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  1. We don’t even have hot running water in the fucking bogs.
  2. He’s already signed a new deal at Motherwell.
  3. Thank you. Have one in return.
  4. Guess what colour of dot this is getting…
  5. The lunch break thing is a nonsense. Your season tickets have just been released, if you market the things properly, you can expect a rush on the first day. Get extra bodies in and stagger break times so that the folk who are happy to give you the thick end of £300 are catered for. This sort of carry on just goes to show how lacking in customer focus the club is. Work things round the paying punter, it’s not rocket science. It smacks of slapping an iron on badge on a blue and white £9.99 Nike top and trying to fleece the fans for £40, or telling folk you only have Sinclair Street tic
  6. What’s bothering me at the moment it is the uncertainty as to who is making decisions and the lack of accountability for those decisions. I get that we’re in that difficult period when the ownership’s being handed over and we also have to assemble a competitive squad ahead of the new season, but particularly when the club makes such a controversial first signing of the new era, for nobody to put their head above the parapet and answer difficult questions doesn’t show our prospective new directors, whoever they may be, in a good light. Who is signing off the new contracts and signings, and
  7. No such thing as an ex sex offender- you’re either a sex offender or you aren’t.
  8. Just out of interest- did anyone get an email from Ayr United today trying to sell you a season ticket?
  9. There’s certainly a happy medium to be found between being a “Partick Thistle” type and employing registered sex offenders. He’s here now, and there’s little that we can do about it beyond voicing our displeasure at the signing. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’ll support him when he’s playing, “tolerate” is probably a more appropriate word. I get that the manager wants to give himself the best possible chance of success next season, and he’s the latest in a long line of managers to give him a job, but I’d be interested to know whether anyone at boardroom level saw any issues with th
  10. What happened to Norris after his crimes became public knowledge? Did he leave to go onto pastures new and a role that was more to his liking and for the benefit of his career? Or did he leave in disgrace because of the severity of his crime, either sacked or forced to resign? I can't say for certain which one it is, but I can hazard a guess. Like it or not, a criminal record affects a person's employment prospects for the rest of their days, and the Disclosure system in this country treats certain crimes far more seriously than others. Nobody's condoning the actions of Williams at the ti
  11. Multiple women, wanking off in his car in front of them whilst (presumably) sober. Not that being pissed would’ve been an excuse. In at least two of the instances they were pushing prams. Unlike before when he was on trial, he’s a signed player now and we can’t do anything about it, but I’m certainly not going to pretend I’m happy with this signing. He’s a Rolls Royce of a centre back at this level, but that doesn’t come into it.
  12. That was Barry Sellars of Forfar, Lithgow’s crimes were a lot worse than that.
  13. Aye, that effort’s an absolute shambles. Absolutely nothing wrong with their last badge- Juventus, when they changed their badge a few years ago were another.
  14. Morton’s club badge is beautiful. There are so many things needing changed around the place, but the badge isn’t one of them. It’s a perfect balance between modern and traditional, having been tarted up a few times down the years. There’s absolutely no need to change one of the few things they’ve got right. Look at the mess the likes of Arsenal have made of their badge.
  15. You’d imagine Duffy would be pulling his hair out if he had any, working with that self absorbed arsehole. If there was one thing that shone through in his time here it was that he kept everyone onside and had a harmonious atmosphere here. As soon as McGinty gets caught underneath a ball resulting in a goal, Hopkin will revert to type and go in two footed on their fans for having the temerity to point out that McGinty’s a complete spud. I just can’t imagine Duffy working in that sort of atmosphere.
  16. East Kilbride were amongst the Lowland League clubs who voted in favour of Rangers and Celtic Colts jointing their division next season.
  17. Andy Carlin was indeed out of his depth, but the thing that annoyed me about Ramsbottom was watching him at half time when he was on the bench. He’d come on the park with a massive great bench coat, hands in pockets and spend 15 minutes doing keepie ups and chatting to his mates instead of taking some crosses or shots. I’ve said before, I’m no goalkeeper coach, but ffs, if you want to improve your game, or at least make sure you’re sharp in case you’re called into action, get your finger out and make sure you’re prepared. I do wonder however if his attitude towards the Morton support is i
  18. Sam Ramsbottom didn’t seem to like us very much.
  19. An unpopular opinion if your name is Markus Fjortoft, perhaps. Not really for anyone else though.
  20. Do you fall under the same category as those apparently qualified managers?
  21. Incidentally, it’ll only be 3 of the second placed teams that qualify, instead of the usual four as Scotland now has a fifth team in Europe this season.
  22. League Cup Draw this afternoon, as always we’re in the south section and second seeds. Top seeds are St. Mirren, Motherwell, Kilmarnock and Hamilton (any one of four) Second seeds are Dunfermline, Queen of the South, Ayr and ourselves (Cammy draw any of the other three) And we can draw three of the unseeded teams- Partick Thistle, Airdrie, Falkirk, Clyde, Dumbarton, Queen’s Park, Edinburgh City, Stranraer, Stenhousemuir, Albion Rovers, Annan and East Kilbride. After last year’s shitey draw, a nice easy one for me, please. Kilmarnock, Albion Rovers, Annan and East Kilbride.
  23. When the fuck was this? Was I in a coma for a massive period of Hopkin’s tenure and nobody’s informed me of this?
  24. The point about them leaving the juniors behind shouldn't be understated. Most of them are in the pyramid now, but it was initially mocked by the likes of Auchinleck Talbot- it needed someone to take the jump and Kelty were that club. I visited two and a half years ago for a reserve game against Dunfermline, pretty much so Nach0 could fire me from a cannon into a brick wall, but I was quite impressed with the set up. The social club/hospitality lounges were closed at the time but whilst inside the club grounds were in a separate building and looked to have a pretty significant capacity. I
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