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  1. That was beyond unacceptable. No attempt to play football, just high balls to Jack Baird. Must have our best players on on Tuesday. Persist with this unfootball and we are down.
  2. Relegation scrawled all over this. Strapp and Colville subbed. This is clowncar management. Can’t even do hoofball.
  3. Fucking hell, Mcelhone is a cretin. Lyon still on the bench.
  4. My favourite Morton player of all time. I first saw him in a game at Love Street in about November 1976 I think, the day before I flew to Ghana for work. We ended up 3rd in the second tier that season below St Mirren and Clydebank, but the next season we really got going and took the title, and Andy was pivotal. The football was brilliant all over the park. 63-64 and 66-67 were good but that Rooney team was just superb, and we followed the team round Scotland, mainly to watch Andy in action. He has made a terrific job of his new co-commentator role, and his insights are extremely percepti
  5. Saturday's game is vital. Win and we are 5 points ahead of them although they have a game in hand. Lose and we are 9th. A win or two in this league will make a huge difference to our position as it's so tight. I can't however see the lower divisions not getting completed this season - maybe they could reduce it to an 18 game season, but I think they might struggle to have playoffs this year, especially as there's no sign of the lower leagues even restarting any time soon.
  6. That might have some (limited) merit if we were sitting safely mid-table. We're currently in 8th position with the team immediately below us, only 2 points behind, having a game in hand. We need to have our strongest starting XI on the pitch every week - once we're three up (as if!), there might be some scope for allowing players to "win a contract". It's maybe wrong to single out Blues to be replaced by Lyons as he's not actually the weakest link at the moment - Nesbitt has been dreadful recently but he seems to get a regular start. Can be great to watch but at the moment he is not delive
  7. Agree, but Lyon must be really pissed off with being given practically no game time. Does McElhone really rate him lower than Blues and Omar?
  8. That team today was crying out for Lyon in place of Blues. Blues isn’t the worst midfielder but Lyon offers more. Wouldn’t argue against Fjortoft getting a start. Not sure who screwed up fot the second equaliser but worrying we are losing goals like that. Should have had the game sewn up by then. BTW, Colville is some player - great at controlling the ball in tight spots & finding a pass. Understated and laid back, but he was terrific today & took his goal beautifully.
  9. This league is incredibly tight.
  10. Must start with Lyon, Colville & Jacobs in midfield. For all his three goals this season, Blues isn’t good enough in that position. Nor is Omar. The mistake last time at Dens was to show them too much respect. They are nothing great.
  11. Decent result and although we didn't have a lot up front, Hearts didn't exactly force Macadams to make a lot of saves either. I can't understand why Lyon gets so little game time. He's clearly a far better option than Blues. He and Colville and Jacobs should be the first names on the teamsheet. I know Blues has scored a few goals, but he seems a bit lighweight compared to Lyons. Why did neither Sterling nor Johnson get a look in today - are they not fully fit yet?
  12. If someone posts a link to where I can watch for free, great. If not, will follow on Twitter. £18:50 is ridiculous. Might stick a pound on us winning 1-0 at odds of probably about 500/1 as that sort of result would be so Morton.
  13. Queens strengthened during the transfer window. We didn’t. In fact we lost Jim McAlister. Jury still out on Sterling but let’s hope he makes a difference. We have a game in hand over Queens, but we need to stop our current slump. Unlikely to happen on Saturday though.
  14. I said the club and the ground. I didn’t include the car park in that, but in fact as it came as part of the package (IIRC) the same comment applies. The debt run up has not added value to the club or the ground (or the car park for that matter). It’s a debt run up by running the club at a loss. The loss could be offset against GC profits for tax purposes and so GC could in effect get some of their £2 million back that way. Not that £2million should be the appropriate figure anyway as our MCT money was to have been leveraged to reduce the debt figure.
  15. I don't know any of the MCT people personally and I don't know what experience they have of arranging this sort of deal, but it looks to me as if GC are just coming out with random figures. There is no account taken of the actual finances of GMFC - for example if Morton suddenly received a windfall of (say) £500k, how would that affect the deal? Would GC end up with that money or would it remain (as intended by the Scottish Government) with the fan-owned GMFC next season. Morton's finances are presumably not reflected by a static pile of cash; they change over time. The £2 million debt
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