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  1. £15 parted with instantaneously. Well done 👏🏻
  2. RIP, thoughts are with the family. He was an absolute character and well known face around Cappielow and the town.
  3. 9 seconds!? Hoping there’s another 9 minutes on the way tomorrow 🤞🏻
  4. Out-fucking-standing 👏🏻 Dougie trying to repair the disconnect with the fans is brilliant to see aswell. Dispatch these Ayrshire bumpkins next week please!
  5. All the best Jaakko. Talented player and thanks for your efforts.
  6. Nailed it. Excellent Morton 👏🏻
  7. Fans have been banging on about merchandise for years, and will surely be a good avenue for us in bringing in some cash. I wonder how much could have been brought in if we had some form of strategy around Christmas time. It’s incredibly poor but not unexpected from us. The previous training gear that we all liked was just for the playing squad and not for fans to buy which is absolutely mental. I’m sure the MCT questionnaires will have a whole host of things on them but I would imagine club merchandise will feature heavily. The club ultimately has to start listening to the fans and ditch the lip service / sound bites we’ve been getting since the takeover. We want to know what’s going on, who’s doing what, show us transparency with decision making. Give us some form of social media with updates that you can actually hear. Get the absolute basics right and don’t treat the fans, who have made the takeover possible, with contempt. And lastly get that fucking bobble hat in Smiths so we can buy it. Fingers are crossed for Dougie tonight, everyone is right behind him 👏🏻
  8. I just want to buy the fucking hat!
  9. This needs fucking sorted because we are on the cusp of humped. Currently nowhere good enough on all levels at the club. Glad the Raes are out but this is absolutely brutal and it just feels like we are completely out of our depth. Not inspired by this MCT director vote either.
  10. Kevin Rutkiewicz must have worked with our current General Manager at Stirling?
  11. Correct decision and long overdue. Thankfully he’s gone and this next decision is absolutely massive. Let’s get this right FFS 🙏🏻 Hope the incessant happy clappers aren’t too raging tonight!
  12. Just get him to fuck. Record is an absolute joke and he has to go.
  13. Stream all over the shop at the end there! Just about caught the goal!
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