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  1. I'm not one who's big on the look of the shirt usually, but for me this is a massive improvement on last season when the plain blue back didn't feel like us at all. Having the hoop look all the way round is a big step in the right direction. I can understand why some might think it's a bit uninspired but I just think it will be really nice to see us playing in a strip that looks more like us. To me it feels like what a Morton kit should look like and I'm happy with that.
  2. No worries, Owen Coyle will talk his way into that job.
  3. After the struggles of recent years, it was so nice just to go on and simply purchase a season ticket.
  4. We're as good as any other team in the league on our day. So frustrating to not have a few more points, because we've been so close to getting them. Fine margins from being in the title battle on Friday night. As it is, we hope for the best but play like that again and we'll put ourselves in the position to take the good bit of luck if it comes. Outstanding today.
  5. Players like Easdale, Garrity, and Lyon were all given contracts during last season and will all probably leave before the end of them. Imrie has made use of McGrattan but I've never really been convinced of how much Imrie was really keen on those players. We seem to have wanted to give home grown players a chance over and above what Imrie actually thought their worth was. You could also say that this have changed since then and we have less need for such squad fillers, but they definitely stand out as being different cases to the other players that Imrie has brought in. It's not surprising to see them leave.
  6. I thought Water's had perhaps his best game for us on Saturday, solid at the back and passed the ball better, but our best chance with his crosses is definitely still another flukey back post goal. We don't want to rip it up and start again, but we do need a little bit more quality if we want to step it up a level (and it could be a tougher league next season so we might need to step up to even stay where we are in terms of league position). There might need to be one or two pretty ruthless calls if there are better players we might get in.
  7. It could be that Strapp 'and his agent' think he's worthy of being something like the top earner at the club but Imrie isn't willing to shift to that level on that. I'm not sure what has been said makes sense otherwise. If Strapp and those around him have taken the position that he's a higher level player who's happy to stay if he's paid as such, Imrie might have responded by saying that this could well be but we're not going to pay him what he's looking for here. Sometimes moving away works out, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's best for players to test themselves outside of their comfort zone, sometimes that comfort zone is the best place for them. It would have been nice to have kept Strapp on as long as possible. I think it's positive to have some longer term players. I doubt Imrie is trying to be charitable to Strapp at the expense of the club - he either think he wants to much money or, well, maybe he just doesn't like him. It's impossible to know form the outside what's happened, but it is disappointing.
  8. I agree with that to a large extent, but would add that with better finishing, being slightly more solid at the back and with a little bit better game management we'd be at least 5 points better off from recent games and still in contention for the title. I think it's less running out of steam than it is not making sure the we got what our general performances have deserved recently. The margins that have stopped this season from being absolutely outstanding have been paper thin. It is probably just that case of not managing to add the right quality in January. But we've been very close and there can't be many complaints at all.
  9. I think Schwake has been more assured in recent weeks, and did a very good job in difficult conditions last week, but the high ball in for the third goal is going to fall and bounce in the six yard box before Oakley makes a meal of it. That's absolutely the goalkeeper's ball to claim. The problem is that he doesn't anticipate/read the cross and doesn't react to it, and that is clearly a weaker point in his game. I'm not singling him out for that goal, though, and it's not out of place at all for goalkeepers at this level. It happened to be something that Jack Hamilton was pretty good at last season, despite some errors, and it immediately takes some pressure off if a goalkeeper is going to be able to take more of those than Schwake does. Giving away free-kicks doesn't help and Oakley not dealing with it also gives O'Connor two players to cope with (and one of them scores). I'm not sure I quite get Imrie's criticisms because I can see plenty of blame spread among plenty of players in recent matches. The Dundee 'keeper made a meal of a few things as well. Goalkeeping at this level can be pretty ropey.
  10. King's a talented 18 year old who does silly things. Ideally he'd be out on loan playing every week and learning more about that side of the game. It's probably really frustrating for Imrie when he's telling him not to do things like that - more frustrating than errors from not being good enough because he's choosing to make a challenge like that when he'll have been told not to (but it very much feel like an inexperience thing which game time very much helps with). Blues and Grimshaw both lose back post challenges. The third goal is a bit of a mess. I'm honestly not sure if the ball should be dropping in our six yard box that often.
  11. I thought he struggled particularly in the first half at Ayr. Around the time he was booked he looked a bit lost. I didn't think that was his best game - scoring with a poor cross doesn't cover the weak performance for me. I thought he struggled with the conditions in the first half last night but was comfortable in the second. He got into a good position to score in the first but took too long over it - I thought that kind of sums him up, he knows what to do but just isn't brilliant at actually doing it. I won't labour the point cause I don't think he's been bad - I just don't think he's very good. If our aim is simply to avoid relegation next season then sure, we could do worse. Otherwise, I'd hope we could do better.
  12. I largely agree, but I haven't been impressed by Waters. He's a basic left back who knows his role well but I don't think he's particularly good at anything - his crosses aren't very good, his clearances could go anywhere, he can't really dribble or pass his way out from the back. He's not particularly weak or a liability of any sort at defending but I'd like to think we could do better.
  13. To be clear, I think the most likely outcome is him signing for a club like Patrick Thistle, Falkirk, or Raith Rovers, but I could also see him signing for a club like Killie.
  14. If Calum Waters could get a top flight club, surely Strapp can too. He's got improvements to make, particularly in his marking at set pieces, but there are worse than Strapp in the top flight.
  15. I was right in line with this one at the end and thought it was a matter of failing to anticipate exactly how the ball was coming across rather than not busting a gut to get there (McGrattan was there too). Ali Crawford's was much worse in this regard, when Muirhead laid it on a plate at the back post and he had gone inside instead.
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