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  1. Should be pointed out too that Hopkin should be keeping an eye on discipline, which hasn’t really been a problem in recent times. As far as I can recall, Jacobs’ red card against Dundee last season was our first (for a player) in God knows how long, yet we’ve started this season with two red cards and not a tackle committed to contribute to them. Not a good example to them to see the manager also taking a booking for dissent to the referee either, something he was sent to the stand for at Hibs last season. If, as we’re constantly told, there’s a tight ship being run and little room for manoeuvre with the squad then I expect Hopkin to be addressing these issues to give us a far better chance in this league than if we’re to carry on the way we’re going.
  2. Mark Russell has scored a double for Finn Harps, who lead 2-0 at Bohemians with about 20 minutes left.
  3. Nice to see you actually engage rather than grassing to the mods. How’s the photography going?
  4. Is it just me that’s got no sound on the stream?
  5. It's not just this, Eric M grassing on me for calling him a cunt also put a smile on my face. Hope this helps .
  6. Can’t say I’ve got any real ill will towards Welsh, but he doesn’t play for us and I very much doubt he’ll be good enough to play for Scotland so I’m hardly going to lose any sleep over a Celtic youngster having a shiter. He’s no Thomas O’Ware in terms of unpopularity amongst us, but let’s be honest, he’s hardly one of our own either. He passed through for a couple of months, is now playing for his parent club and just had a tough time of it, it happens. If it comes between a choice of pointing and laughing at DOT for backing the wrong horse again or pitying a Celtic player, I’m afraid there’s only one winner.
  7. This is probably the most appropriate thread to put this in, given that we’re sharing a group with that minging lot just now... Come back CFB, all is forgiven.
  8. Greenie to cancel out the red from that returning cunt, Eric M. Hello Eric M, you cunt.
  9. Toby

    Ton Tv

    I’d maybe look a wee bit more sympathetically at the pleas of poverty and calls for volunteer help if the chairman wasn’t planning on taking the fucking stadium with him when he swans off into the sunset next summer.
  10. Our old friends MyPa 47, the club we of course signed Janne Lindberg and Marko Rajamaki from, have already been relegated from the second tier of Finnish football this season and today lost 10-2 at AC Kajaani, having been 5-1 down at half time. They do however have two games remaining of their season, but I’m sure I remember living out a similar scenario at some point in the past. I always thought of them as one of the big clubs in Finland, and it seems like quite a fall they’ve had. Anyone know the circumstances around this?
  11. Give us a laugh mate, who do you support?
  12. I see Cambridge United are top of League Two with Jack Iredale a regular in the side. Nice to see a popular figure from his time at Cappielow doing well.
  13. It was against Ayr, I hadn't remembered him passing it to Stephen Whalen though.
  14. My main memory of him was a mazy run he made at the Sinclair Street end that he was unlucky not to score from, possibly against Airdrie. It was shown on Scotsport or Football First at the time, so I dare say AyrshireTon has copied it onto YouTube. I’ll try and dig it out.
  15. Toby

    Ton Tv

    If we go to live streamed games in the UK becoming the norm after COVID then the gulf between the haves and have nots will only increase. Celtic and Rangers have sold out their season tickets- allowing them to sell streams to their wider fan base would only increase the financial gulf between them and the rest, whilst clubs like ourselves, who sell out about a fifth of our ground could find guys like you or I, who don’t stay locally, just deciding to pay c. £15 to sit in the house with a couple of cans instead of £20 plus travel to actually go to the game. One of the very few things we’ve got right in the UK with regards to broadcasting football is the ban on 3pm games- that absolutely has to stay to protect clubs like ourselves.
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