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  1. So incredibly poor. McLean nearly costing us giving the ball away stupidly very late on, he is going to start costing us a lot more points in this league. When your bringing on Cammy Blues to just run up and down the park doing his best ghost impression then you know we aren’t taking anything from that game. The constant long ball game has got to stop aswell. I hoped we might have seen the last of it when McGinty left but that tactic is still stinking the place out. It’s all in all very worrying. I think McEntee will do us a turn though which is good, bit naive jumping in early on in the game but eased into the game as it went on. Ledger needs to come in for McLean 🙏🏻
  2. This is literally the only strip they couldn’t fuck up as it’s beautifully simple, and they have managed to still fuck it up. The strips should never have been put out when there is a clear disparity between every single one of them. The badge itself with the huge white square behind it is just embarrassing. Well summed up by everyone above, tinpot. The club need to get their act together. Loads of people not buying due to this.
  3. Welcome aboard Oisin! All the best! Few more please 🙏🏻
  4. Alex Samuel signs for Ross County.
  5. Badge looks shoddy as fuck on that doesn’t it? 😩
  6. It would be great to remember the feeling of what it’s like to sign an actual football player though.
  7. Aidan McAdams sitting on the bench again for Ayr 😂 you love to see it!
  8. Bachirou on the verge of signing for Omonia Nicosia.
  9. Absolutely worried regarding our lack of activity. I am totally for not signing any old shite but I am shocked at how little has been done player wise in the last few weeks. Worried we are under prepared and don’t want us losing 3/4 goals in these first few games until the “quality” arrives. If we are holding out for these younger players on loan from Premier League clubs then I am concerned going forward with the Ross MacIver’s and Ross MacLean’s of the world being our first choice quality signings.
  10. Last seen pointing at other players, blaming them for not marking the man he was meant to be marking. Clue, it is usually the goal scorer. Ideas way above his station, and he can fuck right off to Dumbarton as soon as he’s ready 👍🏻
  11. The boy Stafford was solid at the back, didn’t look out of place at all. Garrity at times reminded me of Oliver maybe due to the jumpy stream but he played well, and has confidence. Overall a brutal watch all in all though, hopeful when the rest of the boys are back we will see a big improvement but quality signings are still needed.
  12. All the best to the young boys getting a run out. Hopefully they can take their chance tonight 🤞🏻
  13. The silence is absolutely deafening. It has been confirmed that MCT are doing the day to day with Crawford well relieved of his duties despite the legal hold ups. It’s extremely poor the way things have started off, very little communication, we’ve no idea who’s doing what at the club, it’s all very weirdly faceless which for a club that’s being ran by fans is bizarre. It’s harming the potential of the project with many folk skeptical and unsure on whether to get involved or not. Worryingly people may look to withdraw contributions if there is no transparency. Update the fans, the people who are putting their money in so the whole thing works. It’s ripping the piss when a spokesperson comes out last month talking about clear communication and we’re getting fuck all. Sort it.
  14. Still required: 2 keepers 1 left sided centre half that can cover LB 1 centre midfielder (as we missed out on McGinn) 2/3 sand dancing wingers 2 strikers Thoughts?
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