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  1. A debt, just to clarify, that wouldn’t ever need to be paid off. Clarified and stated by the chairman of the club, in public, in front of a few hundred fans, to a round of applause and documented in the papers.
  2. The vote speaks for itself here, they absolutely have to get back round the table and get an option 3 sorted or else all the good work/support is lost. Crawford doesn’t want any part of it, and he’s clearly a chancer going back on his word, which was thankfully very well documented at the time. MCT need to step up or the whole notion is fucked. They have to represent the wishes of the members, not what Crawford wants. To add to previous comments, the 2m figure needs explained pronto.
  3. 500k was written off at the initial stage when MCT got involved and for every 100k contributed GC would write off a further 500k. MCT hit that 100k in December 2020, so there’s another 500k off the debt (remember the debt that would never be called in, and isn’t something to worry fans) So we are paying off a debt that doesn’t need paid off if we go on Crawfords word. Clearly it’s to be paid off as that’s what we are doing and we have knocked 1m off it since MCT came in but we’re still sitting at 2million? It’s a fucking joke, and I’m shocked that 2m is even being discussed when we’
  4. Unbelievable the brass neck of these absolute *****. Singled handedly cause 2m(?) of the debt by prolonged mismanagement, come out and tell us that the debt isn’t an issue, when clearly it is an issue. If only fans were allowed into games, he would be getting hounded. Absolutely behind the manager and playing squad 100% but we need to get this charlatan out.
  5. Goal against St Mirren would be the notable contribution. Thought he looked decent but we have got plenty of options up there.
  6. That is fucking embarrassing. What a nick that is Crawford. He will be raging that’s came out but that Tele article tells us everything we need to know about how this club is being run and how much he’s willing the put in. Do you want us to pay for their fucking lunches aswell as their wages? Don’t worry MCT will cover everything.
  7. Brilliant result and we looked a lot better than in recent weeks. We played some really nice stuff that was enjoyable to watch. We are all rightly behind this squad of boys, and will absolutely back them 100% but the powers at be can fuck right off at the earliest opportunity 👍🏻
  8. I don’t know where to start with that line up. Could be a few different set ups really. Fjortoff on the bench is a fucking joke though, even if that’s a 442 he starts. Big man has been solid 👍🏻
  9. “A new suggestion for taking Morton forward?” Consistently incapable and embarrassing has been the order of the day for too long so probably just fucking off would be the best suggestion for taking us forward. The whole keeping Cappielow and renting back to us needs addressed ASAP! Really hope MCT are all over this situation. Alarm bells ringing louder than before. Get us back into games FFS! Players have absolutely got my backing, and I hope the football picks up but let’s just get this change of ownership sorted as quickly as possible.
  10. That is an absolute embarrassment of a statement. Get yerself to fuck Morton. Despite all this pish, hopefully we see some form of actual football now he’s away that is somewhat entertaining. It’s rubbish it hasn’t worked out as we all had high hopes in the beginning but the football on show has been terrible. Is it a bit strange his number 2 stays on here and the Livi job is still available with his old number 2 still in place through there?
  11. Nicky Cadden with an assist and a last minute goal for Forest Green.
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