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  1. It’s not the “fans” they were talking about!
  2. Should this not be on the Morton TV thread?
  3. So for most on this forum the main purpose for “thread about ex player” is to reinforce your seething abuse of an ex-player by gloating over his performances if he hasn’t gone on to improve as a player. You’ve also focussed this hatred onto one player now, conveniently forgetting this is a general and ongoing trait amongst those whose main contribution is to spout your imagined expertise against young players trying to make their way in the game, then loving being able to say “I told you so”. If that’s what makes you tick and gets you up in the morning: congratulations, that’s another failure added to your list. I feel sorry for you guys I really do!
  4. A legend with Hearts where he was a very hard but skilful midfielder who scored a few goals. Came back to his home town of Greenock to finish his career.
  5. But at least McKay was played in or near his natural position. If Welsh was poor because he was played out of position would you blame the manager or the player? We always seem to target the player regardless.
  6. Mr VikingTON, we the jury accept your plea of guilty to taking more pleasure out of denigrating Greenock Morton Football Club, it’s management, players and fans, than you do in actually supporting the club.
  7. I said “some”! Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “too quick to judge a player”. I remember Tam O’Ware not being allowed to settle from the time he made his debut till he eventually somehow established himself despite constant booing and criticism. Brian Graham and others suffered similar fates, yet people act surprised when the same players enjoy putting one over Morton? People should look up the word “supporter” in the dictionary before the next time they feel like lambasting one of their own young players.
  8. Can you subscribe and record the match?
  9. Proving there are some shite judges of players on this forum!
  10. That’s all I’m getting!
  11. Do I just click on this link again to watch the match? https://www.gmfc.net/shop/ i already paid but don’t see any hints on how to watch.
  12. Good performances from Tiffoney! Didn’t realise how slow Lamie was! Looked as though he had lead in his boots! Reminded me a bit of the defender who limped his way through the Aberdeen semi-final, can’t remember his name.
  13. If we rate Spoonsy’s opinion then this article looks quite promising: https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/sport/18686291.ex-cappielow-striker-weatherson-backs-omar-morton-hero/
  14. Great article in The Scotsman online, the 20 best uncapped Scottish players. Won’t spoil it my naming them.
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