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  1. On McElhone as well, when is his contract up? Noticed on the official website he's still listed as assistant, with Millen as first team coach. Is he going to see out his contract at home or what rather than getting a pay-off?
  2. In fairness to McElhone as a "fitness coach", he was here as assistant manager. His previous experience with fitness coaching presumably would've only been a smaller part of his role at the club. Hasn't Millar been doing more of the fitness side? While we're on the subject, I've found it interesting that Hopkin doesn't seem to hire 'football people' as his assistant. Wasn't he also the one that first promoted Martindale to the assistant role at Livi?
  3. Brutal to watch and an undeserved win. That's cup football for you though, so I don't think there's any need for any hysteria over the performance. We're in to the next round and that's that. If there's anything at all positive to take from today's game it was that finish from Muirhead. I may be getting carried away but I'd like to see him getting a run in the number 9 position. In the short spell he was part of the forward line today he did a lot right, and I don't see any of our other strikers finishing like that (if at all!). There a was a big, awkward, direct Denny Johnstone vibe abou
  4. Delighted to get the equaliser there but now faced with the reality of watching this pish for another half hour.
  5. Obviously doesn't fancy Salkeld or the winger boy that McElhone signed.
  6. I wonder if Hibs don’t want him playing in it, in case he’s needed for further rounds (correct me if that’s not possible, but might be something to consider in case the final is delayed beyond the end of the season).
  7. A lot going on here. What are we looking for out of this?
  8. Duffy loves a crap keeper tbf.
  9. Aye. Mental how big the squad is given the poverty patter.
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