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  1. Listening to this interview with Si Ferry on Kenny MacKay's podcast, who was a signing target for Duffy in 2014 (https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/sport/14015753.exclusive-morton-drop-interest-in-signing-mackay/). Apparently we offered him a 4 year deal which he rejected (48 mins in).
  2. https://www.facebook.com/OpenGoalSport/posts/1062189257595839?__cft__[0]=AZWxsyGWciYsZ96OaRp1aAifKE3sKv4LpDnpU8fGmjMJunhkWFCgdygmGmy8WhWLl8MgsiKqfK9nyiC5oVStNgkJjPmB34qMlaASXwomrCCUvNQju9XNLdQikDzMUvLhKYsKCTFO-kr2R3rZE6KZwI2g9BRHfIn9ylw9tT-Jbpb4siRJy1h1MXG6dwjVyUX69ww&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  3. Do we maybe have other players out of contract this month we didn't know about either?
  4. McAlister had a spell at centre mid in 2007 under McInally and was half the player he was out wide. The big shout at the time for McAlister was playing him on the right instead of the left.
  5. You wonder if there'd be more profit in lower prices across all the merchandise. I sometimes jump on the website for a look but I can't bring myself to fork out some of the prices for things I don't particularly like or want, but would probably otherwise purchase to support the club. Especially at the moment with unbranded shite. https://www.smithsofgreenock.co.uk/Morton-Puffa-Jacket-Best-Seller-p192817956 - 65 quid ffs.
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