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  1. Hamilton Ledger - McEntee - Lithgow - Strapp Oksanen - Jacobs - Lyon (still unsure) Allan/Oliver Reilly - Ugwu I believe this is our strongest team. For what it's worth, I think we are better with Oliver in the side. He likes to get on the ball and move it forward, which none of our players were willing to do on Saturday. The midfield is incredibly slow, I don't think I've ever seen Reece Lyon run? The lack of Knowles is worrying to me, seemed prolific previously, albeit at a lower level, and seems to have some pace about him - akin to Alex Samuels. However, is we persist with GusBaw then forget it. Just call it a day.
  2. I thought we were crying out for Knowles yesterday to come on and try to get in behind their carthorses at the back. The football on display is incredibly below par, but how many fucking times did we punt it to the far left for Fjortoft to collect easily every single time??
  3. Can't remember the last away game I managed to attend. Ayr 3 Morton Nil. McPherson and Muirhead to fight with the fans. Both sent packing Monday morning.
  4. Wonder if he could end up at Celtic in some back up capacity? Seemed to have some links with the new gaffer.
  5. I have a feeling we will do better having a fit Ugwu and Reilly starting up top but even at that, the rest...
  6. An additional season I could understand, to some extent. Two years is absolutely criminal. I feel as if Gus and co. wanted 2 years and the new board just shat it.
  7. Still can't believe we gave some of these charlatans a new contract.
  8. Muirhead must be sucking Gus off after training every day. Deary me.
  9. My internet provider is based in Manchester, I wasn't able to watch the Killie game last week.
  10. We need Ayr to hold on to him for two more games. That game at Somerset has potential for a massive away crowd.
  11. Watched the highlights. Nothing special to report. Seems as if we should've scored 5 or 6 at the end. Wylie made a great save in the second half but his mistake was an absolute howler.
  12. Remember the 'hype' they tried to create with the new website?
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