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  2. Having now watched the extended highlights, I agree. Barca chucked it at 2-1. For the fifth they didn't even appeal the obvious offside.
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  4. Sorry to hear former assistant manager Tam Forsyth has passed away. Always remember him trying to slide tackle John McNeil in front of the Cowshed, missing and taking the legs away from PC Plod.
  5. Not been watching, as I'm working, but Bayern are frighteningly good right now. Against a Barcelona who were fortunate to best Napoli and are being "led" by a guy who's out of how depth, I'm not surprised they went out to properly smash them. 100m odd for Coutinho and they loan him out to the team that's going to win this year, incredible.
  6. Well that was quite incredible. I don't think I've ever seen a group of players care so little about getting battered like that in a major game.
  7. Having the occasional fag with a pint is one of life's greatest pleasures.
  8. Even better was the fact Hull City could train in Edinburgh and Hearts couldn't.
  9. That amount can't be right. The ISL has a salary cap for entire teams of around $2.2m. Paartalu alone would hit that on a six-month deal. Not saying he's not on decent money but it won't be that amouht, surely?
  10. Don't know if this has been shared before, but big Paartalu is mentioned in the video - earning big bucks in India now seemingly.
  11. That's it, null and void this shit before it even begins.
  12. Jack Iredale has signed for Cambridge United as well. I'm not one to always clamour for ex-players to return, but those were two players who weren't unrealistic targets and would have been a collosal improvement on what we currently have at centre back, while Iredale would have given us cover at left back as well. Obviously Iredale hardly played at centre back for us, but we know he can defend remotely competently which sets him apart from what we have. Obviously we're still weeks away and there will be plenty of players out there they might be looking at, but every time a centre back we know of signs elsewhere it increases the fear that we might actually end up with McGinty and McLean as our first choice centre back partnership.
  13. Aye, and that was ludicrous, and they only got a slap on the wrist for it, which wasn't ideal. But in this particular circumstance they're correct.
  14. It's not, but there's plenty of time to achieve that. Going back preposterously early, they have been back for 2 weeks, has cost them over £100k so far. Stupid.
  15. They've spunked away a 7 figure sum trying to legally overturn a members vote. Fuck them.
  16. I think they've seen the previous comments on this and are having a laugh.
  17. It's not a contradiction to say that money is tight, and that they wanted to invest their money on a sharp, match-fit squad.
  18. Trolling the whole Morton support with a new kit that can't be bought would be ultimate patter. No doubt we will have a pre-match launch before the Getafe friendly.
  19. We know nothing. With how often it's been shown though, surely has to be something in it. Bantz if not though.
  20. So, are we going to announce this new kit (or the other random design in the weekly update video) or just randomly post pictures of it? Do we even know if it's an away kit or a third kit yet?
  21. Smoking isn't big or clever. Have yourself a word with Andy Morrison and get yourself off it before it's too late.
  22. Chris Doolan....Joins Arbroath....
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