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  1. I'd like to petition the moderators to add this as an emoji:
  2. It's got a very haunting quality.
  3. He undermined the teachings of donners32. Forgot all about that. Just pure Partick, that whole thing.
  4. Yes. Just not in competitive games.
  5. Suppose the advantage of closed door games is nobody sniffing around for these trialists.
  6. That's an odd one. Very different from a CEO role, you'd have thought.
  7. So why bother taking a loan spot for him then? I hope he can recover from this error and go on to have a good career but if he's committing such mistakes in pre-season against Annan then he's not ready for the Championship, and as such we shouldn't waste a slot on him.
  8. It includes the League Cup games, which is nice. It seems to only go as far as August 6th, at least the way I imported it. edit: never mind, the whole thing is synced now, just took a few minutes.
  9. You said indirectly or directly. Your original contention was that good players have been driven out of the club. How about you restrict it to the ones who were directly driven out for that specific reason? I'll wait to see if the guy you mentioned in your first post, about whom I know for an indisputable fact you're totally wrong, will be relegated to the 'indirect' (ie you were completely making it up) pile. I'm not saying no fan, or fanbase, ever goes over the top. At Sporting Lisbon a few years back players were physically attacked at their training ground and a few of them left immediately after - most notably Rui Patricio. That he left for more money is immaterial - he was attacked, said "that's enough", and left his boyhood club. (Was he supposed to wait for a lesser offer to prove that this was why he left? Of course not.) But this is a vanishingly unusual occurrence, especially in countries like Scotland, where players have comparatively decent working conditions. If players don't get paid on time here, it's front page news. In places like Russia and Turkey it's a weekly occurrence; even in Spain and Italy players can go months at a time without pay before the league steps in or players strike. Physical attacks or threatening pitch invasions (as opposed to celebratory ones) are very rare in the UK - not so in other parts of the world. Overall it's a pretty sweet gig. My go-to example is always Andy McLaren, who said he was so demoralized by abuse from Ayr fans he almost quit the game entirely. I take him at his word on that. I also know he later went on to sign for Ayr, because money talks and in the grand scheme of things he was able to put his head down and get on with it - the same as virtually everyone who makes it in the professional game. I'm not saying no fans ever go too far. I'm not saying no player isn't acutely sensitive. But I'd be utterly amazed if even one of the players listed was offered a superior deal by Morton and turned it down because of the fanbase. If anyone left it's either for other personal reasons, because they got a better financial offer elsewhere, or because of a better sporting offer. In the case of which I have personal knowledge it was one of those three and it was a wrench for the guy to leave. There is an important point here that the various old duffers queuing up to make this all about the fans are simply projecting. "Ooh, I'm not like those other fans, Jai, I love you, you're special, you wouldn't leave me." No, that's not how professionals approach the game. Sucking up and saying they have to stay by your side because you're not nasty like the other fans is proper weird. Have a word.
  10. This is absolute rubbish and I know for a fact from talking to one of them that he didn't want to leave at all.
  11. And following the specific examples of such abuse: how would that abuse differ from any other club in the country? Which players, specifically, were driven out?
  12. The argument that people are making is that 22 quid, while expensive when times are tough, is not an inappropriate amount given that the gate amount has been static for several seasons now and costs are going up across the board in all walks of life. Morton can't be the only business out there to just have to eat the rising costs elsewhere; at some stage they simply have to be passed on to the customer. For what it's worth I'm not against some kind of flexible ticket or half-season ticket but that needs to be in addition to an increase on the gate.
  13. 4 from a single club in a different division. 2 from a single club in the same division. 6 total from SPFL clubs. They raised it to this during COVID and never undid it.
  14. He started 19 league games for them last season.
  15. There's a chance Imrie could get the best out of Jai. There's another, much bigger chance that for all his moments of absolute genius, he's just not a 90-minute, 36-game footballer. It's a no from me.
  16. There's no way this guy's signed to sit on the bench after being in the League Two TOTY. He'll be here because he wants to play and because Livi want him to play. Really looking forward to seeing how he gets on. I'm assuming we have lost Hamilton, which is a shame, but as far as replacements go, going for a promising youngster who was a standout at a lower level makes a lot of sense.
  17. I'm far happier that we're keeping him than I am getting a high-five figure or low six figure sum for him.
  18. That's proper good, that. It's such a bizarre feeling to see Morton put things online that are polished, relevant, make the club look like an attractive place to be, not riddled with errors... you look at this and you think, "yep, this is the output of a functional professional football club that's got something to offer and is showing it in its best possible light to the customers." With things like this, it's absolutely night and day compared to what came before. If they can seat well over 100 people in that suite and they're selling that out most weeks, that's fantastic stuff.
  19. If they move to another club within that country, nothing further is payable (via the FIFA rule.) If they move to yet another country, it is payable. No matter what, clubs in Scotland aren't getting away with signing youth for free, unless the kid in question played no organized football at all. Let's say there's a German 20-year-old who trained at Bayern from primary school until he was 16. If he moved to Real Madrid at 16, RM are on the hook for those four years of training (12-16.) If he then moved to PSG at the age of 20, PSG are on the hook to both clubs for their respective four years, all payable via the FIFA formula. If that same youth at 16 opted to move to Barcelona instead at 20, rather than PSG, there would be no FIFA money payable to either club - but whatever the RFEF (the Spanish FA) mandates would instead be payable to Madrid (and nothing to Bayern.) The analog here would be that if Josh Rae moves from Peterhead to QoS*, and from QoS to Morton, Morton owe QoS some money via the SFA formula, and . But if he moved instead to Hartlepool, Hartlepool would be on the hook to pay both clubs (and the various other bin clubs he's been involved with, can't be arsed looking it up) via the FIFA formula. *I actually don't know what path his career has taken; the point is that the last club to which he was contracted is the only one that matters for within-Scotland free transfers.
  20. On the bold point - yes and no. If a player is trained at a French youth club and then signs a professional contract in Germany, and then makes a free transfer to a club in Spain, the Spanish club must pay both the French youth club and the German pro club (pro-rated for the years of 12-x.) FIFA's training compensation is, of course, applicable only to international transfers. For transfers within Scotland, the SFA will adjudicate.
  21. Solidarity payments pertain to percentages of transfer income payable. What is relevant here is rather training compensation. Training compensation is payable to clubs at which a player trained between the ages of 12 and present day, until his 23rd birthday. These things can be negotiated, of course.
  22. Gozie will be missed. I don't think his leaving will wreck our season, but I'd have preferred to keep him. Good luck to him anyway.
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