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  1. At the same time though, their behaviour since the introduction of VAR has been despicable, designed to intimidate officials by ramping up the perception that there’s an agenda against them more than ever before, making it as difficult as possible for referees to apply the laws of the game regardless of what technology they have to help themselves out. Of course, that’s on the officials to be stronger, but you can’t bank on that either.
  2. Hold the back pages, but it appears that I may actually be wrong about something.
  3. Aye, agreed. For as long as I’ve watched football, Dundee have been one of these clubs that have always had something murky about them. There’s always been some gangster or charlatan running the place, from Ron Dixon through the Marr brothers, Giovanni Di Stefano, Callum Melville and now Nelms. A bit like a poor man’s Hearts. They’re an absolute disease of a club, constantly linked to scandal and the hypocrisy of their fans in labelling us as crooks is astounding. Hopefully this derails their season and we benefit from it. Cunts.
  4. Horrendous news. I hope Bryan was as proud to count me as friend as I am to count him, and I’ll miss him badly, like we all will. He was a smashing guy, may he rest in peace, and I hope his family are informed as to how popular he was amongst the Morton support. He was genuinely one of those guys who made you proud to be a branch.
  5. The “Beast of the East” game was on 3rd March 2018, in front of 18,255. That was a Saturday lunchtime kick off, and the last time we played that horrible lot, if you exclude the Challenge Cup game against their B Team last season.
  6. No, it doesn’t kick in until the semi finals. It’s only at that point (with both ties at Hampden) that they can guarantee the facilities across every tie.
  7. This isn’t a court of law- we’re not trying to prove innocence or guilt. What we are trying to do is to establish if a prospective signing for a forward thinking football club that has aspirations of moving up a level would be a welcome addition to the squad. With all the things I’ve listed (I hadn’t even mentioned his conviction for racism), I think it’s fair to say you’re in a minority of one, here. There have been many a prospective signing I’ve turned my nose up at in the time I’ve supported Morton, but none with quite so many red flags as Griffiths.
  8. I’d have thought it’s fairly obvious why not. Don’t really want to go down the route of discussing his texting of wee lassies and tying it in with Lithgow’s previous misdemeanours, but on so many levels, it’s a no from me. This is a guy who’s been punted from Celtic, Dundee and Falkirk in the last year, booted a lit pyro back into the St. Johnstone crowd at Dens Park, contributed nothing to Falkirk’s promotion challenge (lol) last season and has had to face up to constant scrutiny about his fitness, private life and off-field antics. I very much doubt Dougie’s interested anyway, especially on hearing him discuss Efe Ambrose’s professionalism on signing him a month ago. But why on Earth would a club with such a harmonious dressing room, and a collection of guys who are all working so hard for each other want to risk upsetting the apple cart like this? I could understand a signing such as O’Connor, made in desperation 9 years ago as we were circling the drain, but this makes absolutely no sense. To be honest, I think that even asking The Bewilderbeast to explain why he wouldn’t want to see Griffiths at Cappielow is an insult to his intelligence.
  9. It’s a slow news day. Nothing doing about Celtic in the news with the World Cup going on so a story’s been concocted with a tenuous link to them in order to get clicks from their stupid fans. If they’d drawn Arbroath or Raith Rovers last night the story would’ve been copied and pasted with one of their names instead of Morton. File it where it belongs.
  10. I’m not disputing that they are, but I suspect the Celtic crowd will be bigger than those you cite. The League Cup game that we won was a week before they entertained Barcelona and the draw was actually made the same day as the Champions League draw- it was very much a tie that flew under the radar for their fans. It was also a midweek game in the least attractive tournament they compete in. With Celtic having seemingly wrapped up the title and out of Europe, the cups are their only real focus this season, beyond bodying Rangers where possible. The second one took place at a time when apathy had kicked in at Celtic Park. Ronnie Deila wasn’t pulling up trees and their pals were a league below them, and went on to knock them out in the semis. The Celtic board at the time were mocked for using the timing of the fixture, at lunchtime on Easter Sunday as an excuse. For a club with strong links to a particular branch of the Christian faith, I suppose that could be a factor, though. The current Celtic is a different beast- there’s a massive feel-good factor about their club and a massive demand in their support for away tickets, and Hampden tickets for semi finals and finals, for which turning up at less attractive games contributes to their chances. They’ve also got a manager who is just about as popular with their support as Dougie is with us. One thing I’ll say there is, that whilst Celtic will count tickets sold for a league game, I suspect they’ll have a clicks on the turnstile policy for accounting cup crowds. If they sell 30,000 tickets and 25,000 turn up, they’re not going to be giving us anything like our cut from 30,000.
  11. Looking at comparable ties, they had 29,941 for a Saturday evening game against Airdrie in January 2019 and 26,376 against Raith Rovers on a Sunday afternoon in February last year. Their recent crowds against us have been exceptionally poor, but I wouldn’t say they’re the only crowds to take into account when estimating a potential gate for Celtic against a team in the Championship or below. I suspect it’ll be around the 25,000-32,000 mark. The bigger the crowd of course, the more chance of getting stuck behind a pillar, but I suppose that’s preferable to watching it on the telly with John fucking Hartson on co-coms.
  12. Usual from the usual I’m afraid.
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