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  1. I'm hearing that McGowan is also allegedly involved in this.
  2. As I said the last time his name came up as a potential signing..... Setting aside his well documented misdemeanors, he is a player I took an instant dislike to from the very first time I clapped eyes on him while breaking through at Livingston. Most players will be wind up merchants at some point, McPhee wound us up during his Airdrie and Hamilton days, but did so with a bit of humour. I'd loved to have seen him in a Morton strip. Griffiths, on the other hand, did it with, what I'd describe as evil intent. When playing for Dundee he made allegations that a Ton fan had tried to punch him while celebrating a goal at the Sinclair St end. The photos in the Sunday papers showed Griffiths clearly on the grass verge at the side of the goal, with 6/7 ft of red blaise between him and the perimeter wall. The "alleged puncher" would have to have been Stretch Armstrong to have reached him. So I repeat No Thanks. I'd rather have Terry Griffiths. If there is a shred of truth to this, I suspect the story will have been written prior to last night's cup draw, and now that we are guaranteed a bit of a pay day, we can do much better than him.
  3. Reference the potential income from this tie. *If you listen to the latest podcast someone makes reference to Celtic ST holders paying for cup tickets via some sort of DD scheme and reckons that whether there are 2000 or 20,000 fans that turn up the income from the game will be guaranteed to be somewhere around the level of a 30,000 attendance. *Start listening from around the 38 minute mark.
  4. As it was before, 27 corners and all that, who knows.
  5. Hope so, Saturday I'm on a big silver bird
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