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  1. Could it be an issue with Hearts supporters using Fanbase to buy tickets for the home end? Hearts has a waiting list for tickets and their fans are desperate to visit Cappielow (many have never had the pleasure). They also have a belief in their 150th year they are destined to win the cup. It would be such a pleasure to put this lot back in the box.
  2. Not an ideal slot especially for those that need to get to Greenock on a work day. I still hope we get a sell-out as both sets of fans are believing this is our year.
  3. The 5-3 game against Hearts is one of my favourite football memories. They came to Cappielow expecting to win and we turned them over. They brought a sizeable support and back then segregation never really worked resulting in running battles throughout and after the game. I know I shouldn't say I loved it but I did and that is despite taking a clout to the napper sending me down the hill at the back of the Cowshed. With Imrie at the helm we have nothing to fear. They will not enjoy Cappielow and if we get in about them early on it could be a classic cup tie. As others have said though get the capacity sorted. We can make some serious money with this tie and all sections of the ground should be full of fans. It is great to have a game like this to look forward to.
  4. Morton win on the TV under the floodlights and become the first team into the QFs of the Scottish Cup - you wake up and it is not a dream just a glorious Saturday morning. Cappielow with a crowd and a decent turn-out of opposition fans makes for a great atmosphere. The only aspect to look at again is how to allow more fans into the home end, the current situation is a nonsense. As for the game it was certainly not one of our better performances. You could not fault the game-plan and/or effort but as we all know from recent performances there is more to come. The only downside is it is inevitable some of our players (and the manager) will now be attracting interest from elsewhere.- enjoy it while we can. Hopefully the feel-good factor encourages more fans along and turns what looked like being a tough season into a memorable season.
  5. This is an own goal from Morton. The lack of awareness of how and when the support buy tickets is concerning. The marketing for the game following our recent run of form was always likely to result in a sell-out given the capacity put forward for the Sinclair Street and Cowshed. I am also struggling with the idea that a little rain creates a health and safety issue in the Cowshed. Like many of the older generation we attended Cappielow in the rain when larger crowds were the norm and it never created an issue. Tonight is an opportunity to showcase the club and encourage new fans but what we are in danger of achieving is both missing a trick and alienating some of the existing fanbase. As for it still only being cash at the pie stalls i hope someone has mentioned it to the away support.
  6. I think they must be fat shaming the home support if they can only squeeze in 2,500. If the decision is not to sell tickets on the night it really should have been highlighted at the outset. Regardless it still has the potential to be a great Friday night at the football.
  7. I will stick to the Beano thank you very much and allow you more time to read your fishing magazines
  8. The Daily Mail is one of the better news reports .
  9. My own experience is they do not have to be top-level pros. Retired players from the seaside leagues still stand out a mile. They might not all run around as much as before but generally their touch and game awareness sets them apart from the DOT's of this world.
  10. I am not the biggest fan of Blues but he continues to do the job asked of him by the manager. My reading of it is Imrie trusts Blues, even when playing out of his favoured position, more than the 'natural' wide men in the squad. At times you can see Blues holding back not wanting to be caught out in a counter-attack in contrast to his frequent runs into the box when he started at the club playing in the centre of the park. In the end the results of late are what count.
  11. Delighted with the news Imrie has committed to Morton for an extended period. As many others have stated Imrie is the best manager we have had for some time. Yes he has made some questionable decisions along the way but you can see the development and the positivity he brings to the club. I would also suggest Dalrada Technology deserve credit for clearly being the driving force behind funding this deal. Hopefully the stability this brings will encourage players to sign up and be part of a long term project. Well done all concerned.
  12. Internet char suggesting Reece Lyon to Hamilton for a small fee.
  13. In my best Captain Mainwaring voice - You stupid boy.
  14. Don't worry Cap, I am pretty sure he was not referring to you or me as intellectuals.
  15. A bit like groundhog day but looking at the positives - we are at home, our form is good, Motherwell are a shadow of the team in recent seasons and Dougie really does not like this opposition. In itself unlikely to be a major money spinner but if we prevail there is money to be made.
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