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  1. First 20 mins I thought we were pretty much out of things. Came in to the game well on the last ten, twelve minutes of the first half and a much better second half. McPake would have made a difference up front. Muirhead should be shot with a ball of his own shite.
  2. No need for the first booking Soft might have been a better description.
  3. McPake would have given us something different I feel. Hopkin came back out early and sat in the dugout on his own. Given them a boot up the arse and left them to discuss it maybe?
  4. Where exactly is Renfresheer? At least he did say Grenock.
  5. Fair comment, but last time I was at Send I needed a mortgage for a pie and bovril, hence the comment
  6. Link to Dundee stream https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/morton-live-streaming/ £12.50, expected the robbing bastards to be dearer than that
  7. Don't disagree with any if that, but of you don't ask you don't get. To me that's what this is.
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