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  1. I think they've seen the previous comments on this and are having a laugh.
  2. Agreed, but if it levels the playing field a bit for us then great😂
  3. MCT are funding the first team squad, so players already signed for that squad have to be funded. They can't pick and choose who receives wages from their donations, in the same way we can't buy a season ticket and say " I don't want X or Y player to get any of MY money" IMO the more people who join up, the more money can be donated, therefore a better standard of player can be attracted. Of course, if that doesn't happen, then theres always the option to resign your membership.
  4. Full update from MCT email for those maybe still swithering Dear Members, With the return of the Greenock Morton players to training just a week away, we are pleased to announce that Morton Club Together (MCT) have made our first payment of the 2020/21 season towards the first team budget. We are delighted to confirm that we have been able to increase our monthly payment towards this cause to £10,000. Following the support of our members over the last few months, this represents a significant increase on last year’s contribution. One year ago, we made our very first payment of £6,000, with the monthly total rising to £7,000 in January. What this also means is that we are on target to contribute £100,000 over the coming season. With 675 members now, this really does show the importance of strength in numbers. Last Friday, MCT Directors also had the opportunity to meet with David Hopkin, Anton McElhone, Dave Timmins and Dave MacKinnon. This was an extremely positive meeting and a great opportunity to discuss all things Morton and visions for the future. MCT Director, Gordon Ritchie who attended the meeting said, “We had a very positive and productive meeting with the team coaching staff, and quickly realised that we share many common goals and ideas to move Morton forward. “We are delighted that MCT are now able to contribute £10,000 per month towards Hoppy’s first team budget, and we would like to thank all our members for making that possible. “2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone, and it cannot be underestimated how important the support of all of our members has been, and will continue to be, for the coming season.” Greenock Morton CEO Dave MacKinnon added, “Myself, Davie Hopkin, Anton McElhone, and Dave Timmins spent a productive couple of hours with Graham and Gordon from the MCT Board, and we were impressed by their vision and commitment. “I have worked closely at other clubs to facilitate greater fan and community involvement, and it takes open minds on both sides to deliver. It is clear that MCT understand the unique challenges faced in running football clubs, and we look forward to forging a close working relationship with MCT over the coming season and beyond.” In the coming weeks, we would also like to make members aware that we will be running a specific webinar for non-members. We want to engage and interact with all Morton fans to ensure they have the opportunity to join us on the path to community ownership. We know there are fans out there who are yet to sign up to MCT and we want to offer those fans time with our Directors to get the answers they need regarding MCT. Following this, we will look to host future member webinars where you will all have the chance to pose your questions. However, in the meantime, you can ask us a question anytime you want by getting in touch at enquiries@mortonclubtogether.com. Thanks, MCT Team
  5. Marlon Harewood seen in Sinclair Street this morning, allegedly.
  6. And that "ghost" top in the background during the interview.😳
  7. Finally, it is our intention to add to the squad over the coming weeks whilst operating within the current budget constraints of this uncertain time. Give it a chance
  8. Does anyone know FOR SURE that Hopkin wasn't taken off furlough early?
  9. I've managed to buy 50/50 tickets a couple to times, but have struggled on other occasions. Given up trying.
  10. Didn't know where to put this and although not something totally Morton related, but will affect us all on match day. The tunnel is now open again after an upgrade, no more dodging puddles and anyone with a mobility problem will now be able to use that area without problem. Not before time, but a great and welcome effort.
  11. As usual, need a mortgage for a pie and a coke up there
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