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  1. Wasn’t expecting anything from that game with our central defence weakened and Quitongo suspended, but we seem to have shown the lack of basic skills all over the park yesterday. In previous games I have seen a lack of a basic first touch from most of our players, inability to pass to a team mate, and lots of hoofing the ball aimlessly. It’s probably down to money, but we seem to have a lot of players who really shouldn’t be playing at this level. Blues in particular, despite having improved, has now reverted to a waste of a jersey but seems undroppable. I do think we need to consider some part time players and a hybrid model as having a full time squad is limiting us significantly. We end up with dross. We also need to sort the rate of red and yellow cards we are getting as we soon won’t be able to put 11 players in our starting line up at the rate we’re going.
  2. Is there not an appeal mechanism for red cards? That one last night looked particularly ridiculous albeit the view was partially obscured after he was fouled.
  3. Last night's game wasn't included in the pass. You had to buy it as a single match. Cost £10. You had to add it to your basket then pay the £10. The code wasn't relevant to last night's game. Might be that the £10 you have been charged was actually for the game but in that case it should have appeared in your "My matches" folder. All assuming you logged on to your account before trying to buy. Maybe best to contact Brendan at the club as he is very good at sorting things out.
  4. Ffs Quitongo sent off again. Three times and not the end of September.
  5. My overall impression of that game was that all we did was hoof the ball up for the Arbroath defenders to head it back. Our players didn’t seem to be able to exhibit any basic skills. Passing was hopeless, couldn’t control the ball, everything was shite. At one point we were on the attack and with three or four passes, the ball was back to our keeper. Clueless. Imrie started well, but this season he’s made a lot of bad decisions, although money might be the reason. Blues had improved but he’s now regressed to league 2 standard at best. Sending Lyon and Garrity on loan means we lack options to change things - Lyon was poor this season but we know he can do better; Blues can’t. The main problem though is still the lack of a striker. We are toothless. Our shooting is also appalling on the rare occasions we get the chance. No doubt we will turn Partick over in our next league game as that seems to be the way things go in this still fairly tight league, but if we continue in this vein, we are going to finish near the bottom. The question is whether or not Imrie can sort the problems.
  6. You need to sign into your account, then “buy” the stream. It says it’s £50 but put the code in and it changes to zero. Click the button to continue and should be in your matches. If you go straight to buying the game without signing in, I think you reach a dead end or maybe need to sign in at that point and come back. I usually have to go back and sign in and then start the purchase process again, but you get there in the end. Just make sure it says zero to purchase before you “pay”. Bit clunky but got in yesterday without too much bother.
  7. I can’t recall a worse performance than that. Imrie’s team so he has to carry the can. Ffs Dougie, get a striker in, but that’s not the only deficiency. This team will be lucky to finish 8th. Dreadful.
  8. In fact all they do is hoof it up the park. Few of them can actually play football. This is not a football club - it is a fucking donkey sanctuary.
  9. First touch is poor everywhere. These are not professional footballers. Passing is dreadful.
  10. Appalling. Can’t pass, can’t shoot, second to every ball, can’t tackle. Can’t score.
  11. I assume we'll have Grimshaw in the starting line up. Be interesting to see where he slots in, especially if Strapp is at LB and King maybe further forward. Could see Kabia being benched as he's not exactly excelled himself so far.
  12. The compulsory mourning on pain of arrest if you show any signs of not being a sycophantic enough serf is getting beyond a joke. Better just to not have anything. The whole thing has dragged on far too long. That thing they did at Ibrox the other night was cringeworthy, although it's what you'd expect from that lot given they themselves died ten years ago. Just let people have their private thoughts. Though a 2 minute drum solo might be an idea...
  13. It was quite clear at the time that anyone who bought a season ticket could access live streaming if they were overseas. Agree that the wording was poor though.
  14. Muirhead was invisible despite scoring. Kabia invisible too. Can we recall players from loan? Midfield ok apart from Blues who caused the first goal. Why was that mutant striker given acres of space to set up the second? Why do we still not have a striker? Why is our shooting so excruciatingly bad? BTW the umbrella ban failed. Friend of mine had a golf umbrella with him the whole game, albeit unopened.
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