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  1. I'm not saying the prices shouldn't go up but that that club shouldn't just do it in isolation. They should look at how they can offset the risk of non-season ticket holders not going which is a real risk in the current climate. The opposite argument to this is that the club should just put prices up and have blind faith that it won't impact what they bring in at the gate. If we get 600 at £20 it's £12,000 per week. Dropping by just 55 to 545 at £22 takes us under that at £11,990 and then 100 less is £11,000. It's fine margins and there will be a tipping point for some so the basic point is the club need to be doing more than ever to make coming every fortnight attractive to the pay at the gate fans. Simply saying buy a season ticket when it's not cost effective for some or a commitment they can make isn't an answer.
  2. Well I'm sure the businesses supplying non-essential services who survive and prosper will be looking at approaches to offset their risks and the impact of increased pricing. It's how companies work in real life and not in the head of an angry wee guy on a football forum.
  3. No, businesses actually work by assessing the climate, scoring risk and treating them with appropriate mitigations. Prices going up when people are struggling more means that the probability side of the risk is higher (as opposed to just the impact which you're getting at) unless they have further mitigations.
  4. Petrol is an essential but loads of people are moaning about that anyway so it's not really equivalent here. I'm not saying prices shouldn't go up either, just that the fact they are gives an increased risk where some of over half the fortnightly crowd might not go. The onus is on the club to mitigate this. Its how businesses work. A £2 increase might not be the tipping point but I'd rather they didn't gamble and done more to maintain the non-season ticket numbers and not just hope for the best.
  5. Over half the customers don't have season tickets. It's not exactly a controversial statement to say the club should look at ways of making paying an increased amount more attractive.
  6. As much as they'd probably love to, around half of our average crowd can't make every week and don't have season tickets for that reason. The club need to make paying an ever increasing gate price more attractive or risk losing out. That can't just be through signings or blind loyalty.
  7. I'm not entirely disagreeing with you here. My point is really that there's a risk that effects casual fans up to those who can't make more than 13 games so it's a fairly big group of people. With any risk there should be a mitigation to minimise the impact so I'd like to see the club being a bit more creative around this. The early bird and MCT offers are examples of things being done well (although showing how good they were at the time they were launched with the new graphic would surely have helped that).
  8. It's at least £120 a year to be an MCT member and even then you'd need to commit to a £295 season ticket to get the discount. That's no use to people who just can't make every week or afford all of that. Even if we forget about the membership fee, an MCT member would need to go to 13 or more games to see the benefit of a season ticket. That means anyone who can't make that amount of games is going to need to consider going on a week by week basis. I'm not bothering with a season ticket since I can only make abou 11-12 games this season with holidays, weddings, work, etc and a lot of people will be similar for their own reasons. The simple fact is that the £2 extra is a lot to some people (before the psychological impact someone mentioned) so there's a real risk fans who can't make more than 13 games to justify the season ticket go to less then they would. I'm not saying rising costs don't need to be covered somewhere but that we need to consider all of this and be creative in keeping numbers up rather than the reliance on fans going no matter what. The example of a flexible 5 match ticket where it works out at £19/20 a game (more expensive than a season ticket but less than pay at the gate) is a potential way around the issue to pick up a few undecided people and reduce the risk a bit. There will be more way of doing this such as loyalty schemes that some clubs do - that's what commercial people are paid to look into.
  9. There's a middle ground though - 5 match passes, etc and well as more creative approaches like loyalty schemes and so on. As it stands the club are just hoping the appeal of being a morton fan is enough and its not these days.
  10. Asking people to pay for a season ticket because they'll save money if they go every week isn't an incentive to people who can only make 10 or so games.
  11. Had a quick scan and a few are £20. I get costs are up and we need to do something but surely there could be some sort of incentive in place rather than just blind loyalty.
  12. Don't see the problem with this at all. Teams let fans know pre season plans all the time and there's always closed door games.
  13. The hospitality at Cappielow is one of the best about. They've got the mix of it being slightly formal while still a relaxed day out spot on.
  14. I was critical of him most games but when watching back the highlights he was normally a big part of any chances we created.
  15. Is that guy who was time wasting against us from early in the game? Hopefully not.
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