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  1. I’d assume he means Ayr, Dunfermline and Hamilton. To be honest, if I supported any of those three teams the consolation I’d be taking from their poor start to the season would be that Morton are also in the division and should be an easy enough target to finish above. Only Dunfermline can realistically be looked at as more of a basket case, but you’d expect an improvement there once Grant is emptied. My hope to keep our heads above water is that they have a season like Falkirk did in 2019, and we manage to scramble just enough points to finish above them. I don’t imagine the play-offs to be quite as routine this time around though if we do scrape 9th.
  2. Real Madrid getting pumped by Sheriff Tiraspol was some laugh. Get it up them.
  3. It should also be added that we should perhaps be careful what we wish for when it comes to travelling supports from less desirable clubs. So far, Rangers and Celtic have been able to use COVID restrictions and the need for red zones as an excuse not to allow away fans into their own grounds- there will of course be a point that there’s no need for these red zones, but I can’t help but think we’re on a slippery slope towards 100% home crowds at these two clubs becoming the norm. Celtic aren’t even allocating Raith Rovers any tickets for their midweek League Cup game on Thursday, and we, more than most in recent years know how well Celtic Park sells out for cup ties against unattractive Championship opposition. Some may think that not getting tickets when their clubs visit Ibrox and Celtic Park is a hit hit worth taking if the fans of those clubs don’t descend on their clubs’ grounds for the corresponding fixtures, but be under no illusions that the only clubs who will benefit from this sort of ban/arrangement/embargo would be Rangers or Celtic, just like they were the major benefactors of the abolition of split gates receipts for league games and TV deals which show 90% of their away games on TV anyway, cutting home crowds for these games and ensuring the only way to see their home games are by attending. Remember it was only a few years ago they were trying to charge clubs commission for selling tickets to their away supports- we don’t need the gulf between that pair and the rest stretched any further than it already has been.
  4. There is of course David Robertson, too.
  5. From the times I’ve seen Celtic and Rangers visit Cappielow, the behaviour of their fans was no worse (in fact, infinitely better) than the mutants that came to support Falkirk in March 2019 when we drew with them before eventually bodying them into a League One a couple of months later. I’m not one to stick up for the Rangers or Celtic fans, but that sort of carry on isn’t exclusive to them. The Falkirk fans in the Norseman, involved in the pitch invasion and getting chased down East Hamilton Street that night were absolute vermin. Pity things didn’t work out too well for them in the end.
  6. Declan McDaid signs for mid-table League One jobbers, Falkirk. I make that Partick Thistle, Ayr United, Dundee and Falkirk since leaving us. Is there a former Morton player with a more appalling charge sheet since departing our club?
  7. Would be nice to hear the plans for the scheduling of the Montrose tie. Their game against Stirling in the last round kicked off at 1.30 to prevent a clash with the Scotland v Moldova game at 7.45 that evening, so I suspect the tie against us will also be moved, especially with Scotland v Israel kicking off at 5pm. Friday night? Sunday afternoon?
  8. Lesley Anne isn’t the issue, though- others not being able to accept bookings when she’s not there is, and telling the customer to phone back in a couple of days time, rather than actually making the commitment to contact them, is. Added to that, to advertise hospitality for a forthcoming game the following day, when she’s also off, would suggest there is actually someone inside Cappielow that can deal with bookings when she’s not around, but they just chose not to deal with my mate. Did they expect to advertise today but not receive any phone calls until tomorrow? It strikes me that whoever answered my mate couldn’t be bothered dealing with his query as it’s relating to a game a few weeks down the line, but they’re interested in dealing with Raith queries as they have to get hospitality filled at shorter notice. For a club that’s so often pleading poverty, they sure don’t help themselves when folk are wanting to send a few quid their way.
  9. Great to see the club trying to shift hospitality- except, when my pal called yesterday to book for 13 of us for the Arbroath game on October 2nd, he was told that Lesley Anne was off yesterday and today and to phone back tomorrow (Wednesday). Then they advertise Raith hospitality today. This begs a few questions. Who is selling hospitality in Lesley Anne’s absence for Raith? Why couldn’t they take our booking for Arbroath in her absence? Why are they advertising it on her day off if they can’t take bookings in her absence? Is it a case of a communication breakdown that contradicts what fans were told yesterday? Is it a case of Morton having our £1200 odd in the bank for the last two years anyway so we can wait whilst they deal with the more immediate issue of Saturday’s game? Whatever it is, and I think of Lesley Anne as one of the good guys, who does a good job at Cappielow; if bookings can’t be taken in her absence, that’s yet another one of the basics the club are failing in. I get that the money’s in the bank, but pissing off your loyal fans who have already put their hands in their pocket doesn’t bode well for repeat custom. Really poor customer service from the club, again.
  10. Not going to lie, I’ll be distraught if he gets bagged before we go there in a fortnight’s time.
  11. Grant Adam’s been convicted of embezzling £15,000 from his grandad, whilst acting as his Power of Attorney. Oops.
  12. Good to see them doing something right, then.
  13. To answer Piehutt’s point about my labelling of Gordon Ritchie as arrogant, I’m not going to kid on I’m not privy to the odd wee titbit of information from mates, but it’s up to them to share it with the wider public if they feel the need to. That said, I’ve already alluded on this thread to what I believe to be his quite appalling treatment of Christopher Dodds at Montrose in May, when he apparently threatened to withdraw all his media privileges as a result of Christopher’s criticisms of Captain Calamity Sean McGinty the previous week. On a number of levels, this is just wrong. There’s been a big story about Rangers charging the media £25,000 a season for access and how this is their way of controlling negative output. I fail to see a difference here, other than scale. Do we really want to see the Tele being forced into avoiding criticism for fear of being banned? I’m sorry, but unlike the Rangers support, who seem to see criticism as a personal slight, rather than necessary on occasion, I want to see my club taken to task when things go wrong. It also begs the question as to whether Roger Graham or Jonathan Mitchell, two experienced journalists who had built up a bit of currency in their roles would have been treated in such a way. If not, I’d suggest this behaviour is tantamount to the bullying of a young boy at the early stages of his career, and is quite frankly shameful. I didn’t like a lot of things that the Raes did in their twenty years at the helm, and made my opinions known at the time. But ultimately, it was their club and if I wasn’t happy, nobody was forcing me to support the club. A fan owned club though, should in my opinion hold itself to higher standards as they are responsible to every one of their members and supporters- the people whose money has put them in the position they occupy. I was a bit late to the party when joining MCT as I initially had my misgivings, but I certainly don’t recall being asked to vote for Gordon Ritchie. Others may have been, before I joined up, but in the spirit of democracy, I’d urge everyone to ensure he’s not given another spell in office at either MCT or Morton themselves.
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