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  1. Good article. Gunning is doing well at Gloucester, who are six points clear at the top of tier 6 North in England. They just lost their manager to Chesterfield but it would be great to see him promoted.
  2. It's worth remembering that Edinburgh isn't a football city and most Hearts "fans" don't really care for the sport.
  3. This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for the fact that Celtic are absolute horse.
  4. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    There's now an option to buy 50/50 tickets built into the TV order form. Nice little upsell idea.
  5. Actually a pretty fair meltdown from McGowan, citing specific problems around the club.
  6. I agree. If hypothetically all of these cases were being filed by the same person in the same jurisdiction, they wouldn't be far off vexatious litigant status. Some people are saying that these lawsuits, being mainly filed by unconnected groups without standing and not by the administration or the campaign itself, are merely a tactic to buy time before the Double Secret Probation lawsuits are launched. This strikes me as absurdly optimistic. I also note that 99% (no exaggeration) of people who are losing their shit over this were either cheering on the worst excesses of the Russiagate "investigation" or thought it was a perfectly normal course of enquiry. This is how it works from now on. I applaud any and all attempts from the Trump campaign to fight dirty (within the law, naturally), since they were given absolutely no quarter when the tables were turned.
  7. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    Yeah that's not a bad deal. I'll be all over that on Monday.
  8. Putting one up top in an away game isn't a problem in and of itself. It's that that one up top may as well have been at a different ground for 90% of the game. He was so completely isolated. edit: to be clear, that's not his fault.
  9. A stunning and brave point against winless Arbroath. Hoppy will be sliding on his knees down the touchline.
  10. I've been here since kickoff and I've not seen a minute of football either.
  11. To be fair, they've scored *checks notes* two goals in their *checks notes again* two draws and two defeats so far this season, so it's altogether great that we're treating this like a trip to the San Siro.
  12. Strapp leaves another dead body in his wake. He can't keep getting away with it!
  13. Our "wing backs" are pinned back so badly, and despite the numbers they look comfortable in the middle, so there's nothing going forward.
  14. If we're relying on set pieces and counters then we can't be skying those headers over the bar.
  15. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    Especially since half of those Saturdays, Salkeld and Morton wouldn't even be there.
  16. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    Salkeld seems a decent lad. Interview production is getting better. Loving the goals interspersed with the interviews.
  17. https://arbroathfc.tv/ Tenner "in" on Saturday. It's Pixellot but controlled by a guy with a wee joystick, so hopefully minimum motion sickness. Match preview: https://www.gmfc.net/match-preview-arbroath-6/ Interesting preview but a distinct lack of team news. Is anyone injured?
  18. Arbroath have Saturday's game on sale now for a tenner. It's Pixellot but apparently joystick-controlled.
  19. Our first missed penalty was a shanner but for Omar's that was a superb save from the Thistle 'keeper. Not much else to say about that game tbh.
  20. I've already forgotten literally everything about this game. I've paid my tenner so I'm watching the penalties.
  21. Ah well. Let's SWORD Thistle anyway. McPake and Wallace on for MacIver (who's been good) and McLean.
  22. Lyon and Colville off, Muirhead and Omar on. Having midfielders is just what they'd expect us to do.
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