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  1. Another high quality commanding performance. Well done Gus.
  2. I love the notion that this is a venture. It's always been about saving the club from terminal decline and probable extinction to me and it's likely that the threat will last for some time to come. The main difference is that we can for once influence the direction and hopefully outcome. I fully accept that the MCT will get things wrong and it will take time to see progress on the myriad of inadequacies that are the real legacy of recent years, but I'm hopeful that we now have the possibility of a future.
  3. I know it's been a struggle to reach this point but I'm grateful and glad that we can now take responsibility for the future of Morton. Thrilled this has been achieved while I'm still breathing. Well done to all involved.
  4. I don't think I'll bother getting a stream for todays potential shitfest. Only so much pain I can take on a weekend.
  5. I find it difficult to believe that Gus's expectations of his team are so low, but each week he trots out the same cliched mantra of 'can't ask for more'. Much as I welcome the managers feedback post match, if this is his level of analysis and comment then we'd be as well listening to Cappie the cat. We are one dimensional irrespective of the opposition, shot shy, inept at deadballs, terrified of making changes when they would be most effective and his influence on the team seems to be negligible. You are meant to be an experienced manager Gus so get a fucking grip and start to address some of the basics that you seem to have forgotten about. Effort from the team is a basic requirement of any professional and is not particularly worthy of comment. How about you start trying to improve the team, tactics and results or is that asking too much of a manager.
  6. Losing patience with Gus now. I wasn't happy when he got another chance and he has done nothing since to change my opinion. He simply does not have any answers and his lack of ability becomes more obvious as each week passes. Continuing to play oxygen thieves like Muirhead in the vain hope that he still has something to offer is a disgrace.
  7. It fills me with terror, hopefully Raith will be similarly affected. ps how the fuck is Muirhead still getting a game?
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