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  1. Given the timing, with the season just about to start, you do wonder what is happening behind the scenes at Cappielow? As for Morton/MCT forward planning for Gerry jumping ship...
  2. Jack Hamilton being offered as the type of quality to reassure fans! I really hope it works but the reality is most other clubs had no interest in what we viewed as a quality signing.
  3. Remember when 'Fake Tan Iron Man' made the decision to invest all available funds into new turnstiles and a Liverpool dosser's ticketing system rather than essential infrastructure and people to do the basics?
  4. Despite the MCT promises, Is it not possible the lack of signings is related to the delay in transferring ownership? As it stands any contractual obligations would rest with the existing owners and therefore could they be unwilling to commit to any new player contracts if they have concerns over the MCT deal happening?
  5. I never got the impression they despised Morton rather their interest was focused on two teams up the road.
  6. Being Morton we are waiting until the last minute to see if anyone is available on the loan market.
  7. Not how it works in the real world. As frustrating as it is for everyone, we have to allow due process to take its course. It might have helped though if MCT we more streetwise on how long legals would take.
  8. Highlights that we lack some squad depth but on the upside there are some youngsters coming through. Keeper wise it was also not the horror show some had been expecting.
  9. Well-intentioned but to date a shambolic reactive mess with MCT guilty of the same mistakes made by those who have gone before. It is not as if the issues that frustrate the fans and members are new, they are the very same issues MCT highlighted in their launch and promised to do better. As a fan, I want to believe but the amateurish over-promising and under-delivering track record of MCT is even worse than I feared. As with most things Morton related - it is the hope that kills you.
  10. Anyone would think MCT do not want fans at Cappielow unless they are wearing suits and golf bunnets.
  11. We have a reserve team? Struggling to see that we have a first team at the moment. Welcome back to the MCT shambles - a fine example on how not to do fan ownership.
  12. Not great but if he shows the same fight as he did on the football field he will hopefully recover soon. You would never describe him as naturally gifted but he had his moments.
  13. I thought it was public knowledge?
  14. Has MCT learned nothing? They promised transparency and communication but so far all they have offered is reactive vague statements. So much for the new broom
  15. As we will be scavenging in the loan market we will have to be patient. At least Gus acknowledges that we have to strengthen all aspects of the squad.
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