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  1. Jonatan Johansson quite possibly saves his job as TPS pick up only their second win over the season away to RoPS. They jump to 7th in the Finnish second tier, six points behind leaders Jaro. Given that they're one of Finland's more successful clubs, to be LANGUISHING mid-table in the reindeer league isn't exactly great.
  2. Not irreplaceable, no, but competition for decent full-time goalies is fierce, much like for strikers. Therefore I think we have a less than 50% chance of getting a keeper as good as he is.
  3. Think a lot of people are underestimating McAdams, and filling his role is going to be tougher than we think.
  4. He's under contract at Bengaluru for another season. The ISL kicks off around October. Maybe they'd let him go for nothing but 1) we're probably paying half of what they are and 2) he's an AFC player, and those are basically a free slot in the ISL squad lists. To expand on that point: they can have six foreigners, one extra AFC player, and the rest have to be Indian. Given that football is a minority sport in India, primarily in Kolkata, Goa, and a few other scattered areas, there's not a huge talent pool to draw from. Hence AFC players to fill that seventh slot are like gold dust, and th
  5. I was trying to be polite but aye, this is the size of it. It's the day the club advertised as launch day. They said that Cappielow was open 9 to 5. Therefore, Cappielow should be open 9 to 5. Workers deserve breaks, absolutely, and they should get them. (I don't personally eat "lunch" - it's a rubbish, made-up meal - but I can use my lunch breaks for all manner of things. For example, today I got my car washed. Fucking sparkling, it is, as well it might be at $14.) But for the first day back for your biggest income driver of the year... maybe pack a fucking sandwich and be there for the adver
  6. She's retiring from her show this year. Perhaps we'll offer her a two-year contract.
  7. This is one area where I have a lot of sympathy with MCT. Before they had the keys to the club they wouldn't be in a position to make demands of a third-party vendor. I'm sure this came up - it must have done - but it feels like something they can't really get to grips with until they're fully in control of the relationship between Morton and third parties. I'd like to know precisely how much the outgoing Board sanctioned in payments to these Interstadia cowboys over the years. I recall Hawke saying that we weren't paying full price, given the disaster that was the rollout, but nonetheles
  8. Yeah, I logged in to see if anything appeared and I'm not getting any options: Clicking that goes to: Hopefully fixed soon.
  9. Also, US Federal tax returns have an optional field where you can donate to the government. Such a field is as welcome there as it would be on a season ticket form. People 'donating' to a limited company want their head checked. MCT membership brings with it (indirect) partial ownership of a football club, among other benefits. They didn't ask for money for nothing - it was always about how to give the fans a voice and a real stake in the club. I'm glad they didn't go down the donation road. It's tinpot as fuck and frankly it's unethical for Dunfermline to be selling an expensive service and a
  10. That's pretty standard but nonetheless they should have included that info on the official site announcement. Pretty minor in the grand scheme of things but you'd imagine people taking *their* lunch break as a chance to buy a ticket, so you'd want to let them know the opening hours so they can plan accordingly. For gmfctickets maybe you have to be logged in?
  11. One of the selling points for membership is to get stuff like that - discounts and so on. Makes perfect sense to me.
  12. They did address it. It was announced on the website, on social media, and in the paper. They might not have addressed it to your satisfaction but they have a quote from the manager saying why he was signed (for his professionalism and experience.)
  13. They've been working with lawyers for months, presumably one or two of them have been involved with the purchase of a going concern. But aye, fair enough, they've never done this, no point in questioning anything else that happens from now on since by definition they've never done it. All is well!
  14. Seems slightly on the high side for the division as a whole but not daylight robbery. It's still under six quid a game.
  15. Dunno, that sounds too much like hard work for me to check.
  16. Said it in the main MCT thread but credit where it's due, this is a very good package. Yes, staying with Interstadia is a bit of a let-down but given the timescales they have to work with, and given that the worst of the problems are over, I don't think it's the biggest deal in the world. The pricing of the tickets more than makes up for it.
  17. Updated. Credit where it's due - they've put together an attractive season ticket package which is great for the general public as well as MCT members.
  18. Why did they announce a takeover date of June 1st if they were "at the mercies" of HMRC? Why give a definitive date at all? Why the radio silence since then? Why are they hiring the manager but seemingly not responsible for getting any other "info" out unless prodded? Why is this completely indistinguishable from the past few years?
  19. Another long-running Morton tradition - having to make an appointment and ask someone for information they should be volunteering.
  20. I thought I'd check what the sketch was with season tickets across the division: At least we're not alone in having done nothing. But it's the same old story. No doubt the "uncertainty" of what division we were going to be in played into that but Kilmarnock also had playoffs to contend with and it didn't slow them down at all. edit: Arbroath, incidentally, had their new Macron kits and training on sale the day that they were able to sell STs, in a nice example of joined-up thinking that absolutely nobody at Morton has demonstrated for over 20 years. I don't doubt that
  21. That's now two strikers who don't score goals signed up for next season. Are we going to play them side by side with two up front? Is one of them going to play on the wing? Is one going to be benched while the other starts solo? Or is there a third forward coming in and one of the current two is a squad player? Does Gus already have a formation and system in mind or are we waiting to see who else we get? All these questions and more I don't really care that much about, so underwhelming are these two renewals.
  22. How much he's on isn't even that important. McPherson complained - justifiably - that we had too many attacking players and he had to keep some of them benched. So he's aware of the dangers of too big a squad. That means one of two things - either he's signed Blues with the intention to use him, or he's wasting a squad slot on a 'fringe player' despite there being little reason to do so. He could be on literally 50 pounds a week and the signing would still make no sense at this stage of the window. It's not like he's a utility man. He's either playing in the middle of the park or he's not play
  23. Good thing we got that all-important "fringe player on buttons" signing locked down. That's one you need to make early, competition is so fierce for the key role of shan, benchwarmer. This is a crap renewal with no redeeming features. He should have been one of the first released, if not the first. We're supposed to be building a lean squad of experienced pros augmented by our own youth products. That means fourth or fifth choice in midfield should be a young player, not a guy who's now four years into proving himself nowhere near enough. Can someone post "well who would you have s
  24. It also raises the risk - what happens if we don't find a suitable partner? Or if that partner gets injured? It's a huge risk.
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