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  1. He joins Eddie Malone (Morton appearances: 1, including 0 as a substitute) at the Shire. edit: as well as Lowland League stand-out Nicky Low.
  2. Jason is from Barrow originally, and while he hasn't played for them since 2016, he'll presumably be pleased that they've won the National League this season. That puts Barrow back in league football for the first time since 1972. Apparently he is at Lancaster City. You can see their ground - the superbly named Giant Axe - from the train from London to Glasgow, the West Coast Main Line. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.
  3. Robert Earnshaw for Cardiff? The then-Division Two playoff final of 2002-03. That was at the Millennium, not Wembley, but it was the final. edit: Wycombe are 1-0 up. Samuel could be Championship-bound.
  4. People only make and follow plans for things they care about. Nobody at Morton gives the slightest fuck about any of this, so there's no plan, much less any execution. This will only change when the keys are handed over.
  5. I wasn't there so I didn't hear it, but I'd be very surprised if they had these patrons pegged as all individual people. I assume, instead, that they're wanting corporate patrons, who'll get something resembling a top-tier membership, with the exposure to match. I think this would be an eminently sensible approach, and would have the side benefit of getting a larger array of local companies (and their associated personages) involved, with a view to greater cooperation and sponsorship.
  6. Not going to get into the full details here, but I tried the email route when the scheme launched and it was an absolute ballache that I eventually gave up on. When they come back with a solution that doesn't require 20 emails each way I'll sign on, until then I won't. It won't be hugely to their detriment if they don't bother - I imagine that the number of people like me (willing to sign on but not willing to go through the email rigmarole in the absence of a UK bank account) is comfortably under five in the entire world - but that's the situation.
  7. I got a speeding ticket once in 2006 but I'd just like to say how much I respect Lewis Hamilton for his work in the community.
  8. Depending on the success of the scheme - and I admit that is a huge dependency - maybe buying the stadium outright could be a longer-term project for MCT. Hard to see what GC would get out of it if they're only getting a peppercorn rent. Presumably they'd want fair market value for it otherwise but it's not like we'd be competing with anyone else for it.
  9. I wouldn't get too hung up on the patron thing. We've needed to diversify our sponsorship for decades now. Yes, it's better than it used to be, but there's a long way to go.
  10. If and when they start supporting non-UK bank accounts, I'll be joining. I'm not opening a UK bank account for this.
  11. Maybe this still has to be figured out but what happens in the case of capital improvements? Like, purely hypothetically, how would a full rebuild of the WDE be handled, as opposed to just maintaining the relevant safety standards?
  12. That's fair enough and it makes sense when phrased that way. As long as it's a watertight agreement then the ground ownership issue doesn't strike me as hugely dangerous. The only danger would be that if MCT ever had to sell, for whatever reason, the tie between Greenock Morton Football Club Ltd and Cappielow is thus totally severed.
  13. Exciting times. But what is a 'nominal fee' for rent? How long is it binding for - by what mechanism can the rental arrangements be changed? Not trying to shoot this down by any means, and I'm sure that MCT (of which I am not a member) have given this all consideration, but I am curious.
  14. I don't disagree, but he's not doing it to produce medical solutions. He's doing it to wind people up. Case in point: after Reince Preibus left government, a bunch of newspapers breathlessly reported that Trump was fascinated with... badgers. (Preibus spent most of his upbringing and career in Wisconsin - the badger state.) He would periodically ask Preibus some badger trivia, and during meetings would say things like, "how do badgers work, exactly?" Following the literally/seriously rubric, Trump was either interested in how badgers worked, exactly... or he was interested in fucking with Preibus and prompting a leak to the newspapers. You can guess which of these was the case. But that doesn't really matter in the time of COVID. It comes across as crass and flippant to most people (I admit freely that I'm not exactly a regular observer), so I don't disagree and I've said already that this is going to cost him badly in the polls, especially with old people. But then again, I'm even more unimpressed by the response of people like Gavin Newsom, who despite his classic good looks can't help but come across as a frowny-faced scold, and worst of all an ineffective one. For all of his messaging and bullet points and supposed reliance on the experts, the fact of the matter is that California is seeing spikes that would be front-page news if they were happening in red states. The problem overall is that nobody - Trump, Newsom, Johnson, whoever - can state the obvious: minus herd immunity, we're not going to cut cases without either a vaccine or a total lockdown. So either we brace ourselves for a body count or we continue this current charade of everyone pretending to be guided by experts and everyone trying to out-message everyone else.
  15. If you want to be 100% literal, then be 100% literal, but that involves reading everything he says and parsing it word-by-word, which isn't what anyone is doing (because they know it would be pointless, because nobody speaks literally all of the time.) They do it to get 105-IQ people upset, which, to be fair, works most of the time.
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