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  1. Was similar with the reaction to the Nike kit. Pretty sure we went on to sell more tops than any other season after that. Both obviously very reactive but it just shows what getting a bit of attention can do to sales.
  2. Shouldn't be starting then. Doesn't really matter what excuse a player has, if they're off the pace and not doing the job that's that.
  3. To be fair, her job seemed to be just managing hospitality, the lottery and advertising (pitch side, programme, etc rather than advertising the club) rather than looking at any strategy or other things to raise revenue. All of the things in that remit seem to be doing OK so can't agree she done a bad job. I'd suggest the problem isn't the person and the fact that the role was limited. We really need to start being more ambitious in recruitment and getting value rather than just accepting the status quo as the best we can do. I get its a risk and things are tight but it's not a huge gamble to spend a bit more on wages, expand the job role and get someone in who will be responsible for everything commercial and develop a strategy. That would surely pay for itself quite quickly.
  4. Superb today. Closed down in all the right places and worked as a unit. Amazing to see what a bit of positivity and playing players in the right position does. Possession might have been even but we took our chances and deserved everything we got by good game management. Thought Reilly was superb and put in some shift. Lyon great in the middle too. If I was being critical, Ugwu looked a bit off the pace but would take that every week.
  5. I'm not dead against it and would love a bespoke umbro or adidas. Just think the last few have been decent and apparently sold well so curious to know whether they are best value for us. I might have got lucky on the quality of mine tbf. Had a few mates with complaints. I would like to see a bit of consistency with branding, etc. It looks a bad daft having hummel, 1874, etc and changing all the time never mind about 10 different versions of the badge.
  6. I quite like the last few strips and not overly concerned about having a brand name. Would be interested to know if getting own own as opposed to a brand costs more. As far as I know we sold more of the fan designed tops then previous ones (at least for the first couple).
  7. Seems a bit strange. It's essentially a takeover bid with a promise to invest in the stadium. I'm guessing it wasn't a good offer but seems MCT have written the mail so it sounds like an investment rather than a bid which presumably would need to go to the members to vote on.
  8. Hopefully morton say something about this. Would be interested to hear the covid/ injuries ratio.
  9. Thought it was a bit dodgy with the pitch inspection announcement when the weather is fine. They've obviously been struggling with injuries and wanted it off.
  10. Dunno about that. We got pounded the first half and heads could have went down but might have won it in the end. We're bottom of the league and desperate for points so can see why we tried to just play safe. If we can take points in games like that and start to pick up a couple of wins then we'll be fine.
  11. Don't really see the big problem. First come first served, giving choices, etc becomes complicated and not much time to sort it. Anyone I know with a season ticket is fine with it so would be interesting to see how many complaining have one. We're keeping season ticket holders just about happy while keeping hospitality on and getting the money from that. I'd suggest if a ticket holder felt really strongly about it then the club might sort something (if they answer...). Not denying it's a minor inconvenience but the other options have negatives too. The club is a mess but we need to choose our battles or it does just look like moaning about everything.
  12. At the last vote, one of the candidates bio's mentioned how they had been involved in the marketing side. I'm pretty sure there were similar complaints back then and he got less votes than the rest because it made out like everything was great but got in anyway. Hopefully the guys at MCT aren't naive enough to think they're doing a good job representing and engaging with the membership.
  13. Wonder if anyone will stop their contributions now. These responses are a bit of a low point and doesn't really give any confidence in the club or give any reason to be an MCT member.
  14. Mental. They'd have been better not replying than saying that.
  15. Aye, think the best bet is to have a break. Games are being cancelled for players having covid too so works all round. Good for us too and allows Imrie to settle. I caught covid at the last Scotland game (or assume it was there anyway since don't do anything else that week) and wasn't in a good way despite having the vaccines. Quite a few in my work with similar stories too so, with the new varient being more transmissible and cases shooting up, I can see why larger events have taken the hit. Might have turned out the deaths and hospitalisations didn't go up at all but would have been a gamble. The announcement is a bit short notice but if games can be delayed and we're avoiding major restrictions I can live with that.
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