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  1. Agreed. Contrast that with the dignified behaviour of Sir Steven Gerrard over the last few years. The man absolutely exudes professionalism. We should all be grateful to have him in Scottish football.
  2. I think he’d like to go to LegoLand... bye.
  3. He should be welcomed into this country with open arms, along with his supporters, the Proud Boys etc. This is, incidentally, just the beginning. The Right have had enough with being persecuted. It’s going to happen here too.
  4. Frustrating result today, but great result at Ibrox to make up for it. Sir Steven Gerrard exuded measured passion and resolve. Whatever happens this season, at least we’ll have ‘The 55’ to celebrate!
  5. Agreed, especially if they’re playing against our brothers Glasgow Rangers.
  6. Agreed. We should be pushing the boat out to get a Rangers XI down to Greenock. We should, ideally, get Nacho Novo involved, a great servant for both proud clubs.
  7. Are you saying Jimmy ‘Jimmy’ Bell wasn’t instrumental in Rangers’ 9 in a row era? Or their Glorious March on Manchester? That’s Spot (T)on!
  8. TRVMP, I have to ask, who is the big eyed boy in your avatar?
  9. He could be assistant manager. Or assistant TO the manager. Or a ball boy!
  10. Two posts and already -22. That’s BAAAAAAD. We haven’t seen such universal excoriation of a user since Clydeview, Ed De Ball and Lord Volvic!
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