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  1. I think McAdams was very good for his age. Considering he only turned 22 in March, I think his season was very impressive. If he improves in the areas that he's a bit weak at the moment, then he could be a regular in the Scottish Premiership through the best years of his career. I'm not sure what that really would have meant for us, though, apart from having a decent goalkeeper for this level while he looked to improve. As it stands, there's are plenty of goalkeepers who are just as good, or better, around this level. I'm with you that it would have been better to keep him because there's
  2. While I don't really see the need for the sarcasm, I actually agree with that. I was speaking more in the context of Killie look like they're building a decent Championship side that should be competing up at the top end, rather than looking like their building a side that looks too good for this level. I don't expect them to be looking at us as rivals at the top. But then again, it does like a bunch of the sort of usual Dunfermline level signings they're making at the moment.
  3. McGinn wasn't great up until the playoffs. There were signs of his ability up till that point, and he started well enough initially, but it's not as if we were raving about him at the end of the league season. His back pass against ICT, which ended up putting us behind, being a particular low point. He might still be very good at this level with a full preseason and regular starts from there, but he was one of many for us who only really stepped up when playing against teams from a lower level. The negative is that he was clearly a main target, and we might end up struggling to get
  4. Yeah, we're trying to get McGinn and I've heard Alan Power mentioned as an alternative possibility to that. So we'll at least have Lyon, Jacobs, and one other experienced centre mid that we're trying to get in at the moment. I don't rate Blues, but he'll be a fourth option in there. Even when we've had a good midfield, we've had to have weaker options in there who know from the start they won't be anything like guaranteed a place in the first XI (like Kyle Wilkie in 12/13, for example). As long as we don't expect too much from him, I don't think it's a disastrous signing. There's certainly an
  5. Just as a point of clarity, he did say at the time: "I am very sorry for the upset and distress caused through my actions and I wholeheartedly accept the judgement of the court, I can assure everyone that this will not happen again." You can call it a token statement and question its sincerity, but it is there as his initial public response to his conviction.
  6. McGuffie would've been a good sub to have. He's got a bit of talent and is capable of the spectacular, but he's barely involved in games for the most part. Right now at this level, as a starter, he's a bit of a luxury. If he wants to progress his career with regular starts then he's best dropping down a level. Relieved that Orsi is gone. Glad that Millar got to leave on a positive note, coming back in for a good performance against Montrose, but a sensible decision there too.
  7. We surely can't sign up Muirhead, Orsi, and Oliver as our striking options, who managed 6 Championship goals between them last season? Hopefully we weren't sticking those extension options in the contracts again. We desperately struggled for goals last season, Gus would have absolutely no excuses if we fail in that area again if he chooses to continue with the same front line.
  8. It was Allan Creer that came to my mind. Could be either from the description!
  9. I really didn't want to keep McLean on last year. He was a liability in his first season. I suspect that was mostly injury/fitness related. While I still think there is an obvious weakness with his pace, and particularly with the way attacking players can get away from him in the box, I think he's been fine this season for the most part. Maybe an unpopular opinion but he was arguably our best centre back last season (excluding Ledger, who mostly played RB).
  10. My concern about McLean is that the consensus until recently was that he is a bit of a donkey. His recent performances seem to have changed minds a little bit, but it might just have been a decent run of form. There's no longer term evidence that he's good enough to step up to the Championship.
  11. Jacobs is good at what his does, as long as he's allowed to focus on that. He did a good job of protecting the defence for the most part last season.
  12. Who's offering players like McGinty a very good offer to stay? Does that mean Gus is remaining or someone else has just decided to offer contracts? Either way it's a bad sign if McGinty was offered something, other than a taxi fare to another club. I've felt all week a bit like I won't complain too much if Gus is given the job, but I must admit I don't want it.
  13. The red card, to me, looked deliberate - that he just wanted to stick the studs in and hurt the guy. I'm not going to claim it was to help his new club, but there's nothing to say it couldn't have contributed to a 'why shouldn't I stick the boot in' moment for him.
  14. Fjortoft could go either way. He's had some brilliant games, but also some diabolical ones. There's a really good player in there, but hopefully it'll be the player who almost cost us against Montrose or had to be hooked after 27 minutes against QotS that turns up at Ayr. I'm happy McGinty will never play for us again - especially after his sending off against Arbroath. He can be solid at times, but the mistakes are never, ever far away - he has ridiculously bad for Thistle as well. They both played in a fairly solid defence towards the end of the season, but that might have been in larg
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