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  1. Wonder if he’s living in a static home on site?
  2. Baby oil? Ooooooooooooh AyrshireTon, you are so dirty! You call a spade a spade. Actually you probably call it a big tool!
  3. I wonder if they’d accept a bucket of small notes and loose change for a pair of Sam Ramsbottom pyjamas?
  4. McTears.................................... Auctioneers.
  5. ‘Any comparison with the stewardship of Hugh Scott is both inaccurate and deeply offensive.‘ Not my words, the words of MCT!
  6. Correct. They’ll have already decided how they plan to proceed.
  7. Abso-bloody-exactly. I drove to Cappielow in my bare feet. I presented Crawford with a bucketful of money that has been in my possession since 2009. I found it in the back of a taxi after a night out on the ladyboys. He didn’t take it well, he looked rather pail! In the end he decided to go with the MCT guy ‘cos he’d been a lifelong Morton fan since 2019. Shit happens!
  8. I was the one who made an offer to buy Morton last year, and it was rejected.
  9. How dare you question MCT! Don’t you know the directors have been life long Morton fans since 2019?
  10. Another Rae arse licker who pretended to be a ‘concerned fan’ for a while. The mask has slipped. Fuck off.
  11. You’ve got to be on the wind up you fucking wrong ‘un.
  12. Pull your tongue out of Rae’s arse you weirdo.
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