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  1. I was in Heathrow T5 for a five hour layover when I posted this yesterday. My original flight got cancelled which meant that I had to reschedule both legs of the journey at short notice, and my two hour layover then became five. It was mobbed, full of people wandering about aimlessly trying to kill time because, they had time to kill. All the shops seem to be be selling overpriced suitcases and London/Big Ben/Red Bus tourist tat, all the bars/eating places are stowed out and you cant even get a burger unless its a Gordon Ramsay/Jamie Oliver concoction for three times the price. I mean, whats wrong with just having a Burger King? Amsterdam has one and it works a treat. To make matters worse, they have a 'quiet zone' next to the A gates which is anything but fucking quiet. It was full of Airport workers of one particular ethnicity on their phones speaking too fucking loud and irritating the life out of normal passengers just trying to get a bit of peace.
  2. Fair point. The worst thing that will have ever happened to them would be getting beat in the last Euro Finals at home. They'll cripple themselves with expectation going forward, and will provide no end of amusement when they dont win it. Again.
  3. Yes, they've been rounding on England since the Serbia game, however they've had a 'no bad' start to the tournament. However the build up was all about this being the best team they've ever had and how they're going to win it, which is making the criticism bordering on a national meltdown even funnier.
  4. Scotland draw against Switzerland and England draw 1-1 against Denmark. They were pretty ropey in their second half against Serbia too. I thought this lot were dead certs to win this thing. Another case of getting carried away with themselves and believing their own hype again. At least Scottish supporters don't get carried away to the same extent and are aware of their limitations.
  5. UEFA fine Scotland for supporters throwing objects:
  6. The bit in bold. Whilst I agree that he looked to be out of his depth on Friday night, the more established 'senior' players in the Scotland squad - McGinn, McGregor, McTominay, Robertson, Tierney etc - weren't much better. As a squad collectively Scotland are out of their depth at this level and the best we can now hope for is being a plucky underdog that might snatch a result amongst similar plucky underdogs. Anthony Ralston seems to be getting made the scapegoat for what was collectively a poor team performance. The annoying sheep-shaggers that wander about the place singing 'Weee've goat MahGinn' really need to ask themselves if he's actually good enough to merit a song after Friday's game.
  7. Well that was fucking grim. Discuss.
  8. Perhaps that Spudgun character doesn't fancy our chances in this tournament. Interesting fact: The actor that played 'Spudgun' in Bottom, his real name is Steven O'Donnell. Spudgun's finest moment: Thanks for playing, champs.
  9. I arrived in Germany last night and was stopped by the 'Zoll' - the customs - at Munich Airport. They wanted to know my reason for visiting and how much cash I was carrying and whether I had any tobacco, alcohol, drugs or firearms. After a quick search (fortunately not a rubber glove one ) I was on my way. Of all the times I've been to Germany over the years that was the first time I was stopped and searched. They were civil enough when they realised I was just an ordinary guy going to a football game, I only had my luggage and some travel currency but i'm glad I never had anything that I wasn't supposed to have.
  10. This. I miss the 'pay at the gate' turnstiles where you could decide at the last minute to go along with a couple of tenners and get in easily. Now its about going early to join a queue to get a ticket to join another queue where there's inadequate turnstiles, arguments with arsehole stewards etc. It's all a bit offputting nowadays.
  11. We need to get that Fat Matt character to shout at people from a passing motor. That's what Morton have been doing wrong all those years.
  12. If I was the coach of that kids team I would have dropped her kid from the team indefinitely as a result of her actions.
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