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  1. Deego

    Ton Tv

    Just watched it. That's some shift from his dad to come up to Greenock from Newcastle every Saturday.
  2. Jim's okayish filling in at centre half but we're never gonna manage with him as a regular starter there. I actually think McGinty has been decent for us.
  3. What would you like to hear from them, Steve?
  4. Get the kits changed at half time. Must be murder for the linesmen to judge offside.
  5. Took the video off full screen to see what 'feedback' the commentator was talking about and burst out laughing when I read that.
  6. Just reading about this. At 25 years old. Seems he's chucked it in favour of a real job for longer-term financial security. Bit mad and a bold decision but fair enough.
  7. Haven't read Hopkin's update (tl;dr) but I agree with ToM on this one. He's not my favourite player ever but I cringe when I read things about him on Twitter.
  8. Be a good laugh if we had to put an outfield player in goal though. The banter is welcomed.
  9. They mistook about 3 different players for Jim Mcalister too.
  10. Seems Jack Purdue has broken his leg. I was disappointed we let him go and he seemed to have got off to an absolute flyer with Annan this season. I don't know him but I'm gutted for him, an absolute pisser. Hopefully he makes a good recovery and can kick on again.
  11. Deego

    Ton Tv

    Imagine the grief when you make an arse of it as well.
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