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  1. The bad thing is we didn't cling on at all. We sat back and were comfortable. Weren't under pressure to clear our lines quickly but still did so resulted in defending a pretty unthreatning attack again.
  2. Aye, it genuinely looked like we were happy just to get the ball into into the other half and practise defending.
  3. Was like a training game today where we sat in and tried to protect the goal without worrying about anything in the other half. Arbroath didn't trouble us and I suppose picking up points like that and the odd win will keep us up but would have liked us to be a bit more attack minded when it was clear we weren't likely to concede if we too a few more risks higher up the park.
  4. No issues with the stream for me. Thought we started well and had the better chances but not been too much in it. Would probably be looking to get McPake on soon to run at them.
  5. Aye, they don't look anything special and we've just sat in and made it look like a training game for them.
  6. Hopefully. I like him but he's wasteful in possession and wastes a lot of energy chasing lost causes so we can't afford that with a limited squad. Jacobs does a better job protecting the midfield.
  7. Got to admit, Gerry is doing a good job with this. Had my doubts about him but been really impressed by the output.
  8. I think the spfl sell the stream to betting companies as well as direct to fans. It's the direct to fans thing we opted out of.
  9. Aye, thought Blues was poor on and off the ball today for most of the game though but definitely not as bad as some make out.
  10. McLean has been pretty good too to be fair to him. Was shocked he got a new contract but can't complain too much so far.
  11. Midfield seems to be missing when we're on the back foot and the defence getting deeper because of it. Seems the type of game Jacobs would work well in so hopefully see him soon.
  12. I've obviously missed it in other weeks but they are putting tops that can't be bought (even although fans have asked to buy them) as features on interviews while at the same time having the begging bowl out. I think everyone apart from the club has highlighted that if they want to increase revenue then they should advertise what people can buy, i.e. one of the two new kits, season tickets, etc.
  13. That's the admiral training stuff making an appearance on the weekly interviews now too.
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