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  1. I grew to quite like Gerry's stuff. Was a bit cheesy but overall done a decent job on the video side of things. Not sure what his remit was on social media, etc.
  2. There's only so long you can hang over for before moving to the next target and we've passed that point. Maybe if it was one or two players but we're going into our first league game about five short from where the squad should be.
  3. The other issue is that the disadvantages of this don't outweigh the benefits. Its inconveniencing fans who are likely to be paying into MCT anyway, had season tickets last year and didn't get to games, etc. Do they really think that enough of them are going to take the piss and share their codes around to have a significant cost impact?
  4. Or they have a positive covid test which is why the streaming option is there and the deal was appealing to some who were 50/50 on buying...
  5. Aye, exactly. They were sold with the option of the stream if you can't make it. Not that you can have it but you need to decide by the Friday at 5pm. Another issue is that MCT tweeted to say the process would be everyone would just be issued with codes which clearly isn't the case.
  6. I can see why they are trying to put in a system to stop people using stream codes and going to games but would imagine it would be single figure times each week this actually happens. Surely it would be better just to issue codes since they can only be used on one device anyway since its more convenient for fans and they can actually manage it. That or actually have a proper IT system in place that doesn't allow the stream when the ticket is used at the gate.
  7. Must be waiting on all the signings before making sure the squad list is up to date on the site.
  8. Despite MCT saying everyone will be issued with a code. It's all a bit messy. What happens if you can't get to a game at the last minute, etc? Bad enough getting a reply at the best of times.
  9. Aye, but it wasn't 1000s like people had claimed so isn't like for like. Masks were needed for the indoor bits, they had track and trace, it was seated, there was quite a lot of stewards for the 300 or so and they had one way systems so its not as if it was a free for all. There was also a lot of younger people who'd generally be exempt from gathering restrictions anyway. The council should really be doing more though. The approach in Glasgow where they allow a staggered increase after ongoing review shouldn't be a problem. Rangers managed in increase in a couple of days that would be a
  10. There was only 3 or 400 allowed in at a time tbf.
  11. Aye, I get the point but it's the same as the cancelled game in the tele where one person says one thing and another something else. MCT announcements and social media should be kept for just membership stuff too and not used answer questions relating to the club with season tickets, etc.
  12. Was that announced anywhere? Last I saw was this:
  13. Possibly. Could have been a business choice so they didn't lose local sales or a choice to make living in Inverclyde easier for him and his family or he just loves the club. Either way, I think he wanted tried to support the best option even if others in GC didn't. And that's maybe the reason lawyers are struggling to get things done if he didn't have full authority to do that.
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