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  1. Chris McEleny has left the SNP to join Alex Salmond’s new Alba party. Discuss.
  2. They’re trained and they’re very right wing!
  3. Wonder if he’s living in a static home on site?
  4. Terrible idea. Would be the final nail in the coffin. Greenock Morton fans wouldn’t accept it. There would be boycotts. We should be moving Heaven and Earth to bring Sir Walter Smith to Greenock.
  5. Baby oil? Ooooooooooooh AyrshireTon, you are so dirty! You call a spade a spade. Actually you probably call it a big tool!
  6. I wonder if they’d accept a bucket of small notes and loose change for a pair of Sam Ramsbottom pyjamas?
  7. McTears.................................... Auctioneers.
  8. Probably the single worst sentence I’ve ever read on here. And I’m old enough to remember Bawheid, Newton, Etta Crouton, LinwoodTon, MortonJag, Lord Volvic, steve, Ed de Ball, Salty, awww naw, Sick Mick and Pink Panther!
  9. ‘Any comparison with the stewardship of Hugh Scott is both inaccurate and deeply offensive.‘ Not my words, the words of MCT!
  10. Correct. They’ll have already decided how they plan to proceed.
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