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  1. When he says that he was surprised that the League One and Two clubs wanted to play the season, he actually means he's gutted because he can't cry about being shut out of football (and try to claim a place in the Championship). Embarrassing stuff from him.
  2. About half the Premiership clubs already rejected the idea of a permanent move to a 14 team to flight. Why have we circled back to this?
  3. I honestly can't believe the mess that we've allowed the club Twitter page to descend into.
  4. I thought the best bit is how it just all automatically reverts to the current setup for the 22/23 season, with no mention of the relegation/promotion situation that would create for 21/22. The weirdest bit is the bit about the Premiership needing Hearts more than the Championship does and the Championship needing Patrick Thistle more than League One does. Desperate stuff.
  5. Kyle is surely the worst player ever to get 10 Scotland caps? It took the best part of a year for Vogts to realise that McFadden and Miller were our up and coming young forwards and not Kyle and Dobie. Such a frustrating time.
  6. Other teams in playoff positions also voted to end the season. The incentive was prize money being paid out immediately instead of needless waiting around when there was never any hope of the season resuming. The actual important thing now is trying to come up with a plan to be able to start next season at some point.
  7. Brora and Kelty are in the same position as any other team in our around a promotion play off semi final. Perhaps the raw deal is that there is no automatic relegation place in League 2, but they are simply affected by the cancellation of the playoffs in the same way as many other clubs. That's one of the things that ICT's rant doesn't seem to comprehend. They can't seem to get their great around why Brechin weren't relegated. It's very simple. Brechin were in a playoff position and the playoffs were cancelled. The other three were in automatic relegation positions. When the basics like that cannot be grasped, it's no surprise that there is no hint of a proper solution in their rambling. I should add that I think everyone gets a bit of a raw deal out of this, but that's just the reality of having to finish a season early. There's no way to remedy that.
  8. The seethe is palpable in that rambling rant. You can really sense the moments when the keyboard is being pounded in pure, unadulterated rage. What's not clear, in any way, is an actual alternative plan which would clear the way for their aim of joining Hearts in the Premiership for next season.
  9. Certainly not many would be returning to full time football in that scenario!
  10. Critical functions of a charity should really be performed by an office holder of the charity in this case, whether that be the treasurer, secretary, or other other trustee. They will, of course, be non-paid but a different matter. It will also be the case that volunteers will ordinarily help out with some tasks, and they will be helping out with such tasks at this time. But it would be completely unacceptable to promote one to a position similar to the paid employee. I work for a small charity, so I know exactly the type of situation you're talking about.
  11. The guidelines quite clearly state a non-furloughed member of staff can cover critical tasks. A volunteer is not a non-furloughed member of staff. A volunteer shouldn't be covering the tasks of a furloughed employee. We could also get into what should and shouldn't be expected of a volunteer in relation to critical tasks of an organisation of the size of Morton. And you would need to be very careful when it came to something like season tickets. Replacing an employee with a volunteer in relation to the promotion or sale of a product is very shaky ground indeed. But I don't think that's what's going on here. I don't think this is a case of getting a volunteer to cover critical work. I suspect what both parties thought was a mutually beneficial arrangement arose to keep social media stuff ticking over, and they took it. Nothing more, nothing less. It was poorly thought through, but that's all. At least we didn't try to get a volunteer coach to fill in for David Hopkin. I suppose 'Coordinator of the Morton First Team' would've looked good on someone's Linkedin though, even if he had no players to actually coach.
  12. Critical functions can be reallocated to non-furloughed staff. People who have been furloughed can do volunteer work. The two are not connected - it does not say that a volunteer can be brought in to do the work of a furloughed employee. That seems like quite a selfish twisting of the rules which, if widespread, would put many jobs in danger which the scheme is meant to protect.
  13. Budge is already talking about a 'temporary change.' A temporary change which will presumably mean 3 or 4 relegation places in a Championship of 10 teams next season. I'm sure once someone points out some of these pesky details to her, she'll try to promote it as some sort of great bastion of sporting integrity.
  14. No more football is being played this season, therefore the playoffs have been cancelled. Brechin are in a playoff position, not an automatic relegation position.
  15. Shiels all but had us relegated before improving his point per game total, though. He undoubtedly made it worse before we got better (which happened far too late, and was completely undone at Hamilton). I can't think of a more disastrous managerial spell than his in the last decade. Grady was insipid, but never anything more than a place-holder for Moore. He didn't do the damage that Shiels did.
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