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  2. Now that the Champions League final is out of the way: tomorrow night at 2am UK time is the final of the Mexican Clausura. Pachuca, 2-0 down from the first leg, host Atlas. I want Atlas to finish the job because a few weeks ago I booked a trip to Mexico City, expecting Club America to be in the final, but Pachuca beat them. I was going to go to the game at the Azteca. (I don't support America, but it's much easier to get to than Pachuca.)
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  4. Yeah, I don’t disagree. Liverpool are a bit closer to home though.
  5. fair enough. Both clubs tonight are fairly odious. A bit like deciding who your favourite serial killer is.
  6. No, I never mentioned financial doping with Liverpool. I just said they’re odious.
  7. I'm confused. Do you genuinely think that Liverpool are more financially doped than Real? I want Real to win tonight, but their finances are a joke. And they were the prime movers behind the super league to avoid sharing revenue with the "little" Spanish clubs.
  8. Hot on the heels of Hamburg and Inverness getting bodied in their play-offs on Monday, it was delightful to see the financially doped Wrexham and Darvel missing out on promotion from their respective leagues today. It would be a real shame if another odious club was to miss out on their big day, today. Hala Madrid.
  9. I kind of agree with that, but the outcomes from the competitions were decent. Made the trip to Smiths this morning to renew the season ticket & saw the actual shirt for the first time. First reaction- god no! It'll be the first one I havent bought since the last vertical stripes one @ 15 years back. I haven't seen a morton shirt that shade since the Weatherston testimonial shirts.
  10. I'm surprised that nobody is having a major hissy-fit on here that the shirt isn't blue & white hoops. Personally i am glad that we've moved away from a shirt design being chosen from a kids colouring competition.
  11. The TFG Shirts from c.2001-3 season were superb quality and looked good too. imho they were the best Morton shirts of the recent era.
  12. May as well carry on the list for everyone with double figures: 1. Weatherson - 43 2. Peaso - 25 3. Campbell - 21 4. Oliver - 21 5. McHugh - 18 6. O'Brien - 18 7. Tidser - 18 8. Wake - 17 9. O'Ware - 16 10. Johnstone - 14 11. Forbes - 13 12. Jenkins - 13 13. Russell - 11 14. Graham - 10 I've gone with fewer appearances as the tiebreaker for players who are level.
  13. Aye, it's O'Brien. Always thought he was hugely underappreciated but even at that I was surprised to see him that high.
  14. Rattling through the other guesses: Wake - 17 in the league, 3 in cups. The third best second tier goals to game ratio of those mentioned here behind Peaso and Johnstone, and the best goals to starts ratio of anyone even if you make it all competitions, including McManus in League One. O'Ware - 15/16 in the second tier, depending whether you include the playoff goal v Dundee United. Also scored 3 in League One and 6 in cups. Johnstone - 14 in the league then didn't score in his second spell, but that gives him a better goals to game ratio than everyone there other than Peaso. 3 in cups. Forbes - 13 in the second tier, plus 1 in League One and 5 in cups. McManus - only 5 goals in the Championship. 20 in League One and 3 in the Challenge Cup. The players not mentioned who have a better goals to game ratio than anyone here are Greg Kiltie (6 goals) and Martin Hardie (9 goals), but still waiting on the answer to the player joint with McHugh and Tidser. More appearances than McHugh and fewer than Tidser.
  15. I thought forces would have definitely been on the list.
  16. His successful season was the third tier, not the Championship. Edit: after typing that I doubted myself. You're right, Championship.
  17. Last week
  18. I'm sure their displays will be set up ahead of tomorrow. I would hope so anyway.
  19. Aye, the point is its not very good for passing trade and impulse buys. I assumed it wasn't out yet and I'd be surprised if many people just go in there for a browse.
  20. I do really like it from the front but the back is a bit grim. Will look better with a name and number in there. Presumably we’ll go with white numbers and lettering. Was a real shame they didn’t get the gold sets for the Cup Centenary jersey.
  21. It's a left footed winger, for anyone still guessing. I had McHugh in 6th, with Tidser's with one more cup goal as the tie breaker. It is a list which puts things in perspective, though. We haven't had many goalscorers in recent years.
  22. I'll go Denny Johnstone for the last one then, he got about 15 in one season.
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