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  1. Edited as have found the problem - the code is linked to an email address which is not the one associated with my Morton TV account. works if I input the other email address.
  2. Got an email from Brendan with the code. I get the impression he's running the show single handed.
  3. Postman has been and still no season ticket. Not had an email with the access code for tomorrow's stream despite emailing the club yesterday in response to the posts on Twitter. just phone the club, goes to voicemail, tried to leave a message but you can only leave a very very short message before it cuts you off - not long enough to say anything meaningful. This is a fucking shambles as usual. If anyone at the club reads this forum, can I have an access code for the stream please? Today preferably.
  4. If my season ticket was posted out on Monday, it’s taking a hoor of a time to arrive. Were they posted first class? I suspect I know the answer to that. Email requesting code sent. I expect I’ll get a reply on Monday. Hope there’s an unofficial stream out there somewhere…
  5. Phoned the club but no answer. Sent an email so will see what happens. i would have thought that each season ticket would come with a code number which could either be used to get in or to log on - surely a single use code is possible? Emailing to get a code seems rather antediluvian.
  6. Still no sign of my season ticket arriving. As it happens I can't go on Saturday anyway as I've been lumbered with looking after our puppy for the day so I can forego the extremely unappealing entry/spectating procedures that are in place and just watch it on a 55" TV with my feet up and a wee refreshment every time Morton score ("Man dies of thirst while watching Morton"). Seriously though, what's the procedure for getting a stream when you have a season ticket, or to be more accurate, don't have a season ticket? Does it come with a access code or is that too simple for whoever design
  7. The lack of decent signings, or lately, any signings at all, is worrying. I thought maybe the takeover would mean some improvement but so far it’s made no difference.
  8. This notion that everyone can collect their season ticket from Cappielow is a bit antiquated. There’s a reason Amazon don’t use that business model.
  9. Aye, just saw the tweet. Now just need to find out if I have to be at Cappielow several hours before kick off to stand somewhere I don’t want to stand.
  10. Have season tickets been sent out yet? Paid for mine over the phone some time ago but not had anything in the post or even an email acknowledgement.
  11. Bit pointless playing the remaining two fixtures. Also rather unfair to Kilmarnock and whoever the other team in our group is (can you tell this competition hasn't really grabbed my interest?) that they could end up going out because of points and particularly the 3 goals awarded to Stranraer and EK due to the cancellations.
  12. I heard something on the radio about this proposed reconstruction. I am open minded about the idea of increasing the number of clubs to 48, but none of those 48 should be OF colt teams. Would also like to know how 12 team leagues would work as to get around 36 games would be difficult unless there was some sort of split part way through the season.
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