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  1. Kalvin "Gerd Muller" Orsi sparks the comeback. Good play from Nesbitt. Just run at them, they're crap.
  2. He was never going to stick about if he got an offer from England. He'd be daft not to leave for FGR. Given that's three goals in three games I bet he's getting attention from League One.
  3. No question. And that was a fine Queens goal. Season over, pack it in, take the Holyrood money and run.
  4. I know more about the Palmerston scaffolding than I do my own family.
  5. Togo take the lead with an absolutely lovely dipping shot from Richard Nane, who is apparently skipper for ASC Kara in the Togolese top flight. He's been very very good and that shot was amazing. This tournament is fucking ace, everyone should be watching it instead of "Arbroath."
  6. Togo took a second-half lead with a header that was deflected just over the line, but just three minutes later Saidi Kyeyune equalized for Uganda with an absolute pearler from 25 yards. Uganda are managed by a young Northern Irishman called Jonathan McKinstry. He's only 35, having started international management at the age of 27 with Sierra Leone. And the Cranes were of course managed by Bobby Williamson from 2008 to 2013. 35 minutes to go in Douala.
  7. Ended 0-0. Morocco having a very poor tournament so far - they were lucky to get past Togo and they looked off the pace today. Although they had by far the bulk of the possession, Rwanda at no time really looked rattled. In fact Rwanda could have snatched a win.
  8. Still 0-0 between Morocco and Rwanda but this has been entertaining so far. And again, a decent attendance (allowing for the distancing.)
  9. I'll try to dig up some highlights tomorrow. Today, Ibiza took that early lead but lost out 2-1 - deservedly, it has to be said - to a last-minute Athletic winner. Bar(c with a cedilla)a won 2-0 at nearby Cornell(a with a grave) despite missing two spot kicks. I didn't watch that one, though, as I was on a video call; during this call I had my third monitor on to show the second half of the Republic of the Congo versus Niger in the CHAN. This isn't the CAN; it's an African national tournament, except all the squads have to be drawn from the country's league. There'd be no point in do
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