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  1. If you've had a ST for the previous season you don't get a new card, it's simply reactivated.
  2. Think you're misunderstanding my point. Could it have been along the lines of something we've all said to our kids. "If ye don't stop greeting ye'll no get they sweeties" rather than "I'll make sure you never get back in"
  3. Playing devils advocate here. Could that have been a generalisation though, "if ye don't wear yer mask, ye's will never get back" As opposed to a direct threat. Not that I agree with wearing a mask under the circumstances. There was one guy on Saturday who must have missed most of the first half arguing with a steward. I assume that he knew those were the rules before going.
  4. What would have been interesting is if we'd qualified from the League Cup group and drawn one of the Bigot Brothers at home, I wonder what the capacity would have been then? Although, it would have been nice to have a game against them with no away fans. It always feels like coming home from work to find the antisocial neighbours having a party in your living room when we play that pair.
  5. When I was in paying for mine it was Brendan who told me that. It's obviously to stop someone being able to use an access code AND their ticket for the same game. For example, I could go to the game using my ST and give my brother in Canada my code. I fully understand and agree with the thinking behind that but, given our track record on such things I'm just concerned that if my ticket was temporarily cancelled, would my code actually work or would my ticket work for the next game. Of course all of that may well have changed since I renewed mine.
  6. Think you have to contact Brendan to have your card temporarily cancelled and your code activated for any game you can't physically make. 🙄 What could go wrong? 🤭
  7. ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Excellent post
  8. Wallace has the worst patter I've heard. The Theatre of Pies, FFS. He's obviously the head pie. The only fancy Dan penalty was from Ugwu, who scored. The rest were the standard run up.
  9. He's talked pish all night. Though, to be fair McKinnon has been pretty fair, I thought he'd have stuck the boot in to be honest.
  10. Reece stays near me, I hadn't seen him about for a good while, but he's been around more over the last two or three days.
  11. That'll be his goal for the season then.
  12. Trustees from the jail apparently, not an uncommon thing.
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