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  1. Michael Ledger named in the SPFL team of the week. Well deserved!
  2. It was on sale before everyone saw Dougie wearing it afaik. I saw a couple of guys wearing it at the Challenge Cup game at Palmerston and remember thinking I’d fancy it but had just bought a Scotland one. Agree with both Deego and TRVMP’s posts regarding the 150th anniversary. I’d hope there’ll be a book commissioned as was the case for the 100th and 125th anniversaries, but I don’t expect them to put so much into a project like that which won’t exactly be a big money maker.
  3. Fair enough- I just never see very much by way of “bits and bobs” as you put it. I’m a sucker for any sort of football collectibles etc. but there’s nothing that I haven’t got that I’d bother with, which would suggest to me that either I spend too much money on Morton-related tat or the selection is limited, to be kind. I think it’s the latter. Maybe I’m being harsh and I’m the exception to the rule that wants to see 12 different designs of pin badge of course, but I’d like to see how comparable we are to the likes of Ayr, Raith etc. Ayr certainly seem to have a lot more than we do, as well as a new shop, hub and bar at the ground. I’d also suggest using social media to punt things indirectly, too. I don’t know how many other clubs do it as I don’t follow them on Facebook, but every action shot Sheffield United put up links whatever kit they’re wearing in the picture to the club shop. Wee things like that are keeping your merchandise in folks’ conscience pretty much all the time.
  4. Don’t want to sound too negative, but I’m astonished port-ton’s managed to find £100 worth of stuff that he’s interested in, unless he doesn’t already have this season’s two shirts. They know they missed the boat with the bunnet and Christmas, but the big issue to me is there seems very little communication between Smiths and the club. What’s the plan for the 100th anniversary in April? Was it the home kit and that’s the lot? Key rings? Pin badges? Beer glasses? Tee-shirts? Mugs? Let’s be honest, Smiths really have to up their game, and the club have to be monitoring what they’re up to. And while we’re at it, 1991-93 chevron home shirt can be the next retro top they release, this summer preferably.
  5. That one’s from the 1-0 win against them on Daft Raymond’s return, pretty sure there was another one from the final day of the season. Good content nevertheless.
  6. There’s definitely a video of that somewhere. A brilliant afternoon in the Norseman with us celebrating Falkirk’s relegation and the United fans celebrating Dundee going down. The place was in raptures when Tiger hit Daft Raymond’s picture with that final dart, what a day.
  7. Jamie McDonagh’s scored the the opener for Cliftonville against Glentoran. The game’s on Sky Sports Football.
  8. Yes, Partick Thistle. Whose matches against Ayr and ourselves were conveniently postponed at a time restrictions were in place, leaving them as the only club in the division who haven’t yet been impacted by this, yet they’re the ones whining in public about it. Nobody’s ever as hard done to as that miserable lot. Fuck them and their shitey fans. Ayr are at home to St. Mirren next Saturday, who play Dundee United at Tannadice on Tuesday. Motherwell are away to Ross County the same night, so playing Ayr on Tuesday would give us the same rest (without the arduous journey) and playing on the Monday would give us 24 hours more. It would make sense.
  9. Anyone remember this bloke? Well, he’s got a book out at the end of March- yours for the princely sum of twenty quid. Alternatively, you could just give it a miss, which is what I’ll be doing.
  10. The only negative from it is that the Falkirk fans have had something to fool themselves into thinking their miserable existence is somehow worthwhile off the back of Dunfermline getting hounded. I suppose that lot have given us plenty of joy in the last three years or so though, so it’s only fair we reciprocate.
  11. “Our friends at Foundation of Hearts”? Where did this come from? This was a club who, in the last year and a half have thrown their toys out the pram, and tried to bully clubs like ourselves with their misplaced sense of injustice after their relegation; and a fanbase that organised boycotts of our streams in order to starve it of revenue only last season. Prince Andrew’s got a more amiable friends list than MCT, it would appear.
  12. His meeting was 4 days after the Ayr game though- could you imagine the reaction if the club had announced his ban and had every Karen on the Tele’s Facebook page slaughtering them for dealing with him but not with the two racists, when, in actual fact they took their time to gather all the facts before taking action? The tweet’s a bit poorly worded, and I have a bit of sympathy with him for that, but the club were caught between a rock and a hard place.
  13. I gave my view about it on the Twitter thread, but I think it’s worth repeating here, given that I had a ringside view of the less serious of the hearings. It was explained to my pal that the club could’ve gone to the police over his actions, but chose to try and deal with it internally before taking more drastic action. For his sake, I was pleased with that course of action, but I wouldn’t like to think the same courtesy has been extended to the gruesome twosome, given the severity of the allegations against them. My preferred course of action would’ve been to suspend them from attending games pending a criminal investigation and then banning them on conviction, so as not to unduly influence a court case. In Morton’s defence though, it could just be the case that actually getting a conviction would be incredibly difficult, as the evidence pretty much amounts to witness statements, and it can’t be proved beyond reasonable doubt that they were behaving the way they did. It could be that the club could’ve pushed for convictions, failed to achieve them and then found themselves in the awkward position of having to climb down to the racists themselves. Probably best for the club to just wash their hands of them and move on. About Lithgow. There’s a separate thread- I outlined the outcome of that one about a month ago.
  14. Absolutely. My pal took the dog up by Firhill today and had a look at the pitch because he suspected there would be very little wrong with it and stuck a couple of pictures on the group chat. I alluded to my own suspicions in the match preview too, although I suspected they just didn’t want any games with reduced crowds. They’re fucking at it, get them kicked out the league. Horrible, poisonous, despicable cheats.
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