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  1. Not seen a mention anywhere, but on today’s Off The Ball, the question was asked as to who Scottish football’s most bitter fans are and Tam Cowan cited us and the Raymond McKinnon scenario. This might not be the most appropriate thread for pointing that out, but I take a sense of pride in that.
  2. Seems an appropriate point to mention that the home kit from the last two seasons is currently selling at £29.99. Twenty nine pounds and ninety nine pence.
  3. There’s not been enough discussion about this, so I feel a separate thread is appropriate. Let’s be honest, it’s a dick move from Crawford, only one step up from Hugh Scott’s attempts to bulldoze the place imho. I get that he is looking out for what’s best for his family’s interests, but as a custodian of the club’s he also has a duty of care towards it, which, by stripping it of it’s only major asset, he’s not only neglecting, but actively harming it. What about MCT’s role, here? Do they realise the position they are in? As far as I can see, they’re the only show in town, and Crawford shouldn’t be holding all the cards. He’s desperate to get the burden of Morton off his family, so I’d about time they started playing hardball over the ownership of the ground. If the two parties can’t come to an agreement because Crawford isn’t prepared to do what’s best for the club, I think it’s obvious where the blame lies. We can’t go sleepwalking into the regime because a rich man wants to have his cake and eat it. Your thoughts, please...
  4. The Sun are reporting that we’ve signed the boy McAdams.
  5. Toby

    Ton Tv

    But that’s my point- I’m taking Gherry on his own merits as a broadcaster, rather than a Celtic fan. He does my tits in in a similar way to how David Tanner does, so I don’t listen to him. If the club, and the support in general are happy with it then good on them. I don’t watch I’m a Celebrity because I think Ant and Dec are both nauseating, so similar applies to The Morton Weekly Update. I’m only one of 1500 or so folk they have to cater for though, so if I don’t like it and the majority do, then it’s all good for Morton. I’ll just find out what’s said later on from you lot on here.
  6. Toby

    Ton Tv

    I’ve said a few times he boils my piss, and boil my piss he does. Unfortunately, if you want to appoint someone to a role such as his, with the necessary experience, narrowing it down to just Morton fans is severely limiting your pool of options. He’s probably the most suited person for the job (given how poorly they treated Jonathan and he wouldn’t go back for a king’s ransom) but that doesn’t stop me disliking him. If a David Tanner or Alex Rae is talking, I immediately switch off, and the same applies to Gherry. I’m not calling for the guy to be emptied the way I was Callum, but I simply won’t be listening. The difference between Gherry and Callum is that in one case the club were looking for an experienced broadcaster to work on their media channels, whilst in the other, they were providing an opportunity to a young, ambitious broadcaster to get his name out there. You only have to look at the names on contributing to Dean’s new podcast to realise that there are enough young Morton fans, such as yourself, Ewan and Cammy who could’ve benefited from that opportunity. Of course, Callum’s behaviour in trying to snake a job didn’t help either, but in providing that opportunity to a Morton fan, rather than a Celtic fan, the club would’ve, in my eyes at least, been doing an excellent deed in helping their own, instead of allowing themselves to be used for the benefit of someone who wanted their name for his own gain.
  7. Former ‘Ton keeper Samuel Ramsbottom stars in plucky FalkirKKK’s narrow 0-1 defeat to local behemoths East Stirlingshire at the FalkirKKK Council Stadium.
  8. Toby

    Ton Tv

    The solution is not to watch them. Gherry McDhade’s insufferable, but I’ve got the gist of everything by reading what you lot on here have to say without listening to his shite patter.
  9. League Two*. The only way Raymond knows how to take a team into League One is through the arse end of the Championship.
  10. Aye, we know what we’re getting with him. Franco Baresi he ain’t, but he’s certainly an upgrade on what we currently have. Sadly I suspect that EdinTon is right and he’ll be headed to an inferior club with deeper pockets.
  11. Dundee are some laugh- a week that they’ve just paid off 16 academy coaches and in comes a former Scotland international, who won’t be coming back home for £200 a week. Admin 3.0 is long overdue now, hopefully this pushes it along a wee bit.
  12. Toby

    Ton Tv

    Christ on a fucking tricycle.
  13. I was in on Monday collecting my new card and was told it was 300. You wonder what clubs of a similar stature to ourselves that continued fundraising and putting themselves in the public’s conscience during lockdown whilst we shut up shop completely for four months are doing right in comparison to Morton.
  14. Toby

    Ton Tv

    This is where we differ on him. I’ve never heard him commentate but I really, really hate his content. The club are obviously trying to project a slicker image, and I dare say that in doing that, this is the sort of guy that you’ll get, someone with a fake tan, veneers and horrendous patter- see Gerry McCulloch at Celtic and David Tanner at Hibs. Give me a Jim Spence before a David Tanner any day of the week though. Small mercies though, if JJ was still here we could’ve had fucking Jean involved.
  15. Toby

    Ton Tv

    It is nice to have a presenter that is clearly passionate and knowledgable about his club, though.
  16. I’d argue that it’s a bit of a myth how bad they were with us- Findlay and McCrorie certainly weren’t, and much as they weren’t outstanding, it could be argued that McKay and Shankland weren’t exactly stinking the place out the way guys like O’Connor, Sampaio, Simmonds and Dykes did. McKay’s record was 3 goals in 18 games (4 as a sub), including our only winning goal away from home (in the league!) that season. Perhaps because he went on to be Rangers’ most high profile asset for a time after not doing so much here, and it was under our noses as we were sharing a division with them, he’s looked upon as being really bad instead of just another who it didn’t really happen for. Shankland had a similar record- again not great, and in contrast to his subsequent form at Ayr and Dundee United it was frustrating, as well as him managing to do a job on us for St. Mirren before he arrived, it’s easy to just say he was utter shite, but I don’t think that was necessarily the case. Tl; dr- they didn’t exactly pull up trees here, but I think a bit of perspective about their time at the club should maybe be used from time to time. They weren’t that bad.
  17. Much as I don’t like him, I must admit I found it ironic to see Forest fans on Twitter saying he’s not the level of player they should be looking at. Considering Malmo are the very club that Forest beat in their first European Cup final and are not quite the force they once were, but are still good enough to compete in the relatively latter stages of European competition most seasons, I’d suggest that a club that’s festered in England’s second tier and below for 20 odd years should be pretty chuffed about bringing in a player of his calibre. Or at least should be in the position to have a bit of respect for a small club that haven’t reached their previous heights in recent years.
  18. Hope he never darkens our door again.
  19. I believe he’s doing the commentary with Andy Ritchie from now on so hopefully there’ll be no sign of him in hospitality anyway. I had it booked for the Dundee United game in March and really didn’t fancy listening to him so I certainly hope that’s the case as we’ll be taking it up at some point this season. If I didn’t have it sitting there I’d not be doing hospitality this season tbh- I don’t really want to be lining the chairman’s pocket any more than I have to in his last year when investment’s down to zero. If anyone thinks the MCT investment for this season is beefing up the budget they’ve got another thing coming. All it’s doing for this season is relieving him from having to invest any more than he feels is absolutely necessary.
  20. It’s also complete bollocks about how he was never one to play up to the fans. His strong showing in the “Biggest Arsehole To Have Played For Morton” competition would suggest that his desperation for our attention was one of the first things you would associate with him, and iirc he was also quick to put his tuppence worth in when that wanker Dean Matthew piped up about Reghan Tumilty. Dickhead.
  21. The drawback to this fantastic new system of course will be that the poor sods will have to listen to a good couple of hours or so of Gherry McDhade’s patter, so it’s not all good.
  22. He still broke Conor McGrandles' leg though, which is to his credit.
  23. It’s been on Curtis Sports’ website since March anyway. I wouldn’t know about what MacKinnon said though, I’ve chucked these interviews. Gerry McDade does my tits in so the less I have to listen to him the better.
  24. MacKinnon showed me the prototype that Oliver was photographed in back in January when I went to meet him after Twittergate.
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