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  1. Not going to lie, some of the memes that have been doing the rounds in my group chats have been fucking hilarious.
  2. There’s been nothing like the hysteria here as there was at the time of Diana’s death, though. There’s a bit of public grief, and the media are of course all over it, but if anyone thinks this comes close to that, they’re in for a rude awakening when Liz pops her clogs.
  3. Quite the opposite, I’d suggest Diana’s death was the watershed moment that grief culture became such a massive thing outwith it’s spiritual home of Merseyside. I’d never really seen anything like it until that point in my life, and while there’s not really been anything like it since (including Phil’s death the other day) I’d argue that in the UK folk have been progressively more hysterical about high profile passings.
  4. Yeah, we were due to play Belarus at Pittodrie on the Saturday and the game was moved to the Sunday. “Hoppy” scored twice and we won 4-1 en route to France ‘98. There were some members of the Scotland squad, notably Ally McCoist, Andy Goram and Stuart McCall iirc who were quite vocal about how uncomfortable they were playing through an event of such national significance. Make of that what you will.
  5. Aye, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll boost the budget, though. If Golden Casket are at the helm, it’ll only mean that the money raised will go to the squad, saving GC a few quid on what they had budgeted for in the first place. It’s a “no” from me for putting my hand in my pocket beyond what is absolutely necessary until such time as I trust Morton’s owners.
  6. Our game against Hearts on 17th April will be rearranged because of our Scottish Cup commitments. Hearts have no such issues, but fortunately, League One minnows “Partick Thistle” are out of action that day, so maybe they could arrange a fundraising friendly with their wee pals.
  7. With Rangers or Cove drawing Celtic, it opens up another game for TV coverage and a couple of extra quid in [s]the coffers[/s] Crawford’s back pocket. Hopefully we’re not one of them, then.
  8. Alexander Easdale’s going to scoop the lot anyway, I don’t know why we’re bothering with an election.
  9. Don’t really want to start a new thread so as this one deals with media, Stephen McGinn’s on Super Scoreboard tonight.
  10. I’d say that from the point of view of Morton as an individual club it’s a necessity. What would the consequences have been if we had decided not to compete this season? Relegation to League One? Booted out the SPFL completely? Packed off to the West of Scotland Conferences? It’s easy enough for Auchinleck and Forres Mechanics to just shut up shop for a year but from our lofty position near the pinnacle of the Scottish game, that option wasn’t really available.
  11. Billy King scores a 91st minute winner as St. Patrick‘s Athletic beat Drogheda United 2-1 in the League of Ireland.
  12. It’s okay though, one guy’s spending a couple more quid on 50/50 draw tickets.
  13. Like it or not, that’s how clubs’ streaming worked before, and will be how it works in the future. If Morton continue their streaming, the caveat will be that it’ll only be available to those outside the UK, as the rules currently state. It’ll probably end up in a loss to continue it, but it’s up to the club to consider if the loss is worthwhile, very much like the issue of match programmes, which I very much doubt are big money makers. I get that it’s more convenient for you in Dumfries to watch a stream than to be driving up to Greenock every other week, but the day we make it acce
  14. It could be more to do with a season ending injury in fairness.
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