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  1. Would you not have to go to games to boo?
  2. There were a lot of old men shouting at clouds, as is often the case at such meetings. One guy making a fuss about why the club board and the MCT board don’t include the same people and another bizarrely accusing the club board of lacking ambition to get promoted because the manager chooses to pick Kirk Broadfoot every week. All four candidates were elected onto the MCT board and Sam Robinson stood down, but will remain on the club board. A lot of the business was box ticking, such as correcting the wording of some of the constitution to align with how the world works nowadays when discussing gender etc. and Sam made the point that operations behind the scenes are a major focus, with someone at Alloa previously telling them that they saw Morton as a full time club with a part time infrastructure, the opposite of themselves. A point of note was that football wages account for 70% of turnover, which I would say isn’t too bad for a club of our size- I could be wrong. I asked about the land that’s been excavated between the ground and the Norseman, and it’s very much a case of watch this space in regards to a community hub, but don’t expect anything too soon, and they might initially use shipping containers before something more permanent to test the water on the appetite for such a facility. Gordon confirmed that there had been no contact at all from Inverness re: Dougie, and told us of some very nice news the club received yesterday. I’ll leave that to the club to announce rather than blabbing on here, as it’s something to make a song and dance about.
  3. I wouldn’t say Ferguson quite fits into the bracket of an Alex Rae or a Bomber Brown, tbh. Of course he had a spell at Rangers, but it was a fairly brief, unhappy one, for a number of circumstances before he found a club that he was lauded at in Everton. It’s going to be an absolutely box office appointment one way or the other though, he’ll provide no shortage of entertainment. First off the bat, I’ll be watching with interest to see if Daft Raymond will shamelessly try to slither out of Forfar to take the assistant’s role.
  4. You not think the “get tae f**k Dougie!” bit might be the thing that sticks in the craw a bit more than the general criticism of the guy?
  5. I don’t know Craig to really comment and do think hems being a bit harsh on Imrie, but Scott Gillan could be elected onto the MCT board tonight. Just let that sink in.
  6. Before we go anywhere, can we all agree that that minging mob are “Partick”, not “Thistle”? All in agreement? Smashing, carry on.
  7. Billy Dodds emptied by Inverness.
  8. For clarity, the incident I was referring to was the one in the first half when Moult and Broadfoot were booked, rather than the shirt-pulling incident.
  9. Indeed. My favourite so far has been the guy in his late forties labelling Calum Waters a wanker because his Twitter account is protected (I never even knew Waters had a Twitter account). Absolute wrong 'un behaviour off the bat. An awful lot to take out of yesterday's game, but I have to admit I was surprised in the United fans' reaction when I read it. Having driven my mate back to Greenock then driven home to EK it was about 9pm by the time I saw any reaction, and I was quite taken aback by quite how angry it was, and how much of it there was to the game. Maybe it was because I saw it all after four hours without looking at my phone, rather than being drip-fed it. Thought we played some decent stuff yesterday, very much like the second half against Raith, which we completely dominated. As GiGi points out, Goodwin was quick to alert Munro to what he sees as our underhand tactics, but I do wonder if that game played on his mind. Brass neck of a guy who had a twenty-year career as an absolute hatchet man. Complete folly from Broadfoot to get into the wrestling match with Moult which could've resulted in a penalty, although Broadfoot gesticulating that Moult had him by the baws doesn't really fit in with the "dark arts" narrative that appears exclusive only to Morton. Munro struck me as unwilling to make any decision at all unless forced, such was his failure to give penalties at either end of the park, and the fact the linesman alerted him to Cudjoe's elbow suggests that the referee's hand was very much forced. Probably a red, and doesn't show Waters in the best of lights for milking minimal contact, but refreshing to see a linesman actually getting involved in a game at this level. It's years since I last saw that. Of course, whilst he didn't throw cards around like confetti yesterday as he did in Kirkcaldy, he completely lost control at the game (like he did in Kirkcaldy)- a sure sign of a poor referee that can't get the balance right between being too lenient and too harsh. How on earth he's on the FIFA list I'll never know. The Dundee United support strike me as an extremely angry mob. I've got a lot of mates who support them, but they're generally from the west, so perhaps not indicative of their support as a whole. These folk on the east aren't to be trusted. I suspect there's a lot of frustration hanging over not only from last season's humiliation but from years of underachievement. They look like a club that's in a bad, bad way, with internal wranglings behind the scenes and a miserable support. I suspect that their reaction to yesterday isn't helped by their decline and the fact that "teams like Morton" aren't just turning up to watch them put on a show. Also, and it's maybe a bit hypocritical for a Morton fan to say it given that most away fans don't enjoy visiting Cappielow, but Tannadice is a really shit awayday. £25 is at least better than the £27 we expected to pay, but one small section open for an admittedly small support, a cramped bog with one sink and no hand drying facilities, a tiny, over priced pie stall which doesn't take cash and is understaffed, and banning away fans from taking a drum, preventing them from creating any atmosphere, in a week that they made steps to improve it for home fans smacks of a club who not only see away fans as an inconvenience, but as a necessary evil that they'd happily not allow in if they could get away with it. Finally, Alan Power was magnificent.
  10. “Valid” is a stretch. In the eyes of the governing body perhaps, but certainly not in my opinion. I get that the club have to make ends meet, and it’s an easy few quid, so upsetting the likes of myself and Dunning should be pretty far down the list of priorities when considering the pros and cons, but I just don’t like it, in much the same way I was vehemently against Celtic’s UEFA Youth League games being played at Cappielow. It’s perhaps hypocritical of me as I leave a town with a non-league club to go and support a larger club 40-odd miles away, but Inverclyde doesn’t need any more exposure to Rangers than it already has, and certainly doesn’t need it facilitated by Morton, whilst the whole principle of B Teams in the national league set up, or competing in cup competitions with actual, real clubs is abhorrent. At least it’s a Challenge Cup game on what’ll hopefully be a cold, wet night that there are far more attractive fixtures on the telly, rather than the Barcelona stars of tomorrow rolling into town and kids being given the day off school to watch them play Celtic and get a picture of Cappie the Cat to colour in from Danny Goodwin, but I can’t ever get onboard with either of them being landed on Morton’s doorstep unless absolutely necessary, nor can I accept legitimising B Teams in competitions for first teams under any circumstances. I don’t doubt this comes across to some as a massive over-reaction, but it’s a no from me every day of the week.
  11. We played Celtic B two years ago in the Challenge Cup at Airdrie and beat them 3-1.
  12. I’d see Stuart Gray’s in a bad way. Best wishes to him of course, but I can’t mention him without bringing up that goal against Partick in 1997. Quite magnificent.
  13. Come on, you’re one of the best posters on here, but under no circumstances will I accept anything negative about Ross Forbes. You’re better than that.
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