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  1. It was inevitable. Every two-bit commentator, politician, c-list celeb etc have been falling over themselves to show their subservience to the crown. What Philip's demise has to do with football at this level in Scotland is though beyond me. First they cancel Eastenders now Saturday football.
  2. Yes he did but what were we doing in the build-up? When they brought on the big boys up front we got bullied and ended up hanging on for a draw. In isolation a good point but once again we cannot keep a clean sheet. To me we are spineless.
  3. Where to start with another shambolic performance? -Any line-up with McGinty in it, is doomed to fail? - Muirhead is now prolific having scored two in two and his reward - immediate substitution for Orsi/Sterling. - Every one of our January signings have been an utter waste of a strip. The farce of signing a second keeper who cannot even make the bench is typical of Morton. - For an experienced manager Gus is not an obvious improvement on what has gone before? The double substitution had an immediate effect ensuring we were toothless up front and never looked like scoring.
  4. Muirhead scores then gets subbed for the prolific Orsi? I do hope it proves to be an astute decision.
  5. Absolutely, any pass back on this surface is risky but what was McGinn doing? McGinn at fault for both goals.
  6. Very generous of you only referencing McGinty - I would be happy if most of this squad left at the end of the season.
  7. Its the hope that kills you. When the draw was made you think - this should be a reasonably comfortable tie. The reality is we are brutal to watch - one up front. East Fife, who are an ordinary Divsion 1 team, look comfortable and deservedly lead. Bring back Anton, at least he believed we should offer more than we saw most Saturdays.
  8. As you are referencing 1993/94, is your recollection not also literally decades old? I never commented on whether it's positive or negative for the game, I merely offered an opinion that I preferred contested drop-balls (how I remember it or maybe choose to remember it). Not that you asked but I am also no fan of the experiment with the 'Assistant Referee' delaying sticking the flag up for offside, goalkeepers being untouchable albeit Roofe's challenge on the Slavia Prague keeper was maybe over the top, every match involving clapping/silence/taking a knee at kick-off... cue VT powering up his
  9. You seem to have some bread fetish going on. The reality is contested drop-balls were part of the game in the past. Not all changes in the modern game have been for the best.
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