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  1. I was just waiting for “ your boys took one helluva beating!”
  2. My nearest senior club is Queen’s Park, don’t think I’d go to watch them. Nearest non league clubs are Rutherglen Glencairn and Castlemilk Amateurs. Strangely enough I’d probably watch either of those before Queen’s Park, although if Morton went down I’m not sure any of those clubs would survive.
  3. The papers are talking about clubs being able to screen their closed door matches live at £10 per match. Wonder how quickly we’ll get ours up and running!
  4. The papers are talking about clubs being able to screen their closed door matches live at £10 per match. Wonder how quickly we’ll get ours up and running!
  5. Great article in The Scotsman online, the 20 best uncapped Scottish players. Won’t spoil it my naming them.
  6. It’s not so much the Thistle fans for me as the “media darlings” rubbish. “Firhill for Thrills”, “The Maryhill Magyars” etc. are phrases that don’t marry up with the actual product on the pitch. They’re no different from a Raith Rovers or an Ayr United, and yet they seem to get publicised as some sort of paragons of football virtue. This causes me to greatly dislike them and take a perverse pleasure in them losing games or being relegated, but I certainly wouldn’t want them to go out of business.
  7. and UEFA etc. They convene meetings and say statements will be made that will clarify the situation for outdoor events including football. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall such a definitive statement being made since the lockdown was announced. Our football authorities appear to be waiting for such clarity to allow them to plan their next step. All we hear however is “Sturgeon hinted this, Hancock hinted this and UEFA hinted that”. Nothing that would allow us to make an informed decision to end the season or otherwise.
  8. I think one of the difficulties for football authorities is the lack of definitive statements from Governments
  9. The Sky deal requires 4 league matches between the bigot brothers!
  10. Dundee are claiming their stance is due to clubs’ being likely to lose money due to the number of games not being played. Surely this would only apply if crowds were allowed to attend, which everyone else seems to accept will not happen. Dundee are also one of only 6 clubs who have full insurance against such an event as Coronavirus.
  11. This virtual fishing isn’t as good as the real thing, but as you say I’m getting a lot more bites!
  12. My “general recollection” as stated above, yes. I don’t always trawl back and check my facts, which isn’t usually possible in many cases. However I did double check that the Easdales did fund McMenamin transfer and wages. If you also take into account that Spoonsy and Peaso were considered too good for the poll and yet McMenamin was first pick before them, then that backs up my recollection pretty strongly that he had to be played, either through pressure or, as I had heard, being written into the contract. I had also heard he was their nephew but did not see any evidence for that.
  13. Best wishes to Mr Morton Allan McGraw for a speedy recovery!
  14. If your facts are all correct then your memory is definitely better than mine! My general recollection is of being absolutely livid at McMenemy’s arrival scuppering our title bid. The option of 1 upfront with him in the team was a non-starter.
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