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  1. Jack Iredale is a free agent. Bring Him Home* *after Sir Gavin
  2. I know his tattoo is of his late grandfather but it looks like Brian Epstein.
  3. It was a veritable Highland Games at the DonsDome* that season, with Peter Pawlett and Conor McGrandles also regularly featuring, and not scoring goals. Osman Sow as well, and he's Scotch-adjacent. *probably
  4. Muirhead, a real number 9's number 9, is just waiting for his Vardy-esque breakthrough year. Believe! Fun fact: Robbie Muirhead last scored a league goal 877 days ago, netting twice as MK Dons beat Rotherham in League One, then got relegated anyway. This "brace" comprised two thirds of all his league goals in 37 appearances that season. Aiden Nesbitt managed 4 for the same team in 25 appearances, so... there's that.
  5. 8:04 is the end of the video. You mean 4:14. And aye, well struck.
  6. You're wrong, though - it's Trump's core support that's wavering, and he's (slightly) overperforming with some non-traditional members of the populist coalition, namely the suburbanites who fled to the Democrats in the mid/late 2000s in purple states. Note that I'm saying he's overperforming, not performing better. That is, while he will (for example) lose California and win Texas, I expect his baseline results with the relevant demographics to reverse (that is, he'll do worse in Tarrant County TX than he did last time, and better in San Bernardino County, CA.)
  7. McGinty and McLean starting together would lack mobility, to put it mildly. Really need another DC.
  8. As I said around a month ago, this isn't true - Trump's base, which tilts elderly, is less and less approving of him, with the decline especially severe among moderates. The reason it isn't going to move the needle is that anyone already fascinated by experts is already locked in elsewhere.
  9. Which is fair enough. It just doesn't interest me, to relitigate whether or not Trump is a 4D chess genius or a guy who can't perform a percentage calculation. It's court gossip. Now, can it have a political impact? Maybe. I don't think it'll move the needle. It's now been five years of such studies and nobody who's already drawn a conclusion - and I drew mine in the fourth week of July in 2015 - is going to change their minds. The part I do find interesting - and I alluded to this a bit in an earlier post, but will expand on it a bit here - is that there seems to be another meta-division forming, namely people who (instinctively?) like mild-mannered experts with credentials and a framed Master's on the wall, and those who look at them a bit askance and prefer a (feckless?) projection of confidence. I'm assuming the interviewer falls into the former camp. This is something that I think is going to become more and more pronounced, and has been germinating across the culture wars for a while. It was perhaps inevitable that a health crisis would bring it to the fore.
  10. I have no trouble believing that. I also have no trouble believing that you're wasting your time (which is your right, of course) trying to carry out haruspicy via interview.
  11. I read RealClearPolitics and TheHill every weekday morning, and TheHill had a very brief write-up on the interview: https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/510393-trump-on-coronavirus-death-toll-it-is-what-it-is Of course these are tiny soundbites of the 37 minutes. They will reflect the bias/agenda of the writer as well as that of the interviewer and the broadcaster. Inasmuch as I have an opinion on it, it's that Trump shouldn't be doing these interviews. It benefits everyone except him. It will probably play into the view, increasingly widespread, that he's feckless and not especially caring.
  12. Yeah, not saying we have until the day before the season starts to build a squad, but there's still time. This is a separate issue from the club choosing not to communicate any plans to supporters.
  13. There is no way in hell I'm watching 37 minutes of television.
  14. While I agree that we've lost good players, are people remembering it's over two months until the league kicks off? I don't think there's a Challenge Cup this year. Obviously we need players to have a pre-season but there's no need to panic yet.
  15. No idea, I don't have/subscribe to/watch/seek out any TV services. They corrode the mind, without exception.
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