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  1. Nicky Cadden with an assist and a last minute goal for Forest Green.
  2. He quite likes a goal against Queens.
  3. Absolutely no idea what is happening right there. This should be some laugh tonight.
  4. Jack Iredale with a goal tonight against Salford.
  5. If only the long balls worked that way all the time! Thought we played the ball out a lot more yesterday which was also great to see. Strapp’s header is just perfect. Some lad 👏🏻
  6. That will do! Glorious last 10 minutes!
  7. I‘m feeling the same as you here. I’m not totally convinced for some reason, however he is a step up from Ramsbottom it would seem anyway. That wouldn’t be hard right enough.
  8. Strachan not rolling out the “teams living within their means”, “being professional” and “bringing on our youngsters to better the game”. His club is part of the problem when he’s talking about the state of Scottish football.
  9. We have Salkeld to throw into that mix aswell. Feeling very unbalanced at the moment but hopefully we can bring someone a bit more established at this level in too.
  10. Hopefully he was swiftly dispatched into the North Sea!
  11. 😂 He’s a walking cliche that boy! An absolute stick on that he drives a white Range Rover Evoque!
  12. JJ loses again. Only managed 2 wins in 7 so far since taking over at TPS.
  13. That’s a boot in the baws signing for Ayr over us. Continuity wise I would have preferred we kept him from last season and not McLean & McGinty. I know it’s early doors, but worried about our options keeper and defence wise this season.
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