher opposition.
  17. If we’re not too bothered about sex offenders playing for us, why the fuck have we not tried to sign David Godwillie who at least can score goals?
  18. Last week
  19. If only there was a Scottish football coach who has been proven to save a second tier club from relegation by building a team around efficient hammer-throwers rather than useless sand-dancers like Robbie Muirhead and Gary Oliver. A manager who would devastate this current division with the physicality of Gozie Ugwu playing off Reilly, when He previously had to deal with useless tools like Iain fucking Russell failing to do the same role. Bring Him Home.
  20. Its bad enough having a sex offender playing for us, but why the fuck are we making him captain too?
  21. I've got no idea what you're talking about tbh. Strapp is just a poor (and out of confidence) choice as wing back - Russell can do that job much better. None of this has got to do with "religiously" adhering to a wider strategy though. We don't have one. This is just some diddy manager throwing shit against the wall. A fitness coach has still got a better PPG as Morton manager than Gus McPherson. These are facts.
  22. My main point was that players religiously adhering to Gus' s strategy .....robs them of intuitive 'in the moment' moves.....e.g.you must have seen the number of times we had Strapp well over the half-way line.....but the ball was invariably punted stand way....why? If Lewis Strapp is now our winger....why the f**k did we lose Aidan Nesbitt?
  23. The key point in that description is 'McLean', which is where your 'they plan to launch it forward' criticism falls apart. McLean is the jittery mother at a wedding. He'd launch it forward regardless. He needs to be punted to the bench and then we can have a discussion about how we distribute the ball.
  24. Oh right.....I assume you didnt witness the 'pass-along-the-line parade' before McLean airs it on a hopefull diagonal. Actually....noboby mentioning the chances we had...and there were a few!.....just wish Reilly had put his laces through it when he had the chance.
  25. QUOTE: Film....."Battle of Britain" Secretary of State /War Department (believe it or not...that was the name given to this Department of State at that time......well..it figures..we were at war after all). War Department Secretary of State to Air-Vice Marshall Dowding (Commander...RAF Fighter Command)..... "You dont exactly exude a spirit of optimism".
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