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  1. Just watched the highlights. Power and Broadfoot standing out as players who shouldn't be playing at this level, utter pish. Both looking quite happy to pick up what I imagine is a decent wage packet, whilst looking completely disinterested on the field. You always long for what you don't have but Oakley and Jai are essential to how we play, we perform better with them in the squad, no doubt about it. However, we have a squad full of injury prone players and Imrie has decided to add to that with players who are either at the tail end of their careers or injury prone too, and he's got the gall to go on about not having players fit. It's only his second full season (unless sacked or he fucks off to Inverness), he's bound to make mistakes but he has made an absolute arse of the summer transfer window.
  2. That's definitely the honey moon over for Imrie but he's built up credit in his tenure so far but the defensive fragilities need to be addressed. We only drew with Dundee United last weekend due to some great saves from Mullen and the post coming to our rescue. A few results change the landscape of things, we are very lucky not to be bottom after Dundee United snatched a result in the Highlands with 10 men today.
  3. Queens Park struggling with the size of the pitch at Hampden? Let's hope we have Jai available for that away game. Our direct play will hopefully rattle those fucks.
  4. The irony of their fans calling our team a gang whilst their player was the one who was sent off for clear violent conduct.
  5. I wouldn't disagree but he wasn't even in their original list, then comes in as joint favourite out the blue. Of course someone could've just stuck £100 as a hunch, just food for thought.
  6. After seemingly not being in Mcbookies ranks for the Inverness job, Imrie has now be placed as joint favourite..
  7. Watching the stream. We haven't been awful, Boyd hitting the post before they scored, probably should've equalized with a good cut back from Power? Broadfoot caught tangled up with Moult in the box, commentary think he was lucky to be on the pitch. My mate spotted him headbutting Brian Graham the other week and no one else noticed it. Get O'Connor on.
  8. Seems like a real coup if he can stay fit by the reports from Dundee fans. More optimistic about going forward now. The back 5 of MacDonald, French, Darragh, Baird and Waters sounds a whole lot better already.
  9. Tyler French from Dundee, CB/RB. Dee paid money to sign him from Wrexham.
  10. Eventually getting that Nadir Ciftci signing over the line.
  11. Interesting that the gaffer is teasing a signing - hasn't done this previously. Wonder who's got him so excited?
  12. You've clearly not paid attention to Jai Quitongo's ability to strike a ball cleanly in the past two seasons.
  13. I don't imagine we are going for youth if it's a loan deal, I could see someone with a bit of experience. A quick think about who would be available in the SPL only brings Jamie Brandon to mind. You'd have to think that the second player would be an attacker with Oakley out. In that position, a younger striker looking to challenge Muirhead is fine by me. On the past two showings (free kick aside) he needs it.
  14. Said this to my mates in the aftermath of the game last week. Even if it's for numbers sake, these young lads need to be hungry for any minutes they can get. It's more than likely it'll be too much for them but you never know unless you try. 16/17 year olds are utilised at other clubs, you never know when you might unearth a gem.
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