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  1. Probably a Gourlay Free Kick moment, as you know I'm not following much football nowadays but Gary Bollan is his number 2.
  2. I probably did have similar thoughts about Johansson, and even had similar thoughts about Gus McPherson and Davie Hopkin too. I was also the first person to mention on here that Dougie Imrie would be a decent shout for the managers role, this was when he was coaching at Hamilton. I also said that Tony Docherty would be a decent candidate too, long before he was given a chance to manage at a club bigger than Morton. For someone that is supposedly a boo-boy, I actually give a surprising amount of people a fair chance. Its based upon someone being a reasonable candidate for a job at a pretty unfashionable club, which lets face it is exactly what Morton are, and a reasonable candidate being given a fair chance. Contrary to what you said, its nothing to do with their playing careers, as all of the above mentioned had fairly unspectacular playing careers. Morton have had rookie managers before, sometimes it works, and we've had veteran managers before. Sometimes it works too. On paper Gus McPherson seemed like a reasonable candidate to steady the ship, he was local, an experienced manager with a reasonable track record and looking for work; and Morton were in a transitional period. It could have paid off, but wasn't to be. Similarly, Jonathan Johannson was a local guy who'd been around in coaching for a few years and was looking to make his way into management. Him alongside a veteran manager as his assistant seemed like a good option at the time. Once again, it could have paid off but it wasn't to be. The difference between Duncan Ferguson and all of the above names is, well, he's Duncan Ferguson. Whatever is wrong at Inverness he'll sort it out. Nobody would fuck this guy around. The players will all look up to him and respect him, he's been there/seen it/done it and they'll WANT to give that bit extra for him, and prospective new signings will all WANT to play for him ahead of yet another Ian McCall type, and he'll be able to tap into the English market too. Players will up sticks and head for the Highlands to play for this guy. I wouldn't write him off on the basis of a dozen or so games at an over-achieved non-league outfit who are past their peak. He's got something to prove and has just been given a platform to prove it.
  3. The big problem for Duncan at Ibrox was he was possibly the right signing at the wrong time. He was bought as a long-term replacement for Mark Hateley who was scoring goals for fun at the time and the two of them didn't quite gel either on or off the park. Also, he had his off-the-park problems but in the great scheme of things he was in the right place and in the right company, as Rangers at that time had allsorts of mad bams in their team - from Andy Goram to Muck Hoist - they were all capable of their own misdemeanours of equal magnitude. However, unlike any of them he had the huge (at the time) weight of being Britain's record transfer fee on his shoulders, and was a target as such for the authorities. If he were, say, a £1.5m signing for Rangers then he wouldn't have been seen as such a problem. Also, further to Dunning's points about Forest Green Rovers and him not doing well there - well, who has? They are a nothing club. They are run by a hippy who preaches veganism and knitting yoghurt, whilst not paying child support. They were the wrong club for him. If he were at Tranmere, Carlisle or somewhere like that then he'd have fared a lot better. Inverness Caley Thistle have made an inspired choice of Manager, and this will be the start of great things for them and a great managerial career for Duncan Ferguson.
  4. Morton. That's what the club was founded as, and should remain as Morton. Being honest, as an out-of-towner I'm not a fan of the 'Greenock Morton' name, however I can understand it may invoke a sense of civic pride from some people from down that way. I dont mind people using that. The one thing that gets on my tits is anyone referring to Morton as 'The Tunn' as in Tunnocks, rather than 'The 'Ton' as in Tawn. The worst culprit for this was Derek Johnstone on Football First from years ago. The other thing that annoyed me was that omnipresent big-eared twat Gherry from a couple of years back referring to 'The Wee Dublin End' as 'The Wee Dub'. That wasn't its proper name.
  5. Hard to disagree with any of that. However his nephew sounds like the kind of character who will darken Morton's doors at some point en route to BSC Edusport Braves or some shite like that.
  6. It was written by Kevin McKenna. I don't think he's a West-end luvvie.
  7. Read this and cringe:
  8. A very good article as ever. However, you neglected to mention that he sponsored you a few years back whenever you were doing that charity fundraiser. What was his comments again, something along the lines of 'in grateful thanks for all the support you have given me throughout my career'. Overall, I don't think he's a bad guy and I think he knows that he's had egg on his face over this.
  9. I've no idea mate. That's the manager that decides these things.
  10. As seen in a recent edition of Guth Bharraidh, the wee community magazine for the Isle of Barra: Good luck to Matthew, and hope that he goes on to be a Morton legend like 'Peanut' MacNeil, also from the Island.
  11. Now listen.... that kind of language is a fucking disgrace. Next.
  12. This. You live in Shawlands, therefore if you walked to Govan Bus Station then you could have got the choice of the 90 or 34 buses, both of which would have taken you to Minard Road/Langside Avenue and you wouldn't have had the long queues or the pleasure of being packed in like a Belsen cattle truck. Ibrox is relatively easy to get to, compared to Parkhead or Hampden. Mate, I live in Shawlands and work in Govan. I know the "direct" buses and the service is so poor I don't even considerthem for work, the service is a joke. Can we move on? They're okay services. Not perfect but comparable with other services throughout the city. I'm sure that if you wanted to go there you could have made it.
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