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  1. 6 of us going next weekend. The club should be doing everything they can to get fans going. At the end of the day we do get 50% of the gate. Cmon the fucking famous.
  2. Your relentlessness over Lithgow's past is awfully draining, to the point where you actually come across to be overly defensive of it.
  3. That's the one. Always wanted to take on his man and was good at driving forward. Maybe not the best at finishing or with his delivery. Reckon we could see some goals from Reilly with better service and Ugwu will bag some more along the way.
  4. Imrie said after the game that Oksanen has been recalled and Knowles will be returning. Highlighted before the game that he wanted a keeper. I imagine we might see a midfielder and possibly a winger coming in. We are crying out for an attack minded wide player. Maybe in the mould of the boy who was with us under Hopkin who was on loan from The Rangers, his name escapes me as I type this.
  5. Sounds like 2 points dropped at the end. But once Killie scored I was expecting 0 points.
  6. Russell going off sounded tactical. Saying on the radio that he made a mistake and Imrie turned round and told Strapp to get set.
  7. Absolutely a "confidence player" it seems. That mistake at Queens in the cup seems to have set him back to the bombscare other fans claimed he was.
  8. Sounds like Hamilton not getting enough behind the clearance again...
  9. It absolutely makes a mockery of the restrictions. If we can socially distance 4/500 in the Main Stand, why can't we add another 500 or so in each stand? I get Sinclair Street may be reduced in this sense though. The club proudly display SNP advertising in the ground. The same party that is ripping the life out the game. There should be zero political advertising at Cappielow and grounds around the country.
  10. A mass gathering at the carpark for home games now?
  11. Will be interesting to see who his number two is. If it's Duffy I'll be very pleased. We better be able to go to this, bringing along 4 extra folk on Sunday.
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