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  1. Having now watched the extended highlights, I agree. Barca chucked it at 2-1. For the fifth they didn't even appeal the obvious offside.
  2. Not been watching, as I'm working, but Bayern are frighteningly good right now. Against a Barcelona who were fortunate to best Napoli and are being "led" by a guy who's out of how depth, I'm not surprised they went out to properly smash them. 100m odd for Coutinho and they loan him out to the team that's going to win this year, incredible.
  3. That amount can't be right. The ISL has a salary cap for entire teams of around $2.2m. Paartalu alone would hit that on a six-month deal. Not saying he's not on decent money but it won't be that amouht, surely?
  4. Aye, and that was ludicrous, and they only got a slap on the wrist for it, which wasn't ideal. But in this particular circumstance they're correct.
  5. It's not a contradiction to say that money is tight, and that they wanted to invest their money on a sharp, match-fit squad.
  6. I actually agree with them on this one. Ridiculous decision.
  7. That's a risk no matter where the money is coming from. If you give first team management and/or a Director of Football control over signings, then they need to be given a budget and left to get on with it, barring some limited exceptions (e.g. a bid too good for the club to turn down, or someone who's clearly out of his depth/on his way out trying to sign a full squad.) No manager in the UK worth his salt would accept being told who he can and can't sign and who he can and can't renew by what is at the moment a minor shareholder in the club.
  8. Sair yin for Atalanta. Looking like a PSG-Bayern final, which Bayern will win approximately 20-0.
  9. If clubs are unable to have crowds, they probably don't want that one on TV, so they can sell stream access.
  10. It's a good point that St. Mirren will be match fit and match sharp, whereas non-Premiership teams will not be. That's going to be a real factor.
  11. I used to work for a company that had offices in Katowice, Poland, so I'd spend a bit of time over there. I developed an interest in their local club, GKS. They used to be decent but are now in the Polish third tier, which is absolutely crap, and they probably play in front of 1,000 or so most weeks. Nonetheless, here's the kind of stuff their official club shop is putting out: http://blaszok.pl/ Meskie is Men, then the four options are Shirts, Jumpers, Hoodies, and Shorts. Gadzety you can probably figure out yourself; it's worth going through the 52 items they have on offer here. A lot of the shirt designs are great. The gadgets aren't anything to write home about but there's a terrific assortment of them. And this is for a fairly nondescript club, admittedly one from a big city, but a big city where there's probably as many Ruch Chorzow and Gornik Zabrze fans as GKS supporters. I really don't think they're turning these things out at volume, but nonetheless the designs are pretty good and there's a variety. Why can't we have stuff like this? Why do we just get these shan wee partnerships with Interstadia and Manuel's Basuras del Teléfono (Panama) Ltd.?
  12. In fairness, Levante's logo has a wee bat.
  13. They were a semi-relevant club not too long ago. Probably earning alright money - they get gates not much smaller than ours and their commercial revenue will dwarf that of Morton. Two-year deal for him as well. And I bet he stinks the place out.
  14. Maybe we're getting more $$$ this way. Looks like they only ship to Europe. Understandable, but I would have bought the stadium one if they shipped to the US. (They ship to the Aaland Islands and "Man Island", btw.)
  15. Is our logo a trade mark? Probably not a big deal if it's not.
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