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  1. Come on, that’s a Hashtag Gary complaint. Being like Hashtag Gary isn’t a good look. Admittedly it’s pretty lazy and lacking a bit of thought outside the box, but hardly the biggest fuck up at the club in recent times. I’d go as far as to say that the club don’t realise how lucky they are having Brendan, not only because of the good job he does, but also because he’s friendly with so many of us. We probably let them off with more than we should because he’s the public face of Morton. Could you imagine the shit we’d be giving them if TOMB was still punting us tickets? For all the SLO
  2. Aye, and the very same mob were sitting on the bus I got towards the Port after the game without observing social distancing or wearing face masks. I get that they’ve got to do their jobs when working, but after their shifts, and whilst wearing the company they represent’s uniform, and in full view of the very folk they’ve been all over all afternoon, not observing the protocols isn’t a good look.
  3. Agreed, but he could be better than Paolo Maldini and still not fit to wear a Morton shirt.
  4. Dean made the point at the game yesterday that O’Ware could playing a central defensive partnership with a convicted sex offender and still be the most objectionable of the two.
  5. I’ll wait until I see where he winds up before having a good chuckle at his expense. Hopefully he never darkens our door again, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. That or Dumbarton.
  6. Willing to be corrected, but I’d be surprised if even they were that stupid. Going toe to toe with the fans was more their bag. I’m told he’s read this and is a bit upset about what I said, and to be honest, it was out of order. Whilst I’m not happy with a lot of things these guys have done in recent weeks and months with MCT, this should be a happy time for him and his family, and it’s not fair of me to ruin that for them. So if he is reading it, I’ll offer my apologies and genuine congratulations on the birth of his son.
  7. I wouldn’t say that papping the blame onto the Tele over a communication mix up and deciding to go ahead with a game behind closed doors for public safety without consideration for player and staff safety was something that would’ve happened under the Raes’ watch, nor would I say the media and communications guy refusing to answer pertinent questions from his own team is. Nor, come to think of it could I have seen Dougie threatening to withdraw access to Roger Graham or Jonathan Mitchell when they were working for the Tele because they were critical of players. Yes, MCT have made som
  8. Lithgow’s penalty was the best penalty of the lot. I wouldn’t say he should be our penalty taker as he isn’t even fit to wear the shirt, but I’d hope Jacobs is kept off penalty duties where possible- his recent record hasn’t been great at all. To hand that’s misses against St. Mirren, East Kilbride and now Killie. I assume he scored at Fir Park, but can’t remember for certain. His record in the last year or so can’t be much better than 50%.
  9. Atrocious. Same guy that did the Your Radio title party.
  10. I make it two wins (2007 and 2016) and a defeat in 2009. EDIT: Since the turn of the century.
  11. We’re going to end up finishing second behind East Kilbride and get knocked out by Killie’s admin error, aren’t we?
  12. I actually meant to. I’ll iron out the mistakes for my next post.
  13. When I replied I’d forgot that you might not have been privy to the tweet after Dossier Dave’s hissy fit a couple of years ago. It’s not just that though, there’s a game on Saturday that we don’t know ticketing arrangements for, or even if the game is going to be behind closed doors or not. If only a little birdie could tell us what the script is there, or if the club could put up some links to let us know what’s happening in that regard. Sadly we’ve been over this course a million times already though and there seems to be a bunker mentality when it comes to communicating with the f
  14. They’ve put out a tweet in the last twenty minutes or so saying that everyone’s will arrive in time for the Dunfermline game, but coincidentally, I’ve also seen at least two folk asking MCT and the SLO on Twitter about it today. Apparently it was due to the COVID issues at the club last week, either that or the golf being on the telly. Typical Morton though, reactive instead of proactive. Some things never change.
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