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  1. Glorious, simply glorious. Can't wait for the next instalment from the comatose giants of Scottish football.
  2. I'll be as morose as I want to be aided by dropping a lead against a team that's won 2 games and scored 11 goals all season.
  3. Very disappointed that once again we let Arbroath off the hook. Playing second fiddle to a team thaat everyone one else has disposed of is shit. Partick equalise, what a shit weekend
  4. Fed up losing to this mob. Come on Ton and get stuck into Fester's Fish Faced Fux's and let loose the dogs of war.
  5. So sad to hear that Bryan has passed away. His cheerfulness in adversity was a lesson to all of us and I always enjoyed his chats when I was up at Scapa. My thoughts are obviously with his family and I hope they will recognise the admiration and affection we had for a great Morton man. RIP big guy.
  6. A bit like being winner of the least worse nativity play.
  7. Told you before I am shaved not bald ya bass. I accept the fat bit although the cancer is dealing with that.
  8. I think this would be a risk too far given the experience 0f Dundee and Falkirk. Given that our playing budget is pretty meagre and the squad is a injury or two away from threadbare i'm not sure this would be the wisest move.
  9. Mixed feelings on this one. I'd prefer a easily winnable tie with the chance of a big draw to follow, but we're as likely to draw Ross Cty away in the 5th round. At least the guarantee of a better than average pay day is consolation although the chance of winning is remote but possible.
  10. As is now the norm BBC Sports Scotland show their disinterest in anything that doesn't involve the 2 nameless ones. 'Defender Aaron Muirhead also grabbed a double as Greenock Morton eased aside Queen of the South 4-1' fuck you very much BBC.
  11. Very poor advert if accurate. For some reason the board have a blindspot on this and it continues to give an awful impression of the club. Get a grip and get this sorted and if that means binning the current contractor then so be it. Nobody will miss them.
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