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  2. But where else can you can get a match report from 2016 that "you may also like"on front page of the news
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  4. Annoying me that their news widget doesn't work on mobile - you just get a dark blue box. So you see no content when you first click on the new site and have to scroll for about a week past all the adverts to get to any content down at the bottom of the page. And it really looks more like a Mctears site than a Morton one.
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  6. The league won't do that but I guess they could be banned from starting. Disastrous at this stage if it didn't go ahead.
  7. Delaying it at this stage wonMt do much other than take away whatever revenue can be gained from streaming. Regardless of how things play out, we need government assistance.
  8. Is anyone getting a crowdie?
  9. anyone think the league will be cancelled or delayed?
  10. Is there any actual reasoning behind the photo with a turkish barber?
  11. From what you can hear, he speaks quite well
  12. Are they testing crowd noises in the background? Another shambles.
  13. Morton fans: "the club should think about being more commercial, and make some money" Also Morton fans: "maybe don't bother... 😬"
  14. Last week
  15. Can tell he was going to be another rank rotten shitter like Livingstone by the way St Johnstone fans were going on about him.
  16. We now have a squad of 19 with only three defenders and one goalkeeper. There's absolutely no chance you can justify adding McPake to an already stacked midfield, whatever's left in the budget has to be spent in defence.
  17. Why is our twitter page linking to a St Johnstone statement rather than making one of their own? I'm not really one to overly moan about little things but that one bothers me for some reason.
  18. So 10 attacking players in the squad and just 3 defenders with 2 weeks to go, concerning. Surely that Rangers winger apparently signing isn't needed or that trialist midfielder from Sat. Can see the same defensive deficiencies we had at the start of last season.
  19. "We'd like to thank Greenock Morton for their professionalism..." Morton to get that shit framed.
  20. What a signing! Could be literally anything so will refrain from bodying playing or club too much. Of all the positions to lose though 😐
  21. Can't wait for the headline, 'Cappielow Corona Coverup'
  22. Tractors do take fucking ages to get anywhere to be fair.
  23. Sounds more like a decision between us and the player. https://perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/news/post/wallace-duffy-update
  24. So we actually get a player who can cover centre back and right back, the obvious gaping holes in the squad, and he gets recalled in under a week. Terrific. I don't suppose the reason will ever come out when 'non-footballing reasons' is being given as an explanation.
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