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  1. I see the BBC Scotland channel showing a documentary about the ups and downs of Garry O’Connor’s career. That should be some laugh.
  2. Going by her wording of it, I’d also think St. Mirren v Celtic and Aberdeen v Hamilton are both off tomorrow, too. Although why the Aberdeen v Hamilton game wasn’t called off before Bolingoli’s wee trip came to light I don’t know.
  3. Nostalgia Cases are still advertising their products with the Morton badge on them, and I didn’t see the word “exclusive” linked to the deal with this new mob, so fingers crossed that it hasn’t affected that deal. Can’t imagine too many folk would be inclined to buy from this lot rather than our more established, and increasingly popular partners.
  4. Gerry McDade’s patter is absolutely chronic.
  5. Bang on. A good, solid, proven full back at this level being allowed to just fuck off to one of our immediate rivals when he’s on our doorstep and would likely have signed a new deal if we hadn’t fannied about is criminal. And worst of all, I doubt he’ll be the last.
  6. Jamie McDonagh signs for Glentoran.
  7. Aye, folk saying they want him to get a career ender, break his neck, rat, snake, Judas etc. To be expected though, they’re not exactly fond of each other. Sure he knew what was coming.
  8. Disappointing. EDIT: Looks like the Glentoran fans are wishing him well on his big move, not that we would ever react in such a manner.
  9. Cheers. Pity if he does end up there, I like Conor Pepper.
  10. Where did you read this? I haven’t seen anything from either club or Pepper even suggesting this.
  11. Aye. Quite why they’ve even been given the opportunity to update the system is a mystery. They’ve monumentally fucked up at every opportunity and should’ve been binned two years ago, never mind now. Now going into our fourth season with these cowboys and they still can’t organise a shag in a brothel.
  12. Johansson’s new charges lost 3-1 at home to FC Lahti in his first game. That’ll be Jean started blocking those Finnish Twitter accounts already, then.
  13. Opting out wasn’t an option. It was compulsory for Championship clubs- only silly wee lower league teams like Partick and FalkirKKK were offered this.
  14. That would beg the question about how away fans are accommodated for streaming. I voiced my concerns a while ago about the potential of Hearts selling more subscriptions than we could for our home game, hence making more money than we would off of our earner but was re-assured by someone at Morton that home clubs take all the revenue from streaming. So surely for away games we would be able to buy a one off game from Dunfermline or Alloa and vice versa, for example.
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