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  1. Who is Eric M? I’m assuming one of Ernie or Gordon’s stooges?
  2. I’ve just opened a raaaaaather large bag of pop corn. Half sweet, half salty. Do carry on!
  3. Minor repairs! Aye, that and killing!
  4. Lynn! Idea for a TV show... Barbering, with tattooed footballers. On Instagram. With Gerry.
  5. Eeeeeeeeeeeeze happens to think I’m a right indecisive tit!
  6. That’s first class, that really is! Enjoy a pint of Peroni... on the veranda!
  7. He is not Toby. He is rubbish!
  8. TRVMP’s.... HOT TOPIC!
  9. Boston, Lincolnshire, population 35,124. To put it in perspective, that’s 11 times the population of Hemsby!
  10. Lord Volvic as I live and breathe!
  11. Do you ever think about Salty and what he’s up to these days?
  12. You’d be surprised. He’s earning more than you think TRVMP. He’s head of modern languages!
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