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  1. I remember him getting one flick on with his head in the entire time he was on the park. Can’t really blame him because of the complete lack of service but you have to ask why a guy who signed 5 weeks ago has had such limited game time when the idea was that he’d propel us up the league?
  2. Yep, I listened to capitanus for a good while and withheld from signing up to MCT, before excitedly joining in the wave they got in the summer when the imminent takeover was announced. I’m reluctant to choke them, as, just like for Crawford, for us they’re the only show in town. I’ve also got an arrogant pride that we didn’t stand back and let our club die, unlike some others, and not signing up to MCT would be tantamount to that. But that doesn’t mean MCT are representing what I, and an increasing number of others think is best for our club. If it means another year under the Raes i
  3. Can we cut out the "Hoppy" or "Big Hoppy" patter that often appears on here? These come across as affectionate nicknames when in actual fact, David Hopkin was, and since leaving, probably still is, a bit of a dick.
  4. Aye, I want some answers from MCT, here. Never mind a wee red dot when I say that you fancy a club blazer and tie this time, some actual answers as to what pressure will be put on the outgoing owner and how MCT actually plan using the position of strength they have by being the only show in town. And yes, I’m looking at you, @EdinTon.
  5. The team itself being League One level at best isn’t the issue for me. Teams come and go, but the malaise at the club is such that we’re headed for a generation of League One and League Two football in front of 700 crowds with 1-0 midweek defeats at Kelty Hearts becoming the norm. The club is being suffocated by poor forward planning by Dougie, and neglect by his son. This is the legacy, and it fucking stinks.
  6. Bang on. Time for MCT to pull the plug on the takeover. They’re the only show in town and the cunt’s desperate to get shot. This should be done on MCT’s terms, not Crawford’s. He can’t afford to see the club go down the pan, time his hand was forced. This club is broken.
  7. Are they? All I’ve seen reported is that Leagues One and Two and the women’s Premier League are allowed to start training. Never saw a mention of the leagues below League Two.
  8. Yes, I wonder if the SFA will allow Brora Rangers for example, to hold off as they’re not allowed to train, or give a bye to Hearts. Somehow I’d imagine the latter is more likely.
  9. The Scottish Cup has TV deals with Premier Sports and BBC Scotland to be fulfilled, something that doesn’t affect Leagues One and Two.
  10. It’s probably further down the list for you than learning how to tie your shoelaces, eating your dinner without spilling spaghetti hoops down your Slazenger tee shirt and getting to the bottom of the street without pissing your Donnay breeks are, in fairness.
  11. Is it just me that gets pissed off with this sort of patter from Markus Fjortoft? Whether he should be in the team or not, it’s completely disrespectful to the manager and the rest of the squad and comes across as him questioning his boss in front of us. If he’s got an issue with it, that should be kept in house.
  12. It’s screaming of Omar against Inverness. An accident waiting to happen. Hopefully McElhone learns a lesson from that.
  13. Too much talk from McElhone and Jacobs about how massive a club Dundee are in this league. They’re Dundee, ffs. Hardly comparable to Hearts, Hibs and Rangers being down here.
  14. It’s a requirement under the SFA’s licensing criteria. I assume you’re only allowed a certain period of time without one, and that time must be coming to an end now.
  15. I’d think that MCT’s Leadership Team have already got certain folk earmarked for certain positions post takeover, and some of these guys will end up in positions of authority themselves. They could of course justify it by saying that they’ve put plenty of work done in ensuring the takeover goes through, but I’m really concerned that the desire to get a nice wee blazer and tie is what’s preventing them from really challenging Crawford over the stadium ownership issue, and could be what sees them failing to get the best deal possible for them, the fans and Morton. As I said above, I could b
  16. He was on Sportsound a couple of months ago picking a team of the best players he’d played alongside and it was really tough to listen to. After recording it the BBC should have binned it, but it went out and I cannot say I’m surprised by the news having listened to that piece. Terrible illness to have, I’ve seen too many elderly relatives suffer with it.
  17. A boy I know asked me my thoughts on him applying for it. Reckon he would be ideal for the job but I told him not to go near it given the current circumstances. The worry however is that I suspect there’ll be an element of “job for the boys” when MCT take over, so now might be his only opportunity (I may be wrong of course). Whether he listens to my words of wisdom or not, I don’t know.
  18. I do. For 20 years they’ve not bothered their arse with trying to maximise revenue through their commercial activities, and now they’re just about out the door, having set us an ultimatum about what they walk out with under their arm, they’re quite happy to put everything that’s left over on sale to the daft mugs that they should’ve been catering for a couple of decades back. They’ll be selling off the lightbulbs soon enough, but there have been times down the years you couldn’t even buy a key ring from them. Trying to punt off that old shite to make “money for old rope” when they ne
  19. Steve was a great poster, take that back.
  20. The £18.50 pricing shouldn’t be the main factor in folk deciding whether or not to buy the stream for tomorrow’s game- rather the point that Hearts are an appalling football club, ran and supported by bullies who have tried to throw their weight around by crying victim and shouting boycott at any club who did the right thing over the summer. Yes, the stream is extortionate, but if it cost a fiver, it would’ve been a fiver more than that rancid club would’ve deserved from any of us.
  21. I’d rather shite on my hands and clap than give that horrible lot my money after their behaviour over the summer. I’ll begrudgingly do it when we get back into games and I at least get the benefit of a day out with my mates, but not a chance I’ll be paying them, or their bedfellows next week, to watch a stream. Same policy applied to League One minnows Partick Thistle earlier in the season
  22. I’ve only ever been to two club games outside the UK in my life- St. Patrick’s Athletic v Limerick the night before Scotland played Ireland in 2015 and Skeid Olso v Sarpsborg in the Norwegian second tier in 2009, before the Steven and Gary Caldwell inspired 4-0 hosing. I believe Sarpsborg are now one of the better teams in Norway now, and won the game 2-0. I was interested to see how it compared to our second tier given that Norway’s a comparable country in terms of population to Scotland. The standard was absolutely shite. Things might have changed since then, but I just thought I’d add
  23. Some hit from Jamie McDonagh.
  24. Can’t complain about Arbroath and Inverness drawing, ideal result for us.
  25. I’d imagine that for the good, honest, hardworking folk who are still at Cappielow and help keep the club ticking over on a day-to-day basis, going to work will be a much more pleasant experience from Monday. My thoughts are with CFB Football.
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