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  1. I've said it a few times in here but it wouldn't take much to have some sort of standard marketing plan and guidelines to follow. They could get a consultant in to help and leave it to the staff we have to run with maybe the odd paid for day here and there - it doesn't necessarily need to be a full time role.
  2. It's not so much a criticism of MCT - they've got a lot of questions to answer but have explained there's a period where they'll be doing more work to get a greater understanding of what's needed so hopefully it's a success. The work they've done so far has been good. The problem is that we're potentially facing two years of an owner who knows they're leaving and won't be able to give financial backing as they have to represent shareholders of another company so can't risk costing them money. From the sounds of it there's been a debt again this season when it was supposed to be break even so the budget is going to drop yet again to reflect that. The caveats are that Crawford has stuck to his word of writing off debt, has a good relationship with MCT and I've no reason not to believe him saying he wants to leave a good legacy but I'd feel more comfortable if we knew some more about the transition period so we're not in a worse position than we are now if/ when MCT take over. As you say though, if people more get on board and MCT can keep funding the playing budget then that might be the answer to this question. None of this means I don't support MCT (I've increased my contribution like a few others have) but I'd much prefer they start from at least where we are now then after two years of even more cuts and being relegated along the way.
  3. Already cutting back but with an interest in keeping us in the division and more attractive to potential buyers. Now we have potentially two years of bare minimum money and effort with part of the playing budget diverted elsewhere.
  4. It sounds like a lot of the above is still a work in progress but the biggest question for me is still what happens in the transition period of potentially two season? Can we expect a much reduced playing budget as MCT are looking at changing things so money isn't just for that and GC will be making sure they don't risk running up any more debt?
  5. MCT are looking at changing their constitution so all money doesn't go to the first team and we were in debt to get a mid table team this season when we had the full amount going to the playing squad. There's a lot of questions about the stadium, etc but the more pressing one is what happens in the coming season.
  6. Think it was MacKinnon running it - outside chance he could be off as a result of it. Said it before but this agreement could see us down to the bare bones this season since the current board won't want to run up any debt so why would they bother paying media staff, etc? Not saying it's right BTW, just that it's something we'll need to live with.
  7. I'm sure this has been asked at AGMs in the past and they said the backing from GC was above average for our league - not sure if this was just in relation to sponsorship money though.
  8. I suppose its that level of detail they need to be a bit clearer on and work on over the next few months!
  9. General maintenance is only really a small part of it though - the stadium needs investment so it can bring in revenue as well which won't be cheap.
  10. To be fair they mentioned sponsorship and marketing so revenue could be made up in other ways. My point was really just based on what they said as it was mentioned a few times they'd be looking at 2 or 3 people like this with a figure of 25k being mentioned so it would be a big part of the budget.
  11. That goes back to one of my concerns as well though. If some of the patron members choose to withdraw funding and were forced into administration, what happens? We're left as a club with no stadium and no assets relying on whoever owns GC at the time to come to an agreement over Cappielow.
  12. Probably wouldn't have before either. Any profit from a sale would have went to the GC debt.
  13. Aye this is the main thing. There was a good point made that community owned doesn't necessarily mean community run so if they get the structure right, good staff recruited and can answer the questions asked at this stage so fans are on board then it could work well. Early days though and the more I think about it the more I want to know about the transition year(s) as that could set us back quite a bit.
  14. There's clearly been a lot of work and thought put into this and fair play to Rae for being true to his work and writing off the debt and handing over shares. Having thought about it a bit more though, my 4 biggest concerns are: 1. MCT stated that the current board are responsible for any losses in the coming season (and the following one if MCT aren't in a position to take over by March). This means we're likely to go with the lowest budget possible for up to two seasons since GC shareholders presumably won't support covering anything more than that. The focus will only really be to keep the lights on during the transition and the current board won't have much interest in increasing revenue so what kind of position will we be in when/ if MCT take over (or worse - if they can't/ don't)? 2. Can large, yearly individual contributions really be considered part of a sustainable business model? The current smaller, monthly contributions are likely to be more steady since they are for lower amounts so a drop in these are less of a risk although these need to be considered too. 3. It's been well known that the stadium maintenance costs are high so there's a big challenge to make sure any investment in it gives value since it will have a third party owner. What are the plans for this? 4. What happens if Golden Casket go under or there's a change of ownership?
  15. They expect 3 or 4 "patron members" to contribute up to 25k a year so they can be sustainable but that didn't really fill me with confidence either.
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