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  1. I'm not particularly for or against the Royal Family. What had to be remembered that not only was Prince Philip a very senior Royal, but also someone's husband, father, grandfather etc etc. So to celebrate his death is completely wrong. However, I do think the media , TV in particular, went completely ott. Was there any need for the three main terrestrial channels to devote their entire programming schedule to telling us the same thing over and over again. Yes, his passing required to be reported, but an hour or hour and a half long programme would have been more than enough.
  2. Funerals at 3 pm next Saturday. Suppose they could change the kick off time, or play on Friday or Sunday since they don't have fans to accommodate.
  3. Hearts 4-0 up with more than half an hour left
  4. To be live on BBC Scotland on Tuesday 20 April. KO 7.05pm
  5. East Fife must be gutted, but to be fair, how many times have we been similarly robbed? So fuck them and move on.
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