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  1. Great to hear Ugwu was firing on all cylinders yesterday. Had to cancel going last minute yesterday and was hoping for more than he showed against Clyde, thought he was quite flat last weekend.
  2. Any idea if you had to buy tickets as a group again this week? Mate wasn't sure if he was being offered overtime Saturday but can go to the game now. Last week the boy checking the tickets didn't give a toss who you were with.
  3. The SLO has tweeted about the club still peddling the 'right' player patter. They've had nearly 3 months since the play off final. And we are missing 4, possibly 5 first team players. I will piss myself if we have one goalkeeper this season considering Gus wouldn't shut up about it last season.
  4. I should have bought a season ticket to stand in my regular spot in the ground? Regardless, it's a joke of a set up. I've never actually been in the WDE before so I suppose it'll be an experience nevertheless.
  5. What a load of nonsense that is. Edit: I am reading on their Twitter that they are "looking at alternative options" for someone who has asked if their nephew can stand with them in Sinclair St as they don't have a season ticket. I'd love to know the reasoning behind this disasterous decision making. All of it is pish.
  6. Anyone purchased for the terracing today? The club had a number to purchase tickets yesterday and have since had it removed from the update(unless I'm being a dafty). It really is pathetic that the club refuse to respond to genuine fan questions on their own Twitter page. It appears that the MCT page usually steps in but only when it helps MCT.
  7. When we went on Saturday we had to buy our tickets at the one time. Was told we would not be able to stand together otherwise. Thinking about it now, I don't really know how they'd of proven that as the lad didn't even bother checking the tickets properly. This surname patter is fucking stinking.
  8. Few people pointing out that entry to the Cowshed appears to be season ticket only. Or at least that's how it is being described on the website. I've read it a few times and I think that's what it is suggesting.
  9. I've managed to persuade a few boys who wouldn't usually go to the games to go on Saturday. Watch it be severely limited or behind closed doors and they won't bother again. To be honest, the football or the over the top mask policing wouldn't help either. Edit: and to boot, get the fucking food stalls open, what a farce that is. Got to enter the ground with a case of capri suns. Beyond a joke that.
  10. I heard a certain member of the 'security' team warning folk that they won't be back ever again if they removed their mask at any point within the ground. Not good to see.
  11. Good to see season tickets getting sorted. Have the club announced prices for the rest of us paying per game? I'm presuming we are sticking with the £18 adult prices?
  12. It was a weird game. Dead rubber. Few youth players in the squad. We probably deserved the win in the end though. I thought our defence was fairly good, thought Lithgow absolutely strolled it. Felt Ledger got caught for pace a few times when he came on but not overly worried. Hamilton had no chance from the strike, but he appears to be a calming presence at the back, especially collecting crosses. Who'd of knew? I think we are screaming out for a creative player or two in the middle though. It was hard to watch us in the midfield at times. Actually missed the first Muir
  13. Was reading the other day a few clubs down south wanted to sign him on a permanent deal. Solid signing I believe.
  14. Yeah it's not really fair on the employees to take the hit on this, it's not their fault. I got a phone call back from a different guy, 3 hours after my initial call. Apparently my card had expired too, which was bizarre itself and had to use another card (not an issue for me but for maybe our older fans it could be). As others pointed out, this could've been sorted in minutes online.
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