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  1. That is the very place. Living over in the east there is very little like the old West Station Cafe as there was not the same Italian immigration influence . People also seem to prefer the soulless American style coffee chains rather than the old school cafes. A bit like the snobbery some have towards the traditional and quirky food on offer at football grounds. The pie, bovril, curry chips, pakora etc whether hot or cold or congealed or runny are all part of the football experience especially in the lower leagues. A game on a Saturday without the in ground dining is just not the same.
  2. I appreciate this is a bit random but I have just heard the West Station Cafe has shut down as a sit-in and moved around the corner operating as a shop and takeaway. I have so many family memories of this place and it was always somewhere we visited on returning to Greenock. That is part of our pre-match routine out the window. Not being local anymore is there anywhere similar people could recommend for heart-attack comfort food?
  3. Amazing how a win can make such a difference to your mood especially at the weekend. Aside from the appreciable improvement in Morton's performance what made it all the more glorious was listening to the tears and snotters on the Ayr commentary.
  4. It still amazes me footballers open online accounts to place bets knowing there is a history of bookmakers landing them in it! The only surprise to me is that so few have been caught out. I fully appreciate concerns over inappropriate betting activity but surely there is a compromise than does not involve a total ban at all levels of the game? We all know players, like many fans, like to stick a bet on and for the most part it is harmless. I also know of officials who place bets even dare I say it on matches where they are officiating. None of the above excuses Imrie if he is found guilty but it just feels to me that too often it is the 'lesser' figures in the game who are hung out to dry.
  5. Just read the official Dunfermline match report and have to thank them again for making me laugh with the line "The home side certainly demonstrated the way to take their chances in what otherwise was a fairly even match."
  6. Just been scraped off the ceiling. I think I may be suffering from a delusional episode as I could swear I just saw Morton win 5-0. It just confirms what many of us thought - we were not that bad a squad, we were just badly managed. Is it too late for Dougie to get a mention in the new Year's Honours?
  7. Gardyne signed for Montrose on a two and a half year deal. I doubt many Morton fans would have been happy with us competing for this type of signing.
  8. Unexpected point but deserved after a much improved second-half performance. Only frustration was the lack of ambition late on when Kilmarnock were down to 10 men, Morton had scored from the previous corner and we decided to waste time at the next corner - there was at least three minutes to go!. Hopefully the realisation the rest of the division is pish encourages Imrie to have a go in the weeks to come.
  9. Poor first half, just typical of the season to date. Why do we give every team in the league so much space and as a result so many opportunities? What compounds it is we look toothless and devoid of ideas. Imrie requires to be a miracle worker to get a tune out of this squad.
  10. For me and I suspect CHC the "Hovis-themed good old days" was the last '70s into the '80s. If my memory serves me well 1986 was not one of our better years. I do, however, agree the core support remains remarkably robust/stable albeit at a level where is difficult to justify full-time football - how fat would some of the current squad be if they didn't train hard every day of the week?
  11. DDFR never ran the club as a business he invested 'emotionally' as a fan. It would have been interesting to see where we could have ended up, if someone with a footballing brain bigger than their ego (on this basis Iron Man is discounted) was given the same amount of money and time to make us a success - looking back it was a wasted opportunity. It is accepted MCT are operating in much more trying circumstances but they are really not helping themselves as they continually fail to do the basics. If you need a fan survey to know the club has historically under-performed on maximising revenue opportunities you should just return your blazer and go back to the shadows. The seaside leagues beckon unless the new manager can perform miracles.
  12. I remember the days when you discussed with your mates what the attendance for the game would be announced at. Amazing how often you ended up scratching your head at the seemingly obvious under-counting. This approach to attendances is exactly what is now required - we officially report 500 but everyone who wants to attend is accommodated.
  13. Are people really surprised? Sadly, MCT are not fit for purpose. Another Christmas when I have not bought a single piece of Morton merchandise but not to worry it is not a priority for MCT - they have a supporters survey to navel gaze over. Does anyone really believe MCT still has 890 members?
  14. The bit that made me laugh is the suggestion the concern is not necessarily over fans watching the game, the issue is the queuing up to get in and go to the toilets. We should surely get an exemption as the state of the Cappielow bogs discourages anyone hanging about - even George Michael would be hard pushed to catch covid at Cappielow.
  15. The problem for me is where is the experienced 'football' input to the process? The previous appointment reeked of well-intentioned amateur fans making decisions they are not qualified to make.
  16. You just know they are buying time until they find out where Gus hid the tombola drum.
  17. Given both candidates have been in with the bricks for many years and the successful candidate presided over the GMST shambles, I struggle to see how either could be viewed as some form of 'unity' candidate or be capable of offering up fresh ideas. Fair play to them both though for putting their heads above the parapet.
  18. You book the taxi and I will bring a bucket.
  19. With the current lack of direction and a squad, who clearly would prefer to be playing elsewhere, we look destined for relegation. No-one else to blame for this debacle than MCT. This season was always going to be a challenge but the least MCT could have done was to take some pride and belief in being Morton. Instead MCT appoint yet another manager who talks up every other side in the division while talking Morton down. Is it any wonder fans are frustrated - where is the hope and buy-in? As for the players, the petted-lip approach to fan criticism suggests an upturn in performance and results is unlikely even with a new manager.
  20. The same loser mentality on display throughout last season that was rewarded by the manager rewarding the same players with new contracts. Aside from the usual fluffers, did anyone really expect a different outcome this season? What makes it even harder is having to accept this all happened under fan ownership.
  21. Given the latest tears and snotters comments in The Sun, MCT could make up lost ground by ensuring the electricity is off, the bogs are blocked, the showers are locked on freezing cold... Caley Thistle threaten to boycott Morton game if made to use same 'disgusting, freezing and damp' Cappielow facilities (thescottishsun.co.uk)
  22. Aside from starting on a negative about what they will not talk about I thought for a first podcast it was an interesting enough insight. A long way to go though to rebuild trust and confidence in MCT. Sad to say, I now do not have any Morton supporting family and/or friends who are members of MCT.
  23. At least he knows its best to have a dump before he arrives on Saturday. Always a pleasure to see wee Billy Dodds bumping his gums but surely as a club we should be doing better?
  24. Probably to be expected but sometimes people need to remember it is the fans who are the constant through decades of under-performance and false dawn's.
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