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  1. I'd be dropping Kabia next week. He's showed absolutely nothing in his spell in the side. Bring King on the left hand side. Kabia is constantly going down injured and doesn't look like he wants to be here.
  2. We are still living in the 20th century. Surely to fuck programmes can be provided in a digital format and those who want printed versions can even pay that bit more than the standard price? You can't even pay by card for food and drink..
  3. Surely saving some money on not paying Sutton a wage too, maybe we might see two new recruits?
  4. Agreed, showed a lot of fight on Saturday, he's just never been a great finisher, he tends to just whack the ball rather than having any finesse.
  5. I thought Lyon was almost anonymous on Saturday, Gillespie made him and Blues look like amateurs in comparison. I would have McGrattan in his place on Saturday or Garrity (as he seems the more favoured option). Kabia's body language throughout the game was irritating, he looked completely uninterested unless he had the ball, when he never really done much with it either. I'd like to see King start on the left against Cove. If we do sign a striker this week I would maybe have them in ahead of Muirhead too.
  6. Agreed. Wouldn't be surprised to see this being announced soon.
  7. I think he turned us down to move down south and it fell through. Ended up turning out for Falkirk as a trialist. He's a presence for sure, would probably benefit us with him bringing Kabia/Quitongo into the game. His goals/injury record would be a worry. I think we missed a trick on not prioritising Reilly, I think he would thrive in our current set up.
  8. Considering the way he went about his business I'm sure some wouldn't be keen on it but I wonder what the chances of Ugwu returning would be if we can manage to bring in another forward. It's a different option up top, keeps Easdale out the squad too.
  9. Stephen McGinn, that guy who only passed forward on Saturday afternoon because he couldn't play it backwards when filling in at centre half.
  10. I wasn't pleased on Saturday when the team got announced, I considered not bothering but went in that end. Weighing up around 6/7 players were out in some capacity did make me feel a bit better. However, let's just say those 6/7 fill the bench. Apart from maybe Muirhead (if he can be bothered), there is not one player on there that can come on and change the game for us. That's my main worry.
  11. I don't think it 100% rules him out to be fair...
  12. Both the Falkirk centre halves throwing albums every time there's a ball in the air. Not one foul. Quitongo goes in (aggressively albeit) on a 50/50 ball, the defender doesn't have possession, and gets a red. It wasn't a wise choice but it was a easy yellow card. The ref has made it all about himself today.
  13. I would like to see Kabia announced in the next few days and maybe another player on loan I suspect. With Baird and Gillespie out for Saturday and so far Lithgow and Jacobs injured (?) we might be struggling to put a team together. Muirhead is also on paternity leave I believe.
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