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  1. Salkeld hasn't scored since the 10th minute of the first league match of the season. He's our lone striker at the moment. I'm just trying to get my head round that.
  2. Yeah, I was being specific and looking for a single league season. The answer I was looking to get was indeed 00/01. When we were in administration, without a proper manager in charge, heading towards relegation and a takeover in time for the following season. Crawford looking to leave us exactly where his father found us.
  3. I agree. A caretaker with no experience, who wasn't even interested in the job, is what we have already. It hasn't cut it and it won't cut it. At this rate we won't even get to 25 points. After today's performance, giving up 10 without a win, it doesn't look like it could get worse. When was the last time that we went 11 without a win in a season at this level?
  4. No Morton manager could survive a winless run like that in the middle of a season... ...it's a pity we have a conditioning coach rather than a manager in charge.
  5. The level of booing that Collins received on his return to Cappielow while playing for Gretna is up there with the loudest negative responses for a returning player. I expected a bit of negativity, but it was really quite something. His return as assistant manager, by all accounts, was very much quieter. Neither has left him very popular with sizeable elements of the Morton support. If he'd had simply left at the end of the 02/03 season, he'd be very fondly remembered by pretty much all the support. But it's difficult to detach that from what followed. Same thing goes for some other previ
  6. I wasn't convinced by Kerr's Scotland in the end. She's worth consideration as much as many other of the names that will be mentioned, or moreso in many cases, but it feels like a big risk given the situation we'll be in. I think a Jim Duffy type appointment would be sensible. Someone who knows Scottish football, knows how clubs work, can get on with the job, will be on board with the realities of the new ownership model while not being a complete diddy. I can think of a few candidates, but probably none that will be very popular on here!
  7. I don't have a huge problem with understanding where this amount is being spent, tbh. We have very little income at the moment, did a terrible job of budgeting for the season, and now have added testing costs as well. Simply put, we'll need this money to get the club to the takeover without adding to it's debt to GC.
  8. Crawford has been chairman for 2 and a half seasons, and we've seen 3 managers jump ship in that time. We didn't even bother to try to recruit a new manager after Hopkin resigned, or a new CEO after MacKinnon left. I'm not going to paint Crawford as the villain, I really don't know all the details, but there is either a question of competence, commitment, or actual control. Budget planning has been a disaster, for example, with significant backtracking in two out of his three seasons. Whatever the motivations, he's made a mess of his leadership of the club. I think it's fair to be
  9. So this is like a safeguard to safeguard us against those who are meant to be safeguarding us? So that they don't sell us out to some longer term land investor/speculator for an appropriate fee in the event that they decide not to care about us anymore? But not the car park, because they don't see this as the same thing?
  10. Do the people behind the balance of decision making power at GC really care about Morton? While Crawford might have some sentiment for the club, and a desire not to see his father's legacy be tarnished too much, how much can that be said of GC as a whole? How did they come to a decision that they want to safeguard the future of the club? Why are the so silent on the issue? There are too many nagging questions, but even MCT hardly give a glowing assessment of the options. There are some real worries in the outline of their points, for example: It may also be possible to build in a
  11. There are other options to safeguard the ground in the event that things go wrong. I would say that my general unease here is that Golden Casket still want to retain something - why do they need to be the third party safeguarding the club? There's just something about it which doesn't sit right.
  12. I'm not sure what the intention is exactly, but we're playing the type of limp 4-1-4-1 which is an absolute pet hate of mine. Everyone is a bit isolated. There's no threat in the final third. There's a fear of being overrun in the middle but you just end up playing like you're a man down.
  13. Classic case of what happens when you give away soft goals and have very little threat in attack. Surely Orsi is just about of of time to start to impress. He did nothing last week and has struggled again this week. His form has plummeted since his goals against Queens the last time. Might not be long till we need to try something like bringing Muirhead and Oliver on as a front 2 and moving Nesbitt out to the left (taking Colville and Orsi off).
  14. Credit to Mark Farrell that a pitch which looks so bad is actually playable. Not much grass out there in large patches. Don't want to think about how it look, or play like, in one or two month's time.
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