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  1. Presumably that's it for strikers. We have Muirhead, Orsi, Oliver, Maciver*, and I think Omar can play there. That's 2 one (as Duffy's loan is no longer happening) of our 6 loan slots filled. Transfer window closes October 5th. *Apparently it's spelled "Maciver."
  2. Are we planning on getting rid of anyone? Is someone going to be shoehorned in up front?
  3. I'm trying my very best to contain my Morton bias, honestly I am, but I think that's an awful take from Cowan, and one that probably spawns from his being friendly with the great and good of the Scottish game (of which Raymond is, regrettably, a part.) The raw facts of the matter are these: Morton were wronged, Raymond and his agent Mr. Sherry behaved disgracefully and blustered (if not outright lied) their way through SFA tribunals, Falkirk cheated, and in the end Morton and their supporters were completely vindicated in the case of Raymond's chicanery. The fact that we were instrumental in Falkirk's eventual relegation is in that sense ancillary, but I am admittedly on my vinegars every time I think about it. At this point it's far less a bitterness, a sense of being jilted, than it is laughing at the absolute catastrophe his career has become since then, the stupid auld jake. I hope when he inevitably leaves QP "amicably" he loses control of his taxi near some unexploded ordnance. Needless to say, we had the last laugh.
  4. You can buy it on gmfctickets, but it's a bit of a rigmarole. It no longer requires Flash, which is nice, but it's a mess to get through it. Nonetheless at least it works. The club publicized the gmfctickets news on its official site with the ST announcement on July 24th. I've scarcely seen it mentioned since then, and the gmfctickets homepage itself really hides the ST option. It's not as bad as it was, but it's all still a bit cobbled together. The fact that the club is barely pushing season tickets really sticks in the craw. It's as though they've just chucked it and declared a permanent casual Friday because they know it'll be someone else's problem soon enough.
  5. I had it in my head that 1922 was the Port riot, which looking back obviously makes no sense. OK, let's add the Big Riot to the Dirty Wee Port riot.
  6. We were great when: We rioted with the Port We won the big cup We horsed the murn 5-1 Wake That's about it.
  7. It's separate from the club ownership but I agree entirely; it is massively inappropriate for anyone at the club to be asking MCT for more money at the moment. Right now GC is in charge and if the resources are insufficient it's up to them to either make up the shortfall, or perhaps stop being so amateurish and maximize their revenue streams. Agreed. MCT will need to get on a sound footing before that could happen but I do wonder if that's not part of the long game here. As long as the ground is zoned the way it is, realistically nobody other than Morton is ever going to want it, so even fair market value is presumably not a massive sum. I mean, there are so many ways it could go wrong otherwise. I'm not suggesting any malice on GC's part, but they're going to have this asset from which they're making only a peppercorn rent but has a decent book value... they could get loans secured against it, there could then be a global shortage of sugar or those weird plastic jars that people who still get "quarters" get their Millions dispensed from, and it could be called in. Cats and dogs living together!
  8. I asked about the ground situation - the nominal fee, how binding it is - and this was the answer I got from 'StuartTon' (not sure if the person who answered is associated with MCT - I'm guessing "yes" but it's a guess): I can see the advantage in it, but at the same time, what if GC falls into hardship? I also asked what agreement is in place for capital improvements: what if we wanted to (for example) rebuild the WDE? I imagine a lot of this is under consideration but the bottom line is that MCT will inherit a club with limited income and no assets... a bit of a poisoned chalice. Without knowing the ins and outs of the contract I can't say for sure that it's a bad deal, but what I will say is that there's a million ways in which this could go tits up and leave MCT with absolutely nothing other than a league membership and some intellectual property - no other assets (except Aiden Nesbitt.) They won't even own a shanty full of kettles and heaters.
  9. Looks quite smart, that.
  10. From the official site: Fair play if he's been watching them for a while, rather than just panic signing them. Hopefully they can meet the required standard. Good luck to them.
  11. That's me website, Desert Storm!
  12. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    In fairness I just got around to watching the Nesbitt interview and it's quite good. Could do with being a few minutes shorter maybe, and other than the inexplicable dinner plate to Gerry's left, having the interviews in the dressing room (which looks very smart for a club of our level) is far better than the previous setup. Sound quality still sub-optimal but getting better. The wee scrolling McTear's logo is cringe, but whatever, it's another tenner for the Gavin Gunning fund. From little acorns will the mighty oak of Morton's media presence grow.
  13. I clicked yon big Morton Club Together banner on the site, got sent to this beauty: https://new.gmfc.net/sponsors I'm working on some sites right now that don't have a proper staging environment, so I know how hard a smooth transfer can be. All this stuff looks easy on the surface but it can be surprisingly challenging. But that's exactly why, as ToM says, you have a staged migration, with concrete deliverables, little checkpoints, go/no-go dates to ensure the disruption visible to the public is kept to a bare minimum. What you don't do is... in the build-up to your active season, when your core products (in our case, season tickets, match streaming, replica kits) are at their most sought-after and need to be pushed the hardest, when all eyes are on you ahead of the launch of your next big campaign (in our case, the competitive football season), when you've promised a new website... is half-assedly throw something online for hours, if not days at a time, full of incorrect information, placeholders, inconsistent information, with anything useful and more importantly profitable either hidden, outdated, or completely memory-holed. As I say, I know these things aren't necessarily easy. I know there are limitations that mean they might have to operate on the patient while he's awake, to use everyone's favorite migration metaphor. But that's exactly why you go in with a plan. If you don't want to have your customer-facing site looking like a dog's dinner, you need to be able to strip it down and rebuild it like an infantryman his rifle. If on the other hand you're poor wee Morton and you just don't really care if people buy match tickets, you put this online: https://www.gmfc.net/tickets-membership/ Which links to this: https://www.gmfctickets.co.uk/ And in case anyone wants to console themselves at being unable to buy tickets by instead getting a replica kit, they can follow the link to this: https://gmfc.net/shop/ And get themselves a fucking Crowdie.
  14. Sorry. I made the mistake of presuming that Morton had thought somethings through. Won't happen again!
  15. Normally cruelty to animals disgusts me and gets my blood boiling like little else, but for this hellhound I'll make one massive exception.
  16. First of all, everything on that "notjusttrophies" site looks fucking shite. Apparently they do Hibs as well. Clicked a random t-shirt on the Hibs page, it's a "table football" thing with the cup-winning team of 2016 on it, but it says "SCOTTISH CUP WINNER'S 2016" in a barely-legible font at the top, and the formation is wrong (Dylan McGeouch is in the 'Antoine Griezmann' position.) I'm all for a wide range of merchandise, I don't even mind if it's off templates shared with other clubs, but as with Interstadia the club has leapt into bed with someone selling some absolute rubbish. edit: I will admit that the Panini sticker-esque one looks quite good, but there's a couple of controversial players on there that might dampen its appeal. The actual design is sound. The rest range from "meh" to a complete embarrassment.
  17. Presumably they have thought of that. If Smiths is open then they'll know distancing protocols.
  18. The Greenock Derby is a football match between Greenock Morton FC and Greenock Juniors FC. It was first played competitively in the Lowland League of 2026-27, with the Juniors beating Morton 5-1 at their shared ground of Ravenscraig.[1][2]
  19. Jack Hendry not exactly covering himself in glory in defence there.
  20. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    In the off-chance that the club uses YT for its subscription service (which I think is a bad idea for numerous reasons) then sticking with the established channel would have been far better since part of the eligibility metric is subscriptions and views, neither of which the new channel comes close to hitting. They're almost certainly not doing this. As long as we're just guessing, my guess is that they're having Gerry upload to TonTV and not sharing the main account's password or login.
  21. But Greenock? The Port, Dirty Wee? The idea that anyone at Greenock is on 100 a week is literally unbelievable to me, but maybe I'm ill-informed. I doubt Gretna and Johnstone are paying much either.
  22. Realistically, how much are these guys making, and how much are greyed-out teams like Greenock and St. Cadoc's going to be paying of that? From a sporting perspective these are good moves, get the guys who aren't ready for the Championship some first team footbal, but from a squad perspective I doubt we're saving much and we're almost certainly going into the season with the bare bones.
  23. TRVMP

    Ton Tv

    He'll be linking up with former Morton ACE Jamie McCormack while at BSC Glasgow, can't wait to hear all about that.
  24. We should buy all the ad slots and have a slightly different home kit on each one.
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