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  1. On the sponsorship subject. They said last night that they'd been asked if GC were paying the going rate for shirt sponsorship and replied that they had been in contact with other clubs in an effort to find out what the going rate actually was before going any further.
  2. They also recognise this and said that communication with fans will be a priority.
  3. There are still a load of questions needing answered but, as the Dunning says there have been calls for new ownership for years now and this is the first real chance for that to be done. On the principal of “you have to pish with the cock you’ve got” you have to get behind this if you can, every tenner pledged will help.
  4. Said that the third party had no connection to Inverclyde or previous or current involvement in the club.
  5. Yeah I get that, but, as I said, it's a start. Not something I'd like to see, but given the level of the Golden Casket cooperation I don't think they'd be adverse to sponsorship of the stadium and it's renaming. Arnold Clark arena?
  6. Did they not say that they were looking for people with "certain skills" to volunteer and help out around the ground, no matter how small the contribution. I know that's going back to the same pot that they are looking to get money from, but it's a start. Only problem with that is, if a jobs not done right or to a poor standard, it's difficult to go back to the volunteer and complain. That's why Dougie stopped fans helping out when he took over.
  7. The orange one or the luminous green, good memories of good times wearing both. Orange for the first year in the Premier league with Celtic lined up applauding us into the park. Luminous green for the 5-1 hounding as we sent the "Saints" marching out. Stay away from hooped socks though
  8. Don't suppose there's anything to stop fans donating/collecting money to keep in reserve for when the league starts back. See MCT for example. They would then keep the club updated with a figure collected each week which would allow the club to budget accordingly.
  9. TBH in more concerned about who is in the strip than what's on it.
  10. What he says is that the club didn't think it correct that they had a singing and dancing launch of a new kit given that the former chairman had just died and the ongoing coronavirus situation. Probably fair enough,I know the launch could have been held back a couple of weeks. He also makes comments about the reaction to the launch and says that it's had its own kind of success because the pre orders are well up on last year's.
  11. Good honest interview, interested to see what the "fans surprise" is in respect of the kit launch
  12. Like it, would have preferred all white socks or white socks with a blue top. But can live with the hooped version.
  13. For those with an interest in basketball, The Last Dance on Netflix. A ten episode series following the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan for a full year. Even if you are not specifically into Basketball itself, it's a great watch for anyone with a general interest in sports. Oops just seen the previous post, but underlines how good this is
  14. Saddened to hear the news that, local Basketball and football referee and youth coach, passed away on 13 April. His, private funeral, is this Friday, his 55th wedding anniversary. Many of you involved in local sports will no doubt have known Bill.
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