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  1. Aye, Dunfermline were truly awful and that shouldn't be understated - they had a defender who hadn't played in almost 2 years and it didn't half show! They kept trying to play out from the back and had nowhere to go, they were toothless in attack and so vulnerable at the back. But we kept getting bodies forward, and quickly. We pressed them, put them under pressure, kept looking to create chances, and, from the point that we took the lead, found some real confidence and quality in our play. It was every bit the opposite of the ICT game a few weeks ago.
  2. Glad we've signed a right back. Ledger, while solid defensively, offers nothing moving forward (and I don't even mean just in terms of crossing or impact further up the pitch) and Hynes isn't quite strong enough all round to be relied on in that role. My view hasn't changed on this since since the start of the season. Hopefully he does well. Imrie has done a good job in identifying an area to be strengthened imo.
  3. Hamilton made saves either side of our opening goal. They also had a couple of free kicks in dangerous positions. Up till the second goal it was fairly even in terms of chances and possession. We started stronger, like you say, and they came back into it a bit and definitely had a couple of good chances. From the point we scored the second there was nothing even about it.
  4. I don't think they were particularly wrong. Dunfermline had some decent chances that they didn't take, and I don't think we particularly looked like scoring until Oliver hit that cracker. I also think it was done after the second goal, and we were well worth the big win after that. It's all about goals and we've been missing that for such a long time. There have been matches this season (Ayr and Raith at home spring to mind) when we should have been out of sight, but couldn't score the goals and ended up with a point or nothing at all. You could see the difference it made throughout the team as soon as we started to hit the back of the net. We worked hard, pressed well, and got players into good forward positions today. Exactly what we needed in terms of performance and we were rewarded for it. Can't quite believe how bad Dunfermline were, but we exploited it brilliantly. I loved that we continued to send the guys up from the back for long throws. We didn't try to sit on a lead at any point, which was great to see.
  5. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I haven't really rated Oksanen in his time here. He looks like he's got decent technical ability when he gets some space in the ball, but other than that he's been too ponderous, not very creative, he ball watches too often, and has been the main culprit at a few goals recently. I feel like if he had some proper intensity to his game then he might be a decent link up player in midfield - but as it is I've struggled to really get an impression of what he's meant to offer us. Jacobs has one role he's any good at - covering in front of a back four. It's the only thing he can do, and he shouldn't be on the pitch if he's not doing that.
  6. I agree with that, but you also can't really play Jacobs when playing a back three. And then there's still a real problem about getting anything from wide positions or creativity from any of our centre mids. We've got a squad which throws up problems all over the place.
  7. Hamilton could have caught it, but that's the type of thing goalkeepers at this level do all the time. We had McAdams last season, who was pretty good at most things but hopeless with shots from distance. I often think that fans have expectations that are way too high for keepers at our level. Hamilton has made three really good saves so far as well. The far greater problem here is how much he's having to do. He's been the busiest keeper in the league this season, because he's got a whole load of rubbish in front of him.
  8. Anything that's first come, first served is going to disadvantaged some group. I'm happy they didn't go down that route in any way. This isn't as bad as the other solutions I can think of, so I'm not going to complain about that. I think it could have been handled much better. They could have contacted the SPFL and told them to move the Premiership winter break forward or face restrictions. Then they would have been free to place lighter restrictions of lower league clubs, similar to those which were already in place in the summer. This would have been a better solution for football. When it comes down to it, the political decision-making based on the advice could be better. We're at a point here when the communication and planning could be so much better. This doesn't only relate to football. The biggest crime here is that they didn't see this coming. We know that variants will continue to appear, especially when richer countries are hoarding so many of the vaccines.
  9. Rather hilariously, main stand only. Which makes a mockery of the restrictions and the complete lack of understanding behind them.
  10. I'd like to know the rationale behind the decision to continue playing, because it doesn't make sense from the outside looking in. Nothing about this whole thing makes sense, mind you.
  11. Let's hope they postpone the leagues for 3 weeks, give Imrie time to settle in and maybe shake up the squad a wee bit. I'm absolutely gutted about it, and I don't think it's true right approach to take, but it might not be awful for us on the pitch if we can get the break. I'm trying to see the bright side but, honestly, just scunnered.
  12. As I said before, he seems to be the type of guy with the right attitude for the job. And he does have a good standing among the fans. On the other hand, it's one of those ones that if he hadn't played for us then I don't think it would be seen in quite the same way. I hope it's not the trap of choosing the ex-player that so many clubs fall for. In saying that, I saw him being interviewed (can't remember what it was on) a few weeks ago and I was pretty impressed by him. Seems like a hard working guy with a good attitude who knows the game - and if nothing else I don't think there's any way he will stand for the attitude that a number of the players have towards the fans.
  13. It's Lithgow on the first attempted clearance, and Ledger on the second.
  14. I hate this extended search for a manager thing. It reminds me of when Budge did this at Hearts a couple of years ago - and it helped relegate them. I don't know if it's arrogance or naivety to think that such a long process will allow you to pick exactly the right manager. Good instinct, a measure of diligence, and a slice of luck is needed in picking the right man - good planning should mean it doesn't take this long. It feels mad to sacrifice league games, and important planning time for January, in the meantime to prolong the process of taking a risk on a usual suspect or taking a risk on someone different. Gus had been on a shoogly peg for a long time. We should have had a shortlist in mind already and a short period to invite applications. We're 16 days after sacking Gus, and 6 days away from an important match. I thought we took far too long to appoint a new manager when we appointed Shiels, and we're not far away from taking even longer this time.
  15. I agree. It's faint hope indeed that we might scrap our way to 9th because there's another abysmal team in the league. It's damning of what we have that we're below that lot right now, and I meant my comment in that way. I'm not looking at our own squad and feeling in any way hopeful.
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