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  1. Maybe a small thing, but we've heard about more people subscribing to MCT since the take over was finalised. However, the MCT website still shows the membership at 850 and has done since long before the finalisation. There could be people out there who may well be thinking of joining and could be encouraged by seeing the membership rising. Doesn't need to be done every day, maybe once or twice a month.
  2. The camera guy did a short interview with the boy who goes around the grounds videoing fans etc. He said they had to remove the other two cameras because of fans being allowed back in.
  3. Russell definitely made a huge difference when came on. Surely have to start him
  4. Agreed, but at least they are not infesting the home ends
  5. Well here's one for you, and before I begin, I'm well aware of the finances involved and the impact on the club. However, let's say we draw one of the Bigot Brothers in a a home cup tie. I for one am sick and tired of being in MY clubs stadium, supporting MY club and being surrounded by neanderthal arseholes who think it's perfectly acceptable to verbally abuse and, on some occasions, assault home fans for simply supporting their own team. I always think it's like coming home from work and finding the anti-social neighbours having a party in your living room. I'd rather stand in the Sinclair St end or the Cowshed on my own than be surrounded by old firm fuckwits. I have many good friends on either side of the religious divide who have asked me to get them a ticket for the home end of such a game and , I've always refused. Even if it means refusing the away team tickets and taking the inevitable financial hit, and no doubt retaliation in the event of an away draw, I'd rather that than being harangued and spat at by these so called football fans.
  6. Another example of how things could/should be. Paphos have a home game this Saturday and I was invited along by a friend. To buy a ticket, you must have a fan ID card (free of charge) that put me off going at first as I thought it would be a faff to get. Not so. He took me to the club shop where I registered for my ID card (which also required a photo to be taken), bought a club polo shirt, which had to be printed with the crest, and the entire process took no longer than 10 mins. I was also given two free fridge magnets for my troubles. It's not hard.
  7. Thought Blues goal was a great piece of skill. Took it first time as it dropped over his right shoulder to pass it into the bottom corner.
  8. Excellent article once again
  9. Even in 1922, they managed to get the hoops to match up.
  10. Mine is going back to Smiths. The wording under the badge starts on the bottom of a white hoop and ends at the top of the blue hoop below. I don't mind the wording straddling the two colours, but if it was in a straight line that would help🤔 Looks like the deck of the Titanic.
  11. I don't agree with taking the knee, I don't boo it though. But given its origin, surely any disagreement with it, be that maybe turning your back or whistling etc while the players take the knee, would be considered to be racist by some.
  12. Just on the price of kits etc. I picked up this season's Paphos FC home top for my grandson from their club office today for the princely sum of €15, (about £13) genuine top not a rip off from a tat shop. It also came in a quality paper bag embossed with the club crest. Adult tops are €40. (About £ 34)
  13. Agreed. I wasn't there so never heard it. I'm sure the player himself won't be happy with it either. Whatever your own feelings are on the player, things like this have to stop.
  14. First interview with Jimmy Knowles Feckin seagulls 😡
  15. Still end of the month as far as I know
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