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  1. Some guy called Cadden scored again for Forest Green, someone like him up front might be quite good
  2. They must be getting their own back for the first game of the season with this stream 🤣
  3. If you have a Parstv account, you can use the same password on the QoS site. No need to re-register to buy tomorrow's stream.
  4. Kick off now 6:30 pm next Wednesday night. Details on the official site
  5. Agree with this, every other clubs stream commentary has been pretty good (exception, for me , was Arbroath) with Raith Rovers being the best. I'd say Gerry and Andy are second only to Raith, in terms of quality and knowledge of the opposition, but from our point of view there's nobody to top them. I'll watch the stream tonight for that reason despite the camera work and quality likely to be better on the Beeb.
  6. My brother is in Toronto, said he seen it advertised and that he'd watch it. He maybe has a fire stick or something,but I know he's watched our games on Alba in the past.
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