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  1. Hate to say it but we're due something rotten like away to Livingston.
  2. Grimshaw misses a spot-kick as QoS knock United out. Draw for the next round is during Sportscene tomorrow, so some time around 7:15pm or in that hour. We'll surely not get the Old Firm away *again*. Some bin like Broxburn or Brora would work.
  3. O'Boy caps a man of the match performance with a goal. Not even kidding.
  4. O'Boy is on! O'Boy is on! edit: Wins us a penalty right away, cuts across his man and is hacked down. I think he was facing away from goal so it was a silly foul but it's great from him to win the spot kick like that. Muirhead buries it.
  5. Alternatively we're strolling to victory against ten men and he's taking off a player who's been bombing up and down the wings to give Boyd some minutes. Not everything is a calculated insult against Lewis McGrattan.
  6. Meh, not bad. Bearne's got a decent cross on him. We did give up one good chance for them right after the break and they should have scored. Referee is the center of attention. He just sent off some jinyir clogger for a foul right on the corner of the area so hopefully we can get a second and kill the game off. We're not in any danger of being knocked out but it's not exactly 2013 Bayern Munich either.
  7. Time for Alan's Fact of the Day: Bo'ness is named for the oxbow lake shape of Loch Ness and is short for "bow Ness." Another one of those, same time tomorrow. I'm also hearing from my producer that Grenock Morton is going to win ten to nil in the big soccer match at Loch Ness. That's ten (ten) nil.
  8. The Swiss League is good for a laugh this season. Young Boys are likely to go four points clear after their gamne in hand, but Zurich, St. Gallen and Servette aren't far behind. But it's at the bottom where the drama is. Basel are on just eight points and at the bottom of the table, two points behind "Lausanne Ouchy", which is a hilarious name so I hope they stay up. Basel won eight consecutive titles, ending in 2017, and since then have been slowly sliding into the Europa League slots. Young Boys have won most titles, and Zurich one as well. There's a lot of mess going on behind the scenes at Basel but it's not really clear how they managed to blow all that Champions League money so spectacularly. The best part is that in October they didn't award their goal of the month prize due to not scoring any. They did beat Yverdon 2-1 a couple of weeks ago but a 4-1 thumping at Servette saw normal service resumed.
  9. If it's a clear goalscoring opportunity - as opposed to the more severe crimes of dangerous foul play, violent conduct, or spitting - it's a suspension for one game in the competition in which the offense took place. So no, he'll be suspended for some kickabout against Stranraer or something next summer.
  10. Mullen dives when the taker is still walking up from the center circle. If we weren't in the midst of an absolutely disastrous, bottom-of-the-table run of form I would not mind a hard-luck post-game interview from Imrie. It's true that on another day we'd have probably won that. But it's equally true that we can't buy a goal and there's no sign of that changing anytime soon. If you don't take your chances you can't win games, and the table (or in this case cup draw) doesn't lie.
  11. Took one for the team. We could have used him for the shootout but this is the lesser evil. Assuming that was a red for a clear goalscoring opportunity denial, the suspension will apply to the next Challenge Cup game. If on the other hand the ref says it was violent conduct/serious foul play (and I highly doubt he will) it would be the next game - Boness - plus the next Challenge Cup game.
  12. Hit the post twice (admittedly the keeper had the second one covered.) Good to show we can create, but aye, no killer instinct at all. It's great seeing Muirhead dropping back and getting stuck in but I'd love some end product as well. There's no extra time at this stage - this comes in in the semi finals.
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