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  1. I don't mind commemorating it at all, it just seems odd to have to bring the country to a standstill without actually declaring it a holiday. It should be one or the other.
  2. Well, given our otherwise timely and superlative social media output, it's a mystifying omission.
  3. I'm about to flip a coin. I hope it turns up Heads. But that requires a 100% success rate, which is practically impossible.
  4. A minute's silence is appropriate enough but unless it's a public holiday the games should be going ahead as normal.
  5. Do we have to give Hearts a guard of honor since they wrapped it up today? If so the least they can do is lie down for us.
  6. Definitely. It's very much still in our hands, and our most realistic six points still await us.
  7. Draws right across the board. Right back where we started. Not a dreadful performance nor a result in isolation, but Arbroath's fightback bodes ill for us.
  8. Can the Fife gimps please refrain from shitting the bed? Thanks in advance.
  9. I still wouldn't be heartbroken with a draw if it ended up that way.
  10. We're going to win the league. Unrelatedly, I'm starting to fear for Dundee's title chances.
  11. Considering how much Dundee must be spending, they're absolutely toothless. Either team could nick a win here. We look a lot less shaky than against Inverness.
  12. I'd actually forgotten about that Family Club thing. Absolute grief fetishist behavior.
  13. The Dumbarton Survival Express is gathering steam. 2-1 win over East Fife tonight. Ross Forbes missed a penalty... ... but Greenockian Adam Frizzell scored one James Wallace played 87 minutes and was described as "good" Ruaridh Langan played 42 minutes, was subbed off for Rabin Omar; the latter also described as "good" Apparently EF's goal wasn't Ramsbottom's fault
  14. There's some very cool prizes there, and clearly they've been working with local businesses for some of these gift vouchers etc. Really obvious stuff but the kind of thing that's been missing for years now. Just got to get the fucking Raes out the door and I'd be all over it like a tramp eating chips.
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