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  1. I thought Ambrose was suspended. He's still down on the list as having an immediate SPFL league match suspension.
  2. I'm surprised it's until the end of the season. Does that mean that Lithgow is done or O'Connor has a serious injury? It's disappointing in the sense that we've had to bring in cover in an area which isn't our weakest, but I'm guessing it's necessary - and it's hardly a market full of options right now.
  3. Someone can correct me on this if I'm way off, but was Alex Gray not talked about by some as a bit of an Easdale appointment to the board?
  4. Three of the four defenders who started on Saturday have already been dropped this season for failing to do their jobs properly, particularly from set pieces. This was a big issue again on Saturday. Pignatiello and O'Connor being the two who were particularly at fault against Partick. There are plenty of others who should also take responsibility for the performance, but Pignatiello was poor at defending cross balls at two goals and O'Connor's defending at 3 or 4 of those goals (I'd argue 4) is really poor. I've been really concerned by O'Connor's performances this season, he has really struggled to look solid so far.
  5. Imrie has stated that he had no relocation money or accommodation to offer players. So the English market, for players like Adeloye, Ugwu, and Akinyemi, is pretty much shut off to him. That one's on the club/tight finances. I do wonder what players he might have taken a chance on, or if we could have pushed the boat out for a striker instead of signing a player in a less necessary position (i.e. Grimshaw). We can't know for sure from the outside. It's clear that Imrie's had an incredibly difficult job on his hands, but I'm sure he could have made different decisions - who knows what those decisions might have been.
  6. I'm not quite as optimistic about Schwake so far. There's loads that's good about his game, but I think he also shows his age at times. That's not really a criticism, because it's what he's here to learn (be more commanding, etc.). The other big issue for me is that a midfield three of Grimshaw, Gillespie and Crawford has essentially zero goals in it (excluding penalties). Add that to a forward line which doesn't score and the problem just becomes bigger. For me, I think that makes the midfield recruitment not so great. The team looks like it will be solid, but a team without a decent goal threat gives itself problems because the opposition, sooner or later, figure out they can commit more to attacks without fear of being punished. In that sense, recruitment hasn't been great because there is a major lack of goals throughout the team. As a side note, I thought an aspect of this was evident when we got a few kick late on against Arbroath, just outside the box, and no-one looked like they wanted anywhere near it (until Jai stepped up and hit a tame effort). I'm not sure how much to blame Imrie for this. I think the job he was given was incredibly difficult. And I suspect he knows the issues but hasn't been able to find the players he needs. It could be that's he's done well with the hand he's been dealt.
  7. Having seen it again, Jai was stupid. I think he's just trying to push the guy off, but I can see why it would look like a punch. He certainly has to tone that down. Baird's wasn't even a booking though. No idea what the ref was looking at .
  8. I have no idea why he was sent off on either occasion. In that sense, I don't feel that I can be critical towards him for those red cards. Maybe something will come up to change my mind on that, but from what I've seen his red cards have been down to weird refereeing decisions. That being said, the referees in those games were both visibly annoyed with Jai at certain points during the match. He maybe needs to be realistic - the way he goes about his game (especially his complaining) is putting him on the wrong side of referees. He does everything very close to the edge. There's certainly an argument that he needs to wind that back - because referees clearly don't like it. So while, as far as I can see, he's innocent on both red cards, he's guilty of annoying bampot referees (and I don't think they're ever going to go away).
  9. Two games in a row that I have no idea why Jai has been sent off.
  10. What was Jai sent off for? I thought I must've missed something yesterday, but I just watched the highlights and I still don't know.
  11. Blues has looked so far off the pace of the game this season. His redeeming features last season were being a presence in midfield (without being spectacular in any remote sense) and making some good forward runs. I was watching yesterday feeling like we really missed out by failing to sign a player like Low. For me, the biggest problem continues to be Muirhead and Kabia. The front 3 have two goals between them this season. It's been completely weak. Quitongo would be fine if he could finish (which is a vital 'if' so I'm not excluding him in this), but the sum total of the other two has added up to looking like we're a man down. The decision to sign Grimshaw, even if we're struggling to find the right forward players, looks like a big misstep considering how badly we're struggling in attacking areas.
  12. He was always going to be a bit rusty, but I hope Grimshaw improves or it'll be a pointless signing.
  13. I agree with this. In terms of individual errors, I suspect maybe O'Connor could be a main target of criticism. I think Lithgow will be back in when fit. While Blues is the weakest part of the central midfield, the other part of it is Kabia and Muirhead. At times I felt like we were a man down because we weren't getting enough out of those two. We simply need new signings to offer increased competition and quality in the front three positions. I don't think either has been good enough to warrant a starting place so far this season.
  14. We had more than enough chances to get something out of the game. Crawford in the first half and Kabia in the second in particular passing up great chances. Otherwise, Muirhead and Kabia offered little and generally felt like the weakest points of the team. We need to add some quality in attacking areas of the pitch.
  15. Being only a few injuries away from struggling to put a team out, you've got to assume that signings are incoming. The moves make sense for the players right now. Something's not right between Lyon and Imrie, and Garrity had hardly played. We need to add some quality which Imrie trusts to play.
  16. Surely that means that we're hopeful of making an attacking signing soon, because it makes no sense otherwise.
  17. Only 5 players in this league managed 10 goals last season. 20 goal a season strikers at this level are extremely rare, especially if their name isn't Shankland or Dobbie. Actual out and out goalscorers who are any good are so rare at this level that you're better hoping for someone with decent all round contribution who chips in with maybe 10 goals. A fit and on form Ugwu could be that player for us, he was just about there last season but faded away towards the end. So I agree in the sense that it's the type of player that we're realistically going to get, although I think the ship has sailed on that one itself.
  18. It does seem to be the strangely dormant company.
  19. Crawford's not going to have come cheap. We've freed up a bit by shifting Jacobs on loan and Easdale leaving (and Crawford in for those two looks like good business) but there's not necessarily anything left for a striker. I think managers at our level will nearly always sacrifice a little bit of balance in order to get better players in. We absolutely could do with a good striker, it would make a massive difference. But we absolutely don't need a rubbish striker. Hopefully we can figure out something on loan at some point, but signing a striker just for the sake of it won't help.
  20. It certainly wasn't 100% convincing. It seemed like they weren't paying enough to shift the Easdale sponsors from the back of the shirts.
  21. I'd take Cadden over any striker we've had in recent years, and back him to outscore any of them. If it was a choice between Cadden and a forward like Oliver, Ugwu, McHugh, Reilly, or Orsi, I know who I'd pick. But, yeah, the likelihood is that it'll be a striker, because by the same token I'd take Ugwu or Reilly over the likes of Salkeld, Nesbitt, McGuffie, Allan, etc. My point is that sometimes you need to prioritise the better player. If there is a better option in the role of a Cadden or a Forbes, I'd take that over a Sterling, Dallas, or Knowles.
  22. The lack of goals in our team is frightening. For that reason, any player that we bring in needs to be someone who can help with that. Whether that's a midfielder, wide player or forward capable of scoring and/or creating goals will depend on who is available, but we need more goals in the team. I mean, we could do with 4 or more additions, in various positions, but we need goals.
  23. Jacobs tended to play well in the one role he's good in, but he's never fit in under Imrie and given that we signed a direct replacement in Gillespie it's probably a relief all round that a solution has been found.
  24. Increases in utility costs have been on the horizon for a bit over a year, but the extent of it wasn't at all clear. I can't blame them for not seeing the extent of this coming when 'industry experts' have only in the past couple of weeks revised their prediction, for the domestic cap, up by an additional £400+.
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