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  1. Good comeback when we looked like doing the usual. Overall a very decent effort with lots of positives and much better than I expected. Great to see us playing decent football and hopefully a few extra bodies can add something up front if they ever arrive.
  2. Encouraging start. Hope we can maintain this in the 2nd half. Be nice to continue our ownership of the Pars.
  3. This. I wasn't thrilled about Gus getting the job but I understood why the club went for him. The one hope I had was that he and Millen should have a good list of contacts that would benefit us in recruitment and loans, but there's precious little evidence of that at this time. At this point we are miles away from being competitive and it's looking like a real struggle to survive.
  4. Terrible shame for the former Wolves prospect.
  5. If we can't beat East Kilbride then I doubt our journey would have lasted another 90 mins.
  6. Flood alert down here due to an excess of tears and snotters.
  7. Quite pleased with the look of both kits and very happy to see the end of the Millions era. Seeing the hoops as god intended is a bonus.
  8. This is beginning to feel ominously familiar. Wake me up if we sign a professional footballer who vaguely resembles a professional footballer.
  9. For a youngster when I compare his contribution over 2 games against us he had far more impact than we saw from our 'forwards' over the entire season. I would be happy if he signed with us although I doubt it's likely.
  10. I think this will be crucial to how we compete this season. We saw the impact that loan players had on a number of sides last season and I felt we largely missed out by having an already bloated squad. Hope Gus's contact book is getting well thumbed at the moment and we avoid some of the woeful ringers that we've ended up with recently.
  11. What about that goalie at Dumbarton - heard good things about him.
  12. Do they intend to adopt our hoops as well?
  13. Got the unmistakable stench of Linwood in every post.
  14. I can only agree with all the above criticism as none of this stuff is particularly complicated or arduous. It requires thought, planning and commitment to get the detail right and it will make a huge difference to the fans perspective of which direction we're moving in. I don't think enough thought is being given to the bread and butter stuff and at the moment we appear a bit lacking in leadership and delivery. It is early days and I fully expect it will take some time to get a grip of some of these issues but we don't have the luxury of a honeymoon period. The battle to change the
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