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  1. Anyone remember Sesame Street in the 70s/80s helping kids learning to count? Nice of Dunfermline to carry on teaching big numbers the last time we played them, although only 500 were allowed in. We were bottom of the league before kick-off. More of the same on Friday would be nice...
  2. Lyon must not be 100% fit surely? Dougie did seem to rate him as highly much as most of us do. A couple of bad mistakes (McEntee's generally been really good until today?) against a team enjoying a bounce combined with not taking advantage of being well on top for the first 20 minutes and bang, a really bad result. Just a shame it came today when we could have marooned them deep into the bottom 2. The rest of the season is going to be a total dog fight
  3. Is that commentator referring to us as "Greenock" a deliberate wind up?
  4. I wasn't having a go at him. Horrible for him, not from him. He set up the goal after 80 minutes of slipping and sliding. How anyone's meant to do anything on that pitch I just don't know. Magnificent result! 17 points from 8 games from Dougie. Unbelievable turnaround!
  5. Horrible shift for him tonight as well. Spent most of it slipping in the mud.
  6. I've synced up the commentary on Radio Scotland. Had to pause it for about 30s-1minute. Just couldn't cope with that Thistle guy any longer.
  7. On the stream. Not sure what I'm more disgusted by, the pitch or the commentator?
  8. ICT v Ayr - Until about a week ago this would be a no brainer for me to want a home win, but now not so sure? Is it just me getting too carried away? I mean we're still only 4 points clear of 9th. Who wants what result here?
  9. Someone joked with me after the game and now it’s now stuck in my head. If this keeps going, at what point do we start worrying that a bigger club takes a look at Dougie’s work and poaches him away? Even if his contract is to the end of next season I imagine it would be affordable to loads of other clubs?
  10. Great to see how many fans stayed in the shed to applaud the players and Dougie going over after the final whistle.
  11. 2 new challenges for him on Saturday I reckon. 1 - it'll maybe be the first time where there's now a heavy expectation for us to win comfortably as strong favourites? 2 - Also maybe the first time our opposition might be set up just not to lose, as opposed to trying for or expecting a win? Hopefully there's a decent crowd though as well as another great performance and result, and no sign of that bloody MOTM curse!
  12. Twice I've thought "Dirsty B*****d" watching McKay fouling. Twice the commentator says straight away " Billy McKay's not a dirty player!
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