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  1. I don't think it is just muddling through it in this case though. They've obviously done work to make sure 500 can be accommodated and we're not going to get bother with how that works (I'm sure there will be checks made as it's one of the first games with fans this season). They'll know its likely about 95% of the tickets will go to season ticket holders and those with season tickets have a week to get them either in person or over the phone so not too many issues there. That just leaves a handful of tickets and a week to refine how to sell them when it's confirmed how many will be
  2. Don't really see the big problem with the tickets plan when there was uncertainty around fans being allowed in, protocols, etc as well as actually having a game to sell them for. Season ticket holders can get them over the next week and the club have already said people can phone so there's not going to be a big rush in one day. Meanwhile they're getting the protocols in place to make sure there's not going to be issues on the day, etc. We're among the first to have fans back so will be under a bit of scrutiny for that. There's a week until the public sale (which might turn out to
  3. They're still pushing forward at 2-1 up and we've been happy to sit in at 1-1 today and the last two games we had to win. Horrible to see.
  4. Aye. It seems to me we start well then teams work us out and he can't do anything about.
  5. Get MacPherson out regardless. Same performance as the last two games and far too slow to make subs when it's clear we need them.
  6. The two centre mids are just there to break up play. No link between the defence and midfield so we're always going to rely on long balls that don't work with the forwards we've got. Gus needs to mix things up in there and play with a three or drop one of Jacobs or McGinn.
  7. I'd take Orsi off for Lyon. Bit more drive from the midfield and get the two wingers up more to support Oliver. Orsi doesn't bring much in a front two.
  8. Kris Doolan, who couldn't get a game for us, leads the line for a team that finishes higher up the league than us.
  9. He wasn't out his depth. His game.l has never been to drive forward or create - it's to stop the other team. We've not lost in 5. The problem is we need to win so the manger should be picking a team that can.
  10. Aye that's true too but the shape and lack of ambition in the last few games cos us more than his performances, ability or decision making. Aimless long balls and wild tackles in places you don't need to challenge in cost us a lot more than him.
  11. He's a guy that break play up and stops other teams. Same as Jacobs. In the last two game we needed one of the two. I'd have taken Jacobs but he was injured so I can see why McGinn was signed. I can't see why both played in games we need creativity.
  12. McGinn isn't at fault. He's not going to influence games and get us goals. He's came in and we've been a bit more solid but it's the wrong player at the wrong time.
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