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  1. That would beg the question about how away fans are accommodated for streaming. I voiced my concerns a while ago about the potential of Hearts selling more subscriptions than we could for our home game, hence making more money than we would off of our earner but was re-assured by someone at Morton that home clubs take all the revenue from streaming. So surely for away games we would be able to buy a one off game from Dunfermline or Alloa and vice versa, for example.
  2. Does it not just suggest that if you don’t buy a season ticket, you don't get access to the coverage of the closed doors/limited crowds games at Cappielow online unless you pay for the games individually? Surely that’s fair enough?
  3. Jeezo, 2010. Would’ve thought it was a lot more recently than that, nearer 2016.
  4. Pretty sure he also scored the winner for Barrow at Wembley once? Possibly an FA Trophy Final?
  5. Hopkin when he scored the winner for Palace against Sheffield United? Jim McAlister missed out on Blackpool’s appearance through injury.
  6. I see the club have announced the passing of Eddie Beaton, who signed in 1956 and scored over 100 goals in only four seasons at the club. I’m no AyrshireTon, but I’d like to think I’m pretty well briefed on the history of the club. Of course, the 50s wasn’t a terribly successful period for Morton, certainly compared to the 60s, but that’s some record, even considering goals were easier to come by back then- am I alone in saying I can’t remember ever hearing of him or his goal scoring feats? Rest in peace, of course.
  7. I’d say it’s pretty much Lesley Ann smiling and giving folk a bit of patter at hospitality with some agency workers brought in for the catering, the same sponsors who’ve been cutting about for years being asked if they want to renew and all merchandising punted out to Smiths to deal with. When I met MacKinnon in January after the Twitter carry on I made the point to him that I wouldn’t on principle be paying £14 for a calendar from Smiths because it was an absolute rip off. He had no idea that’s what they were charging and the following day it was reduced on the website to £8. Of course, seasonal products such as that are reduced at that time of year, but it suggests to me that Smiths have (or at least had) pretty much free reign to do whatever they want. From what I’ve heard from those involved in MCT, I expect much more scrutiny on their operations in future. I’d be at pains to get shot of them, because they are probably the only local firm that can do the job for Morton and provide free, accessible town centre floor space, but they could be doing with upping their game.
  8. The complaints (or comments) about the collar and the gradient of the hoops are probably very good examples of why using a computer generated image of the kit to promote (a word I use in the loosest possible terms) was such a shit idea. Folk’ll accept a football top not looking as good on them as it will on a physical specimen like Cameron Blues, because it’s not the club’s fault they’re a fat bastard, but we’re seeing complaints about pretty minor things due to the final product not actually being made before it was unveiled. If only they could just do things properly now and again.
  9. I saw that “Greenock Morton Fans Page” on Twitter saying “we’ve been played” over the white extending onto the blue hoop on the kit. I know the boy that runs that page is a bit weird to say the least, but it’s not really a big deal, is it?
  10. Aye, I was a bit surprised to see you biting back at ToM abot that because you're usually on the same hymn sheet as guys like him and myself about stuff like that. Tbf, he's been critical of the club's marketing of the kit since the day it was released, which was why I took it that it was the overall marketing that he was bemoaning.
  11. Stonewaller Magazine (never read it, but they seem to be quite reputable) have been offering help with a number of clubs on their marketing, Ayr included for their hideous away kit. Whilst they've been restricted by COVID and social distancing, they've used the approach of fans modelling the kit in everyday environments, instead of the traditional couple of players out on the pitch. The computer generated image posted on Twitter on a Monday morning, the launch day that was only advertised by going into the Smiths website rather than in the original tweet, the late change of date (from a Wednesday to a Monday) are all pretty poor. I could probably go back a few weeks on this thread to point at a few more failings that have escaped me. Don't know where I said it, but the whole thing struck me as the club having the approach of realeasing the kit so now they can get on with paining the crash barriers on the Cowshed. I don't think it's too harsh at all to say the marketing has been lazy. Whether it's because of the pandemic and furlough or whether it's because the club in general don't really give a fuck about marketing even under normal circumstances is up for debate, but there's a good case for both arguments.
  12. Indeed. As you'll remember it was nice to meet him in 2008 when we went to Carlisle v Bournemouth at Brunton Park. On overhearing our Scottish accents he asked why we were at the game and who we supported up here, before going on to chat to us about Morton, although his knowledge was understandably limited. Certainly the only World Cup winner, but also the most approachable, amiable footballer or ex-footballer I've ever met . Quite saddened by this news today, rest in peace.
  13. It’s about Callum. It’s always about Callum. He doesn’t have to be relevant to a story to make it all about himself.
  14. Their Twitter feed’s been some laugh the last few weeks. Putting up videos of random victories against us that meant the square root of fuck all only to be rounded on by Morton fans and reminded about the time we bodied them and sent them spinning into that bin of a division. Fantastic.
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