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  1. The back of the strip looks a much lighter blue than the hoops on the front. Looks more like a Rangers shade of blue than our royal blue.. The sponsors on the rear look pretty horrific too. is that another sponsor on the left sleeve too?
  2. I find it quite difficult to understand this convoluted fund raising scheme. Why can't the club just issue more shares as many public companies do, and sell them at a set issue price? A straightforward raising of capital, which will or course dilute the current percentages held by MCT and others. Why the need to link it to a possibly unenforceable future ongoing income stream that nobody really understands?
  3. Good to get a bit of Italian in our squad. Mon the Greenock Azzuri!
  4. Yes, the alternative income stream route is a potentially valuable one. Imagine if the Norseman was a decent pub with a function suite and a load of other stuff. These things cost money, but if planned right should generate a return on investment.
  5. The crucial word in my post is “if”. I agree with everything you say above, setting out alternative ways to be financially viable. I do think though that some folk don’t realise that wanting cheaper gate prices while at the same time bemoaning the quality of the squad are not unconnected things. We need to develop a more viable business model and success on the park is a big part of that due to prize money. External investment as you suggest it can be a good thing but need to beware of shysters. The idea should be to expand the business by expanding income and turnover.
  6. I think this idea may have some merit in that it brings in investment. However there have to be watertight rules to stop an individual or group from building up a shareholding above a certain level, in particular to a level where they can force through a takeover. I have a feeling (may be wrong here) that if someone gets 30% of the shares in a public limited company, they have to make an offer for the rest of the shares. I think there's some other significance to the 75% as well - is it that if someone has 75%, they can compel everyone to sell their shares to them? I'd like a lot more detail on how this plan will work. Will additional shares be issued or will MCT sell some existing shares? We really could so with some explanation of all the possible implications - my initial thought would be not to let the MCT shareholding drop so close to 50% to give a margin for error. Maybe go to 60%. At the end of the day, if we need to raise money to put a decent team on the park, we either have to provide the capital ourselves, or we have to get external funding (I'm ignoring the extra money we would make from a higher league position if either strategy works). I also think that MCT members should be given a power of veto to allow them to vote to block any particular investor if deemed unsuitable or potentially hostile. Investment from friendly sources is probably fine but a degree of caution is needed. Do the MCT board have the knowledge or experience to handle this proposal properly?
  7. What's an "international" season ticket? Is that just a matter of using a VPN or do you have to provide an overseas address? And can you use such a thing at the turnstiles if you are "visiting" Scotland?
  8. I bought a season ticket last year because with streaming it made sense. I also bought most of the away games too so a bit of income spread around the division there too. Absolutely no way that’s the case this year as actually getting to home games is becoming a bit of a struggle & likely I will only make it to a few games. A retrograde step frankly and fuck UEFA. At our level, is it really necessary to cut people off from their team? Do they think anyone will as a consequence pay to watch the elite teams instead?
  9. The other Andy Ritchie was a decent player. I remember Oldham fans chanting there’s only one Andy Ritchie and thinking they really were hitting the wrong note there. I had a feeling he got a move to Man U, but Google has reminded me that’s where he started, moving to the Latics later in his career. Also had a spell at Leeds. I had no idea Oldham we’re so far down the leagues. Sad to see.
  10. Isn't Seville famous for oranges? There's a certain irony in there somewhere. Hope they get absolutely steam-rollered.
  11. I'd love to hear the justification for extending Easdale's contract, unless it's not actually costing us money. He needs to go out on loan to see what he can actually achieve given more game time but at a lower level. Same with a few of the others unless any are deemed suitable for the fist team squad (King for example might be at that level even if not yet a first team starting line-up pick).
  12. Also Raith Rovers, & Inverness at a push. Dundee is sort of by the sea too. Only Hamilton & Partick are not right next to a coast.
  13. The score is irrelevant as we put out a team that wasn’t capable of doing any better, and with very little chance of scoring a goal. Was actually shocked how many of the team appeared to have no first touch. They really were hung out to dry tonight. That game was there for the taking if we had shown the slightest desire to win it. Which means not picking that team.
  14. Strapp not even on the bench? Easdale starting. Hmmm. Can I get a refund on the cost of the stream? This is pretty much a youth team.
  15. I also think that polo looks dreadful. A big black slab (navy apparently but looks more like black to me, although maybe not priest black). However, at least we are trying to expand the range.
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