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  1. Stream all over the shop at the end there! Just about caught the goal!
  2. So incredibly poor. McLean nearly costing us giving the ball away stupidly very late on, he is going to start costing us a lot more points in this league. When your bringing on Cammy Blues to just run up and down the park doing his best ghost impression then you know we aren’t taking anything from that game. The constant long ball game has got to stop aswell. I hoped we might have seen the last of it when McGinty left but that tactic is still stinking the place out. It’s all in all very worrying. I think McEntee will do us a turn though which is good, bit naive jumping in early on in the game but eased into the game as it went on. Ledger needs to come in for McLean 🙏🏻
  3. This is literally the only strip they couldn’t fuck up as it’s beautifully simple, and they have managed to still fuck it up. The strips should never have been put out when there is a clear disparity between every single one of them. The badge itself with the huge white square behind it is just embarrassing. Well summed up by everyone above, tinpot. The club need to get their act together. Loads of people not buying due to this.
  4. Welcome aboard Oisin! All the best! Few more please 🙏🏻
  5. Alex Samuel signs for Ross County.
  6. Badge looks shoddy as fuck on that doesn’t it? 😩
  7. It would be great to remember the feeling of what it’s like to sign an actual football player though.
  8. Aidan McAdams sitting on the bench again for Ayr 😂 you love to see it!
  9. Bachirou on the verge of signing for Omonia Nicosia.
  10. Absolutely worried regarding our lack of activity. I am totally for not signing any old shite but I am shocked at how little has been done player wise in the last few weeks. Worried we are under prepared and don’t want us losing 3/4 goals in these first few games until the “quality” arrives. If we are holding out for these younger players on loan from Premier League clubs then I am concerned going forward with the Ross MacIver’s and Ross MacLean’s of the world being our first choice quality signings.
  11. Last seen pointing at other players, blaming them for not marking the man he was meant to be marking. Clue, it is usually the goal scorer. Ideas way above his station, and he can fuck right off to Dumbarton as soon as he’s ready 👍🏻
  12. The silence is absolutely deafening. It has been confirmed that MCT are doing the day to day with Crawford well relieved of his duties despite the legal hold ups. It’s extremely poor the way things have started off, very little communication, we’ve no idea who’s doing what at the club, it’s all very weirdly faceless which for a club that’s being ran by fans is bizarre. It’s harming the potential of the project with many folk skeptical and unsure on whether to get involved or not. Worryingly people may look to withdraw contributions if there is no transparency. Update the fans, the people who are putting their money in so the whole thing works. It’s ripping the piss when a spokesperson comes out last month talking about clear communication and we’re getting fuck all. Sort it.
  13. Still required: 2 keepers 1 left sided centre half that can cover LB 1 centre midfielder (as we missed out on McGinn) 2/3 sand dancing wingers 2 strikers Thoughts?
  14. Brilliant news on Ledger. That was a big one for us as he’s been so reliable and consistent. Not too arsed about McAdams to be honest, know he won POTY’s etc but there was always something I wasn’t convinced by regarding him. Would expect us to get an upgrade….hopefully!
  15. Ross MacLean is absolutely pish, still got another 2 levels to go until level found though. He’s got Lowland league written all over him.
  16. He’s only started 2 games (Playoff games) under Gus and prior to playoffs hasn’t feature since Dundee away for last 10 mins as a sub? Surprised Gus fancies him when he’s had him as an unused sub for the majority of his time here.
  17. Worrying when we release McGuffie and not Blues! He is mostly anonymous through games and we really can’t be having someone ghosting about in the middle of the park, especially with the quality that’s in this league. Quality over quantity was definitely the war cry so let’s hope we have some quality still to come!
  18. Good to see Oliver signed up for next season. Hopefully we get some decent players in to play up top with him 🤞🏻
  19. Brian McLean. Darren Hynes Lewis Strapp Kyle Jacobs. Reece Lyon Lewis McGrattan Alexander Easdale. Any others I have missed? Waiting on: McAdams, Ledger, Blues, Colville, Muirhead, Oliver
  20. For me Ledger, Millar, McGuffie, Oliver and McAdams can stay. I would throw Colville in there too but Gus clearly doesn’t fancy him.
  21. “Morton fans don’t say nice things online or in person” The boy was literally throwing them in at every opportunity, wtf does he want a pat on the back and the keys to the town hall? By far the most out of his depth keeper we’ve had in my time watching the club anyway. He should take a bit of responsibility for his shocking performances, slow motion dives, palming the ball straight out to the opposition, diving over the top of shots. Still trying to forget about it, it was just bizarre and he’s papering over the cracks a bit after the state of his part in the famous own goal with McGeever this season 😂
  22. Well done Morton 👏🏻 delighted!
  23. Absolutely convinced about that red card aswell. Deserves every bit of the hounding he’ll get next season 👍🏻
  24. Fair play to Salkeld. Always gave his all and genuinely seemed to care when others looked a bit disinterested. His presence helped us in the playoffs overall though, but his lack of goals (along with a few others) put us in that position in the first place. Gus said a few players had signed up elsewhere so will be interesting to see who follows him to Ayr. Colville, McAdams, and Jacobs maybe? Hopefully we get our house in order and fill the managers position as soon as. We are ultimately a week or 2 behind other teams and we have to get it bang on this season due to the calibre we’ll be up against.
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