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  1. FFS. You don’t get the concept of humour obviously.
  2. Good grief. They appear to be wanting to fix these "Crowdies" to the seats at the front of the Cowshed to give the appearance of a crowd. Apparently in a position where a camera in the Cowshed wouldn't even be able to see them. That looks like a terrible idea. Then there's the damages for using the name "Crowdie" which I think may belong to a cheese manufacturer on Arran.
  3. Alibi

    Ton Tv

    Of course it would be impossible to site the camera in the directors’ box, from where a clear uninterrupted view is possible.
  4. Don’t remind me. Had completely blanked him from my memory.
  5. Did McKee not do ok for us until an injury against Falkirk, after which he wasn’t the same player?
  6. Delighted Nesbitt is staying. Surprised at McLean and McGinty being retained. Millar too, but it’s a shorter season so that might help him.
  7. That's the problem. If all the better players are signed up early, we will be left with the dross. It might be a gamble to sign players now in case there is a second wave and the season is cancelled, but unless that happens were are going to need a team - we have I assume got Strapp, Lyon, Colville & a few others on a further year already but we have no strikers, no keeper, no defenders apart from Strapp, so a lot of signings needed. It's a bit risky to procrastinate. Any word on Nesbitt btw?
  8. Yes, astonishing that the SFA were at the forefront of an unofficial lockdown, and schools saw massive absenteeism - I think the real reason for the lack of concern about large crowds was not unconnected to Matt Hancock's determination that racing at Cheltenham should go ahead, failing of course to mention pushing that line earned him £10k. The story about schools was that if they closed, key workers would have to stay at home - that always sounded a bit weak. The public took it into their own hands to impose a sort of unofficial lockdown - I had to go to Carlisle 2 days running that week and managed not to go within 2m of anyone despite using the train and a bus. Regarding schools returning, I have strong reservations about the way social distancing is being abandoned for educational expediency. Mrs Alibi has been told that she will be provided with a mask and a visor, but actually keeping clear of pupils is going to be difficult in practice. I foresee problems, and as someone who may currently be classed as at risk due to Covid-related damage to heart and lungs, I am not exactly ecstatic about a transmission path for the virus being facilitated by the local authority (I am not assuming I have immunity from a second infection). I can see an increase in infections from schools, pubs, & other places where social distancing is not robust or is non-existent - 1m social distancing in particular is a bad joke. I would hope the teaching unions will take a robust approach to challenging any risky practices that prioritise money over lives. Teachers should not be used as political cannon fodder.
  9. I think that's because they didn't have the powers they needed to impose lockdown when they first wanted to. They only got those powers when Johnson decided to have lockdown in England around 23rd March. I understand the FM asked for lockdown a couple of weeks earlier at a cobra meeting. Also the stated UK policy of "lockstep", as espoused by that moron Alister Jack at every opportunity, was disastrous for Scotland - things only improved when Johnson diverged and went for an early lifting of lockdown, and Scotland, Wales & NI kept to a more cautious course - you can see the difference clearly now.
  10. The T&T system in Scotland seems to be based on a tried and tested system used for other diseases. Sensible not to have anything to do with Matt Hancock's "world-beating" system south of the border, which was a complete failure. What is it with UK government minsters that every innovation has to be "world beating"? Same with the vaccine being developed. it's not a beauty competition - better to have "it works" than "world beating but it doesn't work". They really do see the world in "them and us" terms with Britain better than everyone else.
  11. Two ply polyester. Should be 3 ply.
  12. I'm sure you would turn down the best financial offer in favour of a lower paid job.
  13. That was about the best moment of last season, when Kilday hit the ball off Craig McGuffie for our 4th goal at Palmerston & everyone started singing the Lee Kilday song. That and Cadden's demolition job for the first 3 goals.
  14. Kilday was decent for us until he got injured. Was never the same player after that. He needs to earn a living & AFAIK never did anything to merit the booing he got last season when he played for QoS.
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