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  1. I've been trying to find the Viz Prince Philip cartoon strip for the past few days now. Easily my favourite ever Prince Philip moment. ETA: Not this one but just seen this http://viz.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Screen-Shot-2016-02-04-at-21.58.21.png
  2. It is the husband of the reigning monarch, it's only right that the country shows him respect. Also, supporters aren't even allowed into the games just now anyway, so it is causing minimal inconvenience. Those who are being inconvenienced really are those directly involved in the games, which considering they've had a bit of a free ride this season by getting paid for a season of closed door games, they should have little to moan about.
  3. Predictive text - well spotted. Between me calling him a princess and Gigi calling him a 'Greek' it looks like his masculinity is being called into question here, when in fact he was the real life James Bond who'd actually 'do you in' as quick as look at you. Not me, just you.
  4. You address him by his proper title, you little bollocks. Crawford's not deid.
  5. He was not a Greek, he was heterosexual. Next.
  6. Which leads to the question, are we better at Hockey than Football, and if so, should we pack in Football because we are shite at it?
  7. Passed away today, aged 99. A wonderful gentleman and a true war hero, and the favourite Royal of all of us bar none. Will be sadly missed by all. RIP.
  8. https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/19212308.greenock-morton-hockey-club-updating-training-hours/ Since when did Morton have a hockey club? Is it proper Hockey, as in men's Ice Hockey or the one with girls in short skirts?
  9. My worst fear is us being relegated in a play off against Partick Thistle. I hate that fucking club. ETA: However, us beating them to keep them down would be worth any short term irritant caused by being involved in the relegation play-offs.
  10. Christ, that looks worse than Gormless Gordon's manboobs effort in that Kid's colouring competition.
  11. Even less than that for myself. I've had no interest in this season, the fact that we are playing football this season when everything else has been on hold has made it farcical.
  12. In normal times I wouldn't mind a cup game in Motherwell. I'd sooner that than many of the other possibilities.
  13. And on another note, it's nice to see that failed Morton manager David 'Hoppy' Hopkin's Ayr United well and truly papped out of this year's Scottish Cup by Clyde. Pleasing.
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