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  1. Does anyone have the link to the Live Streaming of tonight's match?
  2. The “decent guy” is unfortunately irrelevant in football. While we were celebrating Our equaliser Gus ran out and signalled to Our players to sit back and hold out for a draw. The players completely disobeyed his orders and tried to get the winning goal, which ironically would probably have saved Gus’s job. It’s the first time I can remember that a Manager has actually stopped Us from winning a match. Why not approach Derek McInnes with an offer to manage Us to the end of the season, then both parties can decide what We do next?
  3. I asked MCT directly about our style of play as it was causing unrest amongst the fans. The person I contacted replied that he’s also a fan and it’s not fun to watch. He said they can’t comment on individuals but he would pass on my concerns to the club.
  4. Not Cappielow, the Morton Supporters’ Club on Regent Street.
  5. Some good ideas there! One thing that’s always annoyed me is how disconnected the Morton Supporters’ Club is from The Football Club. We have the Celtic Supporter’s Club in the centre of town, which is a thriving business and welcomes Morton supporters more than our own “supporters’ club” ever did. Create a new Morton Supporters’ Club in the centre of town which runs buses to home and away games, and is a hub for connecting the fans to the club, through fund raising events, youth teams, visits from management and players etc. Make the people of Inverclyde as welcome at Cappielow as they are at Parkhead and Ibrox, and start treating us all as valuable supporters for a change!
  6. I thought I’d restart this topic as it was always one that caught my attention: Hamilton: 8/10 - commanding and reliable, giving confidence to the defenders in front of him. McLean: 3/10 - appeared to always want to shell the ball up the pitch despite his years of experience, before going off injured. McEntee: 7/10 - always willing to show for the ball and drove forward to take his team up the pitch when he could. Lithgow: 6/10 - did his job of stifling opposition attacks as they got nearer to our goal. Russell: 7/10 - talented and consistent performer, played a big part in our win. Ugwu: 8/10 - made an absolute nuisance of himself to the opposition defence, capping it off with an opportunist finish. Lyon: 8/10 - I’m starting to see what other fans used to see in him. Energetic, skilful and willing runner in midfield, played a key role in the midfield battle. Oksanen: 7/10: a class act in phases as always, but not as involved as Lyon. Knowles: 6/10 - kept the ball well in the channels and linked the play, though seemed to rush any scoring chances he had. Oliver: 8/10 - can be a bit of an enigma, but was an absolute handful for the Dunfermline defence. Match winning performance. Muirhead: 4/10: appeared to put an effort in at times yet at other times not. Didn’t seem to have much impact on the game. Subs: Ledger: 8/10 - his replacement for Mc Lean was the turning point of the match for me, as it looked like we replaced a carthorse with a thoroughbred. McGratten: 5/10: wasn’t too involved but an improvement on Muirhead Reilly: 3/10 - too late in the game to have much of an impact.
  7. Did you realise Joe Jordan started his career with Morton?
  8. That's a fair assessment, though I hope some of our intelligencia luvvies on here will cut you some slack for making some positive points, as they just feed off the negatives.
  9. We desperately need a natural goalscorer to finish some of those deliveries!
  10. Just giving my opinion like everyone else. I’m by means entirely contented with our performances, but can see signs we’re starting to realise we need to play through our midfield instead of just lumping it upfield.
  11. Yes that was the three I meant. I would say they’d be thinking similarly to us that the other three could be our potential saviours by ending up worse than us. We had the biggest re-building job of the four so were always going to need time to gel. Saturday was encouraging as we were robbed of 3 points against the form side of the division.
  12. We have pretty much transformed the squad! There’s no way We could have expected all the players to gel instantly. I can see a gradual improvement and progression, and believe We’ll soon start to grow in confidence and pick up points. There are at least three Championship teams who should have bigger concerns than Us, as We’re moving (albiet slowly) in the right direction.
  13. Great news! Well done to all concerned for the determination to push the deal through. Here’s hoping the positivity rubs off on the team and we start with a win on Saturday!
  14. MCT’s recent update invited questions or concerns we’d like passed on. I’ve asked why we’re not playing to our players strengths, bypassing the midfield that includes recent good quality signings. As it’s neither pleasing to watch or effective in terms of results, why are we adopting these tactics?
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