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  1. Difficult to understand what they’re waiting on - loan signings or signing targets to become available? Doesn’t look that way as our rivals are making those signings now even though our need is greater, even by our manager’s admission.
  2. That won’t happen, both notoriously too inconsistent!
  3. Hamilton Ledger McLean Lithgow Strapp McGregor Jacobs Blues Oliver Ugwu Muirhead
  4. Best wishes Roddie for a speedy recovery. Always remember your goal against Hearts when we beat them 5-3 on our way to the title!
  5. If Gus has got a 1 year deal he’d have been under more pressure to get players in quickly to hit the ground running in the first league game. With the 2 year deal he comes across as being in no hurry and quite relaxed about having a competitive squad ready in whatever time it takes. He said tonight’s game is irrelevant and he’s giving the impression he won’t be that fussed about the first league game either. I would’ve thought tonight’s game would be an ideal test for the players.
  6. Whether or not you consider EK as a challenging enough opponent against which to rate our young debutants, surely we would rather they performed well than not so well, which was the purpose of the exercise. My main hope though is that the four 0-0 draws will illustrate the no-brainer to management that our defence is okay but we need potency up front, perhaps a winger, a no. 10 and that rare commodity at Cappielow, a goal-scoring striker!
  7. The part in bold VT, I believe they will follow that process, however if they don't then I would need to reluctantly agree with most your assertions.
  8. It was impossible to hit the ground running in the circumstances. Similar to building the football team, the new board also have to develop relationships as a team, which can take weeks or months. Sir Alex Ferguson took 7 years to get Man Utd to be the team he wanted, Gerard took 3 years with Rangers. Anything worthwhile always takes time and patience, anything rushed with a short term mentality usually turns to mush.
  9. I'm not saying 100% one way or the other. There was a lot of pressure on here to get things done quickly, and suggestions we won't be ready for the start of the season on the pitch as well as off, even a suggestion we'd be better off relegated due to the shortage of time to build a squad. I accept not meeting the date would attract a higher percentage of criticism than setting a later date. I'm saying they would have been critisised either way.
  10. It’s less to do with competence than how well they’ll learn from their initial mistakes.
  11. Of course MCT set an ambitious takeover date which they were going to be hung by later, and if they’d set a more realistic date they’d have been hung at the time. It’s what happens with takeovers, mergers or even new projects, of which I’ve been involved in many. That’s where all the mistakes and unmet deadlines happen, when you’re learning to crawl before you can walk then eventually run. All bar none of the new ventures I’ve been involved in have started this way or usually worse, and every one of them bar none has turned out to be a success. The reason being that you have to go throug
  12. I believe he played the entirety of his St Johnstone career in Central Midfield. This is according to online stats and Wikepedia as well as my recollection. I couldn’t find such specific stats referring to his positions played with Morton.
  13. It can be filed under football trivia I suppose, though it’s the only thread that’s been active recently so I will revert with anything I get back from GMFC or The Tele’.
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