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  1. Used to pop in for a roll whenever I went to Roy Smith's. Nice wee place.
  2. Hopefully the longer it stays this way the more gaps will appear for us to exploit.
  3. When you consider everything that is wrong with Scottish football you have to wonder what planet the SFA are on.
  4. Thanks for that CHC. He was a great watch at a time when Cappielow was full of excitement. Strong, fit and the ability to finish clinically. Great days.
  5. All Hail Dougie and his band of new born Galacticos. A bit of pride for the first time in weeks. Happy days!
  6. What's Hugh Scott doing these days?
  7. Good result after a dreadful 1st half. Hopefully the changes made and the positive impact they had will start to instil some confidence in the players. Not too bothered about the fuck up at the end as it'll take time and a few hard stares from Dougie to get rid of the fear factor that has cursed our play for the past 2 seasons. Well done Dougie and the boys.
  8. Happy with having Imrie back and even happier at some of the bullets we dodged. I always liked his attitude as a player and if he can bring that and his determination to the table I think he could be a great fit for us. It'll be a tough gig for anyone but I can't see him running away from responsibility like some of the chancers we've had recently or putting up with the 'poor wee us' mentality of some of the players.
  9. That is a welcome addition to the mix after the usual suspects.
  10. It's always nice to be reminded why I hate everything to do with these heilan cunts .Get them to fuck.
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