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  1. East Stirlingshire. Bullet dodged
  2. Ah okay. Was just checking in case it was separate. Good luck
  3. Is this in response to a twitter conversation? I saw someone reply to a picture of the new top saying that her relatives had been chairman and secretary.
  4. Got mine today and quite happy with it but it did occur to me when I got the email that I wasn't actually sure what it would be like as all we ever saw was the computer imagine. How hard would it have been to get a sample made up and sent out to one of the players? Even with a decent phone I'm sure you could get something reasonable from a players back garden.
  5. If you're sceptical then why not write down your concerns and ask MCT to address them? Its in none of our interests to sit back and watch this fail
  6. IMO this was worse than losing 10-2
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