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  1. I thought it was just Morton fans that were angry uncouth yobs? Imagine other fans of other teams getting the hump when they are invited to watch shite on the park.
  2. I don't care if they are the form side, Arbroath minus their best players should never be our benchmark. Has Gus appointed you as his marketing agent?
  3. That all sounds very positive but you still do not own the club and while we have to suffer what we are watching on the park the danger is MCT will struggle to reach further into the fanbase. Giving the management team two-years contracts is also not the best example of operating in a financially viable manner.
  4. If Gus really thinks that level of performance is acceptable all the fans can expect this season is another relegation battle - talk about managing expectation. Why is it all Morton seem capable of appointing is delusional and defeatist managers? As for Gus walking out the door there is of course no chance. After every game he has the comfort of returning home to cuddle the two-year contract on his mantlepiece.
  5. After the stumbling shambles we witnessed last season we rewarded the manager with a two year deal and allowed him to sign up the very same duds that nearly took us down. If you could see a vision for what we are trying to achieve it would invite patience but the reality is more of the same. So early in the season and you know it is going to be grim.
  6. For once Morton are ahead of the curve having a strip that is unique to each and every wearer. A proper one-off strip adorned with a badge involving the manufacturer playing 'pin the donkey'.
  7. Tick one box along the road to tangible progress.
  8. Cannot believe the Tele is getting me more excited. Bedtime and Horlicks can wait.
  9. From where I was at the start of the day (grumpy moany face) to the end of the window having signed two 'unknown' loanees (smiley happy face) is a snapshot of life as a Morton supporter - we live in hope.
  10. I really do not believe the fans do not want MCT to succeed especially when you consider how many continue to provide financial backing despite growing reservations about delivery. I have always taken the view it would be a long-term project but at some point you have to see some tangible progress. The takeover is still 'nearly' there, the squad is threadbare with little sign of the quality promised, the ticketing process remains an ongoing issue, marketing is almost non-existent, the website is a mess, communication is almost always reactive than pro-active... The net result is the rapid erosion of goodwill with the likelihood contributions will not be renewed never mind increased. None of this might matter to the majority of fans if Morton were winning...
  11. I see the Tele has an article where Gus is less than happy he is missing out on his targets. If anyone is a 'premium' member it would be interesting to hear what else Gus has to say on this issue.
  12. This type of result should hardly come as a surprise to anyone who watched Morton last season. We rewarded repeated failure with new contracts and then fail/choose not to sign new players to fill the gaping holes in the squad. Arguably the delayed takeover has had an impact but surely the man empowered to use the budget to build a squad is where the majority of the blame lies. No problem though as we are being patient awaiting quality signings.
  13. Thanks for that. Not a member hence I looked at the MCT website and on here for the update.
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