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  1. Bit of a damp squib. Morton being run by shambolic amateurs is hardly news of the century and some tawdry squabble between the CEO, Chairman and the prospective new regime doesn't change anything materially. In terms of integrity I know who I trust.
  2. Aye agreed. I remember being pleased when Leeds bought Jordan from us as I couldn't see him doing anything.
  3. All good wishes to Ton fans everywhere on this special day. Found out 20 mins ago I was going to be a granda for the first time. so hopefully another one for the Cappielow Martyrs.
  4. Good solid team performance and 3 deserved points. Pleased that Orsi got his reward for his effort and Muirhead played the best I've seen him this season. Well done the keeper for another confident perfomance.
  5. Defence looks pretty comfortable and midfield starting to string some moves together after the goal. Queens well in it but not able to create much.
  6. After reading your initial revisionist tripe the only suggestion I'd make is that you can be ignored.
  7. Good news. Hopefully this will take away any immediate threat for the season.
  8. I think it's a measured statement that covers some of the areas of concern and puts a bit more context around the budget issue that's blown up since Hopkins departure. I don't have huge issue with what MCT say on Cappielow as that was always going to be a tricky problem but I'm relieved that although our financial position is very difficult it is not quite as grim as it's been painted.
  9. I'm trying to understand what basis this seasons 'budget' was decided on. Are we to believe that the board hoped that some money was miraculously going to be found after 2 months of the season, during a pandemic with zero guarantee of attendance. If we've kicked off a season with no realistic means of getting through it then that says a huge amount about the current owners and calls into question just how meaningful their negotiations have been with MCT. I sincerely hope that this is not the case and that the Tele have not heard the full story but ...........
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