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  1. Happy with Nesbitt and McAlister who was good later in the season. Not too sure about Millar who looked past it but had a few injuries so time will tell with that one. McGinty isn't great but a big unit who'd maybe be OK with someone decent next to him. McLean is done and Muirhead couldn't get a game so surprised at these two. Always liked Oliver and Omar is less of a gamble than some signings we've made (basing this on him being in league two team of the year as opposed to a Sabajo) so with the others retained I don't think we're in a terrible position especially if we get a few decent loan signings in. Good to get an update and the decision on the reserve squad is probably the right one, especially since its not written off permanently.
  2. Would maybe be nicer if it was ironed.
  3. That's my biggest concern. There's potentially a two year transition and MCT said quite clearly that they'll be taking over a debt free club and any debt from this season or next wouldn't their responsibility. It wasn't really acknowledged that this also means that the current owners main aim will be to cut things back as far as possible to make sure they aren't losing any more money. My worry is it could potentially leave MCT starting from a division or two below with the initial direct debit subscription agreements having run out and limited funds to do anything about it. It would be good to get some more clarity about what's in store in the transition period.
  4. So the Scottish Government are using a pandemic response to sell season tickets?
  5. Does it say why? Saw this on Facebook so seems strange to be investing in youth while dropping the link between that setup and the first team.
  6. Don't know if I'd be comfortable with that mob storing my card details.
  7. Aye, theres a lot of uncertainty in the whole thing so it's a difficult one for clubs. Not sure if the best thing to do is payg and pay more to MCT or go for the season ticket (or if it will make a difference!). Still a bit unsure about the transition period.
  8. He sounded like he thought the new site would fix every issue the club had 🤣 The streaming thing seems to be a standalone system though built for this kind of thing and looks to be a lot more professional that other service providers we use (that's you interstadia).
  9. It wasn't me who kept saying that although the club did mention high maintenance costs at every agm. I don't really see the issue with asking some questions and being a bit worried about vague answers. Like I said earlier, I've been a member of MCT since the start, spoke to the guys involved and am generally supportive of it but most people I've spoken to have similar concerns. Most questions have been getting answered and the progress over the last year or so has been impressive so it's not all doom and gloom but some more detail around certain aspects might encourage more new backers, maybe ever yourself.
  10. You've touched on one of the biggest concerns - they are confident that they can save around £100,000 a year but still have to work with the club for at least this season to find out more about how its run. Both of these don't really fit if they need to learn about what's needed to run a full time club so what are these savings and why are they so confident without having knowledge of running a club? I've said before, I think most of the work being done is good and most questions have been getting answered over time but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be other questions getting asked.
  11. Still no security certificate either.
  12. Yeah, a few unanswered and most people I've spoke to share the concerns about being split from the assets, etc. Maybe a follow up Q&A would help. I get why there's promotion of MCT and its working but it would be good to hear some more details on the plans now everyone has had a think about them.
  13. Not at all. Anyone I've spoken to has the same questions that haven't really been answered so it would be good to get another Q&A (quite a few from the last one didn't get answered like was promised).
  14. Nah, probably not and on reflection it's a harsh/drunk post. Like I said I'm behind the idea but I think there's a few questions that need answers and I don't think Graham is the person to answer but the approach between mct and Rae kind of mitigates is since there's a transition.
  15. There's a lot of questions about then cost savings, lack of assert ownership etc and he doesn't have the answers as he's recently appointed and doesn't have them. I'm a member of mct and worked with Graham before but a lot of people have suspicions so I feel he's been thrown to the lions a bit when is role is marketing. Its too early for purely promotion.
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