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  1. Not managing to improve the squad from our good position in Jan has been a big disappointment and has probably played its part in running out of steam after that brilliant run. Cannot see us making the playoffs now which is majorly disappointing. Think we’ve got enough in the tank to stay away from any playoff nonsense below us. Any word on Strapps injury? Desperately needing him back in.
  2. Jack Bearne today Gave us that wee extra edge at times, hopefully see him kick on and improve with a run in the team.
  3. McGrattan is always an easy target it seems. Far worse on the park than him at times today. Broadfoot, Blues and French in particular being horrendous. Was Strapp coming off an injury? Not surprised we make that change, and instantly we are switched off down the left side at that quick corner for the goal. Mullen should be doing better too, looked like he went with the wrong hand aswell? Something needs to change, that’s giving me the absolute fear today.
  4. Fucking shite as trying to get down the road now after an early finish Problems expected til 7pm!
  5. All of us dreaming of Big George playing tomorrow night!
  6. When we actually decided to play the ball on the deck we seen our best passage of play in the game last night. The amount of long balls has been awful, and this tactic has been more apparent in the last few games without Oakley. Difficult ask for Jai & Mullen who are still clearly carrying injuries. Jai clearly having to hold back with his hamstring taped up and same with Mullens right thigh as we seen him reverting to throws and using his left. 2 great saves from Mullen though Alan Power absolutely strolling it in the middle of the park is a great watch too! Hearts are always going to be a tough one but going into it off 2 defeats and missing key players, we need everyone at it next week to get anywhere near them. Hopefully some Hearts players are right off it and we take the next 5 days to get some decent recovery in with maybe Oakley making an appearance on Monday
  7. Telegraph saying we could be without Mullen, Oakley & Wilson for up to a month. That’s a bit of a disaster.
  8. Oakley has at least secured himself a contract offer from Dundee Utd next year after ripping them to bits. He’s been an absolute joy to watch and hope he continues on with us. On the subject of Lewis Strapp, he has been ridiculous since his return. Outstanding having a player of his quality in the team, aggressive, clever and a real leader. The throw ins take so much pressure off us at times. Power has also been excellent. Think he’s got a beauty of a goal in him this season, hoping to see it soon! The way he just takes that wee touch or flick and we are away is brilliant. Also love that wee nasty streak he’s got in him, something we have been needing in there.
  9. If we are pulling names out the sky, I’ll go for Innes Cameron at Killie, not been near their team recently and they’ve got a lot of competition at top end of the pitch. Big physical player if I remember rightly from his time at QOTS.
  10. Special mention to Jamie McDonald tonight who was clearly carrying an injury and struggled on the whole game. Don’t think he was tested the whole game tbf, came for a few crosses but could see there was an issue with his kicking.
  11. Can remember him giving it to the Cowshed in the last game thinking he was the big man. First time I’ve ever paid any attention to him, so that probably tells us how good he is. Beautiful meltdowns on twitter last night from Partick fans talking about how they should officially complain about the decisions and some couldn’t even face going to the pub after that Hopefully all still greeting into their oat milk latte’s and vegan rolls and sausage this morning.
  12. Nice to see Graham having a cunt of a night with Partick tonight
  13. What a laugh that would be btw, would be an actual riot if they ended up in with us. As you say though, they can’t really police that on the Fanbase app.
  14. Seen some flashes of his ability but we are well covered now squad wise so absolutely fine with this. Dougie had high hopes for him when he signed so he’s been a bit of a disappointment but we have better players in front of him in the squad.
  15. They seem to be all over social media these days thinking that they are the business. Changed days from 2 years ago when they signed Goodwillie and broke the internet!
  16. Ex loanee Jimmy Knowles scoring for Boston Utd in National League North!
  17. Why are they not allowing a drum in for todays game? On what grounds are they banning them other than QP being absolute pricks.
  18. Hearts three fixtures leading up to playing us are Rangers, Hibs & Celtic so hopefully they are humped by the time they meet us!
  19. Stick to being a washed up, fat mess Aiden and we’ll stick to putting Ayr back in their box. Mind the gap!
  20. We need to see if he delivers on the early promise shown here, and the jury is out on that obviously. Sorting turnstiles would be a decent start for many, and as mentioned before Motherwell will be the indicator for that. I don’t remember Hawke/Donaldson or whoever else speaking as positively, giving insight and appearing to genuinely plan for the future. He talks about everyone pulling in the same direction, good people in the building and being on the same page so hopefully we see that come together and we get some progression come the end of the season and we make the playoffs.
  21. What a difference from the days of Hawke / insert any of the other charlatans names here. Really open, positive and proactive with a clear vision going forward
  22. Will take the point but that first half performance was brilliant, some really nice football on show aswell. If we went in 2 or 3 up there wouldn’t be many arguments about it. Very surprised how passive Partick were in the first half. Sneddon had his best game for them against us today, he’s usually awful and definitely a weak link. Two cracking saves in the first half, Oakley and Crawford I think? Disappointing not to take the 3 points but lots of positives to take again. What a turn around it’s been
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