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  1. Plucky Partick didn't quite emulate the heroics of Livingston - the team that sent them down last time - but given that they only recently came up from League One we can say they tried their best and made a reasonable contribution. At the end of the day, quality tells, and County deservedly stay up, denying the Glasgow minnows a fairytale ending to the campaign.
  2. The important thing is that the vote is correct, but I don't think the statement really makes sense. Just because players have been on loan at Morton doesn't mean that they, their parent clubs, or the national team really saw much benefit. You could make a case for Barrie McKay's career being set back by his loan moves (albeit that's down to his terrible attitude) as much as anything else. Still, nitpicking a bit - the important thing is that the current proposal has another club voting against it.
  3. Yeah, fair, I'd say he was targeted to an extent, but by giving the refs nothing to work with he's doing the right thing.
  4. Plus he's stopped getting sent off every 5 minutes. Very pleased to have him signed on again.
  5. I'm also pretty surprised that it "only" got 81% but in any other context you'd call that a landslide's landslide.
  6. Yeah, U23, loans to Conference and League Two... better money than up here in all likelihood even if he disappears into the lower leagues.
  7. Barnsley's League 1 playoff against Bolton is about to kick off its second leg in about half an hour. Was 1-1 at Bolton in the first, Nicky Cadden scoring for the visitors. Jack Iredale plays for Bolton but he's missed half the season injured so won't take part tonight.
  8. I was there! Brought along some lapsed fans and a friend from Essex.
  9. Allegedly we were paying Ally Roy very little, so I'll call that a mitigated failure.
  10. If you've thought we've looked light in midfield at any point this season, take a look at this powderpuff lot. Have to give a bit of credit to the Falkirk TV commentators because even in these snippets they're stating the very obvious: what the hell is happening in the middle of the park? Sliced open time and again. A midfield diamond will work alright against a team sitting back but against Airdrie with their tails up and coming forward they looked like lost boys. Which is a terrible wee shame for them.
  11. If proving the doubters wrong motivates them both, it's fine with me
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