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  1. I miss the days of having strikers in the squad that you feel confident will score goals.
  2. That was abysmal. Feel for the players to some extent. Do you aimlessly punt the ball to your tiny lone striker or do you try and pass through that fucking pig field of a pitch? Thinking back to how much better the pitch looked when Kiltie scored that goal is depressing.
  3. Omar is absolutely hopeless. Piss poor passing and doesn't really seem bothered putting a foot in. Get Jacobs on and we could get the 3 points here. I like big Orsi but he throws himself about like a big fud half the time. Colville has a good ball on him. Nesbitt also looking like he wants to be the main man. Thought the defence has seemed fairly solid. Just wondering where the spark comes from. A new striker in the window (unlikely I know) could be pivotal to the season ahead.
  4. Understandably it shouldn't have come to this but in regards to getting rid of 6 players, I don't think it would be the most difficult job. Wallace, Colville, MacIver, McPake, Muirhead and Blues. There may be a loss of squad depth or talent but tough luck, I'm sure we could bring a few boys back from loans to fill out the squad. Regarding the bigger picture, I do find it interesting that since the pandemic hit, the Easdales (for better or worse) have not even hinted at helping out their "local team". Or maybe this is what they wanted? It's worrying times ahead. Sometimes I wis
  5. I can't see it personally. Albeit the source has never told me anything else other than the Telfer situation. I'd be more interested to see who would be the next manager, I could almost absolutely see it being Chris Millar and Jim.
  6. Not sure where to post this but I've been tipped off that he walked out on a disagreement with the board. Comes from a source that told me about the Telfer situation a few hours before it became public knowledge.
  7. During times of low funds I really cannot be arsed paying to watch that shite.
  8. Utterly sick of Hopkin. Would quite happily see him emptied.
  9. Hearts do look vulnerable. Just worry we shall sit far too deep for the whole game.
  10. Another bullet dodged not paying for the stream then. I thought it was a rather attacking side with Lyon and Colville. I presume we will come out all guns blazing 2nd half and concede 3 inside the next 20 minutes.
  11. It's weird not feeling angry at losing that on pens. It was really a draw even though they 'technically' won.
  12. Looks like his missus is now involved. I forgot you're not allowed to have an opinion online anymore!
  13. I will also add that I was rather impressed with McAdams tonight - when I've criticised him in the past. Important couple of saves and very vocal.
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