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  1. That was a special finish but, much like with our goal, it wouldn't have happened if someone had just stuck the foot in. A dangerous chance had been coming for the better part of a minute, starting from when Jai ran himself into trouble in our corner, and we just failed to clear from there.
  2. We've not kept a clean sheet since the Inverness game, but Arbroath have offered very little. As their commentator keeps saying, punting balls up to a Bobby Linn vs. Efe Ambrose contest is only going to end one way. The only time they've looked halfway dangerous is coming down their right flank on the overlap with that Birmingham full-back, but even then Strapp has it covered half the time. Long story short I think 1-0 is a likely ending here unless Arbroath pull something special out of the hat. There's no way Rankin can keep his job if they want to stay up. Wee shame, that.
  3. In fairness to the commentator he may talk like a bumpkin but some of his insight has actually been quite go- LEWIS MCGRATTAN! WHAT A FUCKING GOAL! Shit goalkeeping but what a run! Actually it was shite defending as well but take nothing away from the youngster, that's the kind of confidence we're playing with right now.
  4. That was a let-off there. A more agile forward would have got on the end of that deep cross. As it was Schwake was first to it, but defensively we were nowhere. This has a narrow 1-0 written all over it, and I'm not sure to whom.
  5. This commentator's accent. This commentator's pronounciation. Did you know Brian Schwa and Jay Quitongo are playing for us? Ah - I missed the first eight minutes due to being a lazy bastard and still being asleep. Didn't know he'd been in the wars, cheers.
  6. Why doesn't McGrattan have his name/number on the back of his jersey? Decent start so far.
  7. Paul McGowan logs into his William Hill account on a Saturday morning.
  8. I knew he'd been unwell recently but this still comes as a massive shock. Brian was the consummate Morton fan, both online and off. He was absolutely invaluable to have around as a moderator (and commiserator, during our near-limitless defeats and dramas) back when I ran this forum, and I'm proud to have called him a friend. Despite his condition he made the absolute most of his life, even living independently while still being in touch with his family. And, of course, he loved Morton. My thoughts are with his family.
  9. While I would never counsel complacency when it comes to the future of Morton, it does make some of the recent hysteria over MCT seem a bit silly. This is absolutely outrageous (by which I mean it's funny as fuck). Got to say, credit where it's due, at least Crawford made good on his promises and didn't try handing over the club to some shell organization
  10. I'm not sure what the argument is over there, but whatever it is, I hope both sides lose.
  11. A lot of sourpusses on this thread. We're nine games unbeaten and Celtic will rotate their squad for it. Yes, they're massive favorites, but let's not act like it's game over already. Plenty of upsets happen in every cup every season. And then there's the financial aspect. I'd take this over a trip to "Drumchapel" that everyone will forget in a month's time.
  12. Big Efe's homecoming and Imrie's return to a happy hunting ground.
  13. It's pretty funny going back through the thread from when McPherson was sacked. You search in that thread for Imrie and virtually every single response is "he's an unknown quantity but his name just jumps out" or "he's the one I want us to take a gamble on" or something like that. It's been clear for a long, long time that he's the kind of guy to drag a club up from the mud by the scruff of its neck, both as a player and now as a manager. One day he'll move on, and we'll be the poorer for it, but the best we can do is try to make sure some of his ruthlessness and work ethic and winning attitude stays around the place. There's a lot less defeatism around the club these days, and that's in large part down to him - we have to make that a way of life at Cappielow.
  14. James Cameron invented underwater motion capture specifically for the scene where Partick have to swim out of a flooded WDE after a 7-1 defeat (forthcoming.)
  15. Given that the transfer window doesn't open until January, and we've got at least one home game between now and then (QP on the 17th of December), along with three away games, it'd be an odd time for a farewell.
  16. Would love to see him get his first career hat trick, he's earned it over the past year.
  17. Drink it in. The only slight dampener to this is that the Falkirk fans on P&B seem to realize what an embarrassing statement this is, but still, this is the official word out of Grangemouth.
  18. I was working at that time for a football website that had a sponsorship deal with the Peace Cup, a pre-season tournament sponsored by the Unification Church, whose Korean leader was a massive football fan. They ran the tournament in Spain that season, and about a hundred people were showing up for the games, but because of the sponsorship we were on the hook for the full coverage treatment. Watching these kickabouts via a private online stream, Albrighton was by far the best youngster at the tournament and I thought he'd be a Villa regular. One of my more prescient moments, seeing his potential. (It was also around this time that I thought Bojan would be Barcelona's number 9 for the next fifteen years.) Ranieri was a figure of fun then, precisely as you say. He'd been a colossal, generational failure at Juventus and was tumbling down the managerial pecking order. I was delighted for him when he managed that title win.
  19. Clough wasn't averse to spending a bob or two, and it's easy to cite Riyad Mahrez now, but they signed him from Havre in the French second tier. Leicester's achievement was absolutely monumental - teams like Forest had far less wage disparity in the pre-Sky Era than the likes of Leicester do now.
  20. I'd have taken a point before the game. Still, disappointing to concede late on.
  21. My jumper got here today. Pleasantly surprised at the quality. I will say they run quite big so if you're wavering over sizes, get the smaller of the two.
  22. The UEFA U19 qualifiers are on. Scotland lost 1-0 to Iceland at Firhill. Meanwhile the French crushed the Kazakhs 7-0 at Cappielow. Mathys Tel, who in the past week has played in front of 50,000 for Bayern in Munich and Gelsenkirchen, managed a sensational hat trick in front of a couple of hundred. My wee brother was in attendance. At one point one of the Icelandic scouts tapped him on the shoulder and asked: "What is a kebab pie?" As it happens one of the best doners I've ever had - and there's been a few - was in Reykjavik, but they've seemingly yet to combine it with the art of pastry.
  23. They say nurses have it tough.
  24. Great stuff. The ticketing has been slow to move but if we're now scheduled to have a superior system in place for 2023-24, that's fine by me. Wonder what we'll do with the land, giant statue of Dougie aside.
  25. Yes; for these six-yellow league suspensions, you miss one game the first time it happens in a season (as is the case for Gillespie.) If you get another six yellows, you then miss two games. And so on.
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