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  1. If both results stay the same we and Cove both move onto 11 points, 4 clear of the dropzone (although Hamilton and Arbroath both have a game in hand, as do Raith on 9.) I must admit I feared the worst tonight, away from home to an on-form, big-spending team after the drubbing on Saturday, but well done to Imrie and the players for pulling it out of the bag. (Assuming we continue to play well and win.)
  2. The lack of depth is only going to get worse as we get into winter and injuries start piling up. Totally understand that we can't just spunk money we don't have but there has to be a middle ground somewhere. If we're running a full time squad, we need to staff it effectively. That means a good few more players than we have now.
  3. Agreed on both counts - I think a yellow for both in the Jai incident would have been sufficient but yes, it's a bad situation to put yourself in. The Baird one was an absolute joke. It's not like he even steps down on the guy. It's a slightly late "scything" that wasn't worthy of a red by a long shot.
  4. Schwake's looked much better this half. Quietly confident.
  5. Was a straight red. Challenge looked a bit late but unless he put his foot down on the guy, I can't understand it. Very poor refereeing.
  6. And no Ayr fans cheering until the melee subsided. Still, no hesitation from the ref.
  7. Genuinely didn't see why Jai was sent off there and not the other guy. Couldn't make it out.
  8. That couldn't have been easier for them. Red carpet. And I say this every game but does Schwake think he's not allowed past his six yard line? Never seen a keeper so scared to move.
  9. If we're doing 4231 McGregor starts ahead of Muirhead on the wing every time for me.
  10. 4231. Carlo and Grimshaw in the two. Hands too cold to type more. Fucking weather
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