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  1. A friendly with the burners the night of one of the semi finals of the Euros. It’s not just Morton who do stupid things like this, but why?
  2. I can’t be bothered checking back, but did he not just tell some fanny in a DM that his contract offer was shite, and that guy shared it online? He wouldn’t be the first or the last in the world to complain about being offered shite money by his work, I’d say the guy he trusted with that information deserves far more condemnation than Strapp on that one.
  3. I generally accept it’s a done deal as soon as I see Scott Burns’ name attached to one of these rumours with the Record. Given that he’s revealing this one and retweeting the Ballantyne story, that’s quite encouraging (in that Strapp going to Finland is the lesser of two evils).
  4. Partick have announce that Jack McMillan’s off, so I assume Ballantyne will be the natural replacement. Onto Plan P or Q by now, then.
  5. Interested in the workings behind this. Who are these people and what makes you think that if we can’t get them during a prolonged run of form like we had last season, they’ll all of a sudden come out the woodwork and start following the club on a regular enough basis for the increase in crowds to be significantly noticeable? Is that all we need, a shot at promotion? Or should the club be more pro-active in attracting fans (like the kids’ supporters group formed this summer)? Why weren’t they bothering last season, or the season before, when we were in a strong position to make the play-offs at certain points in each season? How many people are you talking about that are sitting waiting to return as regular supporters? Has nothing changed since those days that we could command a bigger crowd? Cost of living? Depopulation? Increased influence of foreign leagues? The fallout from the death of Rangers? Increase in alternative leisure options? Changes in working patterns? A sweeping statement such as this, with nothing to back it up, doesn’t really stand up to any serious scrutiny.
  6. Perhaps, but I’d say by that point the journey was already stuttering quite badly, and that three years down the line since the takeover is a considerable period of time to maintain the crowds with little progress. My memory of that season is one of it being a bit of a “lost” campaign, in which we were stuck in a bit of limbo, with an inevitability that it would end in tears, which of course, it did. Maybe the bad memories of how it ended have clouded how I look back on it. I’d definitely agree that that game helped contribute to killing off any remaining buzz and that the support at the time was probably hanging off the back of previous seasons, but only just, and that game in particular seems a real outlier for me. At least the Motherwell game involved a team in the driving seat towards the title going to a big cup tie after getting nationwide publicity in the previous round. To be honest, the first (league) game against Gretna that season pretty much killed off any chance of winning the title for me. The game that Alexander sauntered into Cappielow, criticised McInally for picking Templeman ahead of Jason Walker and left with 3 points. Much as I was never a fan of McInally, Alexander got right under my skin after that, and I’ve never had much sympathy for his misfortune since.
  7. We came back from 0-2 down that day to equalise that day only for him to miss that chance in the last minute iirc. Given that the game was in January, he must have been shipped off on loan to Brechin (in a higher division) within a couple of weeks of that.
  8. Don’t disagree with the general principle of your post, but that Gretna game isn’t a great example to use, as a lot of the goodwill had dissipated by that point. Having already pissed the 2004 title against a wall and lost out the following year to Brechin and Stranraer, I looked out the programme from that match. At the time we were five points behind Gretna, who had a game in hand, winning the title was unrealistic anyway. How we managed to get such a crowd for that game is a bit bizarre.
  9. Fuck them. In the first instance an asset stripper set out to kill us. Second time around, I don’t think it’s fair to suggest we hadn’t been asking questions about the continued losses, but critically, we took corrective action as a fanbase by forming MCT, making the club self sufficient and reaching an agreement with the previous owners over the debt and assets. Had the Raes demanded the debt back, Morton would still be around through the fans’ hard work, though probably without the same sympathetic publicity Inverness have received recently. And let’s not forget, Morton had debt in the region of £2 million after 20 years of Golden Casket. Inverness were losing close to a million a year for God knows how long, and lapping up the success it brought them. All I’ve seen from the Inverness fans is demands for resignations now the shit’s hit the fan, and very little by way of a plan B. They were happy enough to lap up the good times that were funded on tick, they can now accept the consequences.
  10. Watched the Junior Cup final this afternoon. A few things to note. Dylan Dykes was playing for Arthurlie, good to see him playing at a decent level after his cancer diagnosis. Ross Caldwell’s cross provided Darvel’s winner. Colin Reilly, who broke Sean O’Connor’s leg in that infamous Challenge Cup game in 2002 is Arthurlie’s manager. I quite liked him in the brief time he was at Morton. It must be about 15 years since we last played at Broadwood, and there’s not much chance we’ll be there anytime soon. Good, I don’t miss it. That John Gall, Darvel’s money man, is a bit of a helmet.
  11. Agreed, but their major investor paid half of the £5 million to buy Hampden from Queen’s Park. If he doesn’t legally own 50% of it, he’s certainly going to have a say in its use, and the SFA can’t really do much about it. If he wants his club to use what is partly his stadium, they’re not going to refuse him that. He’s got them by the baws.
  12. The Challenge Cup format always pisses me off. I’ve never been as fussed about the trips to Ireland or Wales as others, possibly because they tend to coincide with internationals, though I understand how many folk do and sympathise with them missing out, and the B Teams’ inclusion was of course expected, but disgraceful nevertheless. It can’t go without comment, as by doing so, we head towards the stage of acceptance, which we should never reach. But if we’re going with this format, the inclusion of Albion Rovers, Cowdenbeath, Berwick and East Stirling, instead of Cumbernauld Colts, Tranent, Civil Service Strollers and Linlithgow Rose, all of whom finished higher in the Lowland League is scandalous. The tournament criteria being based on historical status rather than footballing merit stinks to the high heavens and this policy should be binned immediately. I suspect the FAW and IFA have probably had enough of the competition impinging on their domestic calendars, which wouldn’t normally be terribly affected by international breaks, but if we’re going down the route of organising the tournament properly, either a 32 team straight knock out, with the 30 SPFL clubs, Buckie and EK, or a 64 team straight knock out which would conveniently fit in the 18 Highland League and 16 of the 18 Lowland League clubs. Just bin Celtic B and Hearts B and you’ve got a smashing competition, which I doubt would lose much in prestige given how little coverage even the Rangers and Celtic B teams get in the competition. Everyone’s a winner, but those suggestions would be far too straightforward.
  13. Shimmin’s probably the one whose behaviour was closest to Bachirou’s if the rumours were to be believed. Nowhere to be seen because of mysterious injuries before declaring himself fit and raring to go as we were pulled out the hat with Celtic in the Scottish Cup. That said, nobody’s looking back too fondly on the “part time ‘baller, full time rocker’s” Morton career or in any mood to welcome him back with open arms, so his legacy with the majority of the support is very much in line with Bachirou’s is with the more learned among us.
  14. You’re the one resorting to personal jibes on a debate about the merits of footballers’ alleged misdemeanours, this retort isn’t quite the comeback you think it is. If you don’t have a strong enough argument that you’re forced down this route, quietly walking away and hoping you get it right next time would probably be the best approach.
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