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  1. Love the building up of suspense for signing utter dross.
  2. Good signing but worried we are going with McAdams as the only senior keeper and no recognised right back (shock).
  3. Can't wait for the headline, 'Cappielow Corona Coverup'
  4. That started off well. Ended awfully. I feel your app usage must go between Candy Crush and The Daily Mail.
  5. I've never quite got the Fred hate. He was part of that relegated side, but who wasn't pish that year - even Sir Dougie Imrie flattered to deceive. Also played quite well at Parkhead on that famous night.
  6. I haven't sighed so loud after reading an article since we announced our retention list. Edit: could we have at least cleared the leaves in the picture?
  7. Have to say I do quite like the top in the recent tweet!
  8. I see the last group game is to be played in November. Surely the sense would be to make that the derby game, and at the very least have it on the telly. Would also give us a a few games to get up and running, given their several month head start (which hopefully allows the Midden to incur several injuries and fatigue due to fixture congestion!). Sorry, I realise I said that would be the sensible option, never mind.
  9. Not so sure about Oliver coming back, 2nd or 3rd choice hopefully. And I am rather intrigued to see how Omar does, that Goal of the Season for Elgin was delicious. Presumably a replacement for Cadden? Resigning Muirhead, Millar and McGinty seems absolutely shocking. McLean can survive being emergency back up and has experience too. Looking at who we have, I'll be surprised to see another central player arrive. Two strikers, a goalkeeper, two (?) centre backs and a right back would be my guesses. Regarding up top I could see Easdale being 3rd choice. Also, Nesbitt in is vital, props to the club for that.
  10. This whole pretence that clubs getting business done early doesn't really make a difference is pish. Every season when we have our inevitable 3 points from a possible 12, we are told the squad is still gelling. Get the team sorted sooner then, make sure they have time to gel before the season actually kicks off. I expected a nightmare season ahead due to expected cuts but this is really demoralising from a fan point of view. I wouldn't be buying a season ticket anyway but what's the point in paying £20 every 2nd week for, what is more than likely a dreadful steaming service, to watch dross. Its bad enough actually going to the games, but when you have the choice to do something else on a Saturday it really puts it into perspective why our attendances are pish.
  11. Sorry I wasn't entirely clear, it was in the replies to this tweet!
  12. Would be happy with McPake. Appears to be able to play out wide and centrally, versatility will be key this season I believe. Christopher Dodds making some suggestion on Twitter about us signing David Mitchell, ex Falkirk keeper. Can't tell if I'm blocked or it's a private account replying to him but in response he has said "not for me to say, but yes.."
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