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  1. I've always worried about this. Hearts who have been pretty chronic for weeks now have no pressure on them while Alloa and Arbroath have proved to be able to make life very difficult for our lacklustre forward line. Whatever happens we really need to be competing for every ball and avoiding our trademark defensive lapses.
  2. I hope you're right Nacho but I fear that his haddie alert meter is well and truly bust.
  3. I was expecting a manager like Gus to get back to basics like organized defending, picking your best team, knowing when and who to change etc. Sadly his influence is no more than Hopkin and Anton. The repeated use of a formation that has largely been ineffective hasn't enhanced his claim for the job.
  4. I think tonight probably finishes Gus's hope to be around after this season finishes. Anyone with a functioning pair of eyes would not be giving half this team a regular game.
  5. cmon Muirhead emulate Wake and all may be forgiven. Looks like he'll have to wait to become heroic.
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