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  1. Cheers mate. Maybe I was never to get a new card then haha. Who knows.
  2. Managed to find my old season card from 3 years ago. Will that work or do I need my new one?
  3. I’m no’ raging about it but I did buy a season ticket thinking it’d be an easy option to tune in last minute online if I couldn’t be arsed going. Probably wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. I’ll settle for my season ticket turning up right enough. edit: can’t be bothered going or don’t want to that is. At the moment I’m not sure if I’ll go on Saturday as I get the impression I’ll need to stand on my own. Never did get a response on Twitter about that.
  4. I always get the impression Morton are understaffed and people like Brendan are pulled here there and everywhere, so it must be absolutely brain damage when people complain about things being a shitshow. Things do appear to be a bit of a shitshow but I dare say certain individuals on the staff are a victim of that just as the supporters are. It's a bit late now probably, but I'd rather see a better balance between the squad size and club staff. Chop a few players (last season guys like Omar, the wee guy Wallace, whoever else I've forgotten), and get some employees in that can get us run l
  5. Anyone still waiting for their ticket to come through?
  6. Anyway. I’ve asked on Twitter but maybe someone here will understand better than me. If you’re going with your mates, do you need to go together as a group to be allocated a standing area? Only mates with a surname close to you in the alphabet though?
  7. See that fucking cookie policy on the site that doesnae actually work by the way and appears every time.
  8. What’s the sketch with going in groups like the game on Saturday? Like season tickets are already bought so are there rules on who you do and don’t mingle with, where you stand etc?
  9. Guy’s a beast of a defender tbf.
  10. Andy Barrowman joins Kelty as sporting director.
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