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  1. Now appears to be running as sweet as a nut so maybe I was just unlucky? Hope it runs like this tomorrow and we have a camera position that captures the majority of the pitch and goal mouth areas, as that would be most welcome too!
  2. Joined tonight's test at 6:04 tonight. Minimal improvement on Saturdays test for me with buffering every minute or so that required me to refresh page re-tick the Ts&C's 5 times in a 10 minute spell. It does appear to be stabilising/improving the longer I'm on the stream to be fair.....I'm on a Windows laptop with fibre broadband running at 37mb
  3. Exactly the same approx 2 mins, buffered then froze . Both on mobile and Chrome browser on windows laptop. Quality was ok if a little blurry. Sign up was seamless so I suppose that's progress?
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