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  1. McPake talk all a load of shite apparently. From Chris Dodds on twitter...... Understand there’s no truth in the rumour of ex-Rangers starlet Josh McPake trialling at Morton. Wherever his next move takes him though, it needs to be the one where everything comes together for him
  2. The app. Ended up going into Cappielow and buying the tickets yesterday
  3. Just tried again. Still the same, I've restarted my phone and uninstall then reinstalled Fanbase itself, no difference.
  4. Anyone else having problems with Fanbase today. I can only get as far as ordering thr tickets, then it crashes. I still get my text with my verification code though.
  5. Sorry to digress from the game itself, but the "Head Steward" appears to be back to her old ways. As usual, I took my 6 Yr old grandson to the game, as usual, he sat on the barrier ( with me holding him). 89 minutes into the game, she appears and tells his uncle ( who was now holding him) to take him off the barrier. Until then she was pleasant enough but a little condescending. I pointed out that he been there for 89 minutes at which her attitude changed and said if she'd seen him she'd have moved him earlier. I pointed out that, not only had he sat in the same place all of this season but, had sat there for the whole of last season as well with no issues despite her passing us on a number of occasions. She insisted he came down then muttered something about someone being deaf and stormed off. I don't know if she just wanders around looking for people to antagonise or just picks on what she sees as an easy target to assert her authority on
  6. 73' Brian Graham has been shown a straight red card on the Partick bench just moments after being subbed FFS, can we have no luck at all Fuck me gently 2-1 down
  7. I skim read the article at first, and thought we'd appointed a new firm accountants
  8. He was initially given pelters for passing the ball back onto our own half. No one ahead of him were moving ir showing for the ball, so he elected (rightly imo) to retain possession and pass backwards. If people can't take a bit of their own medicine it's a sad day. To then boo him the next half a dozen times he gets the ball was out of order.
  9. No failures there today, first away game I've been to in a while and throughly enjoyed it. Loved Big George winding the Ayr players up Fans were brilliant as well, great support from start to finish. Hope we can kick on from here now.
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