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  1. It's telling that we all disappointed that QP were doing the right thing from their point of view by dumping players like these. There's obviously the Imrie connection with Gillespie and Jai was a young player with potential at one point but it's a big gamble to try to get both careers back in track. Points to a bit of a struggle to attract quality players.
  2. Yeah, not a fan of that whatsoever.
  3. Quitongo was a brilliant, raw talent as a 18/19 year old, but he's arguably only gone backwards since then. He hasn't seemed to improve much technically and has perhaps lost that fearless edge he had before injuries. I'm sure there are those around him that would say I'm being unfair and that he's still got the talent, but his career has never really got going. There's very little, if anything, to suggest he's what we're looking for (beyond once having, a really quite explosive, raw potential). He would undoubtedly be a better squad player than Easdale, though, but I expect he's just training with us (like many players have done over the years without signing).
  4. I thought that Wilson looked like a player with the potential to be really good at this level, and I do think he'd fit in better in a 4-3-3 type structure (there was often an aspect of him not quite fitting in, I thought), but there's also a part of me that thinks if he doesn't smooth out those (sometimes very) rough edges then he won't ever quite be the player he looks like he might be - he did so some ridiculously bad stuff in amongst his good general play. I think we're going to have to hope Jacobs can find his form or we can find a way to move him on (which Imrie seemed to generally hint at in terms of players who already have a deal).
  5. I had that worry about my season card after signing up for the direct debit last season. It's not the most reassuring system ever - especially with the direct debit where things have to be matched up manually. I did get an email on the week leading up to the first game of the season, when I assume this matching up was done (which was good work on their part considering I had used my email address that I use for MCT and not for gmfctickets). Overall, though, it's usually fine and not worth the worry - despite the lack of confirmation emails, etc. I still can't get my payment to go through this year though. Seems to be quite a few people having an issue with the verification page. I'm not worrying too much because I can get the MCT price any time, but it's not great for those trying to get the early bird price. I'm certainly not alone in having this issue. The club either need to get this sorted today or extend the early bird window imo.
  6. Imagine going back in time to December 2021 and telling your past self that Blues and Muirhead would be signing new 2 year deals. Whatever you think of it now, it's not something anyone would've seen coming then.
  7. I should have known better than to think that I could just quickly pop onto the website this morning and renew my season ticket. I'm now remembering why I ended up paying by direct debit last year - because it was the quickest and easiest way to do it. Issues with authentication check not connecting this time. It does very much feel like any problem resolved with the website just throws up a new problem.
  8. It's a left footed winger, for anyone still guessing. I had McHugh in 6th, with Tidser's with one more cup goal as the tie breaker. It is a list which puts things in perspective, though. We haven't had many goalscorers in recent years.
  9. Pfft, doesn't even make the top 5...
  10. A striker who finds the net once a month would be our top goalscorer. Reilly came onto a game in the second half of the season, but he never really liked like he was going to score loads of goals.
  11. This move had been rumoured for ages. The talk was that he had moved (or was moving) back down there, so it was a move which really made sense for him. He's at a stage of his career that a move back to his hometown club was going to be difficult for us to compete with.
  12. While I agree that some form of vision is important. What happens if we do push a vision for aiming for promotion, increase the budget intentions, and then we still only sell about 500 or so season tickets? Selling a vision with words and slogans is one thing, having the finance to back it up is another thing entirely. People come back to the club when they see financial investment (on and off the pitch) and a bit of success - but those running the club don't have the financial backing to do all that much at this point. The balancing act going on here is incredibly important to try to get right, but it's also incredibly difficult.
  13. I've always thought Baird's awful.
  14. Low was in the cowshed for the ICT match. He is the type of player that we don't have among our current midfielders.
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