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  1. It should also be added that we should perhaps be careful what we wish for when it comes to travelling supports from less desirable clubs. So far, Rangers and Celtic have been able to use COVID restrictions and the need for red zones as an excuse not to allow away fans into their own grounds- there will of course be a point that there’s no need for these red zones, but I can’t help but think we’re on a slippery slope towards 100% home crowds at these two clubs becoming the norm. Celtic aren’t even allocating Raith Rovers any tickets for their midweek League Cup game on Thursday, and we, more than most in recent years know how well Celtic Park sells out for cup ties against unattractive Championship opposition. Some may think that not getting tickets when their clubs visit Ibrox and Celtic Park is a hit hit worth taking if the fans of those clubs don’t descend on their clubs’ grounds for the corresponding fixtures, but be under no illusions that the only clubs who will benefit from this sort of ban/arrangement/embargo would be Rangers or Celtic, just like they were the major benefactors of the abolition of split gates receipts for league games and TV deals which show 90% of their away games on TV anyway, cutting home crowds for these games and ensuring the only way to see their home games are by attending. Remember it was only a few years ago they were trying to charge clubs commission for selling tickets to their away supports- we don’t need the gulf between that pair and the rest stretched any further than it already has been.
  2. There is of course David Robertson, too.
  3. From the times I’ve seen Celtic and Rangers visit Cappielow, the behaviour of their fans was no worse (in fact, infinitely better) than the mutants that came to support Falkirk in March 2019 when we drew with them before eventually bodying them into a League One a couple of months later. I’m not one to stick up for the Rangers or Celtic fans, but that sort of carry on isn’t exclusive to them. The Falkirk fans in the Norseman, involved in the pitch invasion and getting chased down East Hamilton Street that night were absolute vermin. Pity things didn’t work out too well for them in the end.
  4. Declan McDaid signs for mid-table League One jobbers, Falkirk. I make that Partick Thistle, Ayr United, Dundee and Falkirk since leaving us. Is there a former Morton player with a more appalling charge sheet since departing our club?
  5. Would be nice to hear the plans for the scheduling of the Montrose tie. Their game against Stirling in the last round kicked off at 1.30 to prevent a clash with the Scotland v Moldova game at 7.45 that evening, so I suspect the tie against us will also be moved, especially with Scotland v Israel kicking off at 5pm. Friday night? Sunday afternoon?
  6. Lesley Anne isn’t the issue, though- others not being able to accept bookings when she’s not there is, and telling the customer to phone back in a couple of days time, rather than actually making the commitment to contact them, is. Added to that, to advertise hospitality for a forthcoming game the following day, when she’s also off, would suggest there is actually someone inside Cappielow that can deal with bookings when she’s not around, but they just chose not to deal with my mate. Did they expect to advertise today but not receive any phone calls until tomorrow? It strikes me that whoever answered my mate couldn’t be bothered dealing with his query as it’s relating to a game a few weeks down the line, but they’re interested in dealing with Raith queries as they have to get hospitality filled at shorter notice. For a club that’s so often pleading poverty, they sure don’t help themselves when folk are wanting to send a few quid their way.
  7. Great to see the club trying to shift hospitality- except, when my pal called yesterday to book for 13 of us for the Arbroath game on October 2nd, he was told that Lesley Anne was off yesterday and today and to phone back tomorrow (Wednesday). Then they advertise Raith hospitality today. This begs a few questions. Who is selling hospitality in Lesley Anne’s absence for Raith? Why couldn’t they take our booking for Arbroath in her absence? Why are they advertising it on her day off if they can’t take bookings in her absence? Is it a case of a communication breakdown that contradicts what fans were told yesterday? Is it a case of Morton having our £1200 odd in the bank for the last two years anyway so we can wait whilst they deal with the more immediate issue of Saturday’s game? Whatever it is, and I think of Lesley Anne as one of the good guys, who does a good job at Cappielow; if bookings can’t be taken in her absence, that’s yet another one of the basics the club are failing in. I get that the money’s in the bank, but pissing off your loyal fans who have already put their hands in their pocket doesn’t bode well for repeat custom. Really poor customer service from the club, again.
  8. Not going to lie, I’ll be distraught if he gets bagged before we go there in a fortnight’s time.
  9. Grant Adam’s been convicted of embezzling £15,000 from his grandad, whilst acting as his Power of Attorney. Oops.
  10. Good to see them doing something right, then.
  11. To answer Piehutt’s point about my labelling of Gordon Ritchie as arrogant, I’m not going to kid on I’m not privy to the odd wee titbit of information from mates, but it’s up to them to share it with the wider public if they feel the need to. That said, I’ve already alluded on this thread to what I believe to be his quite appalling treatment of Christopher Dodds at Montrose in May, when he apparently threatened to withdraw all his media privileges as a result of Christopher’s criticisms of Captain Calamity Sean McGinty the previous week. On a number of levels, this is just wrong. There’s been a big story about Rangers charging the media £25,000 a season for access and how this is their way of controlling negative output. I fail to see a difference here, other than scale. Do we really want to see the Tele being forced into avoiding criticism for fear of being banned? I’m sorry, but unlike the Rangers support, who seem to see criticism as a personal slight, rather than necessary on occasion, I want to see my club taken to task when things go wrong. It also begs the question as to whether Roger Graham or Jonathan Mitchell, two experienced journalists who had built up a bit of currency in their roles would have been treated in such a way. If not, I’d suggest this behaviour is tantamount to the bullying of a young boy at the early stages of his career, and is quite frankly shameful. I didn’t like a lot of things that the Raes did in their twenty years at the helm, and made my opinions known at the time. But ultimately, it was their club and if I wasn’t happy, nobody was forcing me to support the club. A fan owned club though, should in my opinion hold itself to higher standards as they are responsible to every one of their members and supporters- the people whose money has put them in the position they occupy. I was a bit late to the party when joining MCT as I initially had my misgivings, but I certainly don’t recall being asked to vote for Gordon Ritchie. Others may have been, before I joined up, but in the spirit of democracy, I’d urge everyone to ensure he’s not given another spell in office at either MCT or Morton themselves.
  12. That doesn’t mean that whilst in office they’ve got a free pass to do whatever they like without being called out on their failings.
  13. I generally use my Morton group chats for something more productive, such as ticket and travel arrangements- you should try it. Perhaps, rather than me rounding up the troops, these guys clicked on the thread, read your posts, decided “what a thundercunt” and commented accordingly. Did that not cross your tiny mind?
  14. Two elongated posts from Piehutt about how we should give them the benefit of the doubt without any mention whatsoever of their arrogant refusal to address the concerns of the people who put them in office over the signing of a convicted sex offender, and their subsequent refusal to address the matter of fans lording this. Well, colour me shocked.
  15. I think Gordon Ritchie in particular, who is the main organ grinder, is too arrogant to regret or even open his eyes to any of his/their failings. Knowing Dean, and knowing how he would go out his way to ask difficult questions, which needed asked, I’d imagine this development is seen by Ritchie as a positive step, as it’ll give them a bit of peace and quiet for a while. I’m sure most of us know Dean’s not the first to chuck it- Gerry McGeehan was another sad loss, but I don’t suspect he’ll be the last. You reap what you sow, and Ritchie’s in the process of doing just that.
  16. Ultimately this is the main point of the matter. MCT have dug themselves into this hole by not acknowledging the fans’ quite legitimate concerns in the first place. If this was about racist or homophobic abuse, they’d have a sound base to work from, but because their own practices have left a great deal to be desired, they’re in a difficult position, here. Not going to lie, I’ve got a horse in the race here as I know, and really don’t get along with these guys. That said, I’m not comfortable with folk getting banned from Cappielow, especially by a fan owned club, unless their crimes are particularly heinous. This I find offensive, and offending guys like myself and the others commenting on here was probably the grand plan in the first place, but I’m not sure where it fits on the scale alongside say, the Rangers bus last week. I’ve given MCT a lot of grief over the last few months and tried to temper it recently since Graham Barr got in touch to address some of my concerns, but await with bated breath their response to this. There’s a happy medium between Warren Hawke firing out letters to all and sundry and things like this being brushed under the carpet for fear of a negative reaction. How the board of directors at Cappielow react to this could well define how confident we can be in their leadership, values, ability to confront difficult situations and fitness for purpose going forward.
  17. The club aren’t going to ban someone for offensive chanting or posting online when they’ve actually employed the guy who’s crimes are the subject they’re glorifying. I know it’s different ownership now, but look at the amount of bans Gerry and I dodged back in the day. You know however there’ll be a lot of back slapping and congratulating about how they’ve managed to “get a rise out of all the snowflakes” and stuck it to all these arseholes that have got too much to say for themselves. When in reality, once he sobered up, he was too ashamed of his tweet that he felt forced to delete it in the hope that it’s all forgotten about and there are no repercussions. Fooling nobody.
  18. The guy who replied to the tweet’s brother is a volunteer at Cappielow, looking after the mascots and is involved with MCT, but it would be unfair to tar him with it. Has to be said though, when someone digs you out for celebrating someone pulling one off in public, it takes a special sort to reply by labelling them a wanker. Although I very much doubt he’ll see the irony in that.
  19. My approach to your posts is no different to my approach to anyone else’s, hotshot. It just so happens that your posting on most matters tends to amount to ambulance chasing, dreadful trolling, seeking sympathy, putting the boot in without justification, bleating when pulled up for your dreadful takes and generally digging yourself into a hole that you can’t get out of. Neither I, nor anyone else can be held accountable for that, it’s all on you. The simple solution is to stop making a complete fanny of yourself- that way you’re unlikely to be dug up for making a complete fanny of yourself. HTH.
  20. Good. Although I’d imagine that’ll be part of his bail conditions, rather than a ban by Partick Thistle Family Club.
  21. No more so than I have with any other self absorbed drama queen who’d walk a million miles to get their feelings hurt, but wouldn’t cross the street to get a match ticket if the alternative was to bleat online about the perceived injustices of it A couple of points worth answering, though; Keeping in touch with your mates on a WhatsApp group hardly constitutes living and breathing football 24/7. If you and said mates are aware of ticketing arrangements (which you should be as they were communicated through all the appropriate channels), it makes sense that you do your best to work round these arrangements and accommodate everyone. I’d suggest it takes approximately 3 minutes out of your week to say “yes, I’d like a ticket, I’ll transfer you £20” and reply with “cheers” once said ticket has been purchased. ”We all have our routines and priorities”. Yes, we do. But for the last 18 months, we’ve had to adapt to changing circumstances. Just walking up to a football ground, handing over £20 and going in isn’t how it works these days. The vast majority just get on with the changing circumstances, but there’s always the odd one who makes it all about himself- see Ton4Life. For all Morton’s faults, there are some genuinely good people working at Cappielow, who would bend over backwards to try and accommodate folk. The days of Susan Burns treating paying customers with downright contempt are in the distant past, and I don’t think for a second that someone like Brendan or Lesley Anne wouldn’t go out their way to help anyone. The post was grossly unfair on Morton and those who have handled the ticketing arrangements. There are times that they won’t get everything right, but generally they work to get a solution for everyone. Posts like this should be challenged as they aren’t a fair representation of how the club have worked this week.
  22. Clearly it did go quite well, given that we sold out our allocation and are probably bringing the biggest travelling support to an away game since the cup quarter final against Celtic in 2018. But of course, you’ve been inconvenienced, so it’s a disaster. I’m not local myself, but have had plenty of mates across two or three group chats all offering to pick up a ticket for me. Has asking a mate been an option you’ve considered, or are you equally as insufferable in real life as your online persona on this forum is? Have you called Cappielow to find a solution beyond moaning on here about the injustice of it all? Whilst I’m very much in the “MCT couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery” camp, anytime I’ve phoned Cappielow regarding tickets, I’ve never experienced any problems with them posting tickets out promptly. I wouldn’t say I’d be too far off the mark in suggesting that if you really wanted to get a ticket, you’d probably have gotten one, and with minimum fuss. However, the path you chose was to whine about the whole injustice of Morton’s ticketing policy which isn’t tailored around you, and you specifically. I hope you have a thoroughly miserable Saturday, punctured briefly by hearing Morton have beaten that minging lot. Although that would probably not be what you’re after anyway.
  23. Let’s not give them too much credit, eh? They’ve done the bare minimum that most would expect from them and communicated their statement on the back of a postage stamp, whilst, when they feel wronged the standard statement is akin to War and Peace. And yes, you can already see the Partick fans going all out to portray the alleged perpetrator as the victim by reading the match thread on Pie and Bovril. I suspect the club will do likewise, even in the event of a conviction. We stand with Derek Gaston.
  24. Let’s not forget this is a support whose songbook includes “fuck the Pope and fuck the Queen”. Looking for a character reference from them is like putting forward Myra Hindley to say you’d make a good baby sitter.
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