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  1. Nah, Nostalgia Cases still have the Morton licence. I asked about it on Twitter, and of course, got no reply from Morton, but Nostalgia Cases replied immediately to say they were still around.
  2. Aye, I don’t expect them to know the internal politics at Morton, but our January budget will be the same whether 10 or 10,000 Hearts fans subscribe for that game. A Chairman that’s just about to swan off into the sunset with our ground isn’t going to go on a shopping spree to get a play off place, so this season of all seasons I’m quite happy to see them boycotting if it hits him further in the pocket. They can stamp their feet as much as they want and throw tantrums until the cows come home, but I for one fully endorse their boycott. I’d be doing the same had I not bought a season ticket, and did do the same with Partick Thistle the other week after their behaviour over the summer. Nice to see someone over there was triggered by my post on the Ton Tv thread, though.
  3. They can fucking whistle dixie for my tenner after their behaviour over the summer.
  4. Bit late for some, but I got it for £5.99 a month on my Sky using the discount code SALE at the checkout. I’ll keep it and watch the odd Spanish and Italian game, then get shot of it as soon as it goes up to £11.99. Thought that code was common knowledge.
  5. Lewis Hawke scored the opener for Montrose at Stirling Albion, although they now trail 2-1.
  6. Raith Certainly Capitalised On Our Poor Performance Yesterday.
  7. The clique will be round to deal with that, champ. Thanks for playing.
  8. Desperate attempt to claw back some greenies after being bombarded with reds on the match thread. Fooling nobody.
  9. Toby

    Ton Tv

    Should charge £18 for the Hearts game at Cappielow with a special offer of the Queen of the South game a fortnight later for a tenner if you buy the Hearts game. Excellent way for Morton fans to pay the going rate whilst fleecing the bastards for the maroon pound.
  10. Last I remember was against the burners when Grant Adam replaced Gaston after that animal Steven Thompson decided to plant his studs into Gaston’s ribs in 2015. Before that, David Hutton came on for Gaston in a cup tie at Albion Rovers in 2012.
  11. It should also be pointed out that the only Morton player that their commentary team knew anything about was Robbie Muirhead, off the back of a few appearances for Dundee United. Mistaking Kyle Jacobs for Keghan was poor too. Is it too much to expect a commentary team to know a bit about the team they’re playing against for a game involving two teams in the same division? Especially when you’re paying £12.50 for the privilege?
  12. Probably time to eat a bit of humble pie about Gherry- the commentary is very good, and given that the Dundee commentary is all we can really compare it to at present, he has a better understanding of the game, it appears he does his research on opposing players and, much as his patter can be grim, has a lot more charisma than that guy. I’d say there are wee things about Morton he’s not up to speed on that probably saddos like myself pick up on, and it was obvious that he and Andy didn’t understand the format of the League Cup groups when the Queen of the South game went to penalties. All that taken into account, and with the better picture, production, analysis and general content outwith the 90 minutes; provided Morton don't increase the prices above £14 for higher profile games, I think it’s fair to say that Morton’s stream is better value than Dundee’s for the overall service they provide.
  13. I’d argue that nobody was expecting too much from Muirhead either in light of his career trajectory and the opinions of the Dunfermline fans from his time there. He’s living down to my expectations anyway.
  14. For those who didn’t see Muirhead’s two bookings at the weekend... I’d also add that Hopkin deflecting attention to the behaviour of the Dundee bench isn’t helpful in the slightest. I’m not asking him to go out and slaughter his players, but he has to make it clear that that sort of behaviour is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. Citing external influences does neither Hopkin nor Muirhead any favours at all.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=992074897941119 From another Morton related post last week. Even if Morton have informed the SPFL, they should be following them up to make sure they're properly tagging them and giving them the exposure that the other clubs are getting.
  16. I see the SPFL have produced a goals montage on their Facebook page, which tags and links the accounts of 9/10 of the Championship clubs- no prizes for guessing which one hasn't been tagged. I get that it's a little thing, but the account was used yesterday to post a match report from Saturday, so is clearly still in use. Do the club not bother informing the SPFL of the communication platforms they use? At the point I've checked it, the SPFL have 168,177 people who like and 172,786 who follow that account, which gives a free link to Morton and their activities. Surely such negligence in not informing them of things like this can't be a good thing. Maybe it's just me being a moany bastard that wants to tear into them for everything, but it's another daft wee thing that shouldn't really be happening. https://www.facebook.com/spflofficial/posts/10160248121103998
  17. Should be pointed out too that Hopkin should be keeping an eye on discipline, which hasn’t really been a problem in recent times. As far as I can recall, Jacobs’ red card against Dundee last season was our first (for a player) in God knows how long, yet we’ve started this season with two red cards and not a tackle committed to contribute to them. Not a good example to them to see the manager also taking a booking for dissent to the referee either, something he was sent to the stand for at Hibs last season. If, as we’re constantly told, there’s a tight ship being run and little room for manoeuvre with the squad then I expect Hopkin to be addressing these issues to give us a far better chance in this league than if we’re to carry on the way we’re going.
  18. Mark Russell has scored a double for Finn Harps, who lead 2-0 at Bohemians with about 20 minutes left.
  19. Nice to see you actually engage rather than grassing to the mods. How’s the photography going?
  20. Is it just me that’s got no sound on the stream?
  21. It's not just this, Eric M grassing on me for calling him a cunt also put a smile on my face. Hope this helps .
  22. Can’t say I’ve got any real ill will towards Welsh, but he doesn’t play for us and I very much doubt he’ll be good enough to play for Scotland so I’m hardly going to lose any sleep over a Celtic youngster having a shiter. He’s no Thomas O’Ware in terms of unpopularity amongst us, but let’s be honest, he’s hardly one of our own either. He passed through for a couple of months, is now playing for his parent club and just had a tough time of it, it happens. If it comes between a choice of pointing and laughing at DOT for backing the wrong horse again or pitying a Celtic player, I’m afraid there’s only one winner.
  23. This is probably the most appropriate thread to put this in, given that we’re sharing a group with that minging lot just now... Come back CFB, all is forgiven.
  24. Greenie to cancel out the red from that returning cunt, Eric M. Hello Eric M, you cunt.
  25. Toby

    Ton Tv

    I’d maybe look a wee bit more sympathetically at the pleas of poverty and calls for volunteer help if the chairman wasn’t planning on taking the fucking stadium with him when he swans off into the sunset next summer.
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