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  1. She’s got a lovely smile! Looks like it’s been made from soiled bandages!
  2. Don’t laugh, you’ve broken your neck! Wonder whatever became of Gordon and Ernie? Their website is a dead duck!
  3. No, but I did remember to take a plentiful supply of a certain prism based chocolate bar!
  4. I like the new form look. It’s the same as Rangers Media, where I also have an account.
  5. Lord Volvic as I live and breathe! Have you Etta Crouton lately?
  6. Around the world with Alan Partridge... in a Bullnose... on the left!
  7. The question is could I make the journey between Ibrox and Cappielow on the same day? I’m a bit of a maverick, I’m not afraid to break the law if I think it's necessary. I’m not a criminal, you know, but I will, perhaps, travel 80mph on the motorway if, for example, I want get to Sinclair Street for 3pm! Unlike Charles however, I don’t have an orange fedora!
  8. I think I’ll get a season ticket for Cappielow and Ibrox next season!
  9. Well done to the Glasgow Celtics. I prefer The Rangers but no sour grapes from me!
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