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  1. I liked it. It was slightly jarring at moments, and there's work to do on when and when not to do it, but I thought overall it added to the quality of the footage. Taking into consideration the improvements that have been made so far (since missing half the pitch against QotS), I'm hopeful that its use will become a bit more smooth as the season goes on. I hope they keep using it, but assess and work on the effectiveness of its use.
  2. My refund came through today - I got the email on Thursday. They could have made oversights with refunds (it's worth checking), but, as with my case, refunds are still coming through as of today
  3. Yeah, this is what I've said a few times. The movement of the camera was decent enough and seemed to be following the game about 20 yards too far up/close in. The cameraman was missing the action by the same distance every time. Why no-one fixed this issue is a mystery, and indicates really poor communication and management (if only we actually employed someone to properly oversee this).
  4. We could've hired someone to help look after the technical side of things instead of signing an over abundance of wingers and forwards. I'd happily swap Robbie Muirhead for a website/streaming manager (that would be far better value for money). Not having someone internally who knows the technical side of things is pretty staggering considering that's our primary way of bringing in income right now.
  5. The whole thing is agonisingly cringe worthy. It's hugely embarrassing for the club and incredibly damaging to our chances of making anything like the most out of any income streaming matches might bring in. The statement makes it worse, as it only serves to deepen the view of the levels of incompetence involved. Not realising that the website would crash was bad, and predictable. Failing to let the cameraman know that he seemed to have something zoomed in which meant he kept missing the action was arguably worse. But worst of all was the fact that they put out a statement to justify their methodology, but only revealing that this was also completely ill thought out. I dread to imagine what this comprehensive review will actually involve.
  6. We'll need to hope that they're taken at the WDE!
  7. The camera work is so weird. It's like they have no idea what we're actually seeing. They are quite capable of showing the Sinclair Street end goal, but seldom do so when Queen's attack. Between our defending and the camera work, my TV is never going to survive this season.
  8. I suspect we'll spend most of the first half arguing over whether it's a back 4, 3, or 5. Hoppy didn't exactly pick standard looking, balanced line-ups last season.
  9. Youth goalkeepers aren't usually of any more use as backup on the bench than an outfield player.
  10. Hang your head in shame for only having big Parfait on the bench. Those marauding runs with the ball out from the back were outstanding. Good player - real pity that his career was taken from him the way it was.
  11. If Hopkin sees an inexperienced goalkeeper like McAdams as first choice, then it makes a certain sense to bring in an experienced backup to provide support and a decent level of cover. I don't particularly rate Hutton, and I don't know if he'd be the right choice, but I could see the logic in a move like that.
  12. £10 a game might work because it will encourage away fans to pay. I'm not sure if it makes sense based on the home support. It's the same with attending matches - you'll always be able to get fans to pay over the odds, but it's difficult to find the balance on getting the additional customers through reducing the prices. Value is less important than what will actually bring in the most money. In that sense, selling the season tickets before setting out prices for viewing individual matches was the only sensible option for the club, otherwise they would've lost out on money that a certain hardcore of fans were always going to pay. If you started with £10 per game and then not many beyond that hardcore were actually bothered about watching a stream, then the club would have lost out.
  13. Given season ticket prices, league matches will be at least £15 to stream. I wouldn't be surprised by £20 but might be something like £18. I think most fans bought season tickets knowing that they might be watching streams. It's more about supporting the club and watching the matches in whatever way that's possible.
  14. McKee himself is defending a performance at that level in the interview by saying it was his first full season. I think that's a good example of what I was talking about, he had some ability but struggled to adjust to the demands of the game at that level. I very much doubt we would've gone up if we hadn't signed Forbes and McKee stayed in the team. There are loads of young players who have been a teams like that who never play for the first team. It was naive of him to think he was ready for the first team. He's far from alone in that. It's understandable, but there are too many young players who don't appreciate just how far away they are from being ready for first team football. I agree, but they also need to be realistic about their ability. Having a good understanding of where you and how far you need to go is very important. I think McKee himself acknowledges this: I was of the belief I should have been playing in the first-team. You just don’t appreciate the level you are it when you’re that young.
  15. McKee played well for us towards the end of his time with us, but that was really the only period of time that he actually looked the part. He was one of many, many players we've had over the years who have been "neat" midfield players with signs of technical ability but nothing like the all round attributes to be a consistent performer at this kind of level. It's no surprise that he struggled at Carlisle and Falkirk and ended up back in League One last season. Maybe he's improved at Dumbarton and will come back to haunt us this season - who knows. His story is a very common one. A young player who had an overinflated idea of how good he was and little idea of what it actually takes to play at a decent level. It's very telling that he thought he should be playing Championship level in England and a couple of years later struggling to adjust to football at League One level in Scotland.
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