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  1. I do hope the latest Imrie interview is merely looking to manage fans expectations. Going into the season with no more additions to the squad would not fill me with confidence
  2. Looks like our signing policy involves trawling the rejects from other Championship clubs. Together with our fan friendly pre-season fixture list this is yet another reason to go on holiday.
  3. Yes you have to back the manager but Quitongo hardly inspires confidence we are building a squad to challenge for promotion this coming season. You have to hope there is better to come.
  4. Easdale comes across as a nice lad who brings buses and sponsorship to the table while Quitongo comes across as an unnecessary injury-prone risk, with baggage, who could not get a game in the seaside leagues.
  5. We have to be looking at better than Quitongo if we are looking to make a mark on the Championship this coming season. Nothing he has done since he departed us for greener pastures suggests he is even worthwhile warming the bench. Remember also the greener pastures was Partick Thistle.
  6. Talk about building excitement. One step forward two back.
  7. I believe MCT has been chasing down those with magic beans but evidently the investors have not been forthcoming without being given something in return. In the current economic climate, bringing in new investment is undoubtedly a challenge but MCT require to be wholly transparent as to why this avenue is the optimum option going forward and what it means for the members of the organisation.
  8. With this offer they have essentially discounted an incentive for fans to sign up to MCT. Yes you may get some persuaded by the early bird pricing but the benefit could be outweighed by those who then choose to let MCT membership fall by the wayside.
  9. Announcing this squad update at the same time as inviting fans to renew season tickets is an interesting decision. Going into next season with potentially more or less the same squad as we ended last season is top banter. I thought the Tele article with Easdale outlining how he intends to be a first choice pick next season was a laugh but this squad update is giving it a run for its money. Imrie has to have something up his sleeve in players joining and/or loanees otherwise we are all going to be back on here gnashing our teeth at a disjointed squad offering little creativity. Is it really too much for Morton to give the fans something to look forward to over the summer?
  10. Does this mean there will be a spare seat in the Director's Box now?
  11. I see there is a story in the Greenock Telegraph confirming Imrie has offered contracts for next season to most of the players out of contract. I confess I was not expecting that. I assumed Imrie would be looking to create his own squad to allow his preferred style of play. Despite the upturn in results after his appointment I remain to be convinced a team comprising the bulk of the existing squad is likely to be challenging for promotion next season. You have to hope Imrie has some rabbits to pull out from under his bunnet.
  12. To be fair, I never knew being called a spanner was an insult. A tool yes but specifically a spanner?
  13. In my experience many sponsors/contributors, especially in the lower leagues, are often fans and the 'investment' is not necessarily driven by financial considerations - football is a strange emotive world. When MCT launched I recollect they were talking about 5/6 parties coming forward at £25,000 - what happened? I agree the onus is on MCT and/or the club to translate commercial interest into contributions rather than simply rely on the ordinary punter to add a further £10/month - a real challenge in the current economic climate.
  14. Do you not think the manager was making a point putting out a team largely comprising those that are signed up for next season even if it effectively minimized our chances of a win and sixth place?
  15. You have to suspect MCT is disappointed some potential contributors have not come forward especially on the commercial side. This is not a criticism of MCT but sadly the reality they face. We appear to be determined to continue as a full-time club but operating on a part-time budget. Next season already looks to be a challenge.
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