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  1. Not a bad idea, but I'd imagine someone with qualifications would need to be present while the equipment is being used and therefore make it uneconomical.
  2. I don't disagree with you at all, but like everyone else, individuals and businesses alike, sadly the cost is more likely to be passed onto the paying customer. That's the world we're living in at the moment.
  3. I get where you're coming from, don't know if you attended the recent meeting, but it was said that the utility bill for Cappielow last season was £18,000. The projected cost for this coming season it's £54,000. It has to be paid somehow.
  4. Only played the first half, scored a cracking goal and was subbed at halftime so they could sign him. I was speaking to his wife at the Kilmarnock League cup tie when Jai scored and said I'd love to have seen him in a Morton strip for a couple of seasons. She said he'd been training with us for a couple of weeks and wanted to sign, but that no offer was being made, so when St Mirren said they wanted to sign him and made an offer it was a no brainer. They had a couple of kids and a mortgage to pay just like most folk.
  5. I'm hearing a midfielder on loan from Livi, plus another due in.
  6. Of course it could be that we're only allowing him training facilities.
  7. Didn't realise about Jacobs, but the info about Jai training comes from a good source. We'll see how it pans out.
  8. He definitely says Kai, but I'd heard a couple of days ago that Jai was training 🤔
  9. And the introduction of the Cappie the Cat soft toy, available to pre order apparently, as was revealed at the meeting last week.
  10. Brian McLean away according to the Tele.
  11. He seems to have something of a link with them. http://www.qosfc.com/news-5772
  12. Gavin Reilly signs for QoS http://www.qosfc.com/news-5772
  13. I know nothing of the ins and outs of these things, nor am I a mathematical or financial expert. From what I understand the MCT membership provide £180,000 per year to the club. Let's say potential investors want to purchase 10% of the shares, does that mean they get that 10% for £18,000? (I don't think that would be the case, but don't know either way) IF that is the case, and depending on who these potential investors are, that £18,000 (or more) could easily be lost to MCT by members withdrawing their support. Therefore we could end up being no better (or even worse) off than we are now. I'm happy to be corrected accordingly.
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