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  1. The above brought this to mind..... Standing in the Cowshed at halftime and I feel my shoulder being thumped from behind and there was Tiger. Did you know about the Policeman that got shot in Cathcart Street he asks. No, never heard anything about that I say. Aye, somebody tried to steal a wummins handbag and when the polis man chased the guy, he shot him dead. Fuck sake, I say, never heard anything about it, when did that happen? 1863 🤣 (Don't know if that was the correct year, but you'll get my drift)
  2. There should definitely be a centenary pin bag or two produced
  3. Anyone got them without having to have a Facebook account to watch them.
  4. Someone has reopened the old Orangefield Cafe (Gray's) recently. Don't know what it's like, but I passed by today and it looks nice inside. The guy apparently worked for a local bakers for 15 yrs and gave it up to open the cafe.
  5. Best memory of Tiger was the night we had a preseason meeting of the Lighthouse travel club. Tiger had been admitted to the IRH a few days before, so no one expected to see him. However, the door opens and in walks the bold Tiger wearing pyjamas and a hospital dressing gown announcing he was fed up and had told the ward staff he was going down to the main door for a smoke and got a lift into the pub from a taxi driver he knew and he’d go back when the meeting was over. 😂😂
  6. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else. I heard late last night that Gordon "Tiger" Bryce a Morton man through and through and well known local referee passed away yesterday.
  7. Couldn't see anything wrong at the time, nor watching the replays. To be fair to their commentary team even they said that they couldn't see much wrong with it. Didn't stop their tears though🤣🤣
  8. That should be played constantly on the electronic boards at AutoTec in the Port
  9. If found guilty and is banned from the touchline, can he sit in the Directors Box and relay instructions to Andy Millen from there. I suspect the answer is no, but thought I'd ask anyway.
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