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  1. It begs the question about where Sky go from here. We all know that the Sky deal revolves round Rangers and Celtic- if the Celtic Manager refuses to commit his players for interviews with Sky, will his club forfeit their share of the revenue from the broadcast deal? Or would Sky be able to say to Neil Doncaster that the SPFL are in breach of contract and pull the plug? There are of course some striking parallels with Rangers’ dispute with the BBC, although I believe the BBC aren’t technically banned from Ibrox but choose not to engage after Rangers’ treatment of Chris McLaughlin. Given th
  2. Kevin Rutkiewicz wins the League Two Manager of the Month award for December.
  3. Jamie O’Hara and Adrian Durham have been routinely ridiculed in recent weeks not because the public are self appointed experts, but because their own views have been fucking stupid, attention seeking dirge and they’ve said it purely to get a reaction. There’s no backlash to your contribution because of who it is making that contribution, it’s because said contribution is shite.
  4. No, I don't care enough whether it gets mentioned or not.
  5. Let’s be honest though, that’s really not sensible, is it? It’s just attention seeking drivel from a radio station whose purpose is to stoke controversy in order that folk talk about them. The sort of folk that think it’s funny calling Celtic, “Septic”. A horrendous take from them, and equally horrendous patter from you. Fully merited red dot, this time.
  6. The stream will probably be a good thirty seconds behind the BBC’s coverage, so watching one and listening to the other will be a waste of time.
  7. Only got in for the tail end of last night’s game after work- it was great viewing, River Plate, down to ten men threw the kitchen sink at Palmeiras and could feel really hard done to that they didn’t get a couple of penalties at least. Good start to tonight’s game with Santos hitting the post within 30 seconds.
  8. He hasn’t, he’s moved to Dundee.
  9. Thread’s dated the game as 12th January, not the 9th.
  10. Arbroath tweeting to tell their fans of the knock on effect of our game tomorrow being called off, that the game against them on Tuesday is off, before Morton even bother to tell us when they’ve had to bring someone in to inspect the pitch is about the most typical example of the indifference of this current regime has to doing their job that you could expect. They really couldn’t give a flying fuck.
  11. The SFA Twitter account have said today, and not specified what time. Guess what colour of dot this post is going to get?
  12. Not been much happening, to be honest, certainly in comparison to last night’s treat. A decent chance for Boca in the first couple of minutes of the second half there, so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. La Bombonera’s the ground I’ve not visited that I’d love to go to above all others- like everywhere else, it’s shite seeing it empty just now, but I’d love to go to a game in front of a full house there.
  13. Yeah they scored early in the second half to kill the game before River got a boy sent off for kicking out and they added a third. Pretty much the perfect away performance for a first leg tie from them, and everything that could go wrong for River Plate, did. River were apparently tournament favourites, so I’d suspect it was an off night at the worst time possible and they’ll put on a better showing in Brazil, but they can forget about progressing to the final, that ship has well and truly sailed.
  14. Can’t say I’m overly concerned about any of this morning’s revelations, they were all pretty much known by most anyway I’d have thought. Very difficult to see any criminality involved from MCT looking at covering all their bases for the handover, and confirmation that MacKinnon is a bad apple that should be rooted out of the club at the earliest possible opportunity. It’s an embarrassing story for the club, yeah, and hopefully a death knell for MacKinnon’s tenure, but it’s the sort of thing we need in order to cleanse the club of this cancer that’s been running through it for years now. W
  15. Anybody watching the Libertadores semi final between River Plate and Palmeiras? BBC iPlayer and red button. Currently 1-0 at half time in the first leg in Buenos Aries to Palmeiras after being totally dominated by River, but a goalkeeping howler that would put Sam Ramsbottom to shame has given them the lead, which they would have doubled a minute or so later were it not for an offside call. The second semi final between Boca Juniors and Santos at La Bombonera is also being shown by the BBC, at 10.15 tonight. One question to anyone (okay, TRVMP) who might know, why are River play
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