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  1. I'd imagine the remaining priorities are replacements, in one way or another, for Power, O'Connor, Strapp, and Oakley.
  2. We're replacing McGrattan, Quitongo, Muirhead, and Boyd as well as offering a different type of option to Crawford centrally. Id think we'd be looking for 6 players or so to fight for 3 or 4 more forward places. I'm assuming Davies will be the closest thing to Muirhead's retirement. As it stands he'll play centrally.
  3. I think it's fair to say that much of the initial buzz had faded by the time we botched the 04/05 season, and by the 06/07 season the feeling had changed. But I'd also say there were echoes of it at least up to that win at Firhill at the end of the 07/08 season. I feel like there was an even more distinctive change after that point. Even by the time of the 12/13 title challenge, only 4 or 5 years later, there wasn't that feeling of the 07/08 Firhill game. It was very different by then.
  4. I think it's a good example to use, precisely because it doesn't make that kind of sense. Something of the buzz that had been created still existed, so it was easy to attract additional supporters to a match that had a big match feeling (despite failures on the pitch). It hangs off the back of that feeling, rather than anything more rational than that. Motherwell away the following season is another example. We took about as many fans through to Motherwell that day as we had at Cappielow against Hearts a few months ago. The feeling created by the initial investment after Dougie Rae came in, and its accompanying narrative, was a powerful thing. I think it's probably accurate to say that the game against Gretna was one of those games which killed a bit of that buzz. As did the Motherwell game and a myriad of other factors (including outside financial factors after 2008, the banality of being back to mid to bottom second tier football, and a lack of investment off the field). People want to be involved in the idea of club being taken places. It doesn't matter so much if the destination is as mundane as the bottom half of the Premiership - there's just a feeling of people wanting to be there for the journey. The idea that a club might get promoted during a good season is less powerful than the idea of a club with a bit of money moving upwards.
  5. I don't think it's terribly complicated. When new owners/investor comes into a club with the aim of funding a club moving up a level or two, it creates a buzz which attracts additional supporters. It happened with us in the early Rae days. The fact that we paid transfer fees on players like Williams and Weatherson, attracted players from a higher level, and made significant stadium improvements helped to create something that people wanted to be part of. To think that we had over 5000 fans for a January league match against Gretna. It's about the buzz created around the feeling of potential that investment brings.
  6. So far we've got 11 players who have either left or haven't signed up for next season (you can just about put together a decent starting 11 out of them). We've got Reynolds and Davies joining. However many more we sign, we've got a long way to go in putting together the squad. A problem with some of the names above is that they would probably be August/September signings if we could get them, and we're going to have to sign up another 5 or 6 at least before then. I expect some more left-field signings in the next few weeks. Also, has the Morton Twitter/X page disappeared?
  7. We advertised for a physio, a part time stadium and facilities manager, and business development executive this year. Not sure if I missed anything (didn't mention the volunteer SLO position). Not starting any judgements on the merits or otherwise, just saying that's what the positions are.
  8. Mullen looked the part the moment he came in - I was skeptical about the signing but he shut me up immediately. You can argue about improvements here and there and coaching helping consistency, etc., but I think it's a bit much to say it was drastic.
  9. For me the thing is that I've never seen any evidence of the allegations against Fred, or heard anyone at the club at the time say anything bad about him. I don't even know the particularities. So why should I call him names or criticise him based on the hearsay of others. The facts that I know are he left, we got some decent money out of it, and we went on to win promotion that season. From the position of the knowledge I have, I'm not sure what I have to complain about.
  10. You only need to look at some of the squads in our division to know the differences in budgets. Raith had players like Jack Hamilton, Josh Mullin and Zak Rudden sitting on the bench for their playoff matches against Partick. A team with pretty much the same average attendance as us the previous season. They have been able to speculate on increasing income, and have had a great season and really big travelling supports from Dunfermline and Dundee Utd to back that up. Ayr have been in somewhat of a similar position, and are obviously looking to drive that forward. Queens Park are doing...whatever it is they're trying to do. We're in a different position. We cannot afford losses, and have suffered from years of a lack of investment off the pitch. It's a difficult position, but the disadvantage is probably as much or more about squad depth than anything else. It's not massive money which makes the task simple - they're still picking from a similar pool of players.
  11. Really pleased that Blues had signed a 2 year deal. He's reliable in a number of roles and compliments other players well. He needs good players around him, he's not a game changer, but we absolutely need players like him in the squad.
  12. I had been hopeful that Waters' release meant a good chance of Strapp re-signing. If it's reduced terms then I'd assume we gave him good terms to extend to the end of the season. However, the accumulation of rejections is worrying.
  13. When I was at school my P.E. teacher played for Clydebank. This was at the time that Clydebank groundshared at Cappielow. I remember him telling me one day that the sale of Cappielow had been finalised and Morton wouldn't be back for the following season. He was wrong, of course, but it was an important lesson for me to be sceptical of those with supposed insider knowledge. Also, once someone also told me that, his cousin, Jamie Stevenson had fallen out big time with Jim McInally because McInally wouldn't believe that he was injured. McInally would go onto take Stevenson to East Stirling and Peterhead - so I doubt any fall out could have been as serious as it was stated. Saying we had diverted money away for "completely unnecessary shite" raises some pretty big red flags about the veracity of the information. I can understand if Imrie isn't happy at the moment, but he knows the job he's here to do.
  14. I don't think it's a secret that Dougie thinks it's the lowest in the league. Who knows exactly, but it's certainly among the lowest anyway. It is what it is. I don't see the point in throwing around unsubstantiated rumours that the board are signing players. That's hardly helpful.
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