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  1. Neither here nor there about the Royals. If the game gets moved or delayed so be it, not too fussed either way. The celebrations people are having over the guy dying is also pretty embarrassing; Old Firm level of behaviour.
  2. Can't say I like any of that shower that call themselves a team. Get your buckets and spades out guys.
  3. I expect at least one change at half time. Would like to see some pace injected into the front line.
  4. McGinty proving he's still a bombscare. Would've expected to play Sterling and use his pace to stretch the game.
  5. The pitch has completely ruined any chance of football being played here. Constantly bobbling. I kiss those days of the pitch being a bowling green.
  6. He's looked better since my opening comment but he doesn't seem to look for the ball into feet or makes any runs in behind when we have possession. He was unlucky with that half chance though. I wonder who told McGinty that he's a ball playing centre half?
  7. It's probably just his style of forward play but he looks completely uninterested.
  8. First time seeing Sterling live, struggling to see what he offers that the other forwards don't. That'll probably come back to bite me on my arse. Seems to lack any commitment and effort.
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