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  1. Aye, that's my problem. Don't be using the begging bowl while at the same time not doing anything to increase sales of things like season tickets and kits/training gear. It's not difficult to get new signings holding a season ticket advert or wearing the new top for example and mentioning them in the article.
  2. My post was about someone asking if kit in the picture was available and the club account basically saying we don't know. The combination of appearing to not know what they sell and the photo having yet another manufacturer of training kit isn't really a good look and isn't helping us drum up some much needed sales.
  3. There's a difference between reply and the official account not knowing what the club sells though.
  4. Aye, there needs to be more details around this part. The MCT approach has been to say it will be fine but ite a big concern as is the potential two season transition when Rae will be spending the absolute minimum and we could drop down the leagues and have no stadium. The latter scenario doesn't really fit well with relying on fans paying since less people are likely to have an interest when things aren't going so well.
  5. It's fine if it's a social media person or account that regularly interacts with fans but not the official account that's generally used for announcements. It's just not professional (neither is having all the different manufacturers for that matter). The main problem with the who thing though is that, when money is so tight, then publicity shots should be linked to marketing stuff fans can actually buy (for example the new kit or season tickets). They really need to get some sort of joined up approach to between PR and marketing as it could have an impact on revenue.
  6. That that club don't know what they sell and are saying it from an official account? Of course it matters.
  7. Surely a club account shouldn't be replying to questions about what is on sale with this:
  8. Looks like we've got new Admiral training tops too.
  9. The season ticket details for this season haven't even been updated either.
  10. I take it all back. With merchandise like this how can we complain?
  11. The only problem I think it might solve is that it will deal with more visitors (assuming they've moved it elsewhere). Other than that, there's no point making something look slightly different and they should have been looking at what they want to achieve from the site and build it from there.
  12. Aye, it's just a WordPress theme applied to a site without any review of content or functionality. Presumably they've changed host so it doesn't crash but seems a bit of a pointless change. In more positive news we have keepers for the season....
  13. Struggling to see the difference in the new site apart from a new theme being applied. The way MacKinnon was talking it would be revamped with a better way of providing content but it's the same old external links to YouTube, shopping, tickets, etc.
  14. Pretty sure it was around then it was mentioned?
  15. To be fair they fixed that after a season (by totally removing what could be effective advertising screens).
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