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  1. I've not used Heathrow in a few years, but back when I was a regular visitor to the UK I was usually in T3, since that's where American landed, and it was permanently in a state of construction. Nonetheless Heathrow is easy to get in and out of, and for that reason it's streets ahead of both LaGuardia and JFK. LAX is my least favorite until the new transport infrastructure is in place. Takes forever to get in and out of, not enough security checkpoints. Admittedly I've never used the international terminal, which I hear is quite good. If you're flying domestically in the US and going to LA, I recommend Long Beach, Burbank, or Santa Ana.
  2. I had the ITV coverage on today and in fairness to them they were absolutely scathing of England and said they'd be nowhere near it if they kept playing like this. They were minging and whole everyone is (correctly) slating "Trent", I thought Stones and Trippier were appalling going forward, which they're supposed to be good at. England will find it very hard to break teams down without a moment of magic from Bellingham or even Foden.
  3. I remember reading after he left Motherwell, I think on their fans' forum, one of their supporters saying that although he wasn't the best player, Grimmy just "got" what it meant to play for a provincial club from a post-industrial town in Scotland.
  4. Above all I am so glad Musiala picked Germany. An England with him and Bellingham would win two World Cups.
  5. Ballantyne does. Of our three signings it's Davies and Reynolds who aren't tested at this level. I suspect that will end up being the ratio: one third established Championship level pros and two thirds wildcards.
  6. He was disappointing as opposed to terrible. Didn't see much of the ball despite his pedigree.
  7. We were obviously never getting a point from that but we defended so deep, had guys missing in midfield, punting it to Che Adams was never going to work, and above all Cooper should have started ahead of Porteous. I'd also say it's not Ralston's fault because he's not even close to first choice but he looked totally lost against a Germany side that weren't even especially trying to exploit him. They could have put Musiala out on the left or had Wirtz drift out more and taken the piss for 90 minutes but they were more charitable than that. Both the Swiss and the Magyars will have been watching that with glee and knowing exactly what to do.
  8. Brian Schwake's Castellon were promoted to the Segunda. He was their cup goalkeeper last season but with the title already wrapped up he was allowed to start their last league game, in which he got sent off. In the cup, though, he played three games in their pretty impressive cup run. They scraped past Cacereno 3-2, then beat Oviedo (a division above) 2-1 at home, and Osasuna needed extra time to scrape past them 1-0. Not sure what the plan will be for their season in the second division but back in March he signed a one-year extension, so he's presumably third choice for the 2024-25 campaign (he has jersey number 24.)
  9. Yep. He said "Rubbish offer" in a DM and the other guy shared it.
  10. There's no way around it, I don't think. The same thing happens at any club that isn't sufficiently rich and professional to have NDAs and the ability to enforce them, and even then it's not watertight. People will always have their opinions and will always want to stick the boot in for whatever reason. The only realistic path is for the people at the club to ensure whatever decisions are reached are well-documented and well-understood so that they know why they did it, and then they just need to trust that they did the right thing. Strapp is obviously a great player but I'm getting pretty tired of the hero-worship of the guy, frankly, from people who seem to think that he's bigger than the club. He has every right to be unhappy with his offer and he can tell whoever he likes about it, but as owners it's our representatives calling the shots, not Strapp.
  11. Former physio (who resigned at the end of the 21-22 season) has some opinions on the current board members. He was very highly thought-of at Cappielow but a lot of people just don't like change. The casual Friday era of the Raes coming to an end hit a lot of people pretty hard.
  12. That's it exactly. It's disappointing but realistic. We are where we are: the cavalry isn't coming, there's nobody with a fat checkbook allowing us to run up losses. MCT has done very well to get Dalrada and other sponsors on board but that's what they are: sponsors. They're not a license to outspend clubs that just objectively have greater income and in many cases wealthy benefactors. Whether or not offering Strapp less was the right decision remains to be seen. He could play 36 flawless games and lead Dunfermline to the title or he could get injured in August. But in my opinion Imrie has earned the right to build his own squad without people losing their minds over it. Whether our General Manager's negotiations, too, turn out to work is an open question, but I think the club hierarchy has also earned a level of trust here. People need to remember: the Rae regime spent big and had very little to show for it at the end. Those years with genuinely impressive attendances and "a buzz about the place" were the exception, and didn't result in lasting success.
  13. I was sitting in front of some of the youth players at that game and when Templeman blew his one-on-one they all said pretty much simultaneously "he was never scoring that."
  14. With Lewis Morgan called up to the Scotland squad, this is the first time in 25 years that two born Greenockians have been in the senior national setup together. "Hoppy" and Neil McCann both started against the Czech Republic in a 2-1 home loss in the Euro qualifiers in March 1999. Morgan's a straight swap for Ben Doak.
  15. The "Season" (as defined by the league) ends on the day of the last league match. Admittedly we're in the "Close Season" now. Therefore the 15 points will apply to next season, 2024-25. In England it works differently; they have a system where, if you go into admin, and you were going to be relegated anyway, they'd hold back the deduction for the following season. That's how Wigan went down in 2020. They finished outside the bottom three, therefore the 12-point spenalty was applied, and that saw them relegated by two points. SPFL rules:
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