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  1. Where did The Seahorses play in Greenock in 1996? Was anyone from here at the gig?
  2. what happened to this thread? I was enjoying it for a while there.
  3. To be honest, i feel the same too. I like the idea of following a supporter-owned club, being in charge of our own destiny etc. and around a year ago Dean convinced me to give MCT a fair chance. Whilst they done a good job in acquiring the club and its assets debt free, I think there was a lot more credit due to an over-eager seller wanting to rid themselves of a drain on finances, than any kind of foresight and ingenuity on the part of MCT. Also, the interim period they have been in charge i've not been too impressed with them. I've got a feeling were in for a long season here.
  4. Aye okay, but tell the individual named that what happened was wrong and that we have his back on this one, as would all fair-minded Morton supporters. MCT Team can pass this on to Gordon Ritchie too.
  5. Fair enough if it wasnt those exact words, but that was the sentiment from yourself early on whenever the MCT scheme was first launched. I was critical of the idea and execution of it, and you were critical of me for speaking my mind. Which you were perfectly entitled to be, however what has brought about the big change in your sentiment recently?
  6. Whatever happened to your sentiment that a shite idea was better than no idea?
  7. So, you sold an occasional scarf too. Did you also work on the Pie stall?
  8. I love cats. They're like Dogs, only better because you dont need to walk about picking up shite after them.
  9. Cat my arse. Why not just admit that you find Exeter City's chief of ticketing operations pretty amusing. I know that I do.
  10. Well the club's General Manager, Chris Ross, the club secretary, Brendan McEleny, the Commercial Manager, Lesley Anne Webb are all salaried employees of the club responsible for running the club business, i'd imagine there are others there too. They seem like competent folk, I dont see there being a problem with some volunteers assisting about the place like there has been for years.
  11. The bit in bold, are you still laughing at Exeter's ticket booth guy expecting to be shoehorned into a plum role somewhere?
  12. ^^^ what he said. This basically sums up how I feel about it all. I have no doubt that fan ownership could be viable and even successful, my concerns are whether or not we have the correct bunch of people in place to pull it off successfully. I genuinely hope that we have, however from what I've heard the actions of Gordon Ritchie are a concern to say the least.
  13. is there any proof that the racist was an Ayr United fan? It could have been that EDL Mandeep character going to Somerset Park as he is trying to keep a low profile. Just a thought.
  14. That kinda beats Hayfever being the ticket booth guy at *checks notes* Exeter City I suppose. However, there is the potential for a conflict of interest if we meet your lot in Europe.
  15. It will still be sold in Ayrshire. It will be the same stock from a few years ago. Another one of those, same time tomorrow.
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