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  1. 😂 He’s a walking cliche that boy! An absolute stick on that he drives a white Range Rover Evoque!
  2. JJ loses again. Only managed 2 wins in 7 so far since taking over at TPS.
  3. That’s a boot in the baws signing for Ayr over us. Continuity wise I would have preferred we kept him from last season and not McLean & McGinty. I know it’s early doors, but worried about our options keeper and defence wise this season.
  4. Tubes

    Ton Tv

    Cubicles humming a shite so go for a pie first 👍🏻
  5. Awaiting Zhivago’s reaction to Oliver returning, he’ll be crying into his Peroni in the wanderers tonight.
  6. Piss poor from us. Communication wise it’s been worse than usual, as if that could have been possible. Losing a competent performer at this level to a rival isn’t good enough. We should be trying to keep as many of this group together so we aren’t a fucking rabble again at the beginning of the season. Season tickets definitely won’t be flying out the door that’s for sure. Hopefully we manage to get some decent players in and don’t get dicked by other teams like we did early last season. Worried at the moment.
  7. Shouldn’t take too long putting that highlight reel together!
  8. Sounds positive going forward. Q&A is a useful tool for folk like myself who havent been totally convinced by it all. Only two things that came up that I’m still unsure of. In relation to Cappielow “there could be a clause to give MCT first option to buy if Golden Casket ever decide to sell”. I thought aslong as MCT are in control GC wouldn’t sell Cappielow at all anyway? I understand MCT would want to have first option on this though. The ownership of Cappielow could be a potential worry and surely it would be more beneficial MCT owning it too? Financially that would have huge implications in order to acquire it but ideally this would be owned at time of the changeover. Secondly, “we would like to see the academy continue to thrive, but again this will depend on the post Covid financial position”. Does that sound a bit ominous? Is there an option of not having the academy going forward when it seems to be actually giving us some decent players? I thought this would have been really important going forward with a sustainable/break even budget? Overall the MCT have done a shitload of work on this over the past while which is definitely impressive and hopefully things continue to go in the right direction. You can’t help but compare this progress to the GMST. Light years ahead and I feel MCT is doing what a lot of us would of expected the GMST to be doing. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.
  9. Any form of Parma style for our away top would be amazing. Make it happen Morton!
  10. I’m sure the Gartcairn manager played with and coached Harkins at Partick a few years back.
  11. Some guy from Smiths has the final say on what the end product is?
  12. That just looks proper amateurish from the club. We’ve got a local Celtic fan and Kevin Keegan as the intro for our official content? I can’t really work that one out tbh.
  13. Send them doon, send Thistle doon and keep Falkirk doon. Perfect!
  14. That is an absolute belter of a tear stained response. We could hilariously pick that apart all day long but I’m sure that will be happening on P&B already. They need to assess their options and their next step? Eat yer fucking dinner, enjoy League 1. What was it for McKinnon aswell, 60k? 😂😂😂😂 Get them liquidated post being pumped by Cove in the playoffs next season.
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