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  1. I don't think the last one prevents the team from taking the goal kick, though. Like taking a quick free kick or corner when an opponent is nearby - it's an offence from the other team, but if they don't get in the way of team in possession then the referee is right to allow the play to continue. I also don't think the ball is still moving when it's actually kicked.
  2. It's particularly gutting that Gavin Reilly hasn't really been an upgrade on Robbie Muirhead so far.
  3. I'm not particularly disagreeing with your sentiment, but it's definitely LM/RM rather than LWB/RWB. It's a very definite 3 at the back, 4 in midfield. So while I'm completely on board with some of the criticism, there's no way I'd be wanting Ledger in that role on the right. We also had a real struggle with anyone being able to play LCB in that system. Strapp's problems in there are much more to do with errors rather than being uncomfortable in the role. I mean, either way I don't like the system very much. But there's details outwith the actual formation that we're getting really badly wrong.
  4. I don't want to be too harsh on Strapp, I think he has the potential to be a really good all round left back (and I think lcb is within him too, actually) but he's been stuck in a rut for quite a while. Too many errors and not enough positive contributions. Allan has been every bit as bad as the usual dross we get from EPL youth system (whether loans or signings). At least the other two seem to have a wee bit more about them, but I have no idea why Allan is still getting this much game time. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong soon.
  5. He's not great in attack either. Saw it again. I was way off. Allan was even worse - totally switched off to what was happening. Schoolboy stuff from both.
  6. I'd need to see it again, but my thought was that it was Strapp changing the pace and direction of the ball which sent McKay through.
  7. The goal summed up that Strapp hasn't been nearly good enough for a while, in any role. Whether he was playing at lb or lcb, he would've been back there in that position for the corner.
  8. Schoolboy error by Strapp for the goal. Misjudged the goalkick and could only flick the ball on for McKay to score. We should have been one up as well. Knowles then Reilly passing up big chances in the same move (particularly the latter).
  9. 3-4-1-2. Allan at left mid, Blues right. Oliver behind the front 2.
  10. That's, again, much better. Brave and positive from back to front.
  11. Check out the magic thing that happened when we actually played 4 or 5 positive passes along the ground. Nice passing and movement in and out to create a goalscoring chance. We've come out with a different attitude this half. Much braver on the ball. Hopefully they stick to it.
  12. 4 and a half league games without a goal and we still seem to think it's likely to happen by punting aimless balls up the park. It's pointless and it's awful to watch.
  13. Ugwu was quiet. He didn't look fully fit, and blowing out his arse towards the end (there was a moment near the end when Gary Oliver was holding up the ball waiting for Ugwu's run outside of him, which never came as Ugwu looked like he was trying to run up a sand dune - and Oliver understandably berated him for it). Reilly was neat but lacking in any punch. The bigger problem, though, was the complete lack of service, build up play, or strategy for how to create a goalscoring chance. We ended up with the back 3 being protected by a deep midfield 4 and Lyon slightly in front generally looking a bit lost trying to push anything forward beyond that. It was all a bit confused and we put a lot of effort into trying to be solid that nothing was left over for creativity. Allan has created nothing in the last three weeks. He seems technically competent in a way, but there's been nothing else to his game. He isn't beating his man, he isn't playing clever passes, he isn't putting in decent crosses - there's nothing there. McGregor was similar, he's neat enough and worked hard but didn't make any attacking impact. Nothing creative came out of the centre of midfield. The front two weren't great but they had no support whatsoever. We gave their defenders a very easy afternoon. We put them under no real pressure. In short, we didn't have a go at them - which is criminal.
  14. We could still be playing and we wouldn't have scored. That's 4 league games without a goal, and we didn't look remotely like it today. 3 wins in our 25 league games of 2021. 18 goals in those games. Recent form looks bleak, and it matches our long term form. Gus has a tough job, we're not a club in a strong position, but we've shown nothing on the pitch to suggest that he's improved the situation since arriving.
  15. Just watched the highlights. I didn't realise at the time just how strange Lithgow's positioning at the goal was. What's he doing there right in front of Hamilton? Muirhead's forward play around the 0.35 mark just about sums up the things wrong with his play. He should be making the run beyond Allan, looking for a pass or dragging defenders about. Instead he stops, stands there, and asks for a pass in a worse position for a shot than Allan is already in. He's not showing that he has anything like the pace, power, or intelligence to play at this level. I still don't know why McEntee was so far behind the rest of the defence for Raith's best chance of the second half.
  16. There were plus points in there. Lyon played in a way which made me think it was the first time he had been properly fit this season. Oksanen was much improved and far more involved. We generally dominated the match (although I can't imagine Raith playing that bad again this season). The, rather large, downside was the front 3 not being able to do anything with the wealth of opportunities they had to create something. There were also plenty of balls in from the wing backs (left, right mid today??) but not much quality. And the back three dominated what came up to them, but struggled with the little they had to deal with when players for a run at them. In a sense it feels very much like those horrible runs of nature defeats under Duffy. We're competitive, but we always look like we're going to lose by the odd goal.
  17. Oksanen has a really neat left foot. He put in some decent set pieces and a couple of nice through balls. But he was painfully (really painfully) off the pace and weak on the ball. He might be great for us if he can get to grips with the physicality and pace of the game, if he doesn't then he'll be as good as being a man down. Allan really struggled. Some suggestions that there might be quality in there, but a long way off it today. Reilly has a bit of quality about him, it would be good to see how he would get on if we could really get him into the game. I thought Ledger had a really poor game, and Strapp was similar. Both made mistakes at the back and offered next to nothing in terms of building it from the back or as an attacking threat. I think the best thing that could be said of the team today is that they worked hard and kept it competitive. It wasn't good though. Hamilton was solid in goals, the rest...meh...
  18. It strikes me watching the highlights that Brian McLean just wasn't at the races on Saturday. I mean, there was defensive disorganisation all round but if he had a weakness in his much improved season last year it was his failure to mark players in the box properly and that was there again in abundance. Watching the highlights there, he pretty much may as well not have been there any time the ball was played into the box. Perhaps he won everything else he had to in the match, I didn't see it, but that's far too much to be giving away in the box. From not jumping to not getting close, and just plain being too slow to react, he didn't look like he was ready to play.
  19. I didn't expect MCT to come in and be immediately great at running a football club. Dougie ran the club for many years and was never really great at it. Crawford had been about the club for years and he was abysmal at it. I'm willing to be patient because there isn't an alternative our there right now. That doesn't mean that there shouldn't be questioning and criticism. Morton still seem as leaderless as we were under Crawford, and there are still loads of little issues which all add up. I think that constructive criticism and guidance is important at this point. There are some murmurings that perhaps some of this isn't being taken on board. I'm out of the loop here - I have no idea what is being meant by certain people being arrogant or others being ignored or whatever else. I simply have no details to actually make a judgement on any of this. For me, I'm happy to judge progress over the next few months and what emerges over the course of the season in terms of the club as a whole. This isn't a free pass, but unless there is clear evidence that something fundamental will prevent progress I think it's fair to allow those at MCT to start to grow into the running of the club. I'd have been shocked if they came in and were immediately organised and actually really good at it.
  20. Dear Members, We hope that those of you at yesterday’s game enjoyed being back with less restrictions, despite the extremely disappointing result. It was great to see 1429 people back in Cappielow along with 291 tuning in to the TonTV stream. We are also aware that the current ticketing situation is not good enough for a football club in 2021, and will be working on longer term solutions to improve this significantly. Attention now switches to our next match next Saturday at Firhill to face Partick Thistle in the cinch Championship. For the women's team, it was a much more positive weekend and it was great to see them kick start their season with a 6-1 win over Aidrie today. On off-field matters, we thank everyone for your ongoing patience as we work to get the deal finalised. There is not a huge amount to update on in terms of significant changes in the situation, but work continues to be carried out by our lawyers to push us closer to completion. We will continue to provide these weekly updates to members and provide you with information around ongoing progress. AGM A reminder that the MCT AGM will take place at 7pm on Monday 13th September. For those of you wishing to attend in person or online please register by clicking here and following the instructions. Please ensure you select the correct ticket when registering. Thanks, MCT Comms Team
  21. The price of season tickets was cut significantly that season, by about a third if I remember correctly. It helped get fans in and maintain the crowd numbers a bit, but financially it was a real miscalculation. Cut prices and a three year plan for promotion, which were dumped after about a month.
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