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  1. They’re saying it’s for one season only with no promotion or relegation for colt teams
  2. That’s the type of thing that caught me by surprise. The defence have been reliable and have did what it says on the tin at Championship level, yet all of a sudden when it matters most they develop similar flaws to our forward players - lack of concentration at critical moments, the second goal was also avoidable, or at least the run into the Channel was. I’m starting to think VT might have a case in ripping it up and starting again in League 1.
  3. I must admit for all our many flaws, I thought we were set up as a team who could hold a one goal lead better than most, as scoring was our main problem, keeping teams out at the other end was right up our street. Watching the game I was thinking a draw was the worst we could come away with. Even though Montrose scored with two outrageous strikes for a team at their level, I still felt we should have had enough to take something from the game. I’m still hopeful of somehow surviving the play-offs, but won’t be surprised if we don’t.
  4. Edinburgh City, if they win the play-offs and we lose them, would mean I’ve visited every Scottish Senior League ground supporting the Ton!
  5. Would add Strapp and perhaps Lyon to that but can’t really make a serious case for keeping any of the unsigned players. Andy Ritchie made the point that Orsi looks as if he’s going to do something and always nearly does it but never makes it. This could apply to most if not all of our unsigned players. It’s obvious which ones should go without a pause, but even some of the better players only seem to offer some hope or potential that they’ll do something to change a match, but they never seem to quite do it. It’s sad to say but maybe we should let them all go and start with the basic handful o
  6. That’s close to my preferred retained “back six” if you exclude McLean, which is okay by me given his advancing years and the fact he’s out of contract. I’m encouraged to know those that are out of contract according to your list also include McGinty, Blues, Salkeld, Orsi and Muirhead (has Omar gone or out on loan?). That gives an incoming manager a fighting chance to build a decent squad.
  7. Hence “perhaps squad places can be found for the likes of Lyon and Colville”. If they’d been “regularly dishing up chances on a plate” I’d have them in the team as first picks!
  8. It’s difficult to quantify how much a proper centre forward would rejuvenate the likes of Lyon and Colville. My guess is it would improve their performances and consistency levels significantly, and therefore their chances of regular selection.
  9. That’s true, and could be dependent on what division we’re in. I was thinking of this as the basis of a new team: McAdam Ledger Fjortoft McLean Strapp Jacobs perhaps squad places can also be found for the likes of Lyon and Colville, as they should benefit from having a decent focal point ahead of them.
  10. I don’t completely disagree with your take on the situation, however it’s quite a natural instinct for footballers to fight their hearts out to avoid relegation, no matter the politics or otherwise. I don’t see your preferred outcome being matched by anyone within the club. You’ve also disregarded my point that we need to strengthen in attacking areas, which as you say is the reason we couldn’t beat Alloa or Arbroath. If you compare the rebuild required, not in standard of player required but in the balance of the team, with Celtic for instance; they’re talking about all aspects of the te
  11. So from this and your previous posts can we take it you’ll be cheering on Morton’s opponents in the play-offs? Does this mean the outlay to appoint McPherson for the run-in was wasted cash, as we could’ve just accepted our lot of relegation? Surely we have the defensive backbone of a team to which the new regime need to mainly add better attacking options. Dundee, Motherwell and Hearts couldn’t beat us recently so there is a foundation there to compete better in the Championship.
  12. .......and a very relevant MCT update!
  13. Thanks for the info AT. My Dad liked him as a player and also liked his name!
  14. I remember him firstly from a Scottish Cup tie away to East Fife, when my Dad told me they signed him from Morton.
  15. McGuffie comes out of that well, and a couple of his strikes could be described as “clinical”. Why then is he not getting a start under McPherson? As someone suggested, play Strapp at left back, drop McGinty and play McGuffie at left mid/wing.
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