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  1. Other than Uncle Roy’s massive wallet, the parachute payment and the UEFA payout that both they and Dundee United will get from Celtic, Rangers and Hearts’ participation in the group stages of Europe, giving them a massive advantage over us before a ball is kicked.
  2. Genuinely can’t think of a club with so few redeeming features as that horrible mob. At least Falkirk have got the decency to be absolutely shite.
  3. They’re fucking insufferable anyway.
  4. I’d forgotten all about his time at Brechin, apologies to LT.
  5. I assume you mean Berwick fans, but I suppose in Hopkin’s case, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  6. Best of luck to Nicky Cadden and his Barnsley team ahead of today’s League One play-off final against Sheffield Wednesday.
  7. There have been far bigger arseholes than Goodwin rocking up in the away dugout at Cappielow in the last year or so. He hardly played against us in his time at St. Mirren and when he did, guy like Thompson were far more thuggish. He’s hardly Murray, McCall, Campbell, Coyle or Hartley.
  8. If only Hamilton or Raith had held on, they wouldn’t have even made the play-offs. On a more serious note though, it might be better for us if the division loses Partick, such is the crest of a wave they’re riding just now. Even with a narrow final defeat, you could see them coming out the traps quickly in an attempt to avoid any danger of being involved at all next season. Ayr, on the other hand- Hibs losing 7-0 to Malmo and Dundee United losing 7-0 to Alkmaar springs to mind with that one, and look where they went from there. Akinyemi will be away in the summer and they’ll take a couple of quid in there, but that result, stand alone and aggregate, is so chastening that it could take a long time for them to get over it. As for the red card, it was foolish for Akinyemi to get involved, and whilst it looked more of a push to the chest than the face, it’s easy to see why a referee as poor as Colin Steven was drawn into issuing a red. But Aaron Muirhead’s behaviour was very much what you’d expect from him- a truly despicable individual who should really be ashamed of himself for his conduct, but will be delighted that his gamesmanship generated the required result. Of all the odious individuals involved with that disease of a club, surely only Brian Graham keeps him in the silver medal position.
  9. Ross MacIver signs for League One minnows, Falkirk.
  10. Jimmy Savile did a lot of charity work.
  11. The MCT fans’ poll was first published on 2nd May. With time marching on until the vote of clubs, it would be nice to hear the club’s findings in the hope that a stance against this farce could influence our peers in the SPFL. Whilst I’m sure Morton will vote against the proposal, I don’t think it’s enough to just use their vote when they can be a positive force for what’s right for the pyramid.
  12. I’m not convinced with the Hamilton situation. If what Maitland and Rankin have said is true (and it’s a massive “if”) then it’s deplorable behaviour on the part of an individual or two. However, the behaviour of their board has, in my opinion been disgusting, and strikes me as mirroring the actions of Hugh Scott here about 23 years ago. If you look back at our match previews against them in the second half of the season on this site, we stopped asking for an Accies’ contribution because we didn’t want to risk someone being banned from following his team because of comments on this website. There were threats of legal action around Christmas time made to the administrator of their fans’ Facebook page and bans to folk who did make certain, as I’m led to believe, innocuous comments. Their board appear to have antagonised their support for a considerable period just now and while you can only condemn the alleged targeting of women and children, it would be remiss of us not to question the motivation of their board in the running of their club and the truth in those allegations. From an outsider looking in, the gradual shrinking of their support is exactly what their board are after before they pull the plug and profit from the sale of the ground, which must be on fairly valuable land considering it’s proximity to a retail park. And given Colin McGowan’s comments when at Raith Rovers, I’d say it doesn’t hold much water for their board to be lecturing people on their conduct. I obviously don’t know McGowan, Rankin or Maitland personally but this really comes across as a “boy that cried wolf” scenario. If you were to ask me where Hamilton will be in ten years time, I’d say they’ll probably be down with Gretna, Third Lanark, Airdrie and Rangers.
  13. You can laugh, but it’s absolutely relevant. Should Airdrie go up and Clyde go down, Falkirk will be the longest serving club in that division with the exception of Montrose, who were promoted from League Two the previous year, 2018. Clyde joined Falkirk in League One in 2019, coming up through the play-offs. Airdrie of course, have been stuck there since relegation in 2013, and until now perhaps, are the epitome of League One stalwarts, like ourselves in the Championship. Let’s also remember, Montrose have come closer to getting out of this division at the right end. They only lost their semi-final against us in 2021 to a goal in the last minute of extra time, whilst on Falkirk’s only visit to the play-offs in their time down there, they lost by 5 (five) goals to Airdrie over two legs in a tie that was finished after half an hour of the first leg. League One is exactly where they belong. It isn’t an underachievement at all.
  14. On a serious note though, at what point does it stop becoming funny and becomes par for the course? Back in 2003-04 there was a terribly bitter rivalry between Morton and Airdrie, and at the time, they of course came out on top. But once we were promoted and established ourselves in the second tier, whilst they yo-yoed and eventually settled as a third tier club, the ill-will dissipated. If they come up this year it might return, but I suspect it’ll take a while to reach the levels of the collapse season. Falkirk are now, to all intents and purposes, a League One club. It’s their level, and they’re kidding themselves to suggest otherwise. Why are we laughing at them? They’ve actually had an incredible season- making the play-offs for the first time since relegation 4 (four) years ago and managing to dispose of the behemoths that are Wick Academy, Alloa and Darvel before the monumental shock of toppling Ayr United to reach Hampden is a fantastic effort. Even reaching the semi-finals of the play-offs is a feather on McGlynn’s cap, and managing two goals in a narrow 7-2 defeat is an incredible achievement. The perception that Falkirk have failed this season gives them a status that is completely unmerited. They haven’t failed any more than Montrose or Kelty Hearts have, it’s what they are.
  15. Dallas’s penalty gives Chesterfield a half time lead, whilst Nicky Cadden’s goal gives Barnsley the lead at Bolton in their semi final.
  16. Andrew Dallas is starting the National League play-off final at Wembley.
  17. It appears to be pretty common knowledge that there will be a vote in the not too distant future regarding the formation of a Conference League between League Two and the Highland and Lowland Leagues, relegating up to 200 clubs in the process. Of course, with Rangers, Celtic and Hearts already having teams in the Lowland League, this is bad enough and hopefully something that we'll see the back of soon enough, but such a change to the structure of the game is deplorable, As Morton will have a vote on it, I'd like to think that MCT will be putting such an important issue for the future of not just our own club, but for Scottish football as a whole to the support to decide the club's stance. Of course, I'd expect the support will almost unanimously be against this proposal, but for the sake of democracy it would only be fair to conduct a poll. In the last few days I've seen clubs like Nairn County and Musselburgh Athletic being extremely vocal in their disdain for this proposal. However, I've seen nothing from any SPFL clubs regarding their stance. In the event of our support opposing this, I'd like to see Morton steal a march and become the club from within the SPFL who takes the first stance against this farce. What's everyone's thoughts on this? A fine opportunity for our club to be the standard bearers for integrity within the Scottish game in my humble opinion, and an opportunity we really must grasp.
  18. I did notice Dougie alluding to that in his interview but I’d have to see it back again in all honesty. All in all, a good day, and it was also nice to see Strapp getting a post match applause, too.
  19. Suppose I should take that as a compliment, but I was 18 at the time. Owen Archdeacon also scored a screamer that day.
  20. Brilliant afternoon’s entertainment. Some of my own observations from the game; Baird and particularly O’Connor were absolutely outstanding. On their day, I genuinely can’t remember a better central defensive pairing in all my years watching Morton. I was also delighted for Schwake today, after having gone through a difficult few weeks not so long ago. Thought he dealt very well with just about everything that lot threw at him and was looking a lot more like himself again. Also, Robbie Crawford’s goal reminded me of Stuart Gray’s winner in the 3-2 win over Partick in 1997, one of my favourite ever Morton goals from one of my favourite ever Morton games. Sadly that was never caught on camera, but I’ll be sure to watch Robbie’s goal on repeat for a good while anyway. What a great day! Had to laugh about a Queen’s Park fan talking about “taking care of business against Morton” during the week, as if it was a routine task. 10 points from 12 against these tramps, pipe down.
  21. It was also 2 points for a win in 1991. 3 points for a win didn’t come in until 1994-95.
  22. Fair enough to say McGrattan has played a lot of games, but yesterday was the first full ninety I remember him playing in a long time, perhaps since the League Cup group stages when we were at the bare bones, without checking. It might be more reflective of how he’s been used to see the minutes he’s played compared to others. I don’t accept that Tumilty is a “bombscare” at all, though. He’s not as good as Grimshaw, but we’re not going to get an upgrade on him. Tumilty’s time at Morton was made difficult by the club being an absolute shit-show at the time. He had three managers in two years- one of whom fucked off when those tramps waved 30 pieces of silver under his nose and two of them were abysmal. Hopkin refusing to utilise him and send him out on loan to Dumbarton can hardly be considered a failing on Tumilty’s part. He went on to have what appeared a relatively successful spell at Raith, and whilst his comments about Scottish football in general were ill-judged, they shouldn’t define him as a player. As was demonstrated at Cappielow the other night though, he certainly isn’t a left back! On another note, in light of his Open Goal interview and Kelty’s money-man apparently pulling the plug, I can see Tam O’Ware back here next season. It sounded like he was trying to soften the ill-feeling amongst the support in that interview, and having just turned 30, Morton might be his last go at full-time football. Not terribly keen on that idea, I feel we’ve got two better centre backs anyway.
  23. If my memory serves me correctly, you suggested bringing him in in January-a point when we had the best right back in the division. Grimshaw’s unlikely to be here next season, and at the point you suggested bringing in Tumilty, had already extended his stay until the end of this season, so the circumstances of your suggestion and Alibi’s vary greatly. Don’t let silly things like that get in the way of your whining about being rightly shut down for a foolish suggestion, though.
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