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  1. Love the passion and hoping next time he sees Brian Graham and Sean McGinty he fucking trails them right up and down the park.
  2. Ali Crawford consistently shitting out of tackles just isn’t what we need. Counted at least 5 times where he just didn’t fancy it. Onto the bench he goes hopefully! The constant, unrelenting high ball to that prick McGinty’s stupit big heed was especially nauseating. He is an absolute joke. Gets sent off against Arbroath for us to miss the playoffs with a suspension (he was our captain mind), for Ayr to stay up and for him to come out 3 weeks later saying he kept in constant contact with Hopkin and then signs with Ayr could look a bit suss.
  3. Hurry up 7.45pm! Get the day out the fucking road, can’t wait for tonight!
  4. There’s more awards on that bench than we had subs at the beginning of the season!
  5. The definition of a legend. RIP Allan. He was the manager when I started going to games, and I remember meeting him and being proper starstruck as a kid. When people think of Morton out with our fan base they always mention how good Allan McGraw was.
  6. Well done Morton and Dougie getting that sorted. Excellent signing Very positive strides being made this season by all concerned so hoping we can keep the feel good factor going. I do believe this squad can take us up!
  7. No surprises that McGrattan starts and we look miles better today! Great pressing and attacking display but still making it way too easy at the back for teams. What a signing Grimshaw has been! Oakley has got that bit of intelligence about him that we have really lacked in recent seasons, and was a joy to watch today. Really unlucky not having a hat trick aswell. Muirhead and Crawford also had good games today and Jai also having a final ball at times today was cracking
  8. It’s another body in the door, and he’s done the business at this level before so fingers crossed we see some goals from him!
  9. Met Dave a few times in the Spinnaker years ago. Really nice guy, and Morton through and through. Dedication personified travelling to the games as much as he could. Rest in peace, it’s a true gent we’ve lost and would echo the same above, we will all miss his contributions on here.
  10. Craig Levein and Gary Holt part of the panel for the hearing aswell apparently. Both already on the absolute cunt list anyway!
  11. His dad was a decent player for Forest!
  12. Would’ve fancied that tie at Cappielow! If anyone can go and do it, again, it’s Dougie.
  13. Good solid signing and it’s an upgrade on what we currently have. Slightly surprised we’ve went for a right back but if we see a striker and wide player brought in aswell then that’s cracking.
  14. I’d watch the passage of play leading up to the second goal back and see the absolute state of his “tackle” at the edge of the box. There were other offenders, it was too easy overall, but he played his part. He absolutely should be dropped, but O’Connor was equally involved in some of the mistakes, so the worry for me is Imrie is referring to him and Blues ends up playing next week. Kabia also equally as frustrating now. We badly need these reinforcements to come in. The loss of Lyon & Garrity to the squad was evident with the lack of anything on the bench, but we’ve been saying that since day 1 of this season. The other worry for me is the reluctance to actually play through the midfield and keep the ball down.
  15. It was a thing of beauty, a bit like the big man himself
  16. How is it allowed that they can step down from MCT (the vehicle that got them on the GMFC board) but remain on the GMFC board? Surely if you step down from MCT you do the same for GMFC? I have absolutely no idea about this so if someone is happy to help explain that would be great!
  17. All feels a bit Zhivago’esque. He loved a bit of this chat.
  18. Dougie might just be the type of character needed to get Jai playing again but I just don’t see us getting a run of games outta him at this stage now. Constant stop start due to injuries over the last few years. Recruitment has been decent so far, and if we can continue with this then we should be fine. Hopefully another 5/6 to come in though Also interested to see the impact Garrity has this season after his loan spell. Hopefully we have a player there.
  19. Different Barrowman. Our shite one of Ross Forbes swap fame is retired and sporting director at Kelty.
  20. Looks like two great examples of a defender not being good to me If your horny for big Brian that’s absolutely fine aswell.
  21. Making an arse of the clearance initially was back enough but a player with his experience then gets back up and heads the ball into that area of the pitch for the 2nd goal. It shouldn’t happen. All in all, he isn’t good enough and shouldn’t be offered a deal from a playing point of view. There has been other issues regarding poor marking throughout the season aswell. He seems a nice guy, and fair play to him for his efforts but we need an improvement next season.
  22. Whenever your ready, 1 min 50 secs onwards
  23. Offering McLean a new contract is as wild as his marking and decision making, which was properly on show against Motherwell in the cup. He is absolutely done at this level. Comes across really well, and been a decent enough squad acquisition over his time here but shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting line up now. This is a perfect time to really freshen up the back line so hope we make a good job of it. Slightly worried overall that so many have been offered deals as I would like Dougie to bring in his own next season and hopefully push us on.
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