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  1. Forgot to add: Kelty Hearts. Edit to add:
  2. Stefan McCluskey scores for some gubbins outfit in the middle of nowhere. Brian Graham scores for some gubbins outfit in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I hope to fuck it's not that CFB Tosspot that is replacing Gherry.
  4. It was understandable him doing it, as he was a confectionery tycoon of 'big yellow bag' fame, and he needed to get rid of the rejects somehow. But when some shiftless plook-faced cunt in a fluorescent jacket starts dishing out the Werther's Originals, we need to watch out.
  5. Since when did any of these Rentaknob stewards decide who gets banned and who doesn't? I've got a feeling that this 'fan ownership' thing will mean that some arsehole 'steward supervisor' type will try and get ideas above their station. That should be nipped in the bud.
  6. Please tell me that Davie Dossier's mate with his Kilmarnock Pie advert has gone to fuck. Forever.
  7. Are we still selling Pies, Hotdogs, Bovril's etc. How are folk supposed to eat/drink them if they're wearing a mask?
  8. I love these kind of debates on the forum. Carry on.
  9. An absolute BEAST - what I want to know is why we are getting lags from Greenock Prison to do odd-jobs around the place when we should be giving that cunt a paint brush and telling him to earn his keep.
  10. Nah, I still think that nonces have no place in any Morton team. Shame on the clubs incumbent owners for thinking otherwise.
  11. I think that it was more to do with them being stuck between a rock and a hard place, there was never likely to be an alternative bidder(s) for the club whenever certain parties were sniffing around, and the way they could save face and knock them back at the same time is to 'sell' to a 'fans' group. Or alternatively, see one of my previous posts about Operation Charabanc.
  12. It will have been an offer from 'Thu Eeeeeeeze-dales' and it will have been along the lines of them buying the club if the lesser Rae's writing off the debt, which I can fully understand them knocking it back. There will also be plenty of folk kicking about Inverclyde who knows someone who knows someone that drives a Charabanc for them who will claim to have insider information. It's all bollocks really.
  13. As I said previously, I'm really not concerned about the takeover, as it will happen and i'd rather they took their time and got things right at this stage. However, post takeover Morton FC is a concern - are this MCT bunch up to the task?
  14. He's being an attention-seeking dick again. Best to ignore him.
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