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  1. Hated Busby when the dirty animal played for Airdrie and Hearts. Loved him when he played for us and he was taking no prisoners. How do we turn into such fickle folk. RIP Drew - you were a hell of a professional and a 100% guy who ever you played for.
  2. Just reading some of the above which reminds me of why my dislike is righteous as well as justified but to add one to the mix. what was the outcome of the Manprick saga last season?
  3. Improvement in League Cup prize money - not a fortune but worth getting to 2nd round at least. Group stage games will bring with them £17,000 for each side shown live on TV - and £27,000 for those involved in the second-round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. Doubt we'll get televised but might get a second round if we can find a striker.
  4. This one goes way back to the 20s or 30s. My granda only referred to Partick as a 'music hall joke' and he had an abiding dislike for them. I never got to the bottom of it but at least I inherited the gene.
  5. I'm amazed at how often this happy clapper shit gets space on here. Same old inventions from the usual subjects rarely backed up by anything tangible. Morton fans are the worst in the world and only go to Cappielow to throw their pent up bile at poor wee guys who are only giving 100% week in week out. In my experience Morton fans are no different from fans I've seen at other clubs all over the country and the notion that they have driven away a host of stars or budding geniuses in nothing short of a lie. Perhaps it's time for the OP to give himself a break if this is clearly so upsetting.
  6. Sorry but this move was not made in heaven. His record since leaving us varied between the gutter and the sewer both in terms of goals and his propensity to spend Saturdays on the treatment table. He is deluded as are many footballers thinking they are better than their achievements, and he inspires no confidence in me. If Dougie can get get something positive out of him then fair play to him. I won't be holding my breath though.
  7. It's how you go out of business. Now stop your nonsense and chuck the shovel away.
  8. Rising prices are a sad fact of life but Morton are not taking the piss with £2 increase. Have you been protesting outside petrol stations or supermarkets or is it just Morton that don't have to live in the real world?
  9. Never in a million years should Jai be considered as a Championship player.
  10. A bit surprised as I was sure he was gone, but what a bonus! Hopefully the next couple will be equally surprising.
  11. Expect an announcement on signing very soon. tbh I was expecting something at the tail end of last week but maybe they want Dougie back from his hols.
  12. Can only echo your opinion Nacho. I've never thought about the hospitality offered at Morton but based on this professional promotion fronted perfectly by Gerry and Andy I would now. This is sort of thing we've been screaming about for decades and shows what can be achieved by people who are interested enough to try. Well done to all involved.
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