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  1. Apart from K Cider, what gets you up in the morning?
  2. Unless some transient Tim was allowed to rename it without consulting the supporters, it is still called the Wee Dublin End, just like it has for over a hundred years and will continue to be called for many years to come.
  3. Not all that fussed about him either way, just enjoying DreamOakTree looking like a total fanny. Again.
  4. When you are that crap at Football then you know that you don't belong on the field of play, regardless of what age you are. Thousands would have loved a game at the San Giro tonight, but they have to live with the fact they're not good enough so they don't get that opportunity. Whereas he's not good enough but he gets a game, makes a cunt of things (again), gets well paid for it PLUS he gets sympathy for being shite. Naw, that's not fair. Next.
  5. Morton have twice as many 'Twitter Followers' than that, even without an online 'friendship' with cheating bastards like Roma. Go figure.
  6. ^^^^ Tam O'Ware's maw found. ^^^
  7. St. Anthony's, as in, the Ants fae Govan!?! What are they doing so successfully that we aren't? ETA: I done a YouTube search on the Ants and found several videos of varying quality, but what appears to be the official club match highlights are ruined by including a soundtrack of really shite music, mostly of a happy hardcore variety. That was really off-putting to me. When watching football, I like hearing the noise of the crowd, or in recent times the shouts from the dug-out, the players etc. I like it to be organic, spontaneous even. Even if there are no big crowds at Football just now, it has a natural ambiance. My conclusion is that Morton have nothing to learn in that respect from St. Anthony's.
  8. As expected. I called it right. That second goal. I didn't think spectators were allowed into the game today.
  9. He's not started yet. He might be shite in that game too. Back in your box.
  10. Its a pity we weren't playing a team from Saltcoats, he could have said they were a couple of Salty's.
  11. That wee pubeheid character is a good player, and Dykes and McGinn link up well too. Cause for optimism.
  12. Tonight's the noisiest that I can remember Hampden in a very long time. What great atmosphere.
  13. Germany vs Switzerland is a brilliant game just now, currently 3-3 and end to end football.
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