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  1. Some laugh if Arbroath end up in the Premiership. That'd be an actual fairytale, unlike when Gretna went up.
  2. They brought McEwan's Lager back a few years ago but I think it's gone again. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.
  3. If a single word of this is true, the entire forward line needs to be for training on Monday, 4am sharp.
  4. I appreciate the update. That's good news.
  5. I am still very curious as to what these continued delays are with the takeover. We've heard about the taxman and we've heard about the land deeds. Is that all of it? Is it all just technicalities or are there points of negotiation? Given the number of times the Raes changed things during the pre-negotiations, I don't think I'm being too cynical in thinking there are substantive issues holding this up, and that they're trying to claw back more of "their" money. If it was still all down to the taxes and the land, I think they'd have said so.
  6. With, in my opinion, an inferior squad and marginally tougher opposition.
  7. Ourselves, Hamilton and Dunfermline run the risk of being cut adrift - and of the three of us, I fancy us least able to recover from a poor start.
  8. You can't even put that down to McLean's age. The opposite, in fact. What he's doing fannying about instead of clearing it - with his experience! - is inexplicable. He's needing dropped.
  9. Not too sure about this - they were a franchise outfit, merged out of two proud senior clubs in their own right. But this backfired spectacularly as now the town of Ayr can hardly support one team, let alone two. Many such cases!
  10. Hoppy would be too busy with his business empire, and I think some of the big words might be too much for "Dave Timmins", but it's surprising there's nobody at Ayr who can read the competition regulations. Fuck 'em.
  11. "It's class, to be fair." - Mean Oisin McEntee on the beautiful surroundings of Cappielow. Smart lad.
  12. And they're wearing matching shirts on the announcement photo. It's like all our Christmases have come at once. (If they're being phased into the first team squad I'm glad we've got them signed up again. Good stuff.)
  13. I still regard Andy Murdoch as the one who got away. But aye, "Hoppy" has made McGinty the Ayr captain. Hope the new boss enjoys that particular masterstroke.
  14. Also, the interim management team at Somerset is Jim Duffy (who joined Ayr as a coach back in June), "Dave Timmins", and Derek Stillie.
  15. Dunfermline and Ayr directors this summer
  16. Just noticed Iain Diack is manager of Rossvale, who are low to mid-table in the WoSFL Premier.
  17. Good stuff, good stuff. Now let us never speak of this again.
  18. A Falkirk fan I know online has been absolutely raving about him, says he's superb when playing behind the striker and couldn't understand why we "wasted" him out wide. I like Nesbitt and I hope he has a fine career (after leaving Falkirk.)
  19. Hardly delete-worthy. Anyway, 3-1 now. 🎶 Bluesy's scored, we're taking the piss, Bluesy's scored, we're taking the piss 🎶
  20. The spiritual and indeed literal successor to Sir Gavin?
  21. Just looked at the squad page. All the new signings are missing too. Lots of photos missing for players who've been here for ages, such as Russell and Hamilton. No photos from this season and one player is even in the kit from a season before that. (If we've not had the photoshoot this season, fine, but that doesn't account for this mistake.) Different photo dimensions. All stuff that one person with a give-a-fuck-o-meter would want fixed. None of it is huge, but it's part of a greater whole of tinpottery.
  22. I did wonder if the Celtic B snub wasn't deliberate. But not having the last two results is a bit poor.
  23. The current site doesn't have the Challenge Cup game tomorrow on it, nor the results for the last two games. Posting it here since I know MCT read it.
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