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  1. McKee himself is defending a performance at that level in the interview by saying it was his first full season. I think that's a good example of what I was talking about, he had some ability but struggled to adjust to the demands of the game at that level. I very much doubt we would've gone up if we hadn't signed Forbes and McKee stayed in the team. There are loads of young players who have been a teams like that who never play for the first team. It was naive of him to think he was ready for the first team. He's far from alone in that. It's understandable, but there are too many young players who don't appreciate just how far away they are from being ready for first team football. I agree, but they also need to be realistic about their ability. Having a good understanding of where you and how far you need to go is very important. I think McKee himself acknowledges this: I was of the belief I should have been playing in the first-team. You just don’t appreciate the level you are it when you’re that young.
  2. McKee played well for us towards the end of his time with us, but that was really the only period of time that he actually looked the part. He was one of many, many players we've had over the years who have been "neat" midfield players with signs of technical ability but nothing like the all round attributes to be a consistent performer at this kind of level. It's no surprise that he struggled at Carlisle and Falkirk and ended up back in League One last season. Maybe he's improved at Dumbarton and will come back to haunt us this season - who knows. His story is a very common one. A young player who had an overinflated idea of how good he was and little idea of what it actually takes to play at a decent level. It's very telling that he thought he should be playing Championship level in England and a couple of years later struggling to adjust to football at League One level in Scotland.
  3. Yeah, I get what you're saying, and that the coronavirus joint response group want to be seen to be doing something more than anything else. So we have a week of education (which I think amounts to everyone watching a video by Leitch and managers/captains asking the players if they know the rules). To be fair, many players won't know the rules and will be in need of the education, but the pause is about to making it look like action is being taken.
  4. In that case, I didn't even know that those where the rules. I can understand Aberdeen players being naive to them. I had assumed that football players had additional rules to follow due to being allowed to participate in contact sport. I had no idea what the rules were in pubs, tbh. On a related note. When was it announced when Championship clubs would be allowed back to training? I can find a statement from early July saying that guidance for that would be released shortly, but I can't find that guidance anywhere.
  5. If they are back in training, I think so. That's one of the things that this pause in the resumption of training is for, to make sure all players are aware of the rules.
  6. What's actually the truth about when clubs could return to training? Jason Leitch talked about Hearts having special dispensation, but Hearts have said all clubs could have returned (which would technically have meant special dispensation for any other club as well because it wouldn't have been allowed under the rules for the general public).
  7. Jason Leitch said the same thing about Hearts having special dispensation to train because of the court case (and also that they shouldn't have to stop because it was only a delay in new clubs starting training).
  8. I'd guess that there are loads of guys that have played for Morton who have never so much as glanced at a Championship League table in their life.
  9. McLean missed a couple of months through injury last season, as well as having too come off injured on another couple of separate occasions. He has been injury prone for a few years and will turn 36 this season. I'm not sure anything there suggests that he's credible back up (and his performances certainly didn't).
  10. I can't believe that we've retained McLean. Apart from one or two decent performances, he was a disaster (when he wasn't limping off injured). Really odd decision to retain an injury prone, underperformer when the budget is so tight. I'm surprised that Millar would want to continue playing at this level, given how many errors he made last season. I don't rate McGinty either. He was memorable for all the wrong reasons against us, and far from convincing for us as well. I'm being realistic about what we're going to be able to bring in, but it's still disappointing.
  11. Tumilty signs for Raith and you have us headed for League Two. That seems a bit on the pessimistic side when it comes to reactions.
  12. Tumilty was vastly improved after his loan spell at Dumbarton. He was especially confident getting forward, but I'm still not convinced he has any idea (or the relevant level of focus) to mark/track back at the back post. I also wouldn't have been sure about offering him a two year deal. I'm on the fence about it. It might work out well for him and look bad for us, but if he loses confidence going forward and continues to be plagued with lapses at the back then I don't think we'll be too worried about not having him tied to a two year deal. The actual worry, as usual, is that any replacement we find will be worse. Especially considering that we seem rather inactive in the market at the moment.
  13. I managed to get through the process easily and simply this time. I can't say that I'm completely confident that it will all work smoothly the first time I try to stream a match or gain entry to Cappielow, but at least the website worked this time. It's unbelievably poor, surely there's a open goal of a market there for someone who actually knows what they're doing?
  14. Ticket website has a new look, with an attempt at being mobile friendly.... ...says the total due for the adult season ticket in my basket is £0.00.
  15. When he says that he was surprised that the League One and Two clubs wanted to play the season, he actually means he's gutted because he can't cry about being shut out of football (and try to claim a place in the Championship). Embarrassing stuff from him.
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