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  1. So the concensus is: McGrattan replaces Lyon and McGregor replaces Kabia, until we see a new signing?
  2. I did think myself that’s Griffiths himself saying he’s got himself fit, which doesn’t guarantee it’s true based on past disproved statements. My point is, if he is actually training with Morton, Dougie and the fitness experts would know within minutes if he was telling the truth.
  3. I’m probably guilty of abbreviating things, thinking the people on here will get it. But okay I’ll translate just for the hard of understanding: Griffiths was in the papers saying he’s been doing boxing training 6 days a week and I’m relating that to him apparently training with Morton, and I’m thinking if that’s the case then Dougie Imrie etc. Will suss whether or not that has got him into the place where he’s proved his fitness and deserves a starting spot.
  4. Apparently Griffiths has been doing boxing training 6 days a week. So if he’s training with us that would show through.
  5. I hope you’re both right! Hopefully the first choice front three are Jai, Robbie and Jaze.
  6. I think I’ve got it now, I didn’t know the team had been announced by the time of your second post, which I took as meaning if it wasn’t our (or your) strongest 11 then you wouldn’t attend the match. So either as a man of the strongest principle or a lazy bastard looking for an excuse, you decided not to go.
  7. I’m guessing from Dougie’s comments and team selections that with everyone fit, then Lyon and Jacobs won’t be in the starting 11, whilst Blues, Gillespie and Easdale will start every match. Not sure what will happen in central defence when Lithgow’s “fit”.
  8. Unsurprisingly they’ve given me 16-1! I’ve placed my bet with McBookie.
  9. He’s 16-1 to be top scorer with McBookie, who have Stephen Fletcher at 33-1. He’s not listed on Betfred, who have Fletcher at 50-1, so I’ve asked them for a price.
  10. My English Comprehension skills tell me that a straight question merits a straight answer, otherwise you’ll fail the exam! Trying to be furtive and clever will get you zero out of 10.
  11. Yes but it’s a bit inconclusive. I’m wondering if you see the inclusion of one particular player to mean it’s not our strongest team, therefore justification for you to not attend the match?
  12. Can’t disagree with your assessment, though I would add that I liked the pressing and tenacity of Garrity and McGregor coming off the bench. They look like they’re doing exactly what Dougie wants - move the ball quickly before the defence get a chance to regroup or organise themselves. I would add them to your group of players to watch.
  13. I’m over that now, it was a bit of an angry rant and perhaps a bit unrealistic to expect football fans to back our players no matter how they perform. To clarify: I’m not saying Easdale was great by any means, I’m saying he wasn’t as bad as I’d expected based on opinions on this forum.
  14. Surprising to see so much emphasis on one passage of play where a forward player should’ve passed the ball but decided he would keep his momentum going and maybe grab a goal. I also shouted at him to pass it but wouldn’t include it in a commentary of his overall performance, as it’s something that occurs in every single match at every level. It’s a typical example of Our fans looking for something to criticise and trying to sound smart into the bargain! If Dougie’s saying we need to have more of a cutting edge I’m all for it, but I’d bet he’s not focussing all his energy on one moment when a forward tried his luck by continuing a promising run, evidenced by keeping said player on the pitch till the final whistle.
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