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  1. Good to see another youngster finding his way. Best of luck Darren.
  2. Glad he got signed up and hope he continues to develop.
  3. Doggies record suggests that the guy is worthy of a shot and if he's willing to apply himself he'll get the benefit of doggies support. Hope he works out and gives muirhead a wee break.
  4. Glorious, simply glorious. Can't wait for the next instalment from the comatose giants of Scottish football.
  5. A bit like being winner of the least worse nativity play.
  6. Told you before I am shaved not bald ya bass. I accept the fat bit although the cancer is dealing with that.
  7. I think this would be a risk too far given the experience 0f Dundee and Falkirk. Given that our playing budget is pretty meagre and the squad is a injury or two away from threadbare i'm not sure this would be the wisest move.
  8. So many words and so much cash to fund so many sandancers. What a loathsome bunch.
  9. Aye, there are few more impressive sights in Scottish football than 'Bombscare' McGinty panicking before conceding yet another penalty.
  10. Glorious viewing right enough. What a greetin faced pudding that man is. Hopefully his team of sandancing clowns will once again cement their rightful place in Div1.
  11. They really are a mess only bettered by Falkirks dismal failure against the Pars. Happy days indeed.
  12. I've had worse Christmas jumpers but would probably give this one a swerve.
  13. Jack Hamilton makes his first team debut for Livingston v Celtic. Difficult gig for him in a 0-3 defeat.
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing that result. Looking forward to the greetin faced hordes bemoaning McCalls ability and loss of 8 goals in 2 games. Love the misery
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