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  1. Received two emails about half an hour ago. One from Greenock Morton FC and one from PayPal both confirming I have been refunded £10 GBP. We may have waited a little longer than we should have for this communication but at least the correct action has been taken regarding this issue.
  2. We’ve definitely all witnessed enough to realise that Muirhead just isn’t cutting it. Unless someone leaves a magic lamp on his doorstep I can’t see that changing. As for the defence, I can only hope that Hopkin figures out what everyone else has and we don’t see much of the McGinty / McLean combination this season.
  3. Apparently there was some nice control from McPake there but we have to take Gerrys word for it I suppose
  4. Did anyone else see that?
  5. Exactly this. Hopkin mentioned Goodwin telling him Baird wouldn’t be available earlier on before changing that view. Obviously realising that he had his bases covered and Baird would therefore be surplus to requirement. As you say, we are far enough in now that teams will know which players are definitely not in their plans and playing some form of waiting game until mid October would be madness.
  6. I’ve often had similar thoughts when watching the pre-match warm up. Why bother when we know they won’t be used during the actual match. I feel the time could have been better spent last season by having Ramsbottom stand at the corner flag and have everyone play long balls to see who could scud him the most. If we are going to hit long high balls we might as well have some accuracy drills thrown in.
  7. The problem is that we are only seeing players go in one direction at the moment. If we had some movement in the “players in” column then I reckon we would have a lot less worried fans out there (unless of course they were of the Ramsbottom quality). Tumilty was a bit of a hopeless player that by the time he left us had came onto a decent game. He looks much better now than the player we signed and I would have liked to have kept him. It’s definitely going to be a less difficult job to replace him than Cadden though and there will be a few right backs that will be able to do a similar job. Like I say, we need some players coming in to make us feel a little more comfortable with what we might be watching this coming season. So far all we have is a couple of names we might be looking at but a few solid signings would certainly make me less concerned and more interested in who’s here rather than who’s not.
  8. Pepper is definitely a player I liked. Felt he done a decent job at right back considering it wasn’t his natural position and was gutted about his injury. Good to see him do well as it looked like his career was over at one point.
  9. Brilliant! Essentially; Dear Hearts, Remember, all blame lies with Dundee. Sincerely, The BBC
  10. Just incase anyone else was having difficulty like I was initially... Clicking the link on the Twitter feed left me in a loop of agreeing to GDPR then logging in then agreeing to GDPR then logging in and so on. However, going straight to the site on safari and logging in worked first time and now the season tickets sit in my basket.
  11. I guess regarding players like McGinty it’s all about how much of a wage he will be taking out of what sounds like a reduced budget again. I would hope we can bring in at least 2 centre backs that would be ahead of him in the pecking order and therefore he becomes 3rd/4th choice. If that’s the case then his wage needs to be reflective of the role he plays and maybe it would be better suited to a rookie that would be taking less out of our kitty. On the other hand if he stays and is going to be a starter then let’s just hope we have an absolute hero alongside him.
  12. I was confused with the Robbie Muirhead one at the time based on the fact he had been booked for the tackle. My belief was that due to the booking there could be no action taken afterwards as the referee had acted. Had he missed it then I understand it can be looked at but as stated above I thought if the ref sees it then it’s done. The Robbie Muirhead one suggests that isn’t really the case then?
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