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  1. I was looking for a Brian Clough story about Celtic, and found this: I'm also sure that I read somewhere that Clough was approached to replace Jock Stein at Celtic, but they opted for Billy McNeill who wasn't asking for as much money.
  2. Sad news indeed. A nice guy who was well liked by all. RIP Bryan.
  3. That high praise indeed coming from someone as sanctimonious as yourself.
  4. Celtic FC, the club who Morton are playing against on this occasion. One of their former coaches died recently. I know your about to slaver 'whit hus that goat tae do with thu game?' Well, enough folk will be singing about the bheasts on the day, so therefore it has relevance. Next.
  6. Not to be confused with Lee Bowyer, whose antics caused David O'Leary's Leeds United team to self implode. The hangover from that case is arguably as long as the 2003/4 Morton 'betting scandal' season.
  7. That statement shows Crawfordjag up in a far better light than is merited. He did try and hold onto the club's main asset, Cappielow Park, and only relinquished this when there was an uproar on this forum. Also, MCT were also willing to accept this until a few made it clear this was an unacceptable position.
  8. I know one of the individuals involved in the 'PTFC Trust', The word 'sleekit' springs to mind.
  9. Aye, Toby said above. We've played another game against them which I don't remember, but i'm sure i was there.
  10. Aye, I was reading up on these. Apparently we've played there three times over the past decade. I can only remember two of these games.
  11. I'd happily give him that as he scored a double against England.
  12. Easter Sunday in 2016 was the 27th March. Mothering Sunday was the 6th March 2016. Anyway, One big thing which would have affected the attendance of the 2016 game would have been the weather, it was a couple of days after 'The Beast from the East' snowstorm and was in freezing conditions. There was a lot of debate whether the game should have actually been played in those conditions as the trains were off, roads were bad, weather warnings in place etc. That would have have affected the crowd for starters. It did make for a good sing-song though.
  13. How will we get £250k from this one? I personally reckon we should use this as a shop window for Lewis Strapp and get around £4million plus add-ons for him.
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