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  1. The Board always maintained GC paid the going rate for shirt sponsorship.
  2. It shouldn't but it is worrying how often the numbers do not add up. I accept the percentage of deaths is lower for Scotland in terms of the population ratio but the other metrics of the excess death rate and Covid-19 related death rates are broadly comparable for Scotland and the rest of the UK.
  3. I must have missed the revised assessment on the positive benefits of hydrochloroquine as almost everything I have read has suggested otherwise especially in regard to side affects. Did the US Food and Drug body not recently withdraw approval for usage of the drug for Covid-19 patients? I do know the UK trial was abandoned due to no evidence of a positive benefit - if I remember correctly the researchers described the drug as "useless' rather than a "game-changer". As for the perception of Trump in regard to Covid-19, I just cannot see how he can come back from the comment on the benefits of injecting disinfectant into the body.
  4. Well no - while the devolved government in Scotland has certain powers the UK Government is responsible for most of the 'big-ticket' issues hence the UK Government does not equal the English Government. No-one is questioning the 'Dunkirk spirit' or the fortitude of the British people they are rightly questioning the management or should I say mismanagement of the crisis including the failings in providing PPE. This applies equally to Scotland, as it does to the rest of the UK, especially in terms of the failed promises to protect front-line staff and the care sector. The attitude to the elderly in the care sector has been shameful - out of sight and out of mind. None of this is a points scoring exercise. What is important is that we learn the lessons from the first wave of Covid-19 and ensure we are better prepared for future waves or any other pandemic.
  5. And that is the point I was trying to make - a statistic is just a number. Until you are certain you are comparing like with like you can almost always find a 'fact' that supports your position. I remember reading how different countries count Covid-19 numbers including some who do not register asymmetric individuals in their statistics. I even have some sympathy with Trump in his assertion that the more people you test the more likely you are to find those with Covid-19.
  6. The problem with statistics is that you can often find another that challenges your point of view. The reality is Scotland's excess deaths rate and Covid-19 related death rates are amongst the highest in the world and not that dissimilar to the rest of the UK. I am sure I have also seen that Belgium has the highest level of Covid-19 related death rates in Europe.
  7. There is no such thing as the English Government. You already know my view that the UK and Scotland have mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic. From the nonsense of herd immunity to a lack of PPE to a failure to protect care homes to air bridges the list goes on and on. One thing in Scotland's favour is we have at least had more consistent messaging. People ahead of politics every time for me.
  8. The problem with the US and other parties being involved in global affairs is it is almost always driven by narrow self-interest - what is in it for us? Too often, involvement on the global stage is viewed through the prism of military engagement and on that basis, I agree there is little, if any evidence, that this produces a successful outcome. Acting collectively for the greater good should, however, be seen as a positive including membership of bodies such as the WHO. Turning inwards just seems to promote an unhealthy nationalism which is how I perceive the US under Trump and the UK under the Tories.
  9. Does filling his administration with people who hate him include his family? You are clearly more versed in America than us tourists and visitors but from a distance Trump's insular take on the world is a backward step. Like CHC, I suspect my take on it is somewhat influenced by the news outlets I choose to visit.
  10. Cadden will be a loss but I will save wetting my knickers until the reality of the next season is upon us.
  11. What happened to the other forum? I enjoyed the occasional visit, if only to witness multiple personality disorder in full flow.
  12. Scotland has been more consistent in its messaging and cautious in unlocking lockdown but that aside, the powers that be, have made the same mistakes as the UK government in handling Covid-19. TRVMP, do you think your namesake's handling of the crisis will materially impact on the election later in the year? From a distance and even allowing for media bias, the Donald appears to have mishandled Covid-19.
  13. Most seasons we say we can do better and most seasons we end up with the next Andre Boe. I would love to see the scouting report on Ramsbottom.
  14. Best of luck to Lamie. His attitude has ensured his career progresses upwards while others plumb the depths
  15. I see no sense in the proposal as it simply rewards failure. It should be a straightforward no but there does seem to be pressure being applied from the powers that be to avoid further infighting
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