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  1. Looking forward to seeing what this boy makes of my thoughts on the Falkirk thread if he thinks my hatred for Partick is unhealthy.
  2. It's a bit more difficult to put the finger on than with Falkirk- there are specific incidents and behaviours I can point to with that horrible lot, but with Partick it's not quite as obvious, although they really are an odious club. I hate to use current custodians of a club when describing my feelings towards that club as in most instances they're merely passing through, be it for 10 months or 10 years, but Ian McCall really is the prick's prick. Their behaviour after their completely justified relegation in 2020 was despicable, and he continued his snide underhand digs at Murdo McLennan and the SPFL when he appeared on Off the Ball the other week. I couldn't possibly have statistics to hand, but Partick seem to have their viewpoint represented in the media (particularly BBC Scotland) more than any other club out with the big five clubs. Had we been shite enough to be in tenth place when the season was called, I can't imagine for a second we'd have received anything like the sympathy they got. The whining about "only" getting a £150,000 grant when Championship teams got half a million was another belter. If they weren't crap, they wouldn't have gone down, deal with it. And banning the SPFL from attending their poxy little title presentation on a weekday morning last summer so they could have their own wee party and play the victim right to the end was Rangerseque behaviour if ever I'd seen it. Cunts. Speaking of Rangers, this is a club who, at a time they marketed themselves as the "One Team In Glasgow" complained that the SPFL "only" gave them one pre-split home game each against Rangers and Celtic in 2016-17. If they're the "One Team In Glasgow", why would an extra fixture against one of those two clubs be so important to them? The reality is, that the whole reason for their existence is not that they are Partick Thistle, it's that they're not Rangers or Celtic. They don't really represent a community, they're merely there for weird eccentrics, and to oppose everything Rangers and Celtic stand for. What a shite reason for being. Which brings me nicely onto my next point. The one thing they're there to do, they do it dreadfully. "Hullo, Hullo; how do you do? We hate the boys in royal blue; We hate the boys in white and green; So fuck the pope and fuck the queen." We've been over this many times in the past on here, but I've made my opinion on this little ditty perfectly clear every time. Hypocrisy at it's finest, and passed off as humour by a fanbase that get's away with it as they brand themselves as "Glasgow's Great Alternative". Nah, they're fucking scum, just like the other two. I absolute despise their fanbase with a passion, and a few of the Twitter freaks in particular. That lad trying to compare them to the "Arbroath fairytale" last season stank of a toddler crying for the attention of a parent who's trying to deal with the newborn baby brother or sister. Grow up. That guy from Greenock that always seems to try to engage with Morton fans on Twitter is another tosser, and I can think of two others who I won't dignify by alluding to their nonsense. Remember partickthistlelad on here a few years ago that used to come on and try to be pals and preach respect at us? Do one. Stupid gimmicks like that with the strip, and that Kingsley character obviously work well for them and I suppose and you can't begrudge a club doing something that maximises their revenue, but it really is grating. There was a time about 10-12 years ago I was quite annoyed with a lot of Morton fans for taking up their hospitality off for a Friday night game between the clubs (we took a 0-5 doing that night), with Partick coining in a good few quid from our fans when they could've quite easily gone to Morton's hospitality on another day. A few folk weren't happy with my pointing that out, but I'd like to think most of our fans see through their minging lot nowadays, or at least the ones who I speak to. They get my gate money and that's it. No pies, not programmes, nothing. Bare minimum, and I'd urge everyone else to do the same. The only two clubs I apply that rule for are them and Falkirk. Firhill- First of all, it's an absolute shitehole, We know Cappielow, and particularly the stand, isn't great, and away fans often complain about it. But every club provides away fans with some form of seating. They get no worse than our home fans get in the stand, but with 8,000ish seats between the Jackie Husband and the stand behind the goal, deliberately choose to put all away fans in the shitiest part of the ground, in spite of the available alternatives. And let's talk about that stand- is it possible to even take a shite in there? What happens if there's a fire? How on Earth do you get onto the pitch? The place is bogging, and even worse than our main stand in my opinion. How it gets a safety certificate is beyond me. And that bloody pitch. They managed to use that as an excuse for not lasting the pace in the title race last season, having coined in money from Queen's Park, and having had their fingers burnt by letting it out to Glasgow Warriors a decade previous. And why did Morton and Hamilton Accies, for example, two teams who managed to HOUND them on that bog in the second half of last season, cope with that tattie field? Was it perhaps that Partick weren't actually very good, rather than the pitch taking them down to their opponents' level? There have of course been other thoroughly odious individuals associated with their rotten club- most recently Richard Foster got on my tits, but guys such as Derek Johnstone, Bertie Auld, Adam Strachan, Chic Charnley and Gerry Collins spring immediately to mind. Arseholes to a man. Did anyone find McCall's "dugmeat" comment funny last season? If Billy Brown or Gary Naismith said something like that, there's no way they'd get that sort of reaction from the media. It wasn't funny at all. I saw a Dundee United fan on P&B today describing them as try hards- nail firmly on the head. They're a bogging wee club, get them in the bin.
  3. Inclined to agree with you rather than port-ton on this one. The boy had his audition and fluffed his lines big time. No room for sentiment, and it’s the whole point of a trial period. If he signs and we’re landed with another Ramsbottom for a year or two having had the warnings from his first trialist appearance we can’t exactly say we weren’t warned.
  4. It was an absolute clanger. Came to collect a ball in the air at the edge of his box and it slipped right through his hands for the boy to stick it into an empty net. Can’t really sugar coat it I’m afraid, he’d have been having nightmares about it last night at least.
  5. Found out at the game today that both Baird and Gillespie are suspended for the Falkirk game.
  6. Perhaps it’s just because I don’t like the boy, but I don’t think he came across well at all in the interview. From the off he skirted round the question about what the club means to him. Of course I don’t expect it to mean the same to him as it does to you and I so should probably be thankful he didn’t feed us a lot of shite. He speaks about his personal ambitions and says he wants to show the fans “he is what he was years ago”. This isn’t the second coming of Marko Rajamaki or Peter MacDonald- he was alright and had a wee bit of a purple patch, a bit like Archie Campbell. Describing the club as “somewhere” isn’t exactly the most complimentary of references either, and I’ve got to say it was a very unusual interview for a player jointing a new club. We all know that if he was chocolate he’d eat himself, and it comes across in the interview but he doesn’t strike me as particularly well media-trained, which surprises me as Jonathan was all over that with young players when he was here previously. There are few of the usual platitudes you hear from a new signing. It appears that his targets are personal and the success of the team a possible side effect of him reaching those targets before he fucks off to pastures new next season. Good luck to him I suppose, but I don’t see us demanding a statue of him on Sinclair Street anytime in the future. One or t’other will be dropped like a sack of spuds sooner rather than later.
  7. It’s not an “ever increasing gate price”, though. As I said in a previous post, it’s the first increase in a few years now, and is a modest 10%. The club also have to make ends meet, and had an admirable promotion during the Easter holidays which allowed kids who attended the training camps into the Hamilton game as part of that package. I’ve advocated in the not-too-distant past for similar schemes to the one you’re suggesting just now, but at a time when the whole country is tightening their belts, and Morton especially are still in a period of transition from a rich man’s brat’s neglected toy to a self sufficient community-run club, something has to give. If you, or anyone else who can’t or won’t make every game isn’t getting special treatment I’m afraid that’s just tough. We’re talking about a club for whom every penny’s a prisoner, here as you well know. They’ve rewarded their most loyal and on occasion reward those with no disposable income (the weans) so it has to be paid for elsewhere. I’m afraid those with a disposable income that can take or leave Morton are the ideal candidates to charge a premium.
  8. Imagine expecting a loyalty discount when you only turn up to about half or two thirds of the games? Make sure you email MCT when you to turn up so they can dust down the red carpet.
  9. Reghan Tumilty signs for Hartlepool.
  10. I get the point about the extra £20 being psychological, but when do you raise prices? It can’t stay the same forever, whilst every other cost rises. That extra £2 would have to have been added on at some point and taken the price away from a nice round figure, and it’s been sitting around the £20 mark for a while now. Rather than looking to grow the support, the main aim of MCT in these initial couple of years is to stabilise and see where they can progress from there, a point that was emphasised at the EGM a fortnight ago. If new fans are put off by a couple of quid extra or guys who go to 8-10 home games a season aren’t treated like long lost loved ones the so be it. It was only 4 years ago that Crawford Rae implemented a quite disastrous season ticket package that ended with a 50% rise the following season just to return to the going rate, yet what we’re seeing here is a modest 10% increase after a good few years (without checking I suspect 4-5) of the £20 tariff and folk are greeting about it. As vT quite correctly states (and I’m answering irnbru, more than yourself here) there is a loyalty scheme in the season tickets, which is a decent discount and can still be purchased. If that isn’t value for money for folk who don’t want to, or can’t attend every home game, then I’m afraid that’s just tough shit and they’ll have to accept they don’t meet the threshold for a loyalty discount and pay the going rate.
  11. Right, own up. Who gave irnbru a WiFi password today?
  12. Fair enough, I didn’t care enough to go back and check. From what I can remember it was pretty damning, but it’s up to the law of the land to determine someone’s guilt, not us. And after using Lithgow’s conviction in my argument against the signing of him this time last year, it wouldn’t be fair of me to demand we don’t sign Quitongo on the back of a Not Proven verdict, much as I don’t like the guy. But aye, he’s not very good. Someone like Airdrie is probably his level, but with the relations between their fans and the Quitongo family I can’t see that move happening.
  13. In terms of off-field problems, does he? There was the domestic abuse case for which he wasn’t convicted but that was a few years ago now. Given that a court ruled him as not guilty (IIRC, I am sure it went to court), it’s difficult for us to hold that against him. It’s quite possible that he’s grown up now. To be honest, I don’t particularly like the guy, but I only have to watch him play football, not go for a beer with him. My main issues would be that he’s not very good and has knees like glass.
  14. Tow Law was a particular favourite northern English bin town. 1-1 draw against a team from about the 13th tier of English football in the pissing rain in July 2009 on a pitch that made Firhill look like a bowling green and in a town that made Alloa look like Las Vegas. God, I pine for a game like that again.
  15. I see Hearts, Raith and Alloa all announcing pre-season friendlies today. Maybe I’m being harsh, but with the first competitive game just over 4 weeks away now, would it be too much to ask that Morton break the habit of a generation and actually give us some relatively decent notice of their friendly plans?
  16. Tidser and that bell end O’Ware missing out on promotion along with Falkirk and Dunfermline would be much more fun than Queen of the South. I’d much rather revel in their misery.
  17. Iain Wilson signs for Queen of the South.
  18. Yeah, I don’t disagree. Liverpool are a bit closer to home though.
  19. No, I never mentioned financial doping with Liverpool. I just said they’re odious.
  20. Hot on the heels of Hamburg and Inverness getting bodied in their play-offs on Monday, it was delightful to see the financially doped Wrexham and Darvel missing out on promotion from their respective leagues today. It would be a real shame if another odious club was to miss out on their big day, today. Hala Madrid.
  21. Without checking, I’d imagine Weatherson’s well out in front, with Peaso also high up the list and perhaps Tidser? Archie Campbell had a purple patch in 2012, would be grim to think he’s near the top.
  22. St. Johnstone’s a cracking away day? Really? It’s a soulless shoebox of a ground well out of town and the nearest decent pub’s in Dundee. St. Johnstone challenges Clyde’s former Broadwood as one of the worst away days in the country, I can’t think of any redeeming features. On the other hand, I’ll grant you the Billy Dodds point, although I’d have been slightly more critical after his behaviour in December and raise you the odious Scott Gardiner too. Throw in their sucking of the Hearts’ cock last season and their statement about their suspensions before the first leg and St. Johnstone have my backing tonight. “astonished to report” ”Danny will now be forced to miss the first leg” ”incredible red card decision” ”shocked and dismayed” ”widespread universal condemnation” ”we will once again be made to suffer in our efforts to gain promotion.” ”no matter the challenges we face or the unjust adversity forced upon us.” A statement straight out of Jim Traynor’s textbook and probably penned by the disgusting Gardiner himself. With them making £900,000 losses year-on-year in the Championship, hopefully another failure to win promotion will send their rancid little franchise another step closer to repeating the what Gardiner’s big club did a decade ago. Fuck them.
  23. Before “David Vize” passes it off as his own news on Twitter, I’m hearing from my Accies mate that they’re about to appoint John Rankin as their new manager.
  24. Don’t really care, tbh. I’m happy for Cadden and that’s about it.
  25. Oldham were a brilliant underdog story back in the late 80s and early 90s. Two epic cup semi-finals against Man United that both went to replays in 1990 and 1994, a League Cup Final against Forest in 1990, beating Villa to hand Man United their first title in 26 years in 1993 and a week or so later their incredible 4-3 win against Southampton to avoid relegation from the first ever Premier League, on a pitch like Firhill’s. Whilst Wimbledon we’re the more high profile underdogs at the time, I always found Oldham a better story. Plus, their star player at the time was called Andy Ritchie. They look like they’re absolutely fucked now, with no thanks to their owners, but should probably look to the aforementioned Stockport, who had a horrible last 10-20 years and are finally heading in the right direction. Incidentally, Wrexham v Stockport’s on BT Sport just now and has been a decent watch- fantastic save from Stockport’s keeper a few minutes ago.
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