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  1. Does anyone actually know how to buy a season ticket?
  2. I was quite enthusiastic about the prospect of a new site as I totally agree the site wasn't really fit for purpose - it never was, having hired their first communications employee after a site was designed (taking into account particular features would be pointless without having people to update). I think it also lacked in some other areas - it maybe needed some work to allow more advertising, some more prominence for match-day info and commercial activities, some enhancements to thrown-together sections like the fixtures page, and most importantly, a solution to stop info like season ticket information getting lost in the archives after a week. In terms of the tech it could've done with a bit of performance optimisation and certainly needed accessibility issues addressed. For all the previous site's faults (the 'one person on the site at a time' policy aside), I'd say for the most part it looked professional - it just needed some adjustments to be more of an effective tool for the club. The new site is indeed a build-your-own-website WordPress theme (https://elementor.com/) that's been dumped on to the old site - it might look a bit different, but it's pretty much the same thing. Maybe there's more to come and I'll get put in my place - which would be great - but I'm a little miffed on first impressions. Would be keen to know exactly what problems the new site is solving as it's been getting bigged up for a while as a bit of a game changer.
  3. Yeah, absolutely no idea why he was given a new deal.
  4. Deego

    Ton Tv

    Great. So we now have three channels. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOczIunhnmOLJFoSlU36upA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzMRO546dWKOAhYPjg5IzQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKgwneN_bsYZTeFWngRftSA Do we have any more?
  5. Deego

    Ton Tv

    I think it's just a lack of attention to detail.
  6. Deego

    Ton Tv

    I feel ye TRVMP.
  7. ok guy,s is bob mchugh at club.
  8. Deego

    Ton Tv

    Nice feature but can we get boys who can do push ups in to the shot please. 😭
  9. I like it and I like the socks.
  10. Do the rules that Aberdeen players broke apply to Championship players at this stage?
  11. There must be more to this kits stuff. Although if it was never explained it'd be brilliant. On the subject of 'tinpot' and shoddy marketing etc., does it bother anyone else how many variations of the Morton badge are floating around these days? I saw that Rangers went through a bit of a brand refresh a few weeks ago and it really emphasise how shoddy ours is (although their Photoshop of the crest onto the Finnieston Crane etc. was pretty weird). Morton quietly launched an updated crest a few years ago but I'm not even sure those currently at the club are aware or if they've just completely forgotten about it. Aside from the mismatch between that and the older version, we've got all sorts of variations that go on to club marketing materials. I'm no branding expert but with all the chat in the last few years about getting the Morton brand out into the community via the Community Trust's work etc., should we not be focussing on putting one version of the club crest out there (at the very least, having the main one and properly defined variations for particular use)? Here's some examples (with the first having three versions in the one picture, FFS): This last one is just outrageous: Maybe it's not a big deal but it does my nut in anyway.
  12. I had no idea they played together at MK Dons until now.
  13. Baird on the bench for St Mirren.
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