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  1. Absolute clusterfuck of a game. Couldn’t tackle, pass, control the ball, noting but route one to Muirhead. Torn apart the whole first half. Thank fuck Broadfoot suspended next week although we now only have 2 defenders fit. Some improvement second half but couldn’t finish. Bizarre taking Mcgrattan off. Bearne looks like a wee boy out his depth. We are in deep trouble. None of the new signings outfield are an improvement so far. Time for Dougie to show what he’s got. Injuries not his fault but tactics and subs are his decisions. 3 points next week a must.
  2. Just need to tell them they can't speak to him and he's under contract. However likely it's just speculation. Dougie surely wouldn't want to take on that car crash outfit?
  3. Do we actually make anything from this arrangement? I don't mean the amount they would pay, but the net profit after the costs involved are deducted - floodlights, utilities costs, any stewarding costs, etc. etc. I'd hazard a guess that the profit from hiring out Cappielow for this game would probably be very small. I could see the logic if we were actually making a significant sum, but I suspect it won't be worth the effort financially. That's before you consider the moral arguments as outlined by Toby above. We haven't had to play any of these B teams so far, but eventually we might get drawn against one of them. If that happens, would we refuse to play them and just forfeit the match? Unlikely I think as we'd be cutting off our nose to spite our face. In practice the rules currently allow them to take part and we have to abide by the rules.
  4. If only there was a decent left back somewhere, currently without a club, someone who could also play on the right if required.
  5. Although players generally have positions in which they play, it’s not carved in stone. Mcgrattan did well at RB, & has pace. Prefer him in his normal position but no reason he couldn’t do well at RB again. Loads of players change position over their playing career. Muirhead even played RB a few seasons ago, although not to great effect TBF.
  6. Primary School in your case, presumably.
  7. That was horrific. Doing ok until Robbie Crawford went off then it fell apart. Defence was abysmal, with Baird seemingly repeatedly ignoring Darragh’s forays forward asking for a pass up the wing to put pressure on Partick’s left hand side, preferring to switch the ball to our left hand side where Partick had numbers. Wilson was dreadful, caused at least one goal. Why the fuck has he been signed if that is his level? Get Broadfoot to fuck - he’s done. We are seriously weakened by injuries but we should have numbers to provide cover. We should be making use of King & Mcgrattan more. No complaints about Mcdonald who was left exposed. Imrie needs to get things sorted quickly. Wonder if Strapp could play on the right… just a thought. Despite our current woes, level with Ayr and above inverness. Early days but we need to stop the rot, and that means Baird and O’Connor at CB & Broadfoot on the bench.
  8. 5-1. The 1 was a Muirhead special IIRC. We need to give them a doing next week.
  9. Clearly a bad say at the office. It happens. Every fucking time we play Arbroath. Need to give Partick a doing next week.
  10. That is a shocking result. Losing to Arfuckingbroath is bad enough, but losing 3-0 is beyond unacceptable.
  11. I think sending King out on loan would be a mistake. Our squad is fairly small as it is, and he generally contributes when he gets on the park. I can see the point with Garrity but IMHO King is a different kettle of fish. I'd like to see him get more game time though.
  12. You ask why the ref didn’t even look at VAR for what looked like a blatant penalty in injury time. The answer of course is that he might have had to award a penalty against Ranger. Two in one game? He’d be relegated to the amateur leagues for that. From what I saw watching in the pub, it should have been a penalty. Cheated again. It’s endemic to any game involving the bigot brothers.
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