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  1. It'll be a relatively low percentage but the point is that it was relatively quick to identify the fan interest, to spin up, to get in front of customers, and to sell the lot. That's got to be encouraging for those are the club who are working on this stuff so I think we'll see more of this going forward.
  2. Smack the word "community" on it and there's probably some fucking grants available or something.
  3. Yep, the book would be a labor of love, I'm sure, but I'd be all over that.
  4. The post seems to have been lost in a server move but a few years ago I was looking at this article on wikipedia: Oldest football clubs - Wikipedia . I broke it down to Association Football only, and then filtered out clubs that are lying about their date of formation (e.g. Crystal Palace), and amateur teams, and as I recall we were among the 20 oldest in the world if we take 1874 as the start date. There are those who say that the foundation of the limited company counts as the starting date of a club: I don't necessarily buy this in all cases and particularly not in the cases of clubs like Morton and Kilmarnock, which, while incorporated in their current legal form until 1896 and 1906, respectively, but can still show clear articles of association from their foundation dates. It does get muddy because then you have clubs like 1860 Munich saying they're from 1860, which is technically true because the current organization was founded then, but the football department didn't start until 1899. But what is clear is that Morton were founded as a football club in 1874 and enjoy an unbroken history to the present day, despite only becoming a limited company in 1896, three years after joining the Second Division. Point is, 150 years as a professional club is a hell of an achievement, something very, very few association football clubs will manage anytime soon, and should be commemorated when it takes place in 2024.
  5. Getafe sell a wee model of their team bus. McGills should get on that.
  6. Click the Youtube link on the Tweet (or below here) for the full 2 minutes:
  7. It's a shame Dunfermline beat Accies today as we could do with someone being cut adrift, but on current form the improvement is clear.
  8. Fuck Ayr, fuck Somersneed Park, fuck "Lee Bullen", and mon the fucking famous. Absolutely massive result, that.
  9. Jack Baird man of the match. On an unrelated note, today's match sponsor is the Ayr United Blind Supporters Association.
  10. Gavin "Gerd Mueller" Reilly at it again. This is superb and first-class. Not even that good of a performance, but clinical and effective.
  11. This is far from last week's performance but Ayr are absolute horse.
  12. This is why I'm so glad we changed manager no later than we did... we'd have come down here looking for a draw under Gus. Other teams around us are starting to pick up wins and we need to do the same, but that just wasn't getting through under the previous manager. From the shouts of 'cheerio' from the host bumpkins I'm assuming someone's been chucked out for being Morton without permission?
  13. Aye, I did like how it suddenly cut over to the goal about 15 seconds after the fact. That "penalty" claim from Ayr, oaft. Almost makes me wish I had the commentary. Almost.
  14. Cammy Blues shouting the odds there, which I like to see. We've needed a bit more fire on the pitch.
  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again: he's about 6'4" with a square jaw and Manchester United on his CV. Therefore he'll continue to get clubs until the end of time, despite the fact that he's absolutely useless, simply because he's a hard-hitting center back straight out of Central Casting.
  16. We're playing fewer long balls forward, which you'd think superficially means we're less direct, but the opposite is true: our forward play is more penetrative and what balls we do get towards the box tend to be more meaningful. Previously we were punting it to Ugwu to nod down to nobody, or for someone to chase to the corner flag where again there'd be no support... here, as against Dunfermline last week, we're getting forward in decent numbers and ensuring there's a target for the final ball. Absolute night and day compared to last month. It is, of course, far from over yet, Ayr are significantly better than the Pars and we've been a bit shaky overall, but with this kind of ambition about our play there's no reason why we can't score again.
  17. The SPFL stream is about a minute behind; I saw these posts and got a goal alert during the buildup, then the SPFL camera missed it. I saw the deep cross played in from Strapp but not where it went. So I'm assuming it was Jack Hamilton with a bicycle kick from 18 yards, aye?
  18. Maybe it's a franchise location. In the US virtually all McDonald's are individually owned and operated; in the UK only a minority are but they have a bit more leeway. I work with someone who used to be with McDonald's corporate and the franchisees get a surprising amount of leeway to pick suppliers etc. Presumably they can also choose where to advertise, subject to limits. But that ellipsis. Man. Revoke that guy's franchise agreement.
  19. See that big McDonald's ad on the other side? The spacing of the ellipsis is really getting on my tits. "McDonald's Ayr ...proud sponsors of Ayr United" Who writes like that?
  20. Brandon's quick and vocal, liking it so far. The SPFL stream is freely available with no login information and has no commentary.
  21. Audio's a little hissy but you can actually hear it so, progress. Nothing too earth-shattering here. Allan's away, Easdale back from COVID, everyone else fit and ready.
  22. His only crime was loyalty (and betting, apparently.) I don't care about this at all, I hope the "beaks" at the SFA all get the MRSA superbug, and Imrie didn't do anything wrong.
  23. If she was doing more behind the scenes, good for her, but as someone with a real weakness for Morton merchandise, and whose email address the club is in possession of, I'm not exactly bowled over by her output. If that wasn't her job, well, fair enough, it's then not a criticism of her personally. But the club's been crap for years at separating me from my money, which I believe to be the remit of a commercial department. Hence my perception - possibly misguided - that things were just kept ticking over.
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