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  1. The annoying thing is Hokpkin(s) said he'd come into his own if played up top. Pity he played him left back.
  2. Aye, there's architectural plans for it all. Started when Hawke was in charge although that was using some of the gym so maybe changed slightly.
  3. Aye they all run and cover and do what's needed for the team. I love them.
  4. Great performance all round and just picking it up after conceding and the players will to win is amazing to watch. Motm Muirhead for me. Effort was unreal. He's capable of a wonder goal but was back covering when needed too. Also could have had 3 pens too. Only one borderline for me.
  5. Terrible take. The guy is one of the better quality players we have. His problem is he's lazy/lacks confidence at times but he's hot more ability than the majority of players in the league.
  6. I've not written Grimshaw off completely but still unconvinced. I'd like to see him in the midfield with Crawford and Gillespie though. Ambrose will be an interesting one. If we were offered a player with his career and achievements without knowing the name we'd all be delighted. If nothing else it's an exciting signing and a bit unusual for us so I'm all for it for now.
  7. Aye I'm hoping it will be a good signing. Had a read through some of his career there and it's impressive. Brian McLean done a job for us (at least in spells) and was older with less pedigree in the game. I think Ambrose is one of these players that people remember mistakes but you don't have a career like his without having a lot of qualities.
  8. Not so sure about Grimshaw coming good tbh. He couldn't have got much worse than his debut but still question marks over him.
  9. Not sure I agree with this (or at least the comparison). At 34 he should be able to do a job at some point. Ambrose has 50 odd international caps and won a major trophy and Grimshaw had an OK spell at Motherwell. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I think it's a positive signing despite him having a poor spell last season.
  10. My hope is we hang on until January and strengthen. It sounds like there was budget for a couple of players so hopefully with a few months of salary savings it means we can make more attractive offers then that improve the team.
  11. Thought Jai was superb at that all game. Would have him out wide every week running at defenders.
  12. Aye, was right in front of me and their player was clumsy. Made the same foul on Jai a few times down the wing and couldn't handle his pace and strength.
  13. Thought the handball call was a pentaly either as a handball or having a hand raised over the shoulder to prevent someone jumping. Can't be waving your arm over the top of someone in the box when the ball is there to be won and not giving away a penalty.
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