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  1. I think Netflix and the like missed a trick not commisioning a series on Morton. Every series would end on a cliffhanger not knowing who was responsible for cleaning the socks next season, which pies would be on sale in the Cappielow gourmet food outlets, who has the key to the executive restroom etc.
  2. Morton started well but then faded. Nothing much in it with little quality on show especially in the final third.
  3. Alloa just had a couple of chances including what looked like an innocuous lob/shot that hit the top of the bar. Morton though still look comfortable passing the ball around but no clear-cut chances - yet.
  4. The stream is ok but the commentary is just two home fans rambling on in their back bedroom. So far Morton have dominated but not created much.
  5. Fantastic news TT. You know it is your duty to brainwash the next generation and share the misery, frustration and joy of being born into the faith.
  6. Ideally we need to shift some of the deadwood in the squad and acquire a back up keeper. Despite recent results the squad remains unbalanced.
  7. Also clear that DH will not be making a return to the dugout with the 'interim' management team continuing until the end of the seaon.
  8. Indeed but where would this forum be without unnecessary hyperbole?
  9. Why would he need the money? Is he still not living of the pot of gold he found in a bucket in the back of a taxi?
  10. Interesting strategy - in your quest to ignore me you keep responding to my posts. I suspect this is not the first flawed plan you have put forward.
  11. I believe your memory must be failing you or you are just making it up. I have called many people many things but never that.
  12. There has to be some conditionality. Hopefully the full amount to GMFC will be viewed as additional funds and not an excuse for anyone to reduce existing funding. Aside from securing Morton for the near future it must give MCT time to identify if they can secure a takeover of the club.
  13. It is with great pride that I note WhowouldbeaMortonfan has red-dotted one of my posts. Given his sanctimonious, patronising, and sycophantic ramblings it is a pleasure to know I have got under his skin. Bring a friend.
  14. We are not a diddy team we are the mighty Ton. The swording of proper diddy teams like QoS is our purpose in life.
  15. I hope the current situation does give MCT additional leverage but as it stands the existing arrangement is contributions leads to debt write-off and the current owner contributing less.
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