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  1. Also, why are we taking stuff to the club to answer? Aren't we all supposed to be the club and part of the same thing? Everything that's been said gives the impression that there's a hierarchy with people in an ivory tower who think it's fan funded rather than fan controlled.
  2. The problem is sharing with members isn't community or fans being involved. It's a group doing stuff. It's being told, not contributing. There needs to be more engagement all of the time. Otherwise you've got animal farm in football form.
  3. Agree with this. A fortnightly update with a link to a feedback form to encourage members to contribute shouldn't be a big ask. Leaving it ad-hoc means that it's up to the comms person to decide what's important or not. All members might be interested in different things. Not sure what you use to email but having an unsubscribe option for different categories of mail could be an options, i.e. to weekly updates, events, all. Is there a reason there's not been any engagement with members ahead of a strategy session? Surely there needs to be input from everyone and not just the board.
  4. The weather, etc might have a part to play too but I think there were only 1180 or something there today and some of that will be down to results and performances. I know we don't have a huge support but there's nothing to tempt anyone who only goes to the odd game and the expectancy is no goals or good results. We should be able to get a few hundred more to games on a regular basis with a bit of positivity but the run we're on will be costing a couple of grand a week on gate money so the boards hand might be forced if he doesn't start getting wins.
  5. Probably a fair result in the end. We were pretty poor but Russell made a difference and Oliver had a decent game. No idea what formation is was (a messy 352 maybe) and we always looked like we'll lose goals like we did. Not sure if it was a penalty but seemed soft. Although they had a shout for one a couple of minutes before when one of their players was pushed by one of our defenders. The most frustrating part was we went from 2-1 up and being on top to sitting in and and panicking with rushed clearances in the last ten minutes so could have seen out the game with better management of it.
  6. I don't think it's been a great start but there's been a lot done in a relatively short space of time (along with a pandemic that's been thrown into the mix to make everyone's life more difficult) so give them the benefit of the doubt. Going back to my other point though, the judgement shouldn't really be on the people (the model should mean they come and go) but on the structure and how members can get involved. If the collective of fans have an influence then we'd all be happier. While I've said a lot has been done, I think one of the main areas for improvement is to focus on the input of members rather than it being an us and them approach like it appears now. For example, if you felt that by joining you had a voice and some influence, you might feel differently but there's been nothing to suggest you would apart from it being something people expect from fan ownership.
  7. Don't agree with this. The purpose of fan ownership is that there's not a set leadership so if fans aren't happy that can change. I think making it clearer that this is the case has been a bit of a failing from the start though with the comms around it and no real clarity around what membership means. The updates are generally telling members stuff rather than encouraging ongoing engagement so it gives off the sense of a closed shop but it shouldn't be (and isn't by the constitution). The delay in giving detail on delays of the deal, etc didn't help this either.
  8. Aye, there's this and the others mentioned aren't really responsible for leading anything or developing us as a football club it business.
  9. I don't really have any issues with the MCT people being volunteers but I'd feel a lot more comfortable if we had more paid staff running the club business. If we hire wisely then they'd pay for themselves.
  10. I'd be interested to know who's responsible for football decisions at the club - the general manager, the full board or just Gordon Ritchie who seems like he's got a bit more influence. Either way there's not much football experience feeding into it. At least the last couple of CEOs had that (although clearly that's not always an indicator of success).
  11. Do you not like all the different versions of badges and colours we have have?
  12. Aye, I agree with you. All it would have taken from them was an email that could have been written while they were on the phone taking details.
  13. To be fair, I used the enquiry form on Saturday and got a mail from Lesley Anne to say she's call on Monday. Got the call as promised and it's all booked up with the deposit paid. I think she's working from home so surely whoever answered the phone could have just emailed her the details.
  14. It was the AGM last night so hopefully get a report from it in the next day or two.
  15. I actually feel a bit for Muirhead. He's a player who can link up play and has decent feet at times but is effectively being played as a winger in a five man midfield. He doesn't have the physical attribute (or others) to player there and was clearly knackered at the end of the game. There were a few times when he was closer to Rielly that he linked up well and you can see he's got a bit of ability but unless he's playing upfront then he should be nowhere near the team. Gus persevering with him and being late with subs cost us today. Oksanen could have been off at half time too - was really off the pace. Came into it a bit more second half and had a couple of nice touches but the game generally passed him by.
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