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  1. That looks like our best team. Could maybe swap McLean for McGinty but the rest should be first picks. And please no taking our best players off after an hour just to get game time for subs if the first pick players can manage the 90 minutes (which they should be able to as a basic standard). Maybe some subs if we are 3-0 up and coasting but ffs let’s kill games off when we can.
  2. Spot on there. When we have our best players on, we look like a reasonable mid table team, and our defence is actually fairly decent, particularly with Fjortoft and Strapp in there. Our main weakness is that we have very little up front. At least Lyon and Colville got some game time so Blues may be displaced. I thought we looked better in midfield with the pair of them on the pitch but lack of a cutting edge cost us the win. Now we need to get back on track in the league which is what matters this season. BTW when was the last time Salkeld played and didn’t get booked? Seems to have a very short fuse. In fact as a team we give away far too many stupid niggly fouls, and that is racking up yellow cards. Discipline needs to improve a lot.
  3. I don't know what their stream was doing, but it shrunk my browser window (on 2 different browsers) to about half size with the rest of the screen black. Actual picture was OK apart from a couple of times when it went down to a pixellated mess. That co-commentator was like the very boring priest in Father Ted. Game was shite, but we did look better than them, albeit no real firepower up front. The punch on Strapp by Cardle was a clear red card, even if the punch maybe didn't connect fully - an exceptionally poor bit of assistant refereeing.
  4. Just to be clear, my comment was aimed at VT for red dotting a perfectly anodyne comment. ETA: Ha ha, the wee soul had to red dot this post. Must be on his period.
  5. I have no idea who Ton4Life is, but a red dot for a perfectly innocuous comment like that seems to hint at some sort of childish vendetta. Grow up.
  6. I bought a pass and it seems to have the option of home and away streams. Not sure if that means we have a different commentary team.
  7. Someone will maybe put up a link to a stream on here.
  8. That's the standard price for the Betfred Cup ties. Everyone charges a tenner apparently.
  9. I would have Jacobs, Lyon and Colville in our midfield every time. Strapp and Ledger as wingbacks/fullbacks depending on whether you want three centrebacks (Fjortoft plus one/two others, one of whom might be Mcallister). To me, the best we've played this season (not a terribly high bar tbh) is when we were adopting a high press, but some of our players ran out of steam early so might not be achievable yet. In essence, Hopkin needs to pick our best players, and last night illustrated perfectly that he didn't in the first half, and even though we were far better than the midden in the second half, we didn't have Lyon or Colville in there, so further room for improvement imho. Why on earth did Muirhead get recalled? I don't think he offers much and his free kicks are pretty dreadful - I suspect Colville would be a lot more accurate.
  10. Still in 4th. Better to win 2 and lose 2 than draw 4. Shit game but Raith look like a good team. Much better than us.
  11. Didn’t look a red card to me. Nor did Mcpake’s one.
  12. This is appalling. Feeble. Hoofing aimlessly and can’t tackle. No creativity.
  13. Alibi

    Ton Tv

    There's probably some rule preventing that from happening directly, but I'm sure each purchase of a stream for the Hearts games could come with an online numbered voucher that could be redeemed against a future home game (apart from when Hearts are at Cappielow again later in the season). That way Hearts fans buying our stream would also have the right to the discount although they probably wouldn't want to use it (but if they did, it's extra income for Morton anyway). No discrimination against away fans there as everyone gets the same deal. I'm sure Dunfermline have a pricing structure that discriminates against away fans - is it no child/OAP prices in the stand that we are allocated or something like that?
  14. Great comeback and apart from the short excursions back to a 4:3 aspect ratio during the game, a good quality stream. Strapp’s header was superb - went exactly where he wanted it, half an inch inside the post. Can’t say that wasn’t worth £14 and big Ritchie’s comments add to the fun. Gerry commentates as if he’s on the radio - when folk can see the action themselves, all that is needed most of the time is to mention the name of the player on the ball, not describe what the viewers can see clearly for themselves. However our offering is top notch with only a few minor glitches, and less of them happening with every game.
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