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  1. More kickoffs than corners in the team today. Not sour grapes at all but as much as Ayr have bossed the second half, I think even their most ardent supporter would call today's performance good rather than great. That is, they had clear limitations in the first half, but have worked around them and taken advantage of our own. We've done the polar fucking opposite - through baffling substitituons we've exacerbated our own weaknesses while doing little if anything to capitalize on theirs. This Johnson guy can hit the touchline one time out of every three, sure, but then what? Runs it out of
  2. The worst part is that, even when we were a bit crap earlier in the season, the team had some guts. Not today. People queuing up to be the first to pass it backwards or thump it into the main stand. Nobody willing to put their foot on the ball and take charge (or, if they did, they got subbed.)
  3. They've got two divisions now. It's a happening spot. West Coast Derby at Scourie next season.
  4. Precisely. It's not even that we're being closed down or particularly well-marked. If we had some kind of gameplan that Ayr were nullifying with a press or intelligent defending that would be one thing, but they're sitting flat and just soaking it up.
  5. This is historically bad. Nobody is willing to play a ball forward unless it's a long diagonal to the 'keeper/touchline/railway line. Ayr aren't exactly Ajax 1995 but at least they can make a ball forward connect occasionally.
  6. Ayr are just toying with us now. It's quite telling that they're not even rushing to kill the game off. They know it'll come.
  7. A functioning professional football club would be rethinking its managerial appointment about now.
  8. Even with an injury it's inexplicable. Ayr's right flank has been their weak spot for the whole game. Why would you hamstring your team with such an out-of-position change? I'm genuinely not one of those guys who thinks that managers are totally useless and can't see what's happening on a football pitch but I watch games like this and have to wonder what Anton is watching.
  9. I'm trying not to be alarmist. But unfortunately 10th is a real possibility, too.
  10. Just checked the match thread on P&B and I have to concur with the Ayr fans who seem to acknowledge their limitations but believe their team likelier to sneak a goal. We're at home against another team in dreadful form and despite the occasional decent move down the left we are clearly and obviously second-best. It's absolutely not good enough and despite Anton's fine start to his "managerial career" he's obviously out of ideas. We're sleepwalking towards 9th place here. Still, the man with the stadium deeds in his back pocket says Anton's got the job until the end of the season
  11. McGinty does my head in. He's great for a Terry Butcher moment every now and again but at other times he looks like he's literally never seen a football in his life. Overall him and McLean have been solid enough but we need more than that if we're to pick up points, we need a guy who can put his foot on the ball and start an attacking move. It's time to give Fjortoft another chance. This ref's a fastidious wee bellend.
  12. Overhitting passes and crosses has been the norm for the entire team today. Quite sobering to watch.
  13. No idea what's happened to Nesbitt in the last few months but I honestly forgot he was playing today.
  14. Also, if Ayr could trouble themselves to try a shot on goal, they could be three up by now. Absolutely pig sick of McGinty's inability to control a football and play a simple forward pass, by the way.
  15. In football as in life, it's profligates who complain constantly about how poor they are. The Morton BoD never shuts up about how they're in real financial bother and everyone needs to dig deep, but then they always seem to have a spare bob or two to sign some pointless regen. Funny, that. Anyway, Ayr's right-back looks like a deer in headlights every time the ball comes near him. More runs down the left, please.
  16. Our three winter window signings have spent a combined total of 40 minutes on the pitch this season. Coincidentally, the football has spent around 40 seconds on the pitch in this game, the rest of the time being launched into orbit by various center backs. In fairness, as I typed that we started a really good attacking move down the left. Amazing what happens with some close, first-touch passing and running with the ball. So much more effective than hoofing it.
  17. Per the match preview, Ayr have just one win in 11 games, but punted Mark Kerr, so who even knows at this point? A win here will give us some much-needed breathing room but I hesitate to call it must-win. It's definitely a must-not-lose, though.
  18. Aye, since it specifies "Kids Sizes Only" on some of them you'd think 25 quid was the adult price. But no, even a small adult top is 29.
  19. I for one welcome our Highland overlords to the relegation battle.
  20. Have they? I'm maybe a bit biased, due to being a misanthropic old git, but he left for Gretna under a bit of a cloud and he doesn't seem very fond of the club. Given how many appearances he made - and he was a very solid player for the majority of them - you never really hear him mentioned now.
  21. McElhone should still pick him. Have a word with him first, of course, but pick him.
  22. Really starting to see why Hopkin brought him up the road. He's definitely got something about him.
  23. Could really do with Hearts un-shitting the bed here. We need everyone around us to keep dropping points.
  24. We are in dire need of a win soon. We're in very real danger of falling to 9th. Dundee are a bit horse but so are we. Cannae wait.
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