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  1. How desperate must you be for another hair transplant if you are allegedly betting on matches involving your own team.
  2. Another familiar face moves on. Bryan was almost always amazingly upbeat with a passion for Morton and all things football related. He will be sorely missed around the place. Hopefully if there is a parallel alternative out there he will be dancing around at a full Cappielow. RIP.
  3. What a surprise, Griffiths in more bother. This story and what is allegedly likely to follow will hopefully ensure we dodge a bullet.
  4. I would add further justification for your position as follows: "I think this would be a risk too far given the experience of Dundee and Falkirk together with Thumb currently being a wee fat unfit follicly challenged degenerate."
  5. Two extremes the Muirhead free-kick and the Kabia shot .
  6. The very definition of the must buy Christmas jumper.
  7. I was talking to Garry O'Connor yesterday at the barbers. He still strolls about, on the scrounge, in his trackies hoping people remember him. Griffiths is on the same career path to oblivion so no surprise it is a big no from me.
  8. This signing surely means we have major medium to long term injury issues. It just highlights the nonsense of offering long term contracts to someone like Lithgow. While I truly hope it works out I confess to being less than impressed at the likelihood of another O'Connor or Vines signing rather than the promised forward.
  9. What made that interview beautiful was that from start to finish Murray was a dribbling mess insisting the ref come out and confirm Raith wuz robbed.
  10. Only seen it on Twitter but Greenock Morton are comfortable winners of the long ball stats. The data is from the beginning of the season until 1 October defining it as a ground pass longer than 45m or a high pass longer than 25m. We are top or if you prefer bottom of the table at 26% with Arbroath and Montrose our nearest rivals at 23%. No surprise Celtic are at the other end of the table at 6%. I accept we play pretty direct but never thought we are the outliers in Scottish football. At least it will be interesting on Saturday to compare the approach as Raith Rovers has the lowest number in our league at 16%. On the plus side, statistics mean hee haw when you note the Galacticos at Falkirk are right up there at 13%.
  11. 5 more to go to banish the memory of the Shiels debacle.
  12. No hence why I am sitting on the sofa talking to my dog.
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